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💪 | No rollers required!"Small face method" that immediately eliminates slack and gill tension


No rollers required!"Small face method" that immediately eliminates slack and gill tension

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Worked at beauty salons, manipulative clinics, and beauty clinics, and established his own "Muraki-style muscle manipulative method."

Repel slack! (6 sets x 12 places in total) The lymph under the chin is drained, and the loose contour is also shuffled.Approve here ... → Continue reading


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Muraki type muscle straightening method

Esthetic salon

Aesthetic salonIsSlimming,脱毛And the whole bodyBeauty, IeBeauty treatmentA store aimed at.relaxationMay also serve as.

Men and women脱毛 So many non-surgical treatments, including slim body treatments, facial careBeauty treatmentA popular facility in Japan to receive.The Japanese beauty industry is very extensive and profitable, with an estimated 2003 facilities nationwide in 173,412.[1].

Leading salon

Japan's leading esthetic salon has 417 stores and average annual sales of 41.7 million yen.Tokyo Beauty Center,[2]Socie with 74 stores and average annual sales of 21.5 million yen  [3], 120 stores, average annual sales 16 million[4] OfTakano Yuri Beauty Clinic, 102 stores and average annual sales 10.2 million yen[1][5] OfSlim beauty houseand so on.Not all beauty salons target women as customers, and prosperous salons such as the Men's Tokyo Beauty Center target male consumers.All of these salons are just a small part of Japan's multi-billion dollar beauty and cosmetics industry.

Beauty standards

Each culture has many different ideas about what beauty is, but some prominent ideals of Japanese culture want to have hairless, slim, and perfect breasts.In Japan, there are very specific and quantifiable criteria for the beauty of men and women, so Japanese salons and other forms of Japanese media should fit each part of the body to a certain proportion. The idea is being promoted.The beauty industry has also segmented the customer's body and targeted specific areas as the focus of beauty treatments, often with beauty salons recording customer progress on "medical" sheets.Takanoyuri Beauty Clinic and others monitor calves, thighs, waist and bust individually to provide accurate quantitative changes before and after treatment.[1]..Aesthetic salons offer a wide variety of beauty treatments to their customers.

Beauty treatment


For many years, the Japanese have offered various forms of hair loss treatment.While the cosmetics industry offers everything possible, including creams, rashes, waxes, bleaches, and razors, the aesthetic salon industry also leverages the desire of Japanese women to remove hair.Aesthetic salons offer these different treatments and use different methods to try to eliminate almost all hair.Aesthetic salon owners often claim that shaving often causes thick and black hair, but as "threading" is one of the two most common forms of electrolysis. There is a known method, which is a technique for pulling out hair using a folded thread.

Slim body

Slimming treatments at Japanese beauty salons require cellophane body wraps, massages, the use of various creams and lotions, and various mechanical devices that are said to break down or dissolve fat from the body.One of the popular technology-based treatments is called "electric muscle stimulation" (EMS).

Breast changes

In the 1970s, often young, childish and innocent women became more erotic and there was much less emphasis on breasts as a major marker of sexual attraction.As culture moved away from "cute" aesthetics, the Japanese beauty industry instead formed a symbolic link between a sense of independence, self-assertion and self-confidence in a large, feminine breast.Cosmetologists do not perform breast augmentation, but offer a variety of services aimed at increasing breast size, changing breast size, and creating different parts of the breast.One example is the “bust-up” treatment plan offered at many different beauty salons, which usually includes massage, stimulation with suction cups attached to electrical equipment, and the use of various creams.[1].


Aesthetic salons are very popular and profitable today, but they often cross the line between legitimate business and unregulated fraudulent work.40% of beauty salons are less than five years old, old stores are quickly closed and new facilities are constantly open, which is a factor in the difficulty of government regulation. 5, Mainichi Daily NewsInteractive publishes an article about medical malpractice at Japanese esthetic salons.This means that any of these store staff (regardless of lack of training) can operate the laser equipment, such as explaining hospitalization due to failed electrolysis or litigating a salon owner who violated the Healthcare Workers Act. There is.The report also quotes the arrest of an unlicensed owner who runs a fake store behind a restaurant.In addition, the Japanese government responded to all cases related to esthetics, including such cases, in which a woman claimed that her hair was thick and coarse and needed special attention and charged her customer exorbitant money. Has begun researching methods of screening systems for estheticians and methods of regulating and improving training for salon workers.[1].


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