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👩‍🎤 | Haruna Tsuru becomes the new apparel model of KEICK CURRY!

Photo Haruna Tsuru takes office as a new apparel model for KENIC KCURRY!

Haruna Tsuru becomes the new apparel model of KEICK CURRY!

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In addition, the body uses gray and orange, which are also the symbol colors of the store.

[Click here for images] Haruna Tsuru (formerly GANG PARADE Haruna Ba Chien) said, "KENICK CUR ... → Continue reading


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Corporate color(British: Corporate Color) Symbolizes an organization such as a company or an organizationColorSay.Symbol color (British: Symbol Color) May be treated as synonymous.Organizations often present images and concepts that they intend externally, and sometimes use corporate colors in their designs.


Colors are a pillar of a company's image strategy because they are easier to remember than letters and marks.[1].CIAs part of (corporate identity)Logo,flag, Signboards such as company names, product packages, advertisements,WebsiteIn many cases, the design of the vehicle and the paint of the vehicle are unified by the color.

The corporate color often matches the color used for the company emblem, the group emblem of the organization, and the school emblem of the school, but this is not always the case.Also, in rare cases, color is metaphorically understood, and the word "corporate color" is used as the "color" of Corporation, that is, as a term that refers to the corporate culture and atmosphere of a company or organization. There is also a usage to use.

The corporate color of the school is "School colorIs often called.Tokyo University"Pale blue",Meiji University-Komazawa University"Bluish-purple" is well known.

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