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👍 | "# Kirin ga Kuru" trend word "Nobunaga Someya, it's too good"

Photo Shota Sometani

"# Kirin ga Kuru" trend word "Nobunaga Someya, it's too good"

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Many rips were also sent, "It was painful because the emotions of the two people passed each other," "Is it the best image of Nobunaga ever?" "I can't see it without tears." "The indescribable air flowing between Nobunaga and Jubei is spectacular. "I did," "Nobunaga Someya, it's too good," "Nobunaga-san, I thought I might cry," and so on.

The NHK Taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru" was broadcast on the 24th, and "# Kirin ga Kuru" was included in the Twitter trend word ... → Continue reading

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