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💪 | Misako Yasuda "12 years since I started running" I spell out my thoughts on running

Photo Image: Misako Yasuda Official Instagram

Misako Yasuda "12 years since I started running" Spelling out my thoughts on running

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Misako Yasuda spells out running and calm daily life on Instagram every day.

"It's been 12 years since I started running." On the 21st, the talent Misako Yasuda updated her Instagram and was running ... → Continue reading

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Misako Yasuda

Misako Yasuda(Yasuda Misako,1982 May 4 -) is Japanesetalent,actress, OriginalGravure idol[1].. Until 2019Artist House PyramidBelonged to[2].



In 1982, there is a mother's homeHokkaidoSapporoso,GeminiWas born as[3].. After thatKyotoRaised in[4], Northern KyotoOmiya Town(Current:Kyotango City) Enrolled in elementary school up to first grade, from second gradeUjiMoved toKyoto Prefectural Higashi Uji High Schoolgraduate,Sennan UniversityDropped out of the Faculty of International Linguistics.


Sennan UniversityWas enrolled in the School of International Language and Culture2001 April in KyotoJR Kyoto IsetanAt the shoe departmentscoutBeingEntertainment worlddebut. The program "Bishoujo Encyclopedia" broadcasted in December of the same year (produced =Aida-gaji) Was the first appearance on TV.

2002 Contest sponsored by Shonen MagazineMiss Magazine2002” “Missyoung magazineWas elected[5], Name recognition rises.Taking this opportunity, he dropped out of college because his work in the entertainment world became busy and it became difficult to balance his studies.The entertainment agencyCanox filmOf an actress who belonged toTomoko TabataWas listed as the person I yearned for. From this year, it will be based in Kyoto, the hometown of YasudaConsumer finance companiesEye full OfCMAppeared and became a hot topic.

2003, e-nice label (Tokuma promotionFrom)singerDebuted in 2004,SuntorybeerCampaign GirlWas elected. In 2005, the TV drama 『Divorce』,Serial dramaInactressIt was a debut. A movie released at the end of the same yearLuna Heights], has served as the first movie star.

On March 2014, 3, I joined Naoyuki Shimotori, a designer I had been dating since spring 14.[6]Will hold wedding ceremony and reception on April 2015, 4[7].. May 2017, 5, announces the birth of the first child boy[8].. Give birth to second child on February 2020, 2 and report on March 23[2].. In line with this, when the contract period of the previous year has expired, the officeArtist House PyramidI reported that I left the company[2]In response to this, the company side posted an opinion on the official website that "the lawsuit is pending"[9][10].




  • The first person is "Uchi". When talking about TV programs, we usually talk about "Uchiha" and "Mecha"Kyoto languageI used a lot of words that made me thinkcharacterImpresses.
  • In middle school and high school,basketballI belonged to a club and my position was center. A local professional basketball teamKyoto HannarysAppeared in the opening game event.
  • I have a dog and the breed isBichon FrizeAnd the name is "Hanna".
  • Okinawa"I want to live in Okinawa and become a candy store in the future."[11].
  • January 2009Yu ShirotaRelationship with ownBlogPublished in[12].. However, it broke down in September 2010.
  • While being from "Miss Magazine,"Weekly Shonen Magazine"ofGravure pageThe first solo appearance in was late in 2005.


ZygositytwinsHas a younger brother. My brother is currently living in Tokyo and is married. My mother is from Hokkaido, and when I was a studentHasegawa HatsunoriWas a classmate[13].. By the way, Yasuda and Hasegawa are drama, "DivorceAnd 'Call me CA!] Has a co-starring history.

Friends / acquaintances

My best friend is the same age at the same officeYoko Kumada,other,Aki Higashihara,Rika Imai,Azusa Yamamoto,Usami Asami, Of the officeNatsukawa JunAnd so on.

High school seniorsChisato SakashitaIs the TV program "I can smile(Fuji TV) andMomo Tours] Has a co-starring history.

Favorite person

  • Folk duo-YuzuIs a fan of the so-called "Yuzukko". I had the opportunity to co-star on a TV show, in which case the two were handmadeCheesecakeBehaved. As a favorite male type, Yuzu leader,Yuhi KitagawaAre listed.
  • Music band,Aqua TimezBecame a fan after being co-starred on a TV program, and is a favorite as a background music while traveling by car.[14]

Participation in marathon/triathlon competition

フ ルmarathonHas a lot of achievements in completing the race, and may participate in major competitions.[15].

Things related to horse racing


TV (information/variety)


Single-shot guest appearance

Past regular/semi-regular

TV drama


  • LeSportsac presents Misako Yasuda's Tokyo Point Love (March 2009-August 3,TOKYO FM)

Web tv

  • Akiko Wada's first birthday party broadcast (April 2019, 4,AbemaTV)[23]






Single CD

Video & DVD

  • Mermaid season (August 2002,Pony canyon)
  • Miss Magazine 2002 Official VIDEO & DVD (October 2002, TBS)
  • Marvelous (June 2003, Vega Factory)
  • fruit-chu (September 2003, Fourside.com)
  • Se-woman! (November 2003,GP Museum)
  • MY (April 2004,hmp)
  • Plain (July 2004, Pony Canyon)
  • Girlfriend (September 2004,Aqua house)
  • mixture [Se-woman! 2] (November 2004, Fourside.com)
  • MATERIAL GIRL [CM making] (November 2004, Four Side Dot Com)
  • M・Y Plus (November 2004,E-Net Frontier)
  • Beach Angels Misako Yasuda in Gold Coast(August 2004,Bop)
  • idol complete RED (January 2005,Geneon Entertainment)
  • WEST-EAST (February 2005,Shueisha)
  • Feel (March 2005,Line Communications)
  • Nature (March 2005, Line Communications)
  • Mica! Summer Vacation (May 2005, Fourside.com)
  • Honey Bee×2 (June 2005, Fourside.com)
  • HOOP! (June 2005, Forside.com)
  • Tokyo Beauty Yu Little Journey (July 2005, GP Museum)
  • Micha・nnel -Michaneru- (August 2005,Gakken)
  • Paradise (October 2005,Liverpool)
  • Special DVD-BOX (January 2006, Line Communications)
  • Vivid (March 2006, Fourside.com) (Ultra heroineseries)
  • Which? (March 2006, Fourside.com)
  • Relax (April 2006,Joo tea)
  • Colopful Doll (April 2006, Fourside.com) (Beauty-Hseries)
  • Specially (May 2006, Magical)
  • PREMIUM SELECTION Misako Yasuda (September 2006, E-Net Frontier)
  • MISA's Kitchen (September 2006, Male)
  • Happiness (November 2006, Line Communications)
  • Premier DVD-BOX (February 2007, GP Museum)
  • Kyoto trip to Miccha (April 2007, BM4)
  • MISAKO'S BASIC (July 2007, Fourside.com)
  • 4 Pieces BOX (December 2007, Line Communications)
  • Hannari (October 2008, Fourside.com)
  • One day in KYOTO (January 2009, Spice Visual) Blu-ray DiscVersion will be released at the same time.
  • MICHAEL (July 2009, E-Net Frontier)


  • Alarm clock Voice clock (November 2003, Sakurado)
  • CR Misako Yasuda's White Angel (December 2005,Toyomaru Sangyo)
  • CR Misako Yasuda Tropical Angel (Toyomaru Sangyo, November 2008)
  • Misako Yasuda (mobile phone broadcastBee TVVideo blog)
  • WEB magazine Link × (September 2016 -) Cooking series


Photo album


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