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👩‍🎤 | Seven-Eleven animation video No. XNUMX featuring popular young actress Haruka Fukuhara and voice actor Maaya Uchida ...


Seven-Eleven animation video No. XNUMX featuring popular young actress Haruka Fukuhara and voice actor Maaya Uchida ...

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He has produced "Movie Shimajiro," "Pukapuka Juju," "Golgo 13," and "Armored Trooper Votoms."

January 2021, 1 Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.-Seven-Eleven-Four high school boys and girls weave ... → Continue reading

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Armored cavalry bottoms

"Armored cavalry bottoms(Sokou Kihei Bottoms,Armored Trooper Votoms) IsJapan Sunrise(Currently Sunrise) productionRobot anime(Science fiction anime).TV series19834/1から19843/23,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It was broadcast on the system and others.All 52 episodes.

Novels, manga, and sub-episodes depicting later stories and sub-episodesOVAWorks continue to be produced and announced.The latest video work is the OVA "Kagekage Again" released in April 2011.


Ryosuke Takahashi Real robotLine "Sun Fang Douglam』(1981 - 1983) Was born as a TV animation.hard boiledA robot that appears with a depiction and a hard world settingArmored Trooper(Hereafter AT) ”is treated as a mere machine and a mere weapon more thoroughly than in“ Dougram ”.1979It is said that Sunrise's real robot route starting with "Mobile Suit Gundam" has reached one peak in this work.[1][2].

This work is directed by Ryosuke Takahashi,Character Design OfNorio Shioyama, Played the voice of the heroHozumi GoudaAndMusicWas in charge ofHiroki InuiIt is considered to be one of the masterpieces of each.

Key station TV TOKYO etc.TakaraIt was provided by one company.


Astragios galaxyGilgamesh and Baralant, who divide the war into two, have been in a war for 100 years, where no one knows the reason for the war.At the end of the "Hundred Years War," Chirico Cuvie, a soldier of the Gilgamesh army, is involved in a mysterious operation of assaulting a friendly base.In that operation, Kiriko was chased by the army because she saw the military's top secret "elementary body", and continued her escape journey from town to town and from star to star.In the escape and battle, he eventually discovers the darkness of the conspiracy and approaches the core of a further mystery related to his birth.


Protagonist and his friends

Chirico Cuvie
sound - Hozumi Gouda
The main character of the main story.Born July 2326, 7 in the Gilgamesh calendar.GilgameshMaster Sergeant of the Army's "Melchia Front".At one point, the 24th Melchia Front Army Strategic Armored Corps / Special Mission Team X-1 (commonly known as ""Red shoulder") Also belonged to.Born solitaryPerfect Soldier(PS)WisemanA talented person who is the successor.
The story begins when Kiriko happens to meet Fiana during a top secret operation and sheds light on the darkness of her heart.
Fiana / Phantom Lady
Voice- Kazuko Yanaga / Yuri Nashiwa(Episode 3)
The heroine of the main story.Chirico's lover and the only woman he loved.Created by the Gilgamesh armyPSOne of them.Age unknown. "Phantom Lady" is the name given by Udo's butting players and residents, and is called "Proto One" or "Sotai" by the organization and the military, and Kiriko has been called "Phantom Lady" since the second encounter. It came to be called "Fiana".The meaning of the name is the feminine form of "Fire" and "Fire", and the words of the theme song "Flame Sadame" and the final announcement of the OVA "Gender" are derived from this.[Note 1].
It was born as the first PS through Gilgamesh and Baralant, but because he met Kiriko in the "blank state" before being educated, Kiriko's existence existed.Imprinted, Become longing for him.After being robbed by a secret society, he received a lecture as a PSBlue tissue dogThe battle in Udo was feared by the inhabitants of Udo as a "reaper," but when he reunited with Kiriko in the city of Udo, a squeak began to occur with the secret society.
Since he had "love" which is an unnecessary emotion for PS, he began to avoid fighting and was regarded as a defective product as PS, and the eradication order was issued in the Cuvie edition, and Serge Borough, the supervisor of the secret association After his death, he will act with Kiriko, overcome the hardships, become a companion, and decide to survive together, but in the Sansa edition, Kiriko who shows the same or better power than PS is also PS Isn't it?I also start to have doubts.
Although it was not in the main part of the TV, the setting "PS life is 2 years" was later changed to "A strange stranger] It is added at the time of production.In the main part of the TV, about two years have passed from the first episode to the last scene of the final episode, and at this point, it has almost reached the end of its life.
Bouleuse Gotho
Voice- Tomio Kosei
Gilgamesh Born January 2294, 1[3].UdoA broker that Kiriko met in the city ofButtlingMatchmaker.He is a guardian who makes money in anything that seems to be money, but in essence he is a good person and a humane person.At first, I was planning to become a butting player in anticipation of Kiriko's arm, but I was caught up in the conflict between the Udo security police and Kiriko and put my shoulders on Kiriko, and eventually I closed the business in Udo due to the collapse of the city. You will end up.afterwards,Kingdom of KumenSucceeded in the business of delivering weapons to the mercenary unit base assembly EX-10.mercenaryHelp Kiriko who entered Assemble EX-10 as.He survived the turmoil at the end of the Cumene Civil War, and ended up dating Kiriko until the very end, until the time of cold sleep.Kiriko is a good companion with no loss and a fatherly existence.Kiriko and vanilla are called "Tottoan" (later called Kiriko by name), and Cocona is called "Oyasan".
I had a suspicion that Chirico was a former red shoulder from the beginning of the Udo edition, and at Sansa, I was worried about the appearance of Chirico who was annoyed by dragging the past that was that red shoulder with Fiana.In the Cuvie edition, he shows his hidden fighting ability when he escapes from a secret society in an attempt to stop the runaway of Kiriko, who was selected (pretended to be) the successor to Wiseman. In the OVA "Big Battle", while dissatisfied with the way of the old-known opponent Cherokee, he supports Kiriko who challenges the butting with Cocona and Vanilla.
novel"Lonely shadow againIn the era of "Phantom", he became a consultant for vanilla business and lived a comfortable retired life, but even in the following "Phantom Hen", I vaguely felt that Chirico was out of their reach.
Voice- Kawanami Yoko
Gilgamesh Born January 2328, 3[4]..A war-damaged orphan wandering girl who earns money by "raising" in the city of Udo, she calls herself "Kiriko's manager" and acts with Gout and others around him.16 years old when the TV series first appeared.In the Udo edition, there were times when he was abducted by a runaway tribe and suffered a lot of trouble, but at that time Kiriko took advantage of selling the attack information to the runaway tribe, and Gout who tried to abandon Kiriko. He played an important role, such as persuading Vanilla many times to help Chirico.In the Kumen edition, he also handles the diva of the bar, but "Armored Hunter Mellow LinkAccording to the novel version of 』, singing ability other than" Tanomare Goodbye "is karakki.
It's strong, but it's also a little fragile.I was interested in Chirico, but when I heard the message of Vanilla's love in Cumene, I began to respond to Vanilla's feelings, and at first I saw the relationship with Fiana's Kiriko, who was the object of jealousy, and saw myself in Sansa. Pull, rather try to help them.
In the last of "The Last Red Shoulder", Chirico dreamed of being lonely, and in "Quent" and "Big Battle", she stretched her body to save Fiana, and sometimes she was a woman. In a sense, he shows the most caring side of Fiana among the three.
In the era of the novel "Lonely Shadow Again", he married vanilla and had a third son and a third daughter.
Vanila Varta
Voice- Chiba Shigeru
Gilgamesh Born January 2323, 9[3]..Like Cocona, he is a cheerful man who can be said to be a mood maker who works with Gout, and is a dark merchant of a former Melchia soldier.In the city of Udo, he and Gout were planning to make a profit by using Chirico, but as they act together, they not only support Chirico, but also become connected by the friendship of a man with no feelings of loss (friendliness). (Sometimes called "Kiriko-chan").During the Hundred Years War, he was an excellent helicopter pilot of the army, and even in the Udo edition, he robbed the helicopter of the security police and rode around, and after the bar that was run by Cuvie was burned, helicopter pilot of EX-10 temporarily In the Quent edition, he demonstrated his pilot's skill even when he seized a small spacecraft, and even in "Big Battle" he steered a helicopter to support Chirico.
In Cumene, there is also the meaning of "to make it easy for Kiriko to understand", so the name of the bar to be run is taken from Phantom Lady and "Phantom Club" (meaning that other than Kiriko and three people do not know that Fiana was called so) (There is also), it will be jointly managed with Gout.The Phantom Club was a haven for the rough soldiers of the EX-3 and had a very high income, but after the store was burned, he decided to rejoin the army, and at that time he told Cocona that he was in a war. He also shows his belief and philosophy that "I'm tired of gathering and living, rotten meat is better than maggots."
In the era of the novel "Kagekage Again", he succeeded in the business dealing with food products from cumene and became a celebrity in the trading city of Grufe, but he will also cooperate with Kiriko who has drifted there.
Le Chacco
Voice- Issei Masamune
Gilgamesh Born January 2318, 5[4]..GiantQuentA mercenary (also the Quent who Kiriko first met), a comrade who fought with Chirico during the Cumene War.A quiet and faithful personality.AT for large Quent people,BelzergaDrive.Together with Potalia and Kidera, he was the best soldier in the Assemble EX-10, and formed the EX-4 strongest AT team with four people including Kiriko.
As he helps Kiriko, who disobeys Kang Yu's orders, he gradually becomes a friendship.At the end of the Kumen edition, he gave priority to the mercenary contract and left Chirico and others, and although he helped Kang Yu for a while, at the end the patience bag finally broke due to his sneaky behavior and he was eliminated and saved Chirico and others.
After the end of the civil war, he returned to Quent, reappeared in the Quent edition, and acted with Chirico, in which, in addition to Kiriko being a child of God, the god who secretly ruled Quent and the Astragios galaxy.WisemanI will know about that.After the disappearance of the Quent star, it was one of the few Quent people who survived, but the OVA "Phantom], When the Quent star disappeared, all the Quent people were transferred to the twin star Nurgelant. Appeared with Gouts in the OVA "Big Battle" to support Chirico.
OVA released in 2010 "Phantom』Also appeared.Thirty-two years have passed since the latest appearance in the play, but since it is a long-lived race whose lifespan may exceed 32 years on average, the appearance and appearance of aging have changed except for changes in hairstyle and clothes. Not only does he reunite with Vanilla and Cocona, who travel around the land related to Kiriko, but he also fights with Kiriko in Nurgueland, as in the time of Quent, and approaches the Wiseman who hides in the center.

Secret society officials

Voice- Kyokyonosuke
Secret societyThe second PS "Proto Two" created by. There are unstable parts such as excessive pride in the identity as PS, and after awakening in the Delida Highlands, it becomes the most important force of secret societies as PS.Like Fiana, she has pierced ears.
He is full of love for his educator and the same PS, Fiana, and has a fierce hatred and jealousy for Chirico who robbed her. is thereSansa starThe battle is brought to.
In the OVA "The Last Red Shoulder", he confronts Kiriko in blood soccer, and also engages in the following Kumen episodes 14-16, but at this time Kiriko thinks that the opponent is Fiana and does not know that it is Epsilon. It was.And "Blue ATHas the nicknameSnapping turtleCaused great damage to the Cumene government army, but after losing his favorite machine in episode 23Strike dogWill be a new dedicated machine.
In such a situation, he continues to fire with Kiriko repeatedly, but due to various obstacles such as Fiana's obstruction and the ability of Chirico himself (a stranger) gradually awakening, he could not defeat it after all and crash landed on the planet Sansa. Looking at Chirico's medical record on Space Battleship X, he realizes that Chirico, who has the fighting ability that has been more than equal to himself as PS even in the battle so far, is not an ordinary person, but at the end Is defeated in the final confrontation with Chirico at Sun Crater.I agree with Fiana's words that Kiriko who beat herself is PS, and take a breath.
Gimual Iskui
Voice- Yara Yusaku
A secret society executive and former Major of the Gilgamesh Army Special Operations Department.He has a very martial personality and prefers to crush his opponent with all his might, rather than to soften his opponent. He was sent in to replace the deceased Udo security police chief in order to secure the digitium needed for PS.There, it was decided to fight with Kiriko and others over Fiana, but it was abandoned by the headquarters because its existence was known to the military intelligence department at the end of the Udo edition, and the Melchia descent cavalry unit sent at the request of the intelligence department. Was attacked and was involved in an explosion and died.
Serge Borough
Voice- Kenichi Ogata
A secret society executive and former Major of the Gilgamesh Army Intelligence Department.It was said that he belonged to a religious group, such as being called "Priest Borough" by the style and Fiana in the play, but he was excommunicated as a heretic in the later OVA "Maverick". It is set to have been a member.It has the same rank as Isukui, but he is often called "chief officer" and uses honorifics.[Note 2].
He is the eye-catcher of Fiana and Epsilon, and aims at Kiriko as a dangerous existence in the Udo edition and the OVA "The Red Shoulder" and Kumen edition, and barely escapes with Fiana in the Udo and Delida Highlands.In the Kumen edition, he took in Kangelman and tested PS, but died at the end when he was laid under the building materials.
Aaron Schmittel, Gurran Schmittel
Voice- Akio Nojima(Aaron),Futamata Issei(Gran)
A twin scientist (Aaron is his brother and Gran is his younger brother) involved in PS manufacturing, and is actually a Wiseman's minion. Both of themOnee languageTalk with.After Kiriko and Fiana escape Cumene, they will test Epsilon to chase them.Later, Aaron was dissatisfied with Kiriko's successor to Wiseman and attempted a rebellion but was shot dead by Kiriko.Gran returned at that time and commanded the ship according to Chirico until the end on Quent, but was sunk and killed in the battle at the fissure.
Albert Killy
Voice-Kenichi Ogata (Episode 1) → Saburo Kamei
Former Rear Admiral Gilgamesh, the highest executive of a secret society.Along with Kiriko and Rochina, he was moved by Wiseman, who moved the organization through PS robbery, testing, and cumene civil war intervention, and ordered Isukui and Borrow.
After the executives and Epsilon were defeated by Chirico, he was leading the actions of the association from the Quent edition.There are ambitious aspects such as trying to acquire the technology of Quent star by being guided by twins.He was one of the few members to receive direct command from Wiseman, but was judged to be obsolete by Wiseman who chose Kiriko as his successor in the artificial celestial body and was disposed of.
Lieutenent Conin
Voice- Shunji Yamada
A member of a secret society and a former second lieutenant of the Gilgamesh army.He commanded the AT unit in a PS body robbery operation on the asteroid Lido, and alienated Kiriko who participated in the operation and had doubts.After the war, he was hiding in Udo City as a butting player, and was also regarded by the Gorotsukis at the butting ground.
However, when he finds Kiriko in the butting field, he replaces his opponent Bomo with himself, and he rushes to change the blow battle (regular game) to a real battle to eliminate Kiriko, but he is beaten up.
Voice-Issei Masamune
A member of a secret society and a former captain of the Gilgamesh army.He once had a history of training Kiriko in urban warfare as an instructor, and with the motto "One becomes a decoy and the other kills the enemy", he also participated in the Lido raid operation as a battle commander. ..
In order to get rid of Kiriko following Conin, he approached the Gouts with a real battle of 5000 million Gildan fight money and invited them to the city to attack, but after being disabled by Kiriko, he was forced to confess about the secret society and closed his mouth. Was killed by the security police.
Shimkas Futou
Voice- Shunsuke Shima
An executive of a secret society and a former Colonel of the Gilgamesh Army.He was the captain of the battleship Teltine in the Sansa edition.It features an old-fashioned helmet and sunglasses.Aaron Gran, who is only interested in technology, and Epsilon, who burns to overthrow Chirico, are struck by the selfish actions.He was a little nervous and was always vigilant about his activities in the non-invasive space, but he fought on the provocation of the Baralant side and was deeply injured by the ship.
In the Quant edition, it replaced Kirii and did not appear with the ship.
Kiddel Togal
A secret society executive and former Lieutenant Colonel Gilgamesh.Although it only appeared at the beginning of the first episode and there is no turn after that, the game "Lightning Slash], He appeared as the person in charge of developing the "facial soldier", which can be said to be a low-priced PS.

Gilgamesh military personnel

Jean Paul Rochina
Voice- Galactic Manjo(Also serves as narration)
Gilgamesh Born January 2301, 11[5]Captain and intelligence officer of the Gilgamesh army.In the first episode, Kiriko is detained and cross-examined, but she escapes and hides in the city of Udo. He tracks and monitors Chirico, who thinks he may know PS information, but after being released from his mission by Battentine, he reappears as a colonel of the Ballant Army, and Wiseman's "Are" apart from the military and secret societies. By "will", we will continue to monitor Kiriko's actions until the Quent edition.
Wiseman, who should be his true master, was destroyed, but he himself was alive as a colonel of the Baralant army in the OVA "Big Battle", and the OVA "32 years after the main story"A strange stranger』Appeared as an old man who spells the record of Chirico, and even in" Phantom Hen ", he continues to chase Chirico led by Wiseman who lived in Nurgueland, and appears as a person with many mysteries even after the end of the TV series. ..
OVAPalesen FilesIn 』, he and two Ministry of Intelligence bureaucrats, Kotta Rusuke, appear, and there is a line that suggests that he will be renamed and moved to the army in the final episode.In the TV series, he said that he had been ordered to watch from the time when Chirico began to sortie as an armored trooper, but the actions at the time of the appearance of "Palezen Files" were indirect or in accordance with Wiseman's direct orders. It is unknown whether it is due to a typical operation.
Detel Royl Battentine
Voice- Koji Toya
Lieutenant General Gilgamesh. He was deeply involved in the Perfect Soldier Development Plan, which created the "elementary body," and had the ambition to use it as a foothold to advance into the central political world of Melchia.Rochina's superior ordered him to pursue Kiriko, who was associated with the body stolen by the secret society, but Rochina was unable to capture Kiriko and the body, so he was dismissed and relegated. Not only was Rochina unbearable, but he decided to transfer to the Baralant army.
After that, Raperd's fleet dispatched to Sansa was directed to Quent, and an attempt to seize the body from Rochina with its armed force failed, and the Bran Bandol scandal caused by Brigadier General Oskar von Hermesion.[Note 3]Due to the impact, the PS plan will be canceled and the political advance will be abandoned.
He was later promoted to Marshal and became the Supreme Consul of the Gilgamesh Union, but died in the "Antitates Incident" that occurred between the television series and "The Marshal Heterogeneity."
Rochina's secretary
Voice-Yuriko Nashiwa
Rochina, a female officer of the Gilgamesh army who appears in episodes 30 and 50, was asked to confirm the investigation to find the footsteps of Kiriko and Fiana at the end of the Cumene Civil War. After Rochina left Gilgamesh, he was assigned to the Allied Central Operations Room during the Quent Incident.
Although she is a beautiful blonde female soldier, it is possible that Wiseman took a breath like Rochina and secret society figures, and investigated and reported on the actions of both armies one by one.
Voice-Masashi Hirose
Gilgamesh army surgeon who appears only in the first episode.Chirico, who was involved in the robbery of the body, is given a confession drug to the extent that it reaches a lethal dose, and Rochina who relentlessly performs brain stimulation torture is resigned.Also, in anticipation of pursuing the tissue that Chirico had seized, a beacon for satellite monitoring (removed at the start of the Kumen edition) was embedded in the body.

Udo Hen Characters

Voice-Tetsuaki Genda
The boss of the runaway tribe "Boon Family" who dominates the city of Udo, deals with the security police, abducts the residents, treats the men as husbands of the Didilium mine, sends women to brothels, etc. However, the rebellion of the husbands who were mixed with Kiriko caused the regime to fluctuate due to the fact that the war with the former chief of the police did not match, and he fought against Kiriko on the AT, but at that time With the appointment of the new chief, Isukui, it will be dismissed as obsolete.
As a minion, the big man Moura (voice-Daisuke Gori) and the little man Holo (voice-) Kiyonobu Suzuki), The second face Simno (voice-Kyonosuke Kami), and the obese man Zulu (voice-Kenichi Ogata).
Voice-Kazunari Bifurcated
A Udo citizen who was abducted by the Boon family, he initially endured the cold treatment of the Boon family, but his patience reached the limit and he came up with a rebellion that also served as an escape, but some of the family members were police chiefs. He died after being killed with.
Gusto Remalgas
Voice-Kosei Tomita
Iskui's predecessor, the chief of the security police, is the general manager of the unscrupulous police officers who are colluding with the Boon family in the shadows.Due to the fluctuation in the cooperation system with Boone and others, he proposes to cut his hand, but he is caught up in the riots of the laborers and loses his life.
Voice-Kiyonobu Suzuki (Episode 4) / Kaneto Shiozawa (omnibus)
A mid-sized butting player in the city of Udo.Unlike Kiriko's, she wears light green pressure-resistant clothing.He made a fool of Chirico brought by Gout, but he didn't take the provocation and was frustrated by Chirico, who described Battling as "after all," and tried to hurt him in a regular game.He has a great attitude in front of Chirico and Gout, but he is not smart about Conin and speaks politely to him.The role will be handed over to Conin who forcibly demands a change of opponent.
Also appeared in the SS of "Bottoms Bible".Unlike Kiriko, Hana can use her military experience, but she seems to be a so-called "strong against the weak and weak against the strong" type of person who is afraid of opponents who are higher in rank than herself.
Voice-Yoshio Nagahori (Episode 4) → Kazushige Futari (Episode 12)
Like Bomo, he is a butting player in the city of Udo, red with 100mm armor on his chest.Strong BucksIs my favorite machine.
Chirico, who was mourned by the security police and was standing around against the police, was attracting attention in Udo, so she wanted to fight and used the thickness of the armor to hunt down Fiana's Blue Tissue Dog. It is dropped to the basement by the body of Kiriko's scope dog who rushed and lost.

Kumen edition characters

Gon Nu
Voice- Tetsuaki Genda
A general of the Kingdom of Kumen, who is in charge of the mercenary base assembly EX-10, he has one habit and two habits as it looks, but he is more sensible than Kang Yu.The right eye is a prosthesis.At the end of the Cumene Civil War, the Cumene government (regular) army has put together a foreign unit against the rebel Beerer guerrilla, and deployed a large number of expensive ATs (ATH-06WP diving beetles) on the dark route by Gout. He was nicknamed the "Beerer Killer" because he was the most successful opponent of the Beerer in the assembly.
In the middle of the battle with such beer guerrillas, he subordinates Kiriko and makes a secret agreement with the Melchia army, which is originally in conflict with the Cumene government, through Rochina.He used Kiriko to seize the stolen body and was scheduled to be accepted by the Melchia army after the war, but it was almost betrayed by the Melchia army during the battle at the Kangelman Palace, the final phase of the civil war. Was killed in action after being attacked indiscriminately.
Kang Yu
Voice- Masashi Hirose
The AT commander of Assemble EX-10 to which Chirico belonged, and the rank is captain.He has a decent ability as a pilot, but his personality is brutal and insidious, and he is a sneaky man who prostrate on the strong and inferior and does not forgive on the weak and inferior.Because of this evil humanity, people are extremely weak and lack commanding ability.He makes various harassments with Chirico as his eye enemy, but he begins to repeat runaways ignoring orders from Gon Nou, and loses the trust of Gon Nou and his subordinates, which were originally low.Gout also pointed out the genocide and he called him a "murderer."
After that, he tried to reach out to Fiana with PS aiming for a profit without discipline, and he got angry with Kiriko, was thrown into a muddy stream, and was chased by guerrillas even after landing, but joined Shakko from his life. ..Although he was chased by Epsilon at the end of the Kumen edition and destroyed the aircraft, he invaded the palace with Shakko.There, Kiriko and his party were forced to offer Fiana to join the Melchia army, but they were completely limited by Shakko because of their despicableness, and they were accused of saying, "You are a human waste!" And an underground pit. He was thrown down and died.
In "Palezen Files", it appears in the ending illustrations and photos in the play. "Armored Hunter Mellow LinkEven in the novel version of 』, there is a scene that hits Mellowlink.Also,"Comic bonbonInIn the middleDrawingComicalizationThe edition has reached another end (exited in the scene where Chirico dropped it into the river).
Hiroram Kangelman
Voice- Makoto Terada
He was the third prince of the Cumene royal family and also the captain of the Kingdom Guard, and was a reformist who supported the modernization of Cumene. Founded the Holy Cumene Kingdom.However, as a symbol of the old system of the Kingdom of Cumene, the intention was to eliminate the old system and to bring Cumene to a new era in the true sense of the word.
Potalia, a master of traditional martial arts "balancing" using the long spear of the Kingdom of Kumen, who was the most powerful member of the Kingdom Guard, won only once every three times, and even PS Fiana and Epsilon. Easy to handle.
In addition to the beer guerrillas centered on the peasants of the landowners of the royal family, the Holy Cumene Kingdom rapidly gained power by partnering with a secret society (he himself knew that it would be used for it). It expanded, but collapsed due to the military intervention of the Melchia army in collusion with the Cumene government during the attack of mercenaries.Achieved his goal, he chose to die in a duel with his former child-rearing subordinate and his best friend, nicknamed "Potter."
In the comic version, the end is different like Kang Yu mentioned above, leaving a video message telling the Potarias the purpose of establishing the sacred cumene and destroying it with themselves.
Pol Potalia
Voice- Hayami Award
Former Kumen Kingdom Guard and one of the ace ranks of Assemble EX-10.He left the regular army in hopes of early modernization of the Kingdom of Kumen and volunteered as a mercenary.A former subordinate and friend of Kangerman, he is a friend who calls "I" and "you", and evaluates Kangelman as "the only person in the royal family who was looking to the future". Was there.
In the latter half of the Cuvie edition, he will participate in the PS capture operation with Chirico, Le Chacco, and Kidera.My favorite machineDiving beetleSo, I will fight with Kidera of the aircraft, Shakko of Belzerga, Kiriko of Marcy Dog, but in episode 24, I heard the truth from Kiriko that he is chasing a secret society, and the purpose of Kangelman who joined hands with that secret society Decided to explore, and in episode 25, when boarding the Kangelman Palace, he self-destructed his favorite machine and changed to a standing turtle to infiltrate.After bereavement after the reunion with Monica, who was in the beer guerrilla, since the village of Zomb, in the following episode 26, she disguised herself and slammed into Kangelman's room to perform a duel by balancing (Kangerman deliberately exposed herself) After defeating him, he knew his true purpose, which was to establish and destroy the Holy Kumen Kingdom.
In the 27th episode of the last episode of Kumen, he entrusts Vanilla with the key to the escape shuttle for Kangelmann (originally Borrow takes Epsilon) and asks Kiriko and others to give it to him.
He led the cumene modernization movement until the OVA "Phantom Hen" in later years, and even became president, but was threatened by coup forces centered on Kannam.
Bully Kidera
Voice- Daisuke Gosato / Kenta Miyake(WWII Super Robot Wars Z Resurrection)
One of the ace ranks of Assemble EX-10.At first, he sometimes got stuck in Chirico, but after recognizing him as an acquaintance of Chirico's arms and Gouts, he began to support him casually.Although money has a dirty side, he is generally kind to his comrades and his acquaintances, and in episode 1, Kang Yu tried to torture Chirico in an attempt to torture Gon Nou's absence. I rescued Kiriko by using her.Like Potalia, my favorite machine is a diving beetle.
In the 24th episode at the end of the Kumen edition, he rescued Kiriko who was in trouble with Fiana with Potaria and Shakko, was asked why he was pursuing a secret society, and came to collect PS for the purpose of catching Epsilon and selling it to the Melchia army. Eliminate allies and accompany.He changed to a standing turtle with Potalia, and also served as an escort for the infiltrated vanilla, rampaging around the palace with Kiriko and Fiana, and also assisting Potalia, but in episode 27 he attacked Epsilon from behind, but he was killed in action.
Like the aforementioned Kang Yu and Kangelman, the comic version has a different ending, and it survives as it is without being hit by Epsilon.
Le Chacco
Monica Marcus
Voice- Cormorant Rumiko
A childhood friend of the Beerer guerrilla girl who hasn't seen Potalia for a long time.He joins the guerrillas, sympathizing with the establishment of the Holy Kumen Kingdom by Kangerman.In episode 16, he set up a night attack on EX-10 and encountered Potalia when he escaped on a motorcycle (at this time, he was absorbed in the escape and did not notice that the kicked opponent was Potalia), and found it in the escaped Zomb village. Being reunited.At that time, he was targeted by Kang Yu's Russian roulette, but he was saved by Kiriko's plan, and in order to repay the debt, he passed a small boat to Kiriko who escaped from Kangelman Palace in episode 17 and escaped.
However, when Cumene and Melchia joined hands in episode 25 and the defeat of Holy Cumene became decisive, he knew the true intention of Kangelman and was despaired, hit a stray bullet in a shooting battle in the palace, and was taken care of by Potalia. Being dead.

Characters in Sansa

Musa Zanjiny
Voice- Hiroaki Tanabe
BallantStar Fleet Commander.He attacked Battleship X with Chirico and Fiana for invading Baralant's territory.At that time, he was recognized as PS when he saw the battle of Chirico who dismissed the AT unit of Baralant with only one machine.In addition, send out a fleet to find out the identity of Battleship X and Teltine.
Captain Leslion
Captain of the large battleship Leslion of the Baralant Army, he heads for the pursuit of battleship X and the search for PS at the command of the army.At one point, he abandoned the pursuit due to the approach to the non-invasion space, but the battleship X crash landed on Sansa star due to the attack of Teltine, and the upper layer was officially told from the Gilgamesh side that the battleship X was not a Gilgamesh ship. Tracking resumed again at the order of the department.After provoking and attacking Teltine and inflicting damage, Rochina takes over the PS search.
Sophie Fadas
Voice- Nana Yamaguchi
The leader of a used weapons broker on the planet Sansa, also known as the "Iron Kuzuya", a remanufactured weapons merchant.He has lost his family in the former Sansa Star Battle and has a fierce hatred for the Red Shoulder involved.He was one of Gout's business partners, but after learning that Chirico was a former Red Shoulder, he relentlessly aimed at him.Along the way, he was involved in the battle of Kiriko, and when oxygen hit the bottom, he reluctantly helped him.Even so, he tried to aim for Kiriko's life, but he withdrew when he learned of the heart of Cocona, who lost his family in the war like himself.
Durham (voice-voice-) who has a grudge against his family being killed by his red shoulder. Shigezō Sasaoka), Lete (voice- Shoji Sato), Luchon (voice- Ryusuke Obayashi), Rado (voice-Kiyonobu Suzuki).
In the OVA "Phantom Hen", he shows that he continues to work with his eyesight weakened as he grows older, but he does not realize that the silent young man who helps her work is Chirico, and his revenge has diminished within 32 years. It also meant that when she missed Kiriko, Vanilla told Kiriko, "It takes time for (Kiriko's) hair to turn white to forgive."
Ars Carmeni
Voice- Tomio Kosei(Episode 1) → Tatsuyuki Ishimori
Lieutenant General of the Melchia Army.In the first episode, Rochina talks about the request from Battentine, and in episode 1, Battentine is involved in the battle in the inviolable space and the planet Sansa, and Rochina becomes a ballant. Informed of the fact that the saddle was changed, and urged the dispatch of the 39th and 6th Mobile Fleets.

Quant Edition Characters

Voice- Toshiya Ueda
QuentA resident trader.He peddles around Quent and seems to have connections in the network of Quent people's settlements.I saved Kiriko, who had fallen over in the desert.Even in the city of Gomol, when Chirico was captured by the Hazeger gang hired by a secret society, he was saved from the predicament by calling Chirico's acquaintance, Quent, Shakko.On the one hand, he is friendly, but he never forgets to seek and receive in return for his help as a merchant.
Voice- Osamu Kato
As a coordinator for rogues living in Gomol,Secret societyAt the request of, he chased Kiriko who left the mercenary center with his minions and finally caught him, but just before handing it over, Gecko called Shakko and Mayor Gomol (voice-). Masaru Ikeda) Is blocked.
Quent representative
Voice- Tetsuaki Genda
At the Mercenary Center in Gomol, the only Quent who lives in Gomol, representing the Quents who mediate mercenaries to both Gilgamesh and Baralant.The mercenary center mediates the collection of Quent people who do not live in the city.When Chirico comes to Quent to explore her mystery and asks, she urges her to meet many Quent people, and to cross the desert to meet.
When a secret society overwhelmed the city of Gomol and began investigating the tower of Gomol, a means of communication called "Smoke Signal" was used to tell all over Quent that "horrible things will happen in Gomol."
Voice- Minoru Yada
The elder of the tribe to which Shakko belongs. 100 years ago, he himself was a mercenary in space, so he can speak standard Astragius.He tells Kiriko, "You may be a stranger," and recommends that you meet the oldest meji.
In the OVA "Phantom Hen", it was revealed that when Quent disappeared, he was instantly transferred to Nurguerant with other Quent people and was alive and well.
To Meji
Voice- Saki Yanagi
A former elder in the village of Le Chacco and the oldest in Quent, over 200 years old, he is about to die and meditates in the village cave, looking like a skinny mummy or skeleton. I was indulging in.
He tells Kiriko and Shakko about the existence of the Quent civilization 3000 years ago and the existence of God in fragments, and ends his life after predicting that Kiriko will return to Quent again as the successor to the Son of God.
Hermod Leon Raperd
Voice- Tokumaru Kan
Major General of the 24th Melchia Front Space Force and commander of the 6th and 7th Mobile Fleet. I visited Gomor City on the mission of regaining the PS body and investigating the Quent star.At the behest of Battentine, he urged the "traitor" Rochina to return the body = Fiana with the Gouts captured in Sansa as a hand piece, but due to the attack of Quent's automatic defense system that was activated during the battle due to the negotiation breach. The fleet is wiped out, and the body is not taken away and it dies.

OVA characters

Yoran Pailsen
Voice- Norio Otsuka
Appeared in "The Last Red Shoulder", "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition", and "Palezen Files".A Melchia military officer and founder of the Special Forces Red Shoulder.At the time of the Hundred Years War, he was a colonel, and at the end of the war he was a major general.He is devoted to creating an ideal battle group, and he has come to think that "no training or strengthening can match excellent human materials" and "an ideal soldier cannot be born from a normal human being", and I saw it during the war. Fascinated by the appearance of "a baby wrapped in a green bubble that does not die even in a vacuum", he has since planned to incorporate "a soldier who does not die" into the battle group.In the process, "a alien survivor[Note 4]Although he craves for Chirico, he decides that he cannot control Chirico, who "has doubts about everything and refuses to be ruled by rebellion."Turn around and try to eliminate directly or indirectly.The great results of the Red Shoulder solidify his position in the military, but he is dismissed shortly before the end of the war due to the unusually high number of deaths during training and the genocide of civilians on the planet Sansa.He was put under house arrest by Fedok Wokkam of the Ministry of Information who was interested in the contents of the so-called "Palezen Files" he created, and although he was treated as torture, he succeeded in escaping by the measures taken in advance.After that, he moved to a secret society and pursued his ideals.Hiding with former Red Shoulder members in a facility in the Delida Highlands, he succeeded in developing Epsilon, but was attacked by Kiriko, Gregoru, Baiman, and Musa, and died after being struck by a Baiman machine.
The research document of the alien survivor later became known as the "Palezen File" and became a legend among military personnel even in the "Lonely Shadow Again" era.
Gregore Garosh
Voice- Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Appeared in "The Last Red Shoulder" and "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition".A fellow of Chirico's Red Shoulder era, the rank is senior senior sergeant.Leader of tagged members such as Byman and Musa.I have a habit of hitting my face with both hands when I get excited.Although he suspects that Kiriko, who was transferred to the Red Shoulder Corps, is a thug, he is convinced that Kiriko's survival rate is high while executing Lehman's Kiriko eradication order, and after that he will act as a companion with Byman and Musa.He was severely injured at the transfer destination just before the end of the Hundred Years War and was discharged, leaving scars on his face.After that, in order to take revenge on Palesen who had fallen himself, he gathered his former friends including Kiriko and attacked the facility in the Dereida Highlands. AT operated by Epsilon who awakened as PSBlood footballDefeated trying to save Chirico from the attack of.
Byman Hagard
Voice- Kento Shiozawa / Yasuyuki Kase(Sunrise heroesSeries) / Takagi Wataru(PS2 version game) / Isshin Chiba(Super Robot War series)
Appeared in "The Last Red Shoulder" and "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition".A fellow of Chirico's Red Shoulder era, the rank is Corporal.One of the members of the tag, he showed a slanted attitude at a nihilistic sarcastic shop, and occasionally collided with Musa.At the transfer destination just before the end of the war, he lost his right hand and was wearing an elaborate artificial hand that can also control AT ("There is no shortage enough to strangle Palesen"), but he said that he should not realize it even when attacking Palesen. I was hiding my heart.In the assault on the Delida Highlands, he fought fiercely with his enemy, the former Red Shoulder, and reached Palesen with a full-blown wound to take revenge, but soon after he died.
Murza Melym
Voice- Takao Nakao
Appeared in "The Last Red Shoulder" and "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition".A fellow of Chirico's Red Shoulder era, the rank is Corporal.Gregory, one of the tagged members alongside Byman, has a quiet and honest personality, and therefore sometimes collided with Byman.According to Byman, the details of the operation of the transferee just before the end of the war were leaked to the family, and the family was killed for that.[Note 5]..In order to send Kiriko and his friends to Palesen, he fought to stop the AT Blood Soccer driven by Epsilon, but he was killed in action.
Lada Niva
Voice-Masashi Hirose
Appeared in "Big Battle".PS developed by the Ballant side. Even if you say PS, unlike the one made by Gilgamesh, which is created by biochemical methods, the machine is embedded in the body.cyborgIs.Atypical AT in the city of A KobaEkurubisuI used to do butting under the ring name of "Danger Melon", but the purpose was actually to test using butting.He hates Red Shoulder, who inflicted mortal wounds on himself and instilled fear, and is unusually obsessed with killing Kiriko, who was that Red Shoulder. "Take away the freedom of Fiana captured as a hostage and put it on the AT to attack Kiriko and others by remote control." "After giving a direct link to the ground battleship, kill the technical officers of Baralant who should be allies." Unlike the Gilgamesh side PS, strong ferocity and anomaly can be seen.
Controls the hijacked ground battleship alone and fights against Kiriko and others with Fiana as a hostage, but after being infiltrated into the ship by Kiriko with the support of Gouts and regaining Fiana, Kiriko'sLight scope dog, Shakko'sBelzerga ImmitateAt the end of the battle with the two ATs, he became incapacitated and was caught up in the explosion of a ground battleship, and all the planes were buried.
The notation in the ending credit is "Niva", but there are also materials written as "Niva", and confusion can be seen.EtymologyLada Niva.
Voice- Koichi Kitamura
A matchmaker in the city of A Koba that appeared in "Big Battle" like Niva.Chirico, an old acquaintance of Gout and a former red-shoulder big name, and Chirico kidnapped Fiana in the absence of Kiriko and handed them over to Baralant to make Niva fight at the request of Baralant, and handicap as AT vs. ground battleship It will partition the cap match.
Kalman Tom's
Voice- Masato Tsujimura
He was a biotechnical officer of the Melchia Army who appeared in "Big Battle" and was also involved in the PS project.At the request of the army, the fugitive Kiriko is taking Proto One's Fiana, so the information that Didirium can get is sent to Kiriko and captured, and Fiana is offered a transaction such as returning to humans, but commanded After being destroyed by Niva and abducted himself, he was killed as well as the staff on the Baralant side.
Voice-Kan Tokumaru
A Baralant officer who appeared in "Big Battle", he secretly repeated the Baralant PS test in the city of A Koba.He told Rochina that Kiriko and Tom's had come to A Koba, abducted Tom's at Rochina's command, and tried to fight Niva and Kiriko, but he burned his hands on the emotionally unstable Niva, and Fiana and Tom's. He was about to return after finishing his mission by abducting him, but he was attacked by a crazy Niva and his skull was crushed and he died.
Vergil Carson
Voice- Hiroshi Takemura
Appeared in "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition".A member of the Red Shoulder who was enlisted in sync with Chirico, he was a spy sent by a senior Gilgamesh army who was wary of Palesen and tried to find out the actual situation of the Red Shoulder.While using Chirico, he obtained data that reveals the actual situation of Red Shoulder due to the riot he caused and sent it to the upper army to fulfill his mission, but he died in the fierce battle of the 3rd Sansa capture battle.When he died, he appealed to Kiriko, who kept refusing to know the past, to know the past, and as a result, Kiriko was once in Sansa and learned that it was attacked by a unit under the command of Palesen.
According to the novel The First Red Shoulder, this name is a pseudonym.
Inge Lehman
Voice- Masaru Ikeda
Appeared in "Red Shoulder Document: Roots of Ambition" and "Palezen Files" (photo only).With Palesen's right arm, Commander of the Red Shoulder Base on the planet Odon.The rank is Major.From Gregory and othersCampIt is nicknamed "Director" by analogy. He sympathized with Palesen's idea that "the ideal soldier is born from thorough training," but later disagreed that Palesen turned to the theory of alien survival, and tried to kill Kiriko by inviting Gregolou and others, but failed.In the 3rd Sansa capture battle, in order to deny the extraordinary survivor itself, he sent out Kiriko including Gregory and Carson to seal the mouth and dispose of it, and led the two subordinates to challenge themselves with AT, but in the onslaught The power of Chirico's extraordinary survivor, who continues to fight back despite being completely wounded with the aircraft, says, "Is there a way to die! I should die!", "I must die! If you are a human!" Astonished, he died in a conflict (see below).
The first name was not mentioned in the novel version, but the full name was revealed for the first time in the military court scene in the first episode of "Palezen Files".The cause of death in the battle against Sansa, which had remained unknown for a long time, was set to have died in a liner notes of Volume 1 of "Palezen Files" in a conflict with Kiriko.
Although he had a conflict with Palesen over Chirico, he was excellent as a training instructor regardless of the method. His skill as an AT rider is also top notch, and in addition to having two escorts, he is one of the few opponents who defeated the AT on which Chirico is boarding, even though it was a conflict.[Note 6]..This is one of the few cases in which Chirico was defeated against ordinary humans such as Fiana, Epsilon, and Tetania who had not been treated at all (even in the 17th episode of Kumen, AT when escaping from the Kangelman Palace). (Standing turtle) was used, but it was attacked by multiple guerrilla ATs and the aircraft was destroyed).
Realizing that Chirico is not the one who realizes his ideals, Palesen realizes that the red shoulder has become more important to him in order to retain influence within the army, and he lost Lehman who was in charge of the scene. I'm sorry.
Voice- Takeshi Watabe
Appeared in "Red Shoulder Document Ambition Roots" and "Palezen Files".Chief of Staff of the Gilgamesh Army, rank general.Being wary of the military being privatized by the rise of Palesen, dozens of AT expeditions are sent to the planet Odon to investigate its hotbed, Red Shoulder, but the Red Shoulder, which consists of 50 ATs, revenge. It was annihilated by the above, and the dispatch was misused by Palesen, and the punishment motion issued to Palesen during the meeting of the Third Sansa Strategy was forced to be withdrawn.
Voice- Masaaki Tsukada
Major General Gilgamesh, a subordinate of Nehalco's confidant.Like Nehalco, it appears in OVAXNUMX works.Nehalco proposes and approves a plan to send Carson to explore the inside of Red Shoulder.
Voice- Arno Tahara
Lehman's adjutant, coordinator of the soldiers at the Red Shoulder Base on the planet Odon, who appeared in "Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition".Gregory, Byman, and Musa are struggling with their attitudes, trying to see if Chirico is an alien survivor, and at the same time trying to get rid of all three at the same time.
Tetania da Montewells
Voice- Yoko Matsuoka
Appeared in "The Weirdo" and "Lonely Shadow Again".The only daughter of the Cardinal Montewells of the Galactic Religious Association Martial.When she was a girl, she was seriously injured in a traffic accident intentionally planned by her father, and was remodeled into the next-generation PS / Nextant by her father's hands.Received the title of "Shield of Order" for his contribution to Martial and his high fighting ability.At this time, he tried to eliminate Kiriko, who was called "the untouchable" and was positioned as a contradiction to Martial's doctrine that "power is with faith", but in the battle, Kiriko I'm attracted to.Fiana, who has been transferred to Allegium, is completely revived due to consideration for Chirico, but ironically, this decision leads to an irreversible tragedy. One of the few people who overwhelmed Chirico in the AT battle and defeated the aircraft by activating the "auxiliary brain"[Note 7]..Although she has a good heart, she is a little impatient and stubborn, and is depicted as a clumsy person who cannot express her feelings honestly.
In "Kagekage Again", he was chased by Alegium due to the failure of Chirico's eradication mission, died in Kiriko's arms after a fierce battle, and was buried near the oasis by Chirico's hands.
Viachefraf da Montewells
Voice- Masato Yamanouchi / Hanshin(Phantom version)
Appeared in "The Weirdo", "Phantom Hen", and "Lonely Shadow Again".The leader of the 9th sector of Martial, the cardinal of the Galactic Religious Society Martial and the center of the planet Manaura.Formerly an officer of the Manaura Army belonging to the Gilgamesh Union.Aiming for the position of the next Pope, in order to raise his power, he sends his daughter, Tetania, who has been remodeled into Nextant, and plans to eliminate Kiriko.Although he successfully takes the throne of the Pope, the shock of Tetania's defeat causes confusion and makes him look like a dead man.However, when he recovered a little, he planned to take it in the news of the "Child of God" who reappeared.
Voice- Masashi Ehara
Appeared in "The Weirdo".Surgeon chief of the planet Manaura.He used to study medicine at Martial, but he has a history of excommunication against Martial Motoyama Allegium from a medical point of view over the treatment of Chirico.The patient, who was protected after the crash of the space city Conplant and showed a miraculous recovery, was shocked to be informed that he was Kiriko who once changed his destiny.After that, at the request of Chirico, he escaped from the army and acted together until the attack on Allegium.Prior to the attack, Kiriko asks Fiana to refreeze in a semi-resuscitated state.I couldn't refreeze, but I listened to Fiana's wish, "I want the last power (until I meet Kiriko)."
A man with a very cheerful personality, he became a new and valuable companion for Kiriko, who was once again thrown into the world as a lonely man after 32 years.

Appearance mecha

the term

Astragios galaxy
The fictional stage of this workGalaxy.. For more informationAstragios galaxySee.Spiral galaxyAnd its diameter is over 10 light-years.There is an inviolable airspace as a neutral zone in the state of war divided into the Gilgamesh side area and the Baralant side area.Standard Astrada is a common language[Note 8].
Astragius calendar
The unified cosmic calendar of the Astragios galaxy.The primitive religion that became the prototype of Martial wrote the revelation of God on the planet ZiagonoYadal monumentThe era is the time when was discovered.The end of the Hundred Years War according to the Astragius calendar is 7213.In this calendar, the first year of the Gilgamesh calendar is 4871 and the first year of the Baralant calendar is 4153.
Often "Astragius", including the derivative "Armor Hunter Mellowlink"HistoryIt was erroneously written, but it has been corrected to this notation in "The Weirdo".
Assemble EX-10
The newest of the government military base "Assemble" created by the Kingdom of Kumen to counter the rebels.Most of the troops are mercenaries. The mercenary unit belonging to EX-10 was the most influential unit that achieved the most results against the Beerer guerrillas, with many AT riders retired at the end of the Hundred Years War.Kiriko, who escaped from Udo and finished the battle in the Delaida Highlands, also entered and took on a special mission under Captain Kang Yu.Later, commander General Gon Nou signed an agreement to be welcomed into the Melchia army in exchange for the capture of PS, but it was considered to be an obstacle to security and national polity maintenance in Cumene after the war, and in the final stage of the civil war, the Melchia descent unit The entire unit was annihilated by the attack.At the time of the play, EX-1 and EX-9 of the assembled EX-6 to EX-7 had already been destroyed by the beer guerrillas.
A talented person
Astragius A type of mutant that was born among the highly developed Quent people around 4000 calendar.It is extremely adaptable to computers, and its physical metabolic capacity far surpasses that of ordinary people.They have extraordinary ambitions as Quents, and the peaceful Quents evaded them and expelled them from Quent after a fierce battle.Exiled to undeveloped star systems throughout the galaxy, they intervened indigenous peoples to raise their civilization levels and finally developed hyperspace navigation aimed at returning Quent.However, when they returned to Quent, they had already reached their physical and physical limits and were approaching their species limits, so they decided to do so.ProtoplasmStored in a storage device, the collective will body "WisemanAs the god of the Astragios galaxy, he began to manipulate history from the shadows.In the continuous Galactic War, Wiseman operated both Gilgamesh and Baralant camps from the back in order to find a successor to succeed their civilization in the war.
An underground city located in the central part of the Laurasil continent on the planet Melchia.Originally it was a military facility built using craters after the bombing during the war, but after the military abandoned the facility, war refugees gathered and became urbanized.It has a diameter of 5km and a total height of 3km.During the post-war turmoil, refugees and military veterans began to flow in.There, smuggling of military supplies and weapons, prostitution and human trafficking, black trade of didirium mined from the ruins of a computer factory when it was a military facility, butting box office, etc. Armed groups, such as the Boon Family, dominated the city and devoured profits.It is also the place where Chirico, who escaped from the army, met Gout, Vanilla, and Cocona.It seems that it collapsed in the battle between the paratroopers of the Melchia army, the security police, and the reinforcements of the secret society at the end of the first course of the main story of Astragios 7214.The air around Udo is polluted, and a harmful red "acid rain" falls.
A force that divides the Astragios galaxy into two halves.In the play, it is called "Gilgames Star Area" or "Gilgames Alliance", and the name "~ Union" was later created by the writer of the related Mook.It was formed around the Gilgamesh system around 5500 in the Astragius calendar as an anti-Balalant military trade federation (Gilgames will be the first star).In the Third Galactic War, the first star Gilgames and the second star Bistima collapsed due to an attack by the Baralant army, and Melchia became the third star.It was inferior to Ballant in national power and was inferior until the middle of the Third Galactic War, but under the leadership of Melchia, the battlefield was recovered by the development of AT and the mass introduction to the battlefield.
Quent star
Located almost in the center of the Astragios galaxy.In the past, a super-ancient civilization developed and flourished, but the civilization collapsed around 4000 in the Astragius calendar, and in the 7210s it became a desert-covered planet.Many indigenous people live in deep valleys just like in the primordial era, and it is one of the few industries to excavate the Quent element used for parts of high-performance equipment and send adult men as mercenaries to various parts of the galaxy.Large Quent mercenaries are highly regarded on the battlefields around the world for their high fighting ability and loyalty to their orders.The Quent people do not have a government, and Gomol, the only city that exists on the remains of a super-ancient civilization, is regarded as the capital for convenience, but most of the residents of Gomol are also human beings of other stars, basically. The Quents visit Gomol only when there is a recruitment of mercenaries.The battle over the ancient Quent heritage in the surrounding star area after the Quent Incident triggers the Fourth Galactic War.
Kingdom of Kumen
A small country on the planet Melchia.It is an agricultural country located on the Balamir Peninsula at the southern end of the Laurasil continent, and its capital is Zaiden.It seems that there is little damage to nature during the war in Melchia, and it has abundant nature surrounded by jungle in a subtropical climate.Despite being in Melchia, he did not join the Federation of Melchia and had been in conflict with the central government of Melchia for 20 years in an attempt to maintain the stance of pro-Baralant and seek complete independence.However, even within the Kingdom of Cumene, the "Beer Guerrilla" by the Cumene government trying to promote modernization and the farmers who make up the majority of the victims of modernization fought an armed struggle, and the privilege was deprived by modernization. The ruling classes merged to form the anti-government organization "Sacred Cumene Kingdom" and developed into a violent internal turmoil.After the ceasefire between Cumene and Melchia, Cumene turned the entire army to subdue the Beerer guerrillas and ended with the intervention of the Melchia government.
A planet that was once located in the sphere of influence of Baralant.It was also an important point of trade in Baralant, and the invasion of Gilgamesh had a relay station, so it was a strategically important place and was hit by many wars.Above all, in the 7212rd Sansa capture battle from December 12 to February of the following year, the Gilgamesh army finally won by introducing special forces Red Shoulder, but it was difficult to breathe the atmosphere due to repeated war damage. The natural environment was destroyed and made uninhabitable (for this reason, oxygen bombs are indispensable for activity on the planet).With the end of the war, Sansa was designated as an inviolable space, and a few remaining inhabitants are living in small pieces.Naturally, the lack of oxygen caused the plants to become almost extinct, turning the planet into a barren land with deserts.However, during the years leading up to "Phantom Hen," it seems that major attempts have been made to improve the natural environment, and people are finally able to live without oxygen cylinders.
Semi-liquefied metal semiconductor.It is a translucent blue substance.At room temperatureSuperconductivitySince it has an effect, it is indispensable for high-speed computer circuits installed in ATs and the like.The catalyst emits special radiation, and at the end of the Third Galactic War, it became important as the most important strategic substance.The PS developed by Gilgamesh requires regular irradiation to maintain physical function.In the initial setting of the project, there is a notation of "Dilite, Digor, Sodium"[6]It can also be taken as the official name of Digillium.
Although it was not unified due to the notation such as "Gigirium" and "Gigirium", it was unified to "Gigirium" at the discretion of Director Takahashi when creating the database.[7].
Perfect Soldier
PSIs abbreviated as.A type of cyborg that has been artificially treated on the body and cranial nerves so that it can exert its ideal ability on the battlefield.Developed by the Melchia Army, it was seized by a secret society and researched. As an AT pilot, he has excellent abilities, a strong body, extraordinary reflexes, and high loyalty to the military through mental manipulation.However, in order to maintain physical function, it was necessary to receive irradiation with didylium on a regular basis, and there were problems such as mental instability.Furthermore, it has a lifespan of only about 2 years.It was also developed on the Ballant side, where the body was more mechanically strengthened, but there were still mental problems.According to the description on page 9 of "Dual Magazine No. 28", "PS will die through muscle rigidity without didylium" is a deception by the brainwashing suggestion of a secret society, and eventually muscle strength is normal. It is said that it will decline and stabilize. Muscle stiffness, which is considered a "withdrawal symptom," is manifested by a hypnotic effect and does not actually lead to death.
A mock combat betting game using AT.After the end of the Hundred Years War, AT pilots who have been struck by the army will engage in mock combat using the released AT.There are "regular games" in which fighting battles are performed without using firearms, "real battles" in which battles are performed just like actual battles using live ammunition, and "brow battles" in which AT-sized spears and swords are used.On rare occasions, different types of fighting battles outside the AT-AT framework, such as AT-ground battleships and AT-armor hunters, may take place.
The spectators anticipate which AT will win and bet money to watch.In the real battle, due to the nature of the game, not only the pilot but also the spectators will be killed or injured by the stray bullets, but it is rather stimulating and popular.The city of Udo is said to be the birthplace of the city, and it has become very popular with entertainment-hungry people, partly because most of the popular entertainment has disappeared due to the prolonged war.
In addition to the city of Udo, in other cities such as A Koba (OVA "Big Battle"), Ta Bing (OVA "Armor Hunter Mellowlink" episode 2), and Ugg (Novel "Blue Knight Belzerga Story") It is done.
A force that divides the Astragius galaxy into two with Gilgamesh.In the play, it was called the "Balarant Star Area" and never called the "~ Alliance" (created by the Mucc editorial staff).Since the main character is a human being from the Gilgamesh camp, Baralant is relatively poorly depicted in the play, and many of the settings related to the inside story and history were also created by the related Mucc.The head star is Balun.It was established a little earlier than Gilgamesh around 5500 in the Astragius calendar.It is a military power with a strong tendency for secrecy and supranationalism, and although there are many unclear points in its inside, the unity and national power of the nation exceeds that of Gilgamesh.In the Third Galactic War, he overwhelmed Gilgamesh until the middle of the war with abundant space force, but when Gilgamesh developed AT and put it on the battlefield, he allowed the situation to reverse.
Originally in the main animationCentennial warWas described as "a war of unknown cause", but this is also a related mucc, and the "cause" of the war is created.According to the origin of the related mook, Baralant's national system is "war communism", and at the same time, it is said to support the extreme space advancement and bias principle called "great balunism".The history of Baralant is the history of space advancement and the accompanying "liberation" (= aggression) of other star systems, and it is said that other peoples under the regime are treating assimilation and oppression policies, and the stars fearing the penetration of Baralant. It was decided to promote the formation of the military trade alliance "Gilgames Union" by the regional nations.
Secret society
A mysterious organization that is said to have been fascinated by the transcendent power of Wiseman and became its minion.The swastika-shaped design that intersects vertically and horizontally is the symbol of the organization.Although it has existed before the story began, with Gilgamesh military officers as executive members, they were active in the organization while still in the military register. In the first episode "End of the War" of "Armored Trooper Votoms", PS was taken from Gilgamesh military base = asteroid Lido, and the activity became apparent when the Third Galactic War came to an end.Executives have left the military register and have taken on the appearance of religious groups.Especially the top executives Albert Killy, Serge Borough, etc.PriestThe clothes are formal wear.It is said that it had an influence on the political world, the military, and the business world, but the reality is that there are many mysteries and the official name of the organization remains secret.Members of the organization rushed to realize Wiseman's will, and in return they were promised status and property.The main activities were the development, production and sale of weapons, with particular emphasis on the development of PS and new ATs.
It has a religious atmosphere, but it is not described in detail in the work. At the time of the production of the OVA "Excommunication", it was originally a parish of Martial, but it was contraindicated in Martial that it was involved in "representation by science and technology of love for power", that is, PS development. The setting that it was excommunicated from Allegium due to the cause has been added.However, Martial's doctrine was born from Wiseman's interference.[Source required]So, in a sense, it is a return to origin.
Centennial war
A galaxy-scale war between Gilgamesh and Baralant from 7113 to 7213 in the Astragius calendar.Third Galactic WarSlang.However, the name of the Third Galactic War does not appear in the main part of the TV version, and it is consistently called "Hundred Years War".At the end of the Hundred Years War, more than 3 planets from both sides were involved in the war.
Non-invasion space
A neutral space that is off limits to Gilgamesh and Baralant. In the enactment of the Nebula Law in 5632, the star Diagono, where the sanctuary Allegium is located, is designated. The Hundred Years War Armistice Treaty of 7213 specified a space area where the control of both camps was not clear at the end of the war, such as around Sansa.Although the designated time is unknown, typical airspaces include the Quent star of the ancient Quent civilization and the Antitates star, which has the largest bank in the Astragius galaxy.
A giant religion that is worshiped throughout the Astragios galaxy.Organizational system, state of priests, etc.CatholicIt is expressed with a depiction very similar to.In addition, a "key" is set as a symbol of the organization instead of a cross.This is said to be the key to opening the door of heaven in this religion = struggle, a concrete example of competition, and is held by the AT pilot of the end believer from the robe of a high-ranking priest.RosaryThere is even that figure.
It was established in the 1000th year of the Astragius calendar, when the primitive religion of the planet Ziagono originated from the discovery of the Yadal monument, which recorded the revelation of God. With the doctrine that "struggle is the source of harmony and evolution," it has a strong military, political, and economic influence.The center of Martial is the planet ZiagonoAllegiumLocated in the Nemoto Basilica, which exists inPopeIt is formed as a centralized organization centered on. It is protected from both Gilgamesh and Baralant under the "Nebula Law" enacted in 5632.The parish that spreads throughout the galaxy is called the sector and was appointed by Allegium.CardinalIs assigned to give guidance.The incident that occurred in Allegium at the same time as the 712th Pope nomination election was "Cholera turbulenceIt is known to the general public as ", but since the details of the case were not disclosed at all, various speculations were called, and the influence began to fade.
The leader of the Gilgamesh Union.At the beginning of the Third Galactic War, membership in the Gilgamesh Union was slow and the voice was low, but due to the disappearance of powerful planets one after another and the excellent military technology and abundant industrial power seen in AT development, the coalition It quickly emerged within the country and took the seat of the third generation of the star.Melchia's political system is federal, with a number of autonomous states and independent states.In the Third Galactic War, the population has declined significantly and security has deteriorated due to repeated, if not fatal, war damage.It is said that three-quarters of the population died during the years when Chirico was in service.
Red shoulder
The official name is24th Melchia Front Strategic Armored Corps Special Mission Team X-1.. It is derived from the fact that the right shoulder of AT was dyed red with blood, and it is popularBlood-sucking unitAlso called.Chirico used to belong.
At the end of the 3rd Galactic War, when AT became more important on the battlefield, as an elite unit that was further thoroughly implemented by Yoran Pailsen in the 24th Melchia Front Strategic Armored Corps Special Operations Unit, which was touted as an elite unit. It was founded.He played an active part in the battlefields of various parts of the galaxy at the end of the Third Galactic War, and in particular, in the Third Sansa Strategy Battle, he brought great results to the Gilgamesh army.
However, atrocities against non-combatants and civilians on the battlefield and excessive secrecy became international issues, and the armistice agreement even included the dissolution of troops (there was no such fact). There is a theory that senior military personnel who were worried about Palesen's way of rapidly expanding their power manipulated information, but there are testimonies of witnesses and former members, so this theory is not credible).
After being formally disbanded at the end of the war, some of the members become Palezen's private soldiers in collusion with secret societies in pursuit of their ideals.
In the TV series drama, there was a line from Chirico saying that it was "formally the Melchia Strategic Armored Trooper Votoms Special Mission Team X-1".However, in the omnibus and novel version of the Udo edition that was made later, it was corrected as "Melkia Strategic Armored Corps Special Mission Team X-1".
"Blue Knight Belzerga Story], The official name is "Melkia Armored Corps 2045 Unit Special Forces X-1".
Voice- Hidekatsu Shibata
The name given to the strangers who were once exiled from Quent when they returned to Quent and then gathered their will in a protoplasmic preservation device deep underground to become a consciousness aggregate.Since Wiseman became a bodyless will, he has interfered with civilizations in various parts of the galaxy for more than 1000 years against the background of the ultra-high scientific power of the ancient Quent civilization, manipulating organizations, human resources, information, etc., and the history of the Astragios galaxy. Was manipulated from the shadow.He appoints himself as a god, and without being known by humankind, divides and governs the galaxy by two major forces and wages a constant war on humankind, but this is Wiseman's will to promote the birth of his successor. But it was also.The secret society, a faction that was dismissed as a heretic from "Martial" because it tried to approach God's existence by technology rather than love for power and "lost God", was a follower of this Wiseman.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song/Insert song

Opening theme- "Flame Sadame"[10]
Lyrics --Ryosuke Takahashi / Composition / Arrangement-- Hiroki Inui / Song- TETSU
Ending theme- "Always you"[11]
Lyrics --Ryosuke Takahashi / Composition / Arrangement --Hiroki Inui / Song --TETSU
Insert Song-"Tanore Goodbye"
Lyrics --Ryosuke Takahashi / Composition / Arrangement --Hiroki Inui / Song --Yoko Kawanami

Both the theme song and the record containing the insert songKing recordReleased by (Starchild Records).

Work description

The TV version of the story is with the security policeMotorcycle gang"Udo" (Episode 1-Episode 13), the tropical kingdom "Kumen" (Episode 14-Episode 27) where the civil war with the rebels continues, and the desert planet "Sansa" (Episode 29) -Episode 39), the planet "Quent" (Episode 41-Episode 52) where the secret of Kiriko's birth is hidden, divided into four parts, urban warfare, wetland warfare, space warfare every time the stage changes・ Develop various variations of battle scenes such as desert battles.It is said that this is because the screen of "Fang of the Sun Dougram" was monotonous because the stage was almost only in the desert.[12][Note 9].

Was one of the animation directors in charge of each storyAnimeR OfTaniguchi MoriyasuIs active in this work[2]After that, Takahashi's work "Armor World GalianAfter working as a core staff member, Takahashi directed ""Blue Meteor SPT Reisner] InCharacter designerWas selected for.

Named "Bottoms"

At the time of making the project of this work, there was a bottomless bar that was not a topless bar, a bar where a female clerk who did not wear anything on the lower body served customers, so people who resisted the name "bottoms" with a nasty image I was there.Ryosuke Takahashi said that he survived by explaining that this is the language of Astragios, not English.[13]

The name "Bottoms", which refers to the AT and its rider, is "Bottoms" in the official view of the military.Vertical One-man Tank for Offence & Maneuver-S: An abbreviation for "upright single-seater tank for attack and maneuver"[14]..However, in reality, fragile armor, flammable polymer Ringer liquid, and survival improvement system for aircraft that have been truncated to reduce costs ── AT, which prioritizes productivity over human life, is exactly “iron” due to the low survival rate of passengers. It was something that could be called a "coffin".At the same time, the slang "Bottoms: the worst guys" was attached due to the bad behavior of the pilots and the harsh working environment.[1][15]That.

Therefore, the novel "Blue Knight Belzerga Story』(Sonorama Bunko, 1985), the interpretation of" the worst bastards "is not the first appearance.Takahashi originally intended to change the English spelling of the title "Bottoms" to Bottoms, but due to trademark issues, it was not realized and he had to change it to Votoms.At the same time, it is said that not only AT and AT pilots, but also the meaning of "human beings at the bottom" is included in a broader sense as the theme drawn by the work.[16].

In the early part of the TV series, in the narration of the main character's monologue and trailer, there were several times when AT was called "Bottoms" (and AT pilots called "Bottoms Riding"), but after that, I heard the name in the play. That is OVA "Palesen FilesIt wasn't until a while.The name mainly used in the play is AT, and the official name of AT "Armored Trooper" and the unique aircraft name such as "Scope Dog" rarely appear.In particular, the fact that the unique aircraft name is not used is unusual for anime with sponsors for the purpose of selling toys, which is one of the factors that raised the status of this work as a real robot animation. ..


Regarding the leading role, Director Takahashi felt that a quiet man was cooler than a talkative man, so he made him a quiet man who can only feel at ease in the AT cockpit.

About the heroine Norio Shioyama, a character designer, likes beautiful women, so I made it a perfect beautiful woman, not the charming type like Cocona, which Director Takahashi likes.Fiana was a skinhead when she first appeared because the script Soji Yoshikawa insisted that Director Takahashi wanted to draw the hair swaying in the liquid, so I didn't want to make it a skinhead.

According to Takahashi, it can be seen as a romance as a result, which may have happened, but romance was originally one of the elements of Bottoms.Director Takahashi tried to make a love triangle when drawing a love affair, but he felt that he could not compete with Fiana in Cocona, so he set Epsilon as a person to make a love triangle around Fiana.Looks more handsome than Kiriko.Director Takahashi was watching Epsilon and felt that he couldn't live long, so he made an episode of episode 39 "Perfect Soldier" to give Epsilon a place to die.[17]

Protagonist mechanical setting

Robots have come to be treated as weapons from Gundam, and when thinking of them as weapons, the image of tanks was done with Dougram, so I made the size of the car vertical because it was an image of a jeep that emphasized a sense of speed.Kunio Okawara, a mechanical designer, had already drawn a robot of that size before Director Takahashi consulted, and by chance, both thoughts agreed.[18]

Works that influenced the production

It is also known for boldly quoting (borrowing) numerous movies.Udo edition is "ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー, Kumen edition is "Hell apocalypseThe origin of the main character, Kiriko, who is thrown into society without any preparation by the discharged soldiers is "Rambo』And the people concerned have professed to be influenced[19].


Theme song/Insert song

The masked singer TETSU, who was in charge of the theme song, is a singer-songwriter who later became the creator of the hit songs of the 1990s.Tetsuro OdaIs.According to Oda's diary (dated June 2001, 6) on his official website, he was a fledgling debut or not when the Bottoms aired, according to an email from readers. As a part-time job, he was often treated as a masked singer and infused songs.

This work was also sung at the request of the person who was indebted at that time.[Note 10]It is one of the most famous songs he has written in many such circumstances.

Ryosuke Takahashi wrote the lyrics for both the opening theme and the ending theme of the theme song.Even now, there are only songs that are popular, such as being sung by fans at karaoke, and he jokingly says, "I'm grateful that the songwriting royalties came in when I was in trouble with the liquor cost."

The insert song "Tanomare Goodbye" is a song sung by Cocona at the bar in the TV version of Kumen.There is an anecdote that Kawanami, who played the role of Coconna, was drunk and recorded so that he could create an atmosphere of singing at the bar during recording.


In the play, the scene of the red shoulder related video edited by Sansa and the march that flows at the end of "Roots of Ambition" are not songs created for this work, they are not recorded on the soundtrack board, and the fans It was commonly known as "Red Shoulder March"[22].

About this song, the anime magazine "Animated"ofKing recordAccording to the inquiry to, the title, author, and copyright source of the ready-made songs for BGM of each TV station are unknown.[23],AnimageAccording to the magazine's interview with Audio Planning U, a sound production company, the song title is "AVANZATA" and the composition is M.ZALLA, which has not been released to the general public.[24]..Besides, "TV TOKYO general-purpose ready-made song"[22], "Eastern European folk music (where information is scarcely available during the Cold War at the time of airing)" "Music of the Cossacks" "Music of documentaries"[25]Various theories were advocated, and the identity was unclear.

The identity of this song will be revealed in 2007. The Italian movie "1966"Due Marines e un Generale(Japanese title "",Buster Keatonstarring.By the way, the second song "Arrivano I Marines" of the soundtrack (which is his last appearance) was the true character.The composition isPiero Umiliani().In the same soundtrack, "Mobile Suit Gundam』Includes the song used in episode 12[26].. M. Zalla is one of the nicknames of Piero Umiliani[27]..This song is Cup Instant UdonRed foxBicycles before the commercials and "Bottoms" were broadcastBig one gumIt was also used for commercials.

Previous work "Sun Fang DouglamIt was released in the CM of Takara's plastic model, and it was adopted for the red shoulder march because it was popular.[23].

This songPlayStationAlso in the software "Blue Knight Belzerga Monogatari"CD-DAIt was recorded in.It is one of the admission themes that can be selected in this game with the theme of butting, and when this song is selected, some sub-events related to red shoulder will occur in the game.In addition, in a magazine interview at the time of release, it was revealed that the development staff arrived at the library of TV TOKYO after searching for the sound source and recorded from there.[Source required]..However, this recorded song is not a recording of the sound source (Due Marines e un Generale) used in the main part of the animation as it is, but a newly recorded one.

game"Second Super Robot War Z], An original song that resembles the tune of "Battle Knights' March" to the limit is used as a substitute, and in the play "Red Shoulder" OfIt is consistently called "March".


The average audience rating of this broadcast was not high due to issues such as broadcasting time, but it was not discontinued due to strong sales of toys and plastic models such as AT and Scope Dog. Completed the airing of 4 cools.

List of stories

Subtitle, screenplay, direction, animation director source →[28]

Udo edition
Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
Episode 11983
The end of the warFuyunori GobuKyo HarukaMitsuko KaseKeizo Shimizu
Norio Shioyama
Episode 24/8UdoTaiki MatsunoAyumi ChibukiTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 34/15encounterRenji KawabataEiji Suzuki
Episode 44/22ButtlingRyosuke TakahashiToshifumi TakizawaKatsuyoshi YatabeKei Jingu
Episode 54/29trapFuyunori GobuMitsuko KaseEiji Uemura
Episode 65/6BodyToshifumi TakizawaAyumi ChibukiAkira Nishijo
Episode 75/13RaidSoji YoshikawaRenji KawabataYutaka Tanizawa
Toshio Nitta
Episode 85/20transactionJinzo ToriumiKatsuyoshi YatabeEiji Suzuki
Episode 95/27rescueToshifumi TakizawaMitsuko KaseTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 106/3Red shoulderSoji YoshikawaAyumi ChibukiEiji Suzuki
Norio Shioyama
Episode 116/10CounterattackHiroshi YoshidaKatsuya KirinoAkira Nishijo
Episode 126/17bondsJinzo ToriumiRenji KawabataKei Jingu
Episode 136/24escapeToshifumi TakizawaEiji Suzuki
Norio Shioyama
Kumen edition
Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
Episode 141983
Assemble EX-10Soji YoshikawaTaiki MatsunoMitsuko KaseTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 157/8SuspicionHiroshi YoshidaKatsuya KirinoAkira Nishijo
Episode 167/15Mopping upJinzo ToriumiAyumi ChibukiEiji Suzuki
Episode 177/22再 会Shisuke TakahashiRenji KawabataKei Jingu
Episode 187/29Sudden changeSoji YoshikawaToshifumi TakizawaMitsuko KaseEiji Uemura
Norio Shioyama
Episode 198/5SpeculationShoichi YasumuraAkira Nishijo
Episode 208/12Fiana
(Udo omnibus)
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Jinzo Toriumi
Ryosuke TakahashiNorio Shioyama
Episode 218/19UpstreamJinzo ToriumiKatsuyoshi YatabeEiji Suzuki
Norio Shioyama
Episode 228/26InspiredShigeru IkedaKatsuya KirinoTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 239/2ComplexitySoji YoshikawaAyumi ChibukiKei Jingu
Episode 249/9CrossingJinzo ToriumiYuzo TomizawaRenji KawabataAkira Nishijo
Episode 259/16sneak intoSoji YoshikawaMitsuko KaseEiji Uemura
Episode 269/23MeatKatsuyoshi YatabeEiji Suzuki
Episode 279/30DarkeningToshifumi TakizawaAyumi ChibukiNorio Shioyama
Episode 2810/7運 命(Sadame)
(Udo omnibus)
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Jinzo Toriumi
Ryosuke TakahashiNorio Shioyama
Sansa edition
Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
Episode 291983
Two peopleFuyunori GobuShigeru IkedaRenji KawabataTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 3010/21illusionToshifumi TakizawaYoshizo TsudaAkira Nishijo
Episode 3110/28Non-invasion spaceJinzo ToriumiShigeru IkedaMitsuko KaseEiji Suzuki
Episode 3211/4EpsilonAyumi ChibukiEiji Uemura
Norio Shioyama
Episode 3311/11対 決Soji YoshikawaToshifumi TakizawaKatsuyoshi YatabeTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 3411/18Planet SansaShigeru IkedaRenji KawabataAkira Nishijo
Episode 3511/25DeadlineFuyunori GobuToshifumi TakizawaYoshizo TsudaEiji Suzuki
Episode 3612/2love and hateShisuke TakahashiShoichi YasumuraEiji Uemura
Norio Shioyama
Episode 3712/9虜Jinzo ToriumiAyumi ChibukiEiji Suzuki
Episode 3812/16darknessToshifumi TakizawaMitsuko KaseAkira Nishijo
Episode 3912/23Perfect SoldierShigeru IkedaKatsuyoshi YatabeTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 4012/30Friend
(Sansa omnibus)
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Jinzo Toriumi
Ryosuke TakahashiNorio Shioyama
Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
Episode 411984
QuentSoji YoshikawaKatsuyoshi YatabeRenji KawabataTadashi Yawata
Norio Shioyama[Note 11]
Episode 421/13DesertYoshizo TsudaEiji Suzuki
Episode 431/20heritageAyumi Chibuki
Episode 441/27ForbiddenFuyunori GobuMitsuko KaseAkira Nishijo
Episode 452/3encounterToshifumi TakizawaKatsuyoshi YatabeEiji Suzuki
Episode 462/10PremonitionJinzo ToriumiShigeru IkedaRenji KawabataTaniguchi Moriyasu
Episode 472/17IncidentYoshizo TsudaEiji Suzuki
Episode 482/24heirAyumi ChibukiAkira Nishijo
Episode 493/2A talented personSoji YoshikawaShoichi YasumuraTadashi Yawata
Episode 503/9Ran cloudKatsuyoshi YatabeEiji Suzuki
Norio Shioyama
Episode 513/16ShuraToshifumi TakizawaRenji KawabataEiji Suzuki
Episode 523/23meteorMitsuko KaseTaniguchi Moriyasu

* In episode 52 (final episode), Norio Shioyama is credited as an animation director.


* The name of the broadcasting station is the one at that time.

Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast seriesBroadcast dateRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.[8]TV Tokyo seriesFriday 17:55-18:25Production Bureau
OsakaTV Osaka[8]Friday 17:55-18:25
HokkaidoHokkaido Broadcasting[8]TBS seriesSaturday 17: 00 - 17: 30[29]At the time of broadcasting, the TXN seriesTV HokkaidoWas unopened.
AkitaAkita TVFuji TV series
MiyagiSendai Broadcast[8]
FukushimaFukushima Central TelevisionNTV seriesTuesday 17:00 --17:30 (May 1983-March 5, 1984)
Monday --Friday 6:15 --6:45 (March 1984, 3-April 26)[30]
NiigataTV Niigata[8]
IshikawaIshikawa TV[8]Fuji TV seriesFriday 17:25-17:55Broadcast from April 1983, 4 to October 1, 1984[31]
FukuiFukui TVTuesday 17:25-17:55[32]Broadcast around 1985[33]
Chukyo wide areaTokai TV[8]Saturday 18: 00 - 18: 30After the start of broadcasting, the TXN seriesTV AichiOpened, but continues to broadcast until the final episode
KyotoKBS Kyoto[8]Independent station
HyogoSun TVBroadcast from July 2016, 4
Sun TV Official TwitterPublished in tweets on March 2016, 3
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureSanyo BroadcastingTBS seriesAt the time of broadcasting, the TXN seriesTV setIs unopened
HiroshimaTV New Hiroshima[8]Fuji TV series
EhimeNankai Broadcasting[8]NTV series
FukuokaRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System[8]TBS seriesAt the time of broadcasting, the TXN seriesTXN KyushuIs unopened
KumamotoTV KumamotoFuji TV series
OkinawaOkinawa TV[8]

After the TV series

Three original video animations that tell the story of the past and the blank period that was not drawn in the TV series (OVA), And recorded good sales.In response to this popularity, the gaiden work "Blue Knight Belzerga Story"(novel),"Armored Hunter Mellow Link』(OVA) was born.further1994Is a sequel set in 32 years after the main story "Armored Cavalry Bottoms』(OVA) has been released.

In 2006, at a talk show linked to "Armored Trooper Votoms Command Vogt" serialized in a model magazine, the production schedule of the new Bottoms animation directed by Ryosuke Takahashi was announced, and in February 2007 the following yearWonder Festival 2007Then, the tentative title is "Armored Trooper Votoms Palezen Files], The visuals of the characters and AT are released.Information was announced that the work is scheduled to start in the summer and is in progress.Most of the staff at that time are gathered. It is depicted in the blank period of OVA's "Red Shoulder Document Ambition Roots" and the main part of the TV. On January 2009, 1, "Palezen Files Theatrical Version" was released.

Since 2007, Ryosuke Takahashi has serialized "New Novel VOTOMS Ichibun no Ichi" on Nikkei Trendy Net, which is a production diary novel about the production site such as "Palezen Files" and the concept of the next work of Bottoms. Inside.

Apart from this new anime series, "Nikkei Entertainment!In the magazine, Ryosuke Takahashi wrote the novel version of Bottoms, "Lonely shadow again』Serialized (moved from" Nikkei Characters! "Magazine). In the story of the era after "The Weirdo", the 14th edition mentions Palesen Files, and the name of Fedok Wokkam, Deputy Secretary of Information for Melchia, appears.In addition, the OVA, which claims to be the last episode based on "Kagekage Again", "Armored Trooper Votoms: Phantom HenWas released in March 2010.

"Champion REDFrom the June 2008 issue to the July 6 issue of the manga "Armored Trooper Votoms CRIMSON EYES(Drawing:Mugita Sugimura ) Was serialized.This is a young girl whose main character is a bottoms rider, and a Quent female mercenary has also appeared (the machine is Belzerga).

As a rare exampleAstragios galaxyA novel by Ryosuke Takahashi that depicts the situation 300 years later.equal ganesis』(Booked in May 2011) exists.hereArmored TrooperIs called "Robot Live"androidIt has been replaced by soldiers.

To commemorate the release of the Blu-ray Perfect Soldier Box, TOKYO MX will broadcast a special program "Documentary of Bottoms: The Genealogy of Different Ability" starring Ryosuke Takahashi on December 2020, 12 (December 27 for BS11).[34].

Anime works produced after the TV series version

With 6 omnibusOVA10 works have been produced (hereinafter listed in order of release).

  • The series of works are arranged in chronological order as follows (excluding Gaiden and derivative works).
  1. Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition
  2. Palezen Files 12 episodes
  3. TV series Udo (Episode 1-Episode 13)
  4. The Last Red Shoulder
  5. TV series Kumen (Episode 14-Episode 27. Episode 28 is a omnibus of Udo)
  6. TV series Sansa (Episode 29-Episode 39)
  7. TV Series Quent (Episode 41-Episode 52)
  8. Big battle
  9. (Epilog of the final episode of the TV series)
  10. All 5 episodes
  11. Lonely shadow again
  12. Phantom Hen All 6 episodes


1985 year 6month 21 Date released[35]..A omnibus that summarizes the TV series in chronological order.Directed and composed by Katsuyoshi Yatabe[35].


1985 year 7month 20 Date released[36]..A collection of famous scenes composed mainly of three people, Cocona, Vanilla, and Gout, including all the trailers of each story that Banjo Ginga was in charge of narrating.Directed and composed by Ami Tomobuki[36].

The ending and the scene where Cocona sings at the phantom club are newly drawn by Norio Shioyama.In the phantom club scene, director Ryosuke Takahashi, character designer Norio Shioyama, and producer Toru Hasegawa will make a one-shot film.

After the disappearance of Quent, Rochina appears in the military uniform of the Gilgamesh army, but it is unknown whether this will be before or after "Big Battle".

The Last Red Shoulder

1985 year 8month 21 Date released[37] OfOVAthe work.An episode that falls between the Udo and Kumen editions on the time axis. It was also released in theaters on August 1986, 8.This work is the 2rdJapan Anime AwardReceived the OVA Grand Prize.

ス タ ッ フ[38]
  • Draft-Hajime Yatate
  • Original / Director-Ryosuke Takahashi
  • Screenplay-Soji Yoshikawa
  • Character design / animation director --Norio Shioyama
  • Mechanical Design-Kunio Okawara
  • Directed by Mitsuko Kase
  • Music-Hiroki Inui
  • Animation director-Norio Shioyama
  • Mechanical Animation Director-Toru Yoshida
  • Art Director-Mitsuharu Miyamae
  • Sound Director-Yasuo Urakami


1986 year 2month 21 Date released[39]..A omnibus of Udo.Directed and composed by Ryosuke Takahashi.

Opening, ending, trailer of "cumene"Max FactoryProductionDioramaIt was expressed in and became a hot topic.


1986 year 4month 5 Date released[40]..A omnibus of the Kumen edition.Directed and composed by Ryosuke Takahashi.Fiana does not appear in this omnibus.

Like "Udo", the opening and ending are diorama versions (the content of the opening is different from "Udo". The ending is the same).

Big battle

1986 year 7month 5 Date released[41]OVA work.On the time axis, the episode that goes from the disappearance of Quent in the final episode to the time when Chirico and Fiana enter cold sleep.

ス タ ッ フ[42]
  • Draft-Hajime Yatate
  • Original / Director-Ryosuke Takahashi
  • Screenplay- Hamarama Nori
  • Character design-Norio Shioyama
  • Mechanical Design-Kunio Okawara
  • Music-Hiroki Inui
  • Art-Kazuo Okada
  • Sound Director-Yasuo Urakami


1988 year 1month 23 Date released[43]..A omnibus of Sansa.Directed and composed by Ryosuke Takahashi.

The opening is Moriyasu Taniguchi, and the ending is a new drawing by Norio Shioyama (the same one was used for "Quent").

At the time of production, Taniguchi said,Armored Hunter Mellow LinkYou can see Kiriko wearing an armored hunter wearing a cloak with an anti-AT rifle, which does not appear in the main part of "Bottoms".Taniguchi is also in charge of storyboards.The episode was "AnimageIt is written in his own illustration essay serialized in the magazine.The production was nominated by Taniguchi and was in charge of Takashi Imanishi.


1988 year 2month 20 Date released[44]..A omnibus of the Quent edition.Directed and composed by Ryosuke Takahashi.

Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition

1988 year 3month 19 Date released[45]OVA work.The oldest episode on the time axis.The accompanying music is a new work by Hiroki Inui.The opening animation was planned to be a new work by Toru Yoshida's storyboard of AnimeR, but due to the schedule, a digest composed of excerpts of the main cut was used.

ス タ ッ フ
  • Draft-Hajime Yatate
  • Original / Director-Ryosuke Takahashi
  • Screenplay-Soji Yoshikawa
  • Character design-Norio Shioyama
  • Mechanical Design-Kunio Okawara
  • Director-Takashi Imanishi
  • Music-Hiroki Inui
  • Art-Kazuo Okada, Mitsuharu Miyamae
  • Sound-Yasuo Urakami

Armored Hunter Mellow Link

Released from 1988 to 1989[46]An OVA work that corresponds to the gaiden that was made.All 12 episodes[46].

A strange stranger

An OVA work released from 1994 to 1995.All 5 episodes.

Palesen Files

An OVA work released from 2007 to 2008.All 12 episodes. The movie version was released on January 2009, 1.


An OVA work released in March 2010.All 3 episodes.

Case; Irvine

An OVA work that corresponds to the "Bottoms New 2011 Works" released on February 2, 25. The event will be screened on November 3, 2010.A work that shares the world view, but does not have any contact with the series centered on Chirico.

Bottoms finder

An OVA work that corresponds to the "Bottoms New 2011 Works" released on April 4, 7. The event will be screened on December 3, 2010.A parallel world work that does not use any world view or settings such as this work.

Lonely shadow again

"Nikkei Entertainment!A novel serialized in a magazine.Later, it was made into an OVA as part of "Bottoms New 3 Works" and released on April 2011, 4.The event will be screened on January 22, 2011 prior to its release.


  • Armored Trooper Votoms DVD Memorial Box
    The first limited DVD-BOX that includes the TV series and all OVAs (as of 2005).
    Released on May 2005, 2.
  • Armored Trooper Votoms DVD-BOX I [47]
    2010 year 2month 23 Date released
    Includes episode 1 of the TV series-28 episodes.
  • Armored Trooper Votoms DVD-BOX II [48]
    2010 year 5month 28 Date released
    TV series Episode 29-Records the final episode.
  • Armored Trooper Votoms DVD-BOX III [49]
    2010 year 8month 27 Date released
    Includes OVAs except after "Palezen Files".

The following are sold separately.

  • Armored Trooper Votoms Vol.1 --Vol.4
    2006 year 10month 27 Date released
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Vol.5 --Vol.7
    2006 year 11month 24 Date released
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Vol.8 --Vol.10
    2006 year 12month 22 Date released
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Vol.11 --Vol.12
    2007 year 1month 26 Date released
  • Armored Trooper Votoms The Last Red Shoulder
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Big Battle
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition
  • Armored Trooper Votoms
  • Armored Trooper Votoms
    2007 year 2month 23 Date released

Online delivery

In addition to packages such as videos and DVDsUHFLocal stationsCSIt is often broadcast on stations,Online deliveryservice(Bandai channelEtc.), all series can be viewed.


  • TV novelize
    The above four works are written by Ryosuke Takahashi, text illustration: Norio Shioyama, cover illustration: Kunio Okawara, (Kadokawa sneaker library)Kadokawa ShotenJournal
  • OVA Novelize
    The above two works are written by Soji Yoshikawa, cover / text illustration: Norio Shioyama, (Animage Bunko)Tokuma bookstoreJournal
    • Favorite Edition Armored Trooper Votoms The Last Red Shoulder Released February 2005, 2 ISBN 4198619816
    A compilation of the above two works by Soji Yoshikawa, with additions and corrections.Cover illustration:Hideki Tenjin, Published by Tokuma Shoten
  • Story after the main story, gaiden, etc.
    • Armored cavalry bottoms ghost again -"Nikkei Entertainment!』Serialized from the May 2006 issue to the September 5 issue. OVA "A strange stranger』Later talk. The story begins with a visit to Vanilla, Cocona, and Gout for the first time in 32 years.Written by: Ryosuke Takahashi, Text Illustration: Norio Shioyama.
    • Armored Trooper Votoms Command Vogt-"Monthly Hobby Japan』Serialized from the September 2006 issue.The story of the Super Ace unit that was active during the Hundred Years War.No anime characters such as Kiriko will appear. 9/1 scalePlastic modelUsedDioramaIt is developed in connection with.Written by:Toru Nozaki, Supervision: Ryosuke Takahashi.The same publisher, "Character!(Formerly "Novel JAPAN"), episodes prior to the HJ magazine serialization were serialized in parallel, and Norio Shioyama was in charge of the illustration.
    • Armored Trooper Votoms Battlefield Philosopher- SB CreativePublished as a mook book in October 2016[50]..Written by: Ryosuke Takahashi.A story about a mercenary AT rider, Phillow, who moves around the battlefield on the planet Palmis at the end of the Hundred Years War.The main AT is drawn by Kunio Okawara (text illustration: Shirayuki).other than this,Shigeru IkedaWith storyboards, settings, and various explanations, the binding is like a collection of anime work materials.
      Originally it was announced in 2015 that it will be announced on the web at any time.[51]It has been extended considerably, and on the web, the first chapter "Gorgeous funeral procession" will be serialized from September 2016 on the web novel site "Yatate Bunko" directly operated by Sunrise.[52].
    • Armored Trooper Votoms Child God's Child-From September 2020, 9, Web Newtype and Dengeki Hobby Web will be serialized on the Web.Later Tan of the Phantom Hen[53].
  • Other
    • Anime magazine "AnimatedA short story by Ryosuke Takahashi was published in the October 1983 issue (it has not been published since then). The incident of the asteroid Lido (TV series) that caused Kiriko to be chased by the army under the setting "If Bottoms was to move from town to town as a butting player as originally planned ..." The content of looking back on the first episode) during the camp.Based on this novel, "Armored Hunter Mellow LinkThe fifth episode of 』has been made, and in particular, the introduction part of starting to have a nightmare with the poison of Czechob (a fictional plant) is diverted almost as it is.
    • Monthly Hobby JapanSeparate volume "Blue Knight Belzerga StoryIn the special scenario "Part 2: Encounter with Fate" (scenario Ryosuke Takahashi / illustration Norio Shioyama), there is a description that it was the main character Kiriko Cuvie of "Bottoms" that saved the crisis of the main character Kane McDougall.This was written as the first half scenario of the novel "Blue Knight Belzerga Monogatari" if it were made into OVA Volume XNUMX.

Cassette version

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAsahi SonoramaReleased from.A reconstruction of the middle part of the Udo edition.Hiroki Inui's music from the TV series is not used.

ス タ ッ フ
  • Planning / Production --Asahi Sonorama, Movic Promote Service Co., Ltd.
  • Original / Screenplay-Ryosuke Takahashi
  • Performance- Akira Okuma
  • Illustration --Norio Shioyama


  • Armored Trooper Votoms- Comic bonbonKC (Kodansha) Author:In the middle All 4 volumes, out of print
    • "Comic bonbon』It was serialized in the magazine at the same time as the TV broadcast (May 1983 issue-April 5 issue).There was a large amount of additional drawing when recording the book, but the character that was the original design of the magazine version has become a design close to the anime version only in the new part.Regarding this, the author later answered in an interview about the circumstances such as the setting of the animation considerably times and the final draft of the script did not arrive at the time of writing the manga, and the details of the color setting and the character were often unknown. ing.In the later Daitosha version (1984 volumes in total), the drawing was revised as a whole, and the design became closer to the anime setting.In the Kodansha version, "Hundred Years War" is called "Ten Years War".[Note 12], It is said that it started when Chirico was a child.The final scene with Epsilon is different from the anime version, and in addition, "Plastic model kyoshiro], A similar scene is reproduced.
  • Armored Trooper Votoms-"TV anime magazine』(Akita Shoten) Serialization:Yu Okazaki
    • From the May 1983 issue, an 5-page digest story manga is serialized each time.It has not been published for a long time, but in March 8, from the manga shop, "Sunrise Robot Manga Collection Vol.2011"Sun Fang Douglam"&" Armored Trooper Votoms "" was released, and both "Douglam" became the first book.
  • AT Stories-(Futabasha) Written by Seiko Okajima, Illustrated by Yoshihiro Sono
    • A collection of original stories serialized in Great Mechanic magazine.It is composed of the one published in the same magazine and the newly drawn one.
Volume 1 ISBN-978 4575939491
Volume 2 ISBN-978 4575940671
  • Armored Trooper Votoms CRIMSON EYES Drawing:Mugita Sugimura
    • In 1997, an American comic (graphic novel) version of the OVA "Roots of Ambition" and the first episode of the TV series.


Takara(Currentタ カ ラ ト ミ ー) Holds down a military-resistant mold shop with Dougram, making it possible to create complex designs.[Note 13].

Initially, the work was sponsored by Takara, so the company made a number of ATs in 1/24 and 1/35 scales, including 1/48 Scope Dog.However, due to Takara's withdrawal from the anime model, the molds of the models changed from one model company to another, and despite the persistent popularity, the period when the kit became premier continued.[54]. afterwards,WaveReleased "Scope Dog Turbo Custom" which is a modification of the 1/24 scale kit mentioned above.FurthermoreBandaiBut under the umbrellaEmotionAlong with making the work from the label on DVD, he acquired the right to make this work into a plastic kit, and released a 1/20 scale kit including the AT that appeared in the company's first OVA "Palezen Files".The 1/35 Strike Dog has been reprinted several times in the past, but is currently out of the lineup.Rumor has it that the mold is missing (lost or damaged) and is now being sold at high prices at auctions.

Besides this,Union modelReleased a 1/60 scale plastic kit.Fatty, Zvark, Rabbidly Dog more than a year after the broadcast ended[Note 14]AT that was not released from Takara is also made into a kit.

またKabayaFollowing the combat armor of the previous work "Fang of the Sun Dougram", twelve types of ATs from Bottoms have been made into a soft plastic assembly kit.The lineup also includes Fatty, Zvark, and Rabbidly Dog, which have not been released by Takara.


Home game console

Armored Trooper Votoms The Butting Road(Super Nintendo, December 1993, 10)
Production Takara.Action game.
The first consumer game.A gaiden from the end of the war to the beginning of the war, set in the city of Udo.The script is written as "Sunrise staff" on the game package, but Takashi Imanishi is in charge.The characters are designed by Shioyama, the game AT is designed by Okawara, and the staff of this work. "A strange strangerWas produced in the studio preparing for the movie, directed by Imanishi, animation director Shioyama, and narrated by Banjo Ginga.
Armored Trooper Votoms Gaiden Blue Knight Belzerga Story(PlayStation, December 1997, 10)
Production Takara. 3D action game.
novel"Blue Knight Belzerga Story』" Black flame edition "is made into a game.The first limited edition comes with a 1/24 dual model scope dog parachute backpack and a butting premium card.Many original characters such as the main characters Kane McDougall and Chris Curts will appear.In the final stage, either Kane or Chris becomes the last boss, and the multi-ending method that changes the ending is adopted.By entering a hidden command, you can use shadow flares that are not normally available.
Armored Cavalry Bottoms Udo Kumen(PlayStation, April 1998, 4)
Production Takara. 3D action game.
A game from the Udo version of the main part of the TV to the Kumen version.However, only a part of the Kumen edition.The first limited edition comes with a 1/24 dual model Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom and a Butting Premium Card.
Armored Cavalry Bottoms Lightning Slash(PlayStation, April 1999, 3)
Production Takara. 3D action game.
It is a gaiden centered on butting players, and Kiriko himself does not appear.However, in the latter half of the Udo edition, the parts related to the main part, such as being able to fight and support the butting players hired to chase Chirico and Fiana, and blocking the development of low-priced PS by secret societies, the main part and "Mellowlink] Many characters have also appeared.The first limited edition comes with a 1/24 dual model Lightning Slash and a Butting Premium Card.In the scriptYuichiro Takeda, Norio Shioyama participates in character design, Kunio Okawara and the original staff participate in AT design for games.
Armored Cavalry Bottoms Steel Army(PlayStation, April 1999, 9)
Production Takara.Turn-based tactical simulation game.
Armored Trooper Votoms (PlayStation 2, December 2007, 11)
development ofYuke's, Production Bandai. 3D action game.
It is the first bottoms-related game to cover the entire TV and OVA up to the beginning of "Palezen Files". This game was developed with the exhilaration of AT control in mind, and you can control more than 50 types of AT. You can get off the AT and fight, and you can transfer to another AT during the fight.The role of Byman replaces the lost Kaneto ShiozawaTakagi WataruIs in charge.A special guidebook was attached to the first privilege.
Figure Heads (PlayStation 4,Windows)
development ofニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ.. 3D action game.
It's not about Bottoms in itself, but it will start collaborating with Bottoms on April 2017, 4.[55].

Pc games

Armored Trooper Votoms Black Unicorn (PC-8801mk2, December 1988, 12)
Family soft..Simulation game.
Side Story.The character design is Moriyasu Taniguchi.A simulation game with action elements.
Armored Trooper Votoms DEAD ASHX68000, December 1991, 6)
Family soft.Shooting.
Side Story.Character designMasahiro Kase..The main character is a butting player and contracts with Gout.There is even a development that fights against Chirico and aims to succeed Wiseman.
Armored Trooper Votoms THE REAL BATTLE (PC 9801, December 1996, 11)
Family soft.Butting simulation.
Participate in butting by training player character butting players and customizing AT.Characters such as Kiriko and Lehman appear as opponents or tag match partners.
Since 2009Project EGGReleased Windows XP version from.


Armored Trooper Votoms Buttling Guy (Operated for a limited time from July 2016 to the end of October of the same year)
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment..Experience-based robot simulator.
BANDAI NAMCO has opened for a limited time "VROperated at "Experience Amusement Facility" "VR ZONE Project i Can". VR sitting in the AT cockpit (wind-tailored housing)Head mounted displayEquipped with, fight against enemy AT (computer-controlled NPC) from the FPS perspective.Strictly speaking, it is not a game but a simulation facility, so as with the original settings, if the hit is bad, the aircraft may stop immediately (game over).

Game book

Armored Trooper Votoms Revenge Planet Sid (Naoko Uehara/Naoki Kusano/Hiroshi Yamaguchi/ Studio Hard September 1987, 9)
Keibunsha, Adventure Hero Books 25.
Ryosuke Takahashi as a special advisor in a gaiden game, as an illustrationTakuhito Kusanagi..The only game in which the original author Ryosuke Takahashi was involved.After this work, Yamaguchi will participate in "Mellowlink".


(Tsukuda Hobby, October 1992)
Tsukuda Hobby's "Mobile Suit Gundam" seriesTRPGA rule that uses the system of "".
Armored Cavalry Bottoms TRPG(Toy International /Enterbrain, December 2001,ISBN-978 4757704145)
The production supervision is Sunrise.Login table talk RPG series.. The AT remodeling rules are substantial.

Board war simulation game

  • HG-048 Armored Trooper Votoms RED SHOULDER (Tsukuda Hobby, March 1986)
  • FS-005 Armored Trooper Votoms CIVIL WAR (Tsukuda Hobby, June 1986)

3D simulation game

  • NO.3 PLOTTERS CITY WOODO (Plotters City Udo)Takara, November 1983) --Board game.Use a three-dimensional AT unit (piece).It became a hot topic by using a periscope for aiming line judgment.

Trading card game

  • Armored Trooper Votoms The Battling Card (Takara, 1997) --A card game based on this work.
  • Brave Saga (Takara, April 1999)-A card game version of the above game.
  • Sunrise Crusade(Bandai, October 2007) --A card game by Sunrise.Chapter 10 Appeared from the Holy War of the Other World.

Typing tutor

Armored Trooper Votoms Typing Trooper (Windows,Poppy, E Frontier, February 2003, 2)
Typing practice software.There are 6 game-like stages, Udo and Kumen.The main character is with audio, AT is full CG, with notice of Banjo Ginga.

Crossover works

In addition to the above, although it is not a direct game of this work,crossoverMultiple characters and robots appearing in this work have appeared in several series of games.

Super Robot War series
WWII Super Robot Wars Z Kakukai Hen/Resei Hen(PlayStation Portable, Part 2011 "Breakdown" April 4, 14, Part 2012 "Regeneration" released April 4, 5)
Introducing the TV series "The Last Red Shoulder," "Roots of Ambition," and "Palezen Files."The role of Kidera whose voice actor is dead (Daisuke Gosato) IsKenta Miyake, Byman (Kento Shiozawa) IsIsshin ChibaIs in charge.
Super Robot War Operation Extend(PlayStation Portable, delivered on July 2013, 7)
Introducing the TV series "The Last Red Shoulder," "Roots of Ambition," and "Palezen Files."
Third Super Robot Wars Z Togoku Hen/Tengu Hen(PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita, Part 2014 "Jigoku Hen" April 4, 10, Part 2015 "Ten Jigoku Hen" released April 4, 2)
The TV series, "Big Battle", and "The Weirdo" have appeared in both episodes, and "Phantom Hen" and "Lonely Shadow Again" have appeared only in "Tengoku Hen".
Super Robot Wars X-Ω(iOS / Android, Delivered on October 2015, 10)
The TV series "Mellowlink" is now available. In March 2020, "The Weirdo" will be released for a limited time.
Super Robot War T(PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch, Released November 2019, 3)
The TV series "The Last Red Shoulder" and "Big Battle" are now available.

Other PC software

Paper figure
  • Scopedog (Windows, Mac, Inner Brain, 1997)
  • Paper Figure Blue Tissue Dog (Windows, Mac, Inner Brain, May 1998, 5)
  • Paper Figure Scope Dog Renewal Edition (Windows, Mac, Inner Brain, May 1998, 5)
    Scope dogs and blue tissue dogsPaper craftDevelopment view data of.Print the development drawing with a color printer and assemble it.
  • Armored Trooper Votoms Digital Memorial 1 (Windows, Mac,Movic, December 1999, 10)
    A database of 2 CD-ROMs.The contents include interviews with creators, chronological tables, notices, audio collections, and Gilgamesh characters.font, Ogawara illustrations, Scopedog VR collection, etc.


In 2011SammyAnnounced the release of Pachislot Armored Trooper Votoms, and installed it at pachinko and pachislot stores nationwide in late April of the same year. In 4, Sun Three released Pachinko CR Armored Trooper Votoms in August of the same year.


  • "From Mobile Suit Gundam to Neon Genesis Evangelion, where science fiction anime is interesting" EYECOM Files,aspect, 1997.ISBN 4893666436.
  • "Complete Edition Document Collection Armored Trooper Votoms"Movic, 1987.ISBN 4-943966-04-7.


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  54. ^ From Hobby Japan separate volume "Modeler's Material Series 6: Armored Trooper Votoms" Belzerga DT production article commentary.
  55. ^ Armored Trooper Votoms x Figure Heads Collaboration Special Site

Related item

* A model magazine published by Takara at the time of the TV series broadcast.

外部 リンク

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Friday 17:55-18:25
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Sun Fang Douglam
(December 1981, 10-February 23, 1983)
Armored cavalry bottoms
(December 1983, 4-February 1, 1984)
UFO Warrior Diapolon
(December 1984, 3-February 30, 1984)

Golgo 13

"Golgo 13] (Golgo Thirteen)Saito TakaobyJapan OfDramas.

Super first-classSniper(Sniper)Assassin"Golgo 13" Duke TogoThe success ofDramas.

From March 1968Shogakukan"Big comic] Serialized.

Leid OfBook(SP Comics) as of September 2020Volume 199This volume is the third in Japan[*1]Is. As of December 2018, the total circulation of the series is2 million copiesIs breaking through[1].

The fourth long-lived manga in Japan as a manga currently being serialized[2][3][4]Is. The serialization period is as of September 2020.51/10However, this number is the fifth longest serialized manga by the same author in Japan.[4][5].

Work content

Most of the worksSniperThere is a client ofCode name : Golgo 13(English name: Golgo 13, Abbreviation:G)thingDuke TogoTo contact via a special request route. G undertakes to comply with personal rules and, once under contract, completes any difficulties. This is announced as a story that is almost complete.

As a work without a sniper client, a work that searches and deduces the origin of G, a work that G is involved in some trouble, G is targeted by G because the sniper completion rate is almost 100% There are often works that do not focus on sniping by G, such as works depicting people who are confused by the rumor.

The requested G sniper target is not only a human, but also an article or an event. In the world situation, economic situation, human relations, etc., it becomes a branch road for the client because the target is eliminated (death, etc.) or dysfunctionalized by G's sniper.

The client expects that G's completion of the sniper will be his own success or advantage, but there are many works that do not always show the result intended by the client.

In other words, in some works, the branch of one's life is left to another person, G, and the desired result may not be achieved.

In any case,SniperFrom the method of each countryIntelligence agencyEtc.terroristRecognized, each country has accumulated reports of past snipers and the events that have occurred as a result.Of each countryIntelligence agencyIs watching G's trends one by one,National interestWhile helping if it meets,National interestIf it goes against, attack thoroughly.like thatNational powerG survives, even if it is a battle with many people.

Well, sniper is originallyillegalIs.Still, those who ask for sniper are illegal in this workUnderground communityNot only those whoCountryThere are many examples of those who are at the center and the general public.Then, the story cannot be established unless the background and psychological situation of the clients are drawn enough to decide the illegal sniper.

There, many collaborators wrotescriptThe work is created based on. There are episodes that image a real case, or there are people who model real public figures, but they are allfiction.

Magazines and books

Primary publication

The movie "Gorgo 13" isShogakukan"Big comic』It is serialized in the magazine.The latest work is "Episode 605 Behind the Earth".

January 1968 issue released in November 43[*2]"Episode 1 Big Safe Operation" was posted on, and it was never put on hold until April 2020[6]I continued the serialization.But,Spread of new coronavirus infection in 2019Received during work3 dense (closed, dense, close)In order to avoid the issue, it is announced that the new work will be suspended from the issue released on May 2020, 5[7].. One and a half months have passed since the rest of the series, and the serialization of a new work has been resumed from the issue released on July 1, 2020 (Episode 7 "Bride of the Silver Wings").[8].

36 pages are published each time in "Big Comics". In this section, for convenience, the volume that is posted at one time is expressed as 1U (one unit, which means the amount of one posting).

In the series on "Big Comic," one episode often spans multiple times. The 2U version is the "Part XX first part/second part", the 3U part is the "Part XX part first/second part/second part", and the 4U part is the "XX part XX" respectively. It is described as "Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part XNUMX". Also, XNUMXU episodes are also called "single shots", XNUMXU episodes are called "pre- and post-parts", and XNUMXU episodes are called "trilogy".

The following are some of the features of "Big Comic" when it is published.

  • The names of the script collaborators, the drawing staff, and the editors in charge are shown.
  • On the last page, a notice will be attached to the next episode with a cut.

In the "Big Comic", it is published in a volume of 1U each time, but at the time of events such as the anniversary, two 1U works have been published at the same time in the past. In addition, 2U long works have been published all at once.

In addition to "Big Comic" magazine,Big comic special issue], the new work of 1U was also posted.Golgo 13 episode listIn "Golgo Gaku", etc., it is written as "Special number XX story". However, at the end of the December 2011 special issue “Special Issue 12 Episodes Another Professional”, the new issue no longer appears in the extra number, and 106U old works have been reprinted since then. This extra issue is not counted in the number of episodes in this magazine. The total number of episodes released in "Golgo 1" is the number of episodes published in this magazine plus 106, since the new issue has been produced in 13 episodes.

Books currently being published and publications equivalent to books

Separate volume Golgo 13 series

"Big comicThe episode will be published by Shogakukan as "Big Comic SPECIAL ISSUE Separate Volume Special Feature Golgo 4 Series" about four years later. Hereinafter, it will be referred to as “separate volume Golgo”.

The "separate volume Gorgo" will be released on the 3th of March, June, September, and December, and the list price will be 6 yen including tax. The size is B9, half the size of B12's "Big Comic" magazine.Flat stitchThere is no cover,Zara paperPrinted on the so-calledpaper bagIn appearance, the so-called presentConvenience store comicsIs the ancestor of.

「別冊ゴルゴ」は、1970年(昭和45年)1月1日に第1集が刊行され、最新刊は2020年12月13日発売の「第210集」、収録作は「重慶の土龍」「魔女の銃弾」「夢の国」「ビルに立つ男」の4作、JAN 4910296790119-00482[*3]. The number of this 210th collection is the longest number of comics.

The volume number of "Separate volume Golgo" is not displayed at all from the first volume to the 1th volume. From the 28th collection to the 29th collection, the back cover is small [167], after the 29th collection is on the back cover and on the back of the book, like No. 64, after the 64th collection is on the back of the book. In addition, No.168 is displayed on the back cover. Up to the 168th edition, which was issued on January 1971, 46, it was called "Big Comic special edition".

In "Separate Volume Gorgo", 1U worth of volume is recorded (for example, 8 episodes for the front and back, 2 episode for the trilogy, and 1 episode for the single shot). If 1U is 1 pages, it is equivalent to about 36 pages.The actual "separate volume Golgo" has a volume of about 288 pages, and this difference is due to the re-recording of manga, advertisements, and frontispieces by other writers other than "Golgo 340".

The "separate volume Golgo" has the following features.

  • In the episodes that spanned multiple episodes of "Big Comic," the breaks were corrected, and the joints were devised so that they would not be conscious.
  • You can read the new episodes earliest (however, only "Episode 320 BEST BANK" was recorded in this magazine → extra number → SP → separate volume).
  • They are not recorded in the order in which they were published in "Big Comics". Therefore, the display of "Episode XX" disappears.
  • Two short films, one short and one four-frame cartoon by other authors, will be recorded. The latter is Saito's former wife until around 1Setsuko Yamada"S-san family"[*4]Was posted. Until the early 2000sYano TohruA short story by (written as a science fiction reading, but actually has a strong sex appeal) was posted.
  • The notice of the next episode on the last page has been deleted, and instead of the symbol of Golgo 13Logo(Back view of a skeleton covered with a thorn crown) is designed.
  • After the 165th collection, the names of the script collaborators are displayed, but the names of the drawing staff and editor in charge are not displayed.
  • Two episodes, "Episode 237: Phantom Cultivation" and "Episode 266: Vatican Set", are not currently included in "Separate Volume Golgo".

Extra number Golgo 13 series

The episode recorded in "Separate volume Gorgo" will be published by Shogakukan as "Big Comic special edition Golgo 1 omnibus" about a year later. Hereinafter, it will be referred to as "special number Gorgo".

The first volume of "Special Edition Gorgo" was published on January 1973, 48, and the latest issue is the 1nd volume released on February 15, 1, "Drone Revolution," "Jomon Fire," and " Three works of "Big Data" are recorded. JAN 2021-2.The release date is February, May, August, and November 13, and the list price including tax is 202 yen. B3 sizeStaplerSaddle stitchingThen, it has the same appearance and screen size as "Big Comic". There is no cover,Zara paperIt has been printed on and not reprinted.

The volume number display of "Special Issue Gorgo" is displayed as "vol.202".

In the "Special Issue Gorgo", 1U minutes (8 episode, 1 episode, 2 episodes, 1 trilogy, etc.) are recorded in 1 volume. If 36U is 290 pages, the account is equivalent to about XNUMX pages.

The “special edition Gorgo” has the following features.

  • You can read in the largest size.
  • It is not recorded in the order in which they were recorded in "Big Comic" or "Separate volume Golgo".
  • After vol.155, the names of the script collaborators are shown, but the names of the drawing staff and editors in charge are not.
  • "Extra issue 108 episodes accused of iron cross" recorded in No. 32 of "Separate volume Golgo" is not included in "Extra issue Golgo" at the present moment.

SP Comics

The episode recorded in "Special Issue Gorgo" is about a year laterLeidPublished as "SP Comics Gorgo 13". Hereinafter, it will be referred to as "SP Gorgo" (oriido originally originated from the Saito professional publishing department, and SP is the abbreviation of Saito professional).

The release date of "SP Gorgo" is April 4, September, September and December 7. The size is the size of so-called "adult manga",Big comicsIs the same size as.

"SP Gorgo" was released on June 1973, 6 in "The First Operation of Big Safe".ISBN 4-8458-0001-2 Was published, and the latest issue is "Vol. 2020 Black and White Production" released on December 12, 5.ISBN 978-4-8458-3526-3, The recorded works are the title work and "Octopus pseudo bait", a total of 2 works.

The number of turns of "SP Golgo" is displayed as "199" on the spine and cover.

In "SP Gorgo", 1U minutes are recorded in one volume (for example, one episode is one episode, the first and second episodes are one episode, and the trilogy is one episode). If 6U is 1 pages, it will be about 1 pages.

"SP Gorgo" has the following features.

  • A normal adult manga comic, always available in new books. Paper quality is also good.
  • Covered on the back cover of the episodeSynopsisWill be posted.
  • It is not recorded in the order in which they were recorded in "Big Comic", "Separate Volume Golgo", and "Special Issue Golgo".
  • After 154 volumes, the names of the script collaborators are shown, but the names of the drawing staff and editors in charge are not shown.
  • "245 Episode POW Exchange-Swap" was recorded in vol.171 of "Special Issue Gorgo", but it is not currently recorded in "SP Gorgo".
SP Comics binding

In SP Comics, the minor changes in binding are repeated. The detailed bindings of the first edition are as follows.

The issue date of the imprint of Volume 69 is "January 1989, 64", which is a nonexistent date.

LP stands for the last page, C stands for cover.

Number of turns12-567-910-1617-3233-4748-67686970-8990-101102-107108-114115-143144-150151-153154 or later
PublisherSaito Production Co., Ltd.Lyd Inc.
C lower back displaySaito professional work (no "・")Leid
C spine number displayNoneYes
C Number of turns on coverNoneYes
C Number of turns on back coverYes
Display place of author, publisher, etc.LPLP and C sleeveLPLP and C sleeveLP
Display location of the issue date of the bookLPLP and C sleeveC sleeveLPC sleeveLP
First edition displayNoneYesNoneYes
CIntroduction of the contents of the back cover and the color of the backgroundNoneYes; MagentaYes; red
ISBN and its number of digitsNone10 digits13 digits
Introduction of the already published Golgo 13 book of C sleeveNoneListingNoneListingLumpListingLump
Display of screenwritersNoneYes

Whether or not Gorgo 13 of the SP comic is the first edition can be known from the indication of "first edition" from volumes 6 to 16 and 108.

  • Volume 1 is the first edition if there is no published introduction from Volume 2 onwards.
  • Volumes 2 to 5, 7 to 47, 68 to 111 are the first editions of the previously published introductions listed on the cover sleeve, and the first edition if there is any volume after that volume, and the double editions if there is any after that volume. ..
  • It can be presumed that Volume 48-67 is the first edition if the number of previously published introductions in the collective notation listed on the cover sleeve is before this volume, and it is the double edition if there are more than that volume.

SP Comics Compact

The episode recorded in "SP Gorgo" will be published as "SP Comics Compact Gorgo 2" by Lyd after about two years. Hereinafter, it will be referred to as “paperback Gorgo”.

"Bunko Gorgo" is the 2002st collection "Operation Big Safe" on September 9, 30.ISBN 4-8458-2539-2 Is published, the latest issue is the 2020st collection "G10 File" released at the end of October 161, and the recorded works are the title work, "Scenario of Giants" and "Another Professional", a total of 13 works.ISBN 978-4-8458-3114-2.. The release date is the last day of the last month of February, June, and October. The size is the size of a paperback, but Leid says it is "compact."

It was published in the size of a paperback from the Shogakukan paperback from 1976 to 1988, but see the section "Shogakukan paperback" for this series.

The volume number display of "Bunko Gorgo" is displayed on the back like "161".

In "Bunko Gorgo", one volume contains 1U minutes (for example, 7 episodes before and after the episode and 2 episode of the trilogy). If 1U is 1 pages, the account is about 42 pages.

"Bunko Gorgo" has the following features.

  • In the case of "Bunko Gorgo", it is divided into "First Part" and "Second Part" due to the number of pages, and there are also episodes that span two volumes (such as "Manitoba" in Volumes 2 and 8).
  • A regular manga comic from the library, always available in a new book.
  • As a general rule, they will be recorded in the order in which they were published in "Big Comics". Up to 161 collections, up to 515 episodes in this magazine and all the extra publications (excluding some unrecorded works).
  • There is a commentary on the work and episodes written at the end of the book, which describes the number of stories, the names of the script collaborators, the drawing staff, and the editor in charge. Therefore, if you look at this compact, you can know what an episode is, who the script collaborators and drawing staff are.
  • The "Special Issue 20 Episode: The Plague of the Plague God" was recorded in 83 collections of "SP Gorgo", but it is not currently recorded in "Bunko Gorgo".

My First BIG

Some of the episodes recorded in "Bunko Gorgo" are from Shogakukan.Convenience store comicsMFB (My First BIG) Lineup published as "MFB Golgo 13". It is written as "MFB Golgo".

"MFB Gorgo" was released on July 1999, 7 as the first collection "VS NATO & VS ARMY".ISBN 4-09-109202-0 Is published, the latest issue is the 2021th collection "OLYMPIAN ~ Hero ~" published on February 2, 5, and the recorded works are "Fort on the Ice", "Full Mark", and "Fishers on the Battlefield".ISBN 978-4-09-803129-0.

The release date is the first Friday of January, February, March, May, June, August, October, and November. The issue month looks different, but "MFB Gorgo" is published in the month when "SP Gorgo" is not published. The size is B1, which is half the size of B2's "Big Comic."Flat stitchNo coverZara paperPrinted on the so-calledpaper bagIt's appearance. Basically, it is not reprinted, but some may be reprinted, or after a while, it may be reprinted as "Encore release".

There is no number display for "MFB Golgo". In addition, the theme and subject of the volume are written on the spine of the book and on the cover. Often 2 words in English. For example, the 115th collection is “SILENT MEMORIES”.

In "MFB Gorgo", 1U minutes are recorded in one volume (for example, one episode is one episode, the first and second episodes are one episode, and the trilogy is one episode). If 6U is 1 pages, it is equivalent to about 1 pages. The actual "MFB Gorgo" has a volume of about 1 pages, and this difference is due to the added columns and advertisements.

"MFB Gorgo" has the following features.

  • This "MFB Gorgo" is selected for the recording according to a certain theme or subject. For example, the 115th collection contains three titles for the subtitle "SILENT MEMORIES", "Black Memory," "Forbidden Words," and "3 Years of Solitude."
  • A poop column will be added in line with this theme. In the 115th collection, "Is it possible to kill with hypnosis!? A fear in the unconscious world!!" and discusses hypnosis after "forbidden words" and self-hypnosis of "black memory".
  • The names of the script collaborators, the drawing staff, and the editors in charge are not shown.

SP Comics Pocket Edition

Some of the episodes recorded in "Bunko Gorgo" areLeid OfConvenience store comicsPublished as "Golgo 13 Pocket Edition". Hereinafter referred to as "pocket gorgo".

The release date of "Pocket Gorgo" is irregular. The size is the size of a paperback, but Lied calls it a "pocket" rather than a "paperback". Without coverZara paperIs printed onpaper bagIt's appearance.

"Pocket Gorgo" is the 2011st collection "Number Deposit Account" on March 3, 24.ISBN 978-4-8458-4101-1 Was published, and the latest edition was published in March 2020, VOL. 3 “First sniper in history”ISBN 978-4-8458-5139-3, 1 titles, "Epidemic with an altitude of 3 meters" and "Cage no Kuni".

The 2008 edition of "Leed Publishing's Anime Best Selection" is also labeled "Golgo 13 POCKET EDITION", but for the series, see the section "Leed Publishing's Anime Best Selection".

"Pocket Golgo" has a very small number of turns and is displayed on the cover as "VOL.147".

In "Pocket Gorgo", one volume contains 1U. If 7U is 1 pages, the account is about 40 pages.

"Pocket Golgo" has the following features.

  • The names of the script collaborators are shown, but the names of the drawing staff and editors in charge are not shown.

Web version

2008(20)4Than,Yahoo! ComicAtThe Archive Selection of Golgo 13The masterpiece selectionWeb comicsIt has been delivered at.

KindleVersion has also been released.

Completed series, virtually complete series

Shogakkan Library

Shogakukan series

Boss comic

BEST13 OF Gorgo 13

Saito Takao BEST3 50th Anniversary Publishing

Shogakkan version Golgo 13 animated works selection

Lidosha version Golgo 13 anime best selection


English edition

All 13 books.

Production background

For adultsDramasTakato Saito, who was looking for a place to present his work, was announced in the first issue of "Big Comic" at the end of February 1968.The hunter bald hawk appeared!!』I participated in. Following this, "Golgo 13" was published in "Big Comic" magazine that same year.

Finally, I'm not good at modern plays, and I wrote "Golgo 13" on a mathematical basis.[6].. Anyway, if it's a modern play, let's be a villainy person, but since the main character is not hated, let's call it social evil. Then the interpretation of good and evil changes with the times[6],. In addition, Saito is GorgoHeroI'm not saying[6].. Because it’s not imposing[6].

Eventually, a story in which characters that are too different as the main characters of manga and graphic novels appeared until then became popular. In particular, the Gorgo 13 (established as a man among men) who has the belief that "the promise with the client must be kept" and the superb workmanship for that purpose is very popular. World situationCurrent affairsBy skillfully incorporatingCold WarOvercoming the fear that he might lose his place of activity at the end, he achieved the feat of not stopping the serialization for 2020 years in the magazine until the first suspension in May 5.[*5][6][9][10].. In addition, this is just a "work", and it is not a story about whether or not you get tired of continuing for a long period of time like ordinary adults.[6].

Production system

At the time of serialization1970 eraIt follows the style of the dramatic movie in. In addition, on the first page, the catchphrase of "Super Action of Super Class A Sniper (Sniper)!" (In the early series, "A lone wolf killer with a ruthless touch!!"), a subtitleタ イ ポ グ ラ フ ィOr, it's a manga that only reads a few episodes, and it is called the "Golgo 13 series" as a group, and it adheres to the appearance from the beginning of the series.

Saito: Production uses a division of labor system[6]As of 2020, there are more than 10 staff members involved[11], Golgo's face is not drawn by the drawing staff, it is drawn by Saito himself ("said, according to Saito").[6].. At last, Gorgo's face should be a shape that anyone can draw, but it seems that it is slightly different when drawn by other people.[6], Saito's acquaintance says that Saito draws a hero.[6].

Work trends

In this work, various nations and characters have appeared, and humans belonging to the system often try to use Golgo 13 to intervene in an opponent's country and achieve the purpose.

Mainly during the Cold WarRiceSoWas mainly the stage or the story that was involved, but especially after the Cold War2000 eraAfter enteringChugokuThe number of talks on the subject is rapidly increasing. During the Cold War, China was often a good guy or just a client during the Cold War, but when the rise of China and the frequent occurrence of anti-Japanese demonstrations became noticeable in the 2000s, the target side, Even if it goes to the client side, there is an increasing tendency to get sanctions for breach of contract.

In order to bring out the reality of the work, Saito is very particular about the portrayal of the stage city, especially the "scent of the city".[12].インターネットIn times when there was no such thing, especially in Japan at that time, the scenery of airports in Africa where there was little information was realistically drawn, but if you do not have the materials at hand, please contact the embassy of the country first, and if it is still difficult to collect, I searched for ordinary people who would go to the country, and asked them to photograph the scenery necessary for drawing while visiting.[12].. Especially Gorgo1986A major historical event that occurred after that,Tiananmen Incident,Berlin Wall CollapseIs drawn almost all.

In addition, regarding the biggest mystery of Golgo 13, "Gorgo's upbringing",2017Touched 7 times[12].. Since I can sell it if I do the roots edition, there are some parts that I am asked by the editor, but Saito himself enjoys drawing.[12].. However, Saito himself does not think which root is true.[12].

About the last episode

At the beginning of the series on "Big Comic," Saito was planning to finish "Golgo 13" in 10 episodes.[12].. This is because even if the killer was the protagonist, he thought that if he used up the means of killing, he would run out of material.urban legendThere is also a rumor that "the final manuscript is already completed and is stored in the safe", but according to "Golgo Gakugaku," it has not been actually written yet. It has been revealed by the person himself.

He says that the final scene is divided into frames until the last scene is in mind, and he said, "I thought about the final story when I was in my twenties, so I remember clearly all the frame divisions I thought about at the time". .. In addition, "I tell only the cap (= drawing chief) other than myself about the content of the final story, but those two have already died," after all, in the end Only Saito himself knows the contents of[12](I didn't give a specific name,Fumiyasu IshikawaとTakemoto SaburoSeems to be pointing to). NHK GeneralYour nameWhen the guest appeared on the broadcast on January 2020, 1, this story came out, but after the flow as described above that I told the caps of the two who passed away, “( When I met my former cap a little while ago, I asked if I still remember the last episode, and I completely forgot what I taught." After all, it means that no one knows it except Saito.

On the other hand, "If you draw the final episode now, you can no longer draw Golgo 13," or "Gorgo was 32 years old when he started writing, so Gorgo is now 82 years old..." In a TV show that appeared as a guest[12].. In addition, "I can't use it in the final episode. This work is separated from my hands and belongs to everyone, so I can not finish it arbitrarily. It may not finish even after I die."NHK Radio"Cheers for my life!][Reliability required verification].. In an interview that marks the 50th anniversary of the series, "The final episode is in my mind, but it doesn't end with my own discretion. If anyone accepts it, I will entrust it. Please tell the ending properly." Talking.[13]

Golgo 13 model

According to the author, Saito Taka, the model of the appearance of Golgo 13 at the beginning of the series also starred in the movie version.Ken Takakura[14].. Also, the habit of hitting when another person stands behind is based on the episode that Saito's brother hit the person behind when he stepped out from the movie theater.[15].. At the beginning of the series, I wrote a lot of Gorgo's own dialogue, but I decided to talk to characters other than Gorgo, such as the client, "because I get rags if I talk too much"[14].. Golgo's dialogue gradually decreased (most of the speech balloons are “…………”), and a silent character was established.

The surname "Togo" is taken from a homeroom teacher who was a teacher in middle school.[14].

In many of the firearms appearing in this work, in order to seek reality, experience the characteristics of each firearm, such as actually firing live ammunition on a firearm tour in Las Vegas, USA (former Desert Shooting Tour, now Hawaii). It is adopted in the work of.



Impact on other works

Golgo 13 was widely known in JapanComic(Dramas) One of the characters, it is no exaggeration to say that it is synonymous with the sniper. Partly because of its characteristic appearance, parody characters have appeared in many comics.Comedy showBut it is often a parody. AlsoCM-Many appearances in advertisements, and it has become clear that many products are related to the strength of Golgo (example: "white body").

Favorite reader

The TV program "2003Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-』(Fuji Television Network, IncAccording to the national statistical survey conducted in the "Trivia Seeds" section ofBarber shopNo. 1 of "manga that is often placed in[16].. The survey method is to count 7 stores in each of the seven major cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka, totaling 300 stores, and count as one comic book regardless of how many books with the same title.This work has 2100 stores. Was placed in[16].

TV program"Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!], a project called "Gorgo 13 Entertainer" was broadcast and presented the project.Hide, Recommended to the producerKoji HigashinoIn addition,Kendo Kobayashi,Yoshiaki Yamane,Chad MalaineHowever, about the episode and scene about Gorgo 13After the rainTalked with[17].

Auto raceThen, the player owns his vehicle and gives it a nickname. Athletes have named the successive cars as “Super Gorgo”, “S. Gorgo”, “Golgo 13” and “G thirteen” in order.

RacehorseThere is also a horse derived from "Golgo 13".

Criticism etc.

Tomohide KureIsWeekly jewelryIn the criticism of the manga that was serialized in ", "Grain War: Ax of the Star Wars Dirty Gold" is a story that a trick can be established even if Duke does not appear, but Duke appeared because it was Gorgo 13. I pointed out. Then, protests rushed from Gorgofan, and Kure was forced to refute. The series of exchanges was written by Tomohide Kure, "Medicine for Stupidity" (ISBN 4-575-71075-X) P104 to P124 "Shoot the Deer". Also in "THE Gorgo Gaku"Kentaro TakekumaMentions the controversy in brief.


  • In 13, the 35th anniversary of "Golgo 50" and the 13th anniversary of the author, Saito Takao's painting business, a campaign called "H.2001 Golgo Year" was held.
  • A campaign was held in 2013.
  • Was adopted for the poster.
  • Asahi ShimbunIssue"AERA』\Golgo 1000 appeared in the "Modern portrait" corner of the 13th anniversary issue.
  • 2004(16)Dai Nippon PrintingGolgo 13 was used in the company brochure. In addition to the cover page, the right page has a manga version of the main story, and the left page has explanations. Printing comics etc. is a competitionLetterpress printing.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs The2017(29), mid-level staff involved in overseas business中小企业For Golgo 13Crisis managementI made a manual with a cartoon[20][21].
  • Golgo 13 is often placed in barber shops, but this is because one episode is complete and it is easy to read even while waiting, and at the same time, there are shops that are familiar because the author is from a barber shop.[22]

Appearing weapons/terms

Code name of Golgo 13 that is used when institutions in each country talk (Code name).
Golgo 13 M16
Used by GorgoM16So, in the "masterpiece/assault rifle"GunsmithBeringer (Dave McCartney in the anime) strengthens the M16. The maximum shooting distance is 600m.
In "Masterpiece/Assault Rifle" and "Crash! AK-100 vs. M-16", the symbol of M16 is Golgo, so Golgo may be targeted for life.
LaterM16See also
Madge Penrose Manuscript
Volume 51 Episode 179Mao ZedongTestament of
The mystery writer Madge Penrose describes in detail the birth and secret of Golgo 13, but the content is not disclosed in the work.
Fourth Empire
The first appearance is Volume 52, Episode 182, "Boiling"
Neo NaziThe most powerful of all. It is said that there are so many financial companies that it is hard to believe that they run various companies. Hitler'sThird ReichLasted only 13 years, but they claim to last 13 years. Originally it meant that the United States and the Soviet Union would take the time to challenge the final battle when they collided, but it was decided to eliminate Golgo XNUMX. However, it is destroyed by Gorgo.
Rockford Chaebol
First appeared in Volume 63, Episode 217, "Ambition of Rockford" (Anime Episode 44)
The largest conglomerate in the world. The Rockford family's assets are $6 billion (about 500 trillion yen) just announced, but in reality it is thought to be hundreds of times higher. US President,Soviet general secretaryEven then, you can't beat the Rockford chaebol.
Russian RevolutionA huge amount of asset support inRed ArmyThe former Soviet government was already in the hands of Rockford at the moment of birth, and was always a nemesis in the United StatesNixonTheWatergate caseIt is probably Rockford that was buried in.JewishMaleRothschildHad already ruled all over Europe for 200 years, but nowadays it has been divided and ruled down to the army of Rockford. Almost all of the world's largest corporations are owned by Rockford. To turn Rockford into an enemy is to make the world an enemy.
In addition, the setting that Rockford controls the world is based on "Rockford's ambition" "Rockford's ambition blind spot" and the game "Go Golgo 13 File G13It is a depiction of only three works, but this setting does not exist in other works (however, there are other works that try to rule Gorgo from above by letting Kim and Conn say things) ).
Also, in reality, there are rumors of a chaebol that overwhelms the global economy,Conspiracy theoryIs said to beList of conspiracy theory # Zaibatsu conspiracy theory, royal conspiracy theory)
Also became a modelRockefeller houseAppears in the story ("The Island of Magic" "The Legend of the Black Giant").
Appeared as "Carlyle Chaebol" in the digital comic "Golgo 13 Carlyle's Ambition".
Volume 74, Episode 231 "Invisible Wings"
LockheedCompany developedStealth fighterF-19Prototype machine. Designed by a development team led by Dr. Clarence BeckerSnake workIs in charge of1977The three aircraft were completed.
Test flight initiallyGroom Lake Air Force Base, One crashed in an accident and one was shot down to prevent capture by KGB operatives.(English edition)Was transferred to the secret base "Sam" adjacent to KGB, who has failed to capture XST, asks Golgo 1 to capture or destroy the remaining one aircraft and assassinate Becker.
The shape of the aircraft islevelCompanyPlastic modelIt is very similar to the shape of F-19 seen in etc. In addition, the stealth aircraft actually planned was not the F-19F-117And XST isHub blueEquivalent to.
Vol. 111, Episode 342 "Pseudo Empty Coordinate X"
US Strategic Planning Office (HARP)・Artificial intelligenceThe next major US fighter aircraft equipped with an artificial intelligence attack system, which was developed under the initiative of Lieutenant Raspberry of the laboratory (AI/DEV). It is also planned to sell only the aircraft without the software overseas. The development code is ATX and the price is over 1 million dollars per machine. The prototype is being tested at RE2 Air Force Base.
A single-seat, clipped delta, twin vertical tail single-seat fighter with bentral fins instead of horizontal tails.F-15200 timesStealthとF-14It has 5 times the interception ability of, and artificial intelligence can instruct pilots to attack, as well as artificial intelligence-led autonomous battle. AIM-1 on wing and pylon under wing as armament Side winderIs equipped with a total of 6 shots.
The development team lost control and went out of control, and incorporated the combat data of a fighter boarded by Golgo 13 into its artificial intelligence, and it became the target of destruction of Golgo 13 that sensed it. In addition, since the battle style of Golgo 13 is adopted, the fighter movement is unpredictable.
Final cipher
Volume 129, Episode 427: "Final Code"
Mathematics professor Saku Shigeru decipheredCipher. Also known as the "Saku cipher."
This code has the characteristic that even if it can be easily solved from one side, it is difficult for another side (a person who knows the decryption code can decrypt it, but it is almost impossible for someone who does not know to decrypt it). this is素 数Can be easily calculated by anyone, but on the contraryPrime factorizationThe larger the number of digits, the more difficult it takes to find the original prime number.For example, anyone can square a 10-digit prime numbercalculatorEven withoutWritingIf you do, you will get an answer, but on the contrary, it is difficult to find the original prime number by the prime factorization of long division.On a computerBinarySince a numerical value is represented by, it is almost impossible for humans to calculate using this method.Super computerIt is a method that is actually used in the modern society with a cipher that requires a considerably long time even when using.
Volume 148, Episode 418 "Armored Soldier SDR2"
Vietnam WarContinued sinceinfantryTo overcome allergies to ground warsU.S. ArmyDynamic Land Systems, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as DLS) of the United States, which had been requested to develop a combat robot by1997Developed by Japanese car maker ONDBiped robotIt took 2 years to make it after seeing the presentation of "S5".Bipedal型Battle suit..Initially, it was planned to be a completely unmanned weapon, but due to a stalemate in the walking system and artificial intelligence for control, OND forcibly provided bipedal walking technology and completed it as a manned aircraft carrying one soldier.As mentioned aboveBattle suitAlthough it is called, it can be seen as a semi-robot weapon in which a human gets into a robot and controls it because it uses the robot's bipedal walking technology.He is 2 meters and 20 centimeters tall and weighs about 1 ton. As with OND, Shiryo's powerful electric motor from Sumitomo Metals of Japan, which was forcibly provided in the middleFuel cellIt is possible to walk for 10 hours because it uses. Even if you walk for 30km, you will be walking only.
The interior isNASA OfSpacesuitThe temperature inside the SDR2 is always kept constant, similar to the life support system used in.Weapons on your rightGatling gunOn the left handrifleIt is equipped with a wire with a sharp tip on the opposite side and an explosive stock on the left shoulder. Armor is a tank manufactured by DLSM1 AbramsSimilar toRPG-7Anti-tank weapons such as are not destroyed even if hit.
Uses electromagnetic waves and is buried in the ground地雷, It is possible to avoid land mines by visualizing plastic land mines. Although SDR2 is not destroyed even when stepping on landmines, it appears to be vulnerable to antitank landmines because it was avoided by antitank landmines.
Prepared by DLS for soldiers in shallow combatSupercomputerIt is possible to send an image of the current battle situation to calculate the enemy's tactics and the weapons used, and send the tactics to the SDR2 passengers to advance the battle in an advantageous manner.The glass of the helmet is bulletproof glass,Night vision scopeAlso works as.In addition, there is a monitor on the front hood of the helmet, and the tactics sent by the supercomputer mentioned above are displayed from the monitor.Passenger vitals are also monitored and as neededSedative,Antipyretic, Nutritional supplements,StimulantEtc. are automatically injected.
The drawback is that the passengers cannot cope mentally.The developer said, "Because you only follow the instructions of the computer, the mental burden on the passenger is reduced." However, in reality, even if you follow the instructions of the computer, the "feeling of killing a person" is directly transmitted to the passenger. , The soul of the passenger will be gradually undermined.In fact, even during the play, the crew's soldiers were gradually eroded during the experiment, and eventually became almost insane.


During the game, Golgo 13 uses various guns depending on the situation. In itM16(US-based military rifle based on the AR-15) is originally a small caliber for military use.Assault rifleIt is not a gun suitable for long range sniper. However, the M13 used by the Golgo 16 has been improved, and the reason for using the M16 as a sniper gun was explained in "Dead Angle". Then, in "Crash! AK-100 vs. M-16", Gorgo is the developer of AK-47.Kalashnikov(Name in the play: Karazinif), he said, "I'm an army," which suits Gorgo's physique most, and the M-16 is the most suitable gun as a sniper rifle and assault rifle at a high level. Therefore, Karazinif interpreted that Gorgo used the M-16. At this time, Gorgo told him that the AK-100 will remain as a good gun for 50 years, but the M-16 will not have a life span until then, but in the end Karazinif resisted Gorgo and killed him. It extends to. Gorgo is also the developer of the M16.StonerIt seems that you advised (stora in the play) about the defects and improvements of M16 in your life, based on thatM16A2It is set to have been developed.

PlaywrightKobayashi GenbunAccording to the model gun maker before the serialization of this work,MGCOf an illustrator who was a member ofUeda Shin, Saito Pro asked, ``What is the best gun for the killer who is the main character of the new series?'' and an unexplained question that it is a sniper, it was the latest military gun It is said that the reason for the adoption was that he recommended the M16. In addition, Golgo 13 has a well-established impression as a sniper (rare killing by methods other than sniper is rare), but in the early works, it does not always take a sniper, and as a means only when necessary A mighty hitman. In fact, I'm not overly obsessed with the M16, and depending on the situation and the nature of the job (purpose) that requires precise sniping from a very long distance, I may be using a gun other than the M16.

In addition, he says that he used Saito Taka as his favorite gun for the Golgo 16 by evaluating the diversity of the M13 from various domestic and overseas rifles.Combat magazine] Magazine (April 2009 issue).

Real M-16
The original M16 is a military assault rifle, and its accuracy as a sniper gun is a large-caliber gun.Bolt action rifleIs better.
However, the M16 has high accuracy as an assault rifle. Although the problem remains in long-range shooting due to the characteristics of ammunition, it is still often used for short-range sniper of 300m to 400m. Therefore, as a special purpose rifle (Special Purpose Rifle), there is also a sniper rifle M16 modified for sniper.
Depiction of M16 in the work
The Golgo 16 knows that the M13 is by no means the best sniper rifle. But Golgo 13FreelanceBeing a sniper, it's not just a matter of doing a sniper, he often goes into a gunfight with his enemy during his mission. Therefore, the M1, which can handle both sniper and shooting battles with a single gun, is an optimal choice. In the first episode "Operation Big Safe", it is said that it is a modified gun that uses a long magnum bullet made specially, which is an improved version of Armalite M16 for high performance sniper.

ス タ ッ フ

Saito Production

Current production staff
  • -When Ishikawa became sick, he became a professional Saito staff member.
  • Fujiwara Yoshihide (Yoshihide Fujiwara)
Past drawing production staff
Photo provided

Script staff

He has written 161 or more of the episodes recorded in Leed Publishing's SP Comics Compact Volume 515 (= up to 8 episodes of the main story and all of the Big Comic special editions).WriterA list of screenwriters who are notable for, and below.The number in parentheses is the number of works.However, works not included in the SP compact version and one work in which the name of the scriptwriter is missing (= compact volume 1, episode 23 "catastrophe point") are not counted."Episode 94: The Power of Chimera" was co-authored by Shizumu and Kunihiko Yokomizo, and is counted in both.

  • K. Motomitsu(81)
  • (54)
  • Kunihiko Yokomizo(47) = Original drawing staff
  • (44)
  • (30) = NovelistYoichi Funato, I also do my own novelization.
  • (29)
  • (25) = Also known as Toru Takeuchi; Toru
  • Kimura beginning = Also known as Kimura Hajime (24)
  • (24)
  • (24)
  • (20)
  • (18)
  • Kazuo Koike(18) = laterKoike
  • Kudo Kudo(16)
  • Summer green(15)
  • (15)
  • (11)
  • (11)
  • (8) = Also known as Taylor Taira, Tailor Taira
  • (8)
  • (8)
  • Miyazaki Atsushi(7) = "Episode 18 White Deadline" "Episode 23 Inland Area" "Episode 32 Returned Target" "Episode 44 VooDoo" "Episode 51 Infiltration Route" G3 "" "Special Edition Episode 7 Shoot Butterflies !!" Episode 81: Eva Heading to the Sea "(In some descriptions, including the draft, draft, and script cooperation, it is misprinted as" Atsushi Miyazaki ".)
  • (6)
  • (5) =Saito Takao"Episode 7: Shoot a butterfly !!" "Episode 81: Eva heading to the sea" "Episode 93: The night doesn't disappear" "Episode 203: Female photographer Kim" "Episode 249: Route 95"
  • Alias ​​(5) =Masahiko MatsumotoAnother name of "156 episodes Mystery of New York" "175 episodes lion chair" "185 unexpected people" "189 episodes Little Havana" "214 episodes Spanish Harlem"
  • (4) =Yuji Horii "Episode 217 Lucky Master" "Episode 220 Irish Paddies" "Episode 224 Wife" "Episode 233 Ballistic"
  • Norio Hayashi(1) "Special Issue Episode 11 Farewell to Detectives"
  • Edogawa Keimi(1) =Takashi Nagasaki "429 episode true Berliner"
  • Motohiko Izawa(1) = "500 episodes, the first sniper in history"

Live-action movie

Saito is "(2008If you shoot the live-action version of Golgo 13 now,Koji MurofushiThere is only one"[23].

Theater animation

Golgo 13(1983)

  • Based on the "Emperor's Trap", a sequenced part of several works such as "Hydra" and "Check Mate" has been added, and the story and characters have been added. In the world for the first time in the play3DCGAn animation work using. Gorgo's voice isTetsuro AgawaIs in charge. It differs from the original in that Gorgo is smoking a cigarette, he does not notice the opponent until he hears his horn in a meeting, and he does not say familiar dialogue. Director'sDezakiSaid in a talk event, "There is no such person as Gorgo. In the end, I couldn't empathize. So, in the last Leonard Dawson's script that Mr. Nagasaka said, "You were the best person". I changed the lines at the storyboard stage."
  • There are sexual expressions and cruel depictions,WOWOWIn some cases, it was broadcast with age restrictions (equivalent to R-15 designation).
  • The sound was produced and released in monaural.Dolby・It may be misunderstood as "stereo movie". This seems to be confused with the director's "SPACE ADVENTURE Cobra" (1982). According to an interview during the production of the OVA version later, I was dissatisfied with the production of the live-action movie version, but I liked this animation version even though I was aware that I did not keep the "promise" as described above. By the way, I was pleased that Dezaki also directed the OVA version. According to Saito, "I'm not so interested in anime,"Space cobraWas an exceptional favorite, and I was surprised to find out that Dezaki was also the director, and was convinced. Also, when I watched the first preview of this anime version, I formed a combination with Dezaki for many years and also served as the animation director for this work.Akio SuginoI highly appreciated the point that I made my own character regardless of my painting and the skill of the painting.

Staff (Theatrical animation)

  • directed by - Dezaki
  • Production - Fujioka Yutaka,Yamamoto Mataichiro
  • Producer- Nobuo Inada
  • Screenplay- Hideka Nagasaka
  • musics - Toshiyuki Kimori
    • Theme Song-"Play For You" Cindy Wood (Polyster)
  • Animation director- Akio Sugino
  • Art Director- Kobayashi Shichirou
  • Director of Photography-Kogo Takahashi
  • Edit-Tsurubuchi Yoshitoshi
  • Recording Director- Wataru Date
  • Music selection- Suzuki Kiyoshi
  • Effect- Kurahashi Shizuo(Oriental sound)
  • Music producer - Rinko Iida
  • Production Manager-Yoichi Ikeda
  • Assistant Director- Shunji Oga
  • Original Drawing- Shinji Otsuka,Atsuko Fukushima, Nobuko Tsukada,Koji Morimoto, Hisashi Motoki,Ohashi Manabu, Sugino Sugino, Keizo Shimizu, Ikuko Yombun, Yukari Kobayashi, Yutaka Kawasuji, Kenzo Koizumi, Takeshi Osaka, Yuri Handa, Terumi Muto, Chiyoko Takahashi, Shigemine Kiyoyama.
  • Video-Ryoko Kato, Hiromi Endo, Michiyo Iwata, Yaeko Yoshizawa, Kyoko Mizuno,Katsuya Kondo, Kazuyo Kuwazawa, Yuko Matsuo, Kaoru Tateyama, Ryoko Kawabata, Yayoi Suzuki, Yumiko Kitano, Yoko Ozone, Hiromi Nagahagi, Mayumi Omura, Noriko Sugiyama, Takako Ueki, Hironobu Murai, Shoji Mizuno, Hidehiko Okano, Hisao Yamazaki, Tetsuya Yanagisawa. , Yoneko Fukaya, Satoshi Inoue, Hiroyuki Okuno, Keiko Hagimori, Susumu Tsuki, Fumiyo Yoshikawa, Yoshio Seino, Seiya Takaoku, Shigeharu Sekiguchi, Teruko Miyata, Machiko Ariya, Kenichi Maejima, Masakatsu Sasaki, Mitsuhiro Fushida.
  • Drawing cooperation- Magic bus,Nakamura Productions,A ・ I ・ C, Studio Onion, A, G, U, Barefoot Pro, Gokusha,Neo media, ACT, Swanru Pro
  • Finishing cooperation- Studio cats, Yuminsha,Mushi Production, Studio Marine, IM Studio, Act, Viola, Barefoot Production, Shinsei Production, AICStudio sunrise, Swan Lou Pro
  • Background- Kobayashi Productions -Yaeko Fukumura, Mitsuo Konobu, Shinji Omura, Tadashi Katayama, Kenji Kato, Mieko Shimotani, Asako Kodaira, Shota Tazawa
  • Shooting--Miyao, Y., Hosono, T., Hirayama, T. Anzuhata, T. Ban, K. Kobayashi, K. Ota, T. Udagawa, K. Endo, K. Yasuhara, I. Ishikawa, Yuki Sato.
  • Video check-Hisako Araki, Sanae Nakagawa
  • Color specification-Michiko Ikeuchi
  • Finishing inspection-Takako Higa, Souko Ozawa
  • Special effects-Tomoji Hashizume, Takashi Maekawa
  • Negative editing-Kazuko Takahashi
  • Production Passage-Takahisa Yokomizo, Kazuyoshi Morita, Takeshi Takano, Shinji Takahashi
  • Production cooperation- Annapur
  • Computer graphics production- Toyo Links
    • CG production general command- Komura Omura
    • CG Director- Satomi Satomi
    • Technical Director-Hitoshi Nishimura
    • Producers-Masafumi Tsuzuki, Kimasa Yamakawa, Koji Ichihashi
    • Engineer-Hiroshi Yoshimura, Hiroshi Ohno,Hiroaki Kobayashi, Shinji Tanaka, Akira Yoshida, Yoichi Koda, Toshio Tsukada, Masato Aizawa, Masuharu Endo, Teruhisa Sakurai,Ryuji Fukumoto
    • Choreography-Tomoken Kogawa
    • CG staff-Noboru Watanabe, Yoshiaki Akutagawa, Tomoko Akinin, Kaori Mori, Hitoshi Hoshino, Keisuke Chiba, Tomoaki Hashimoto, Yukiya Komagata, Masayuki Murayama, Nobuyuki Kato, Yasushi Nishihata, Hiromi Ono, Osamu Sugiura, Arata Okamura, Noriyo Saito,Jun Watanabe, Jun Takei
    • Production in charge-Yudai Yamashita, Kensaku Akita
    • Production progress- Shuji Asano
    • CG production cooperation- Osaka University CG Group -Isao Shirakawa, Toru Kawada, Yasuo Eki, Mieko Enoki, Hiroshi Deguchi, Toshikazu Tatsumi,Toshiyuki Kawai, Makoto Hirai, Takashi Nakayama, Takeshi Naito, Toshiyuki Uchimura, Masato Nishida, Masaki Nasu, Shinichi Yamashita, Nobuhiko Funato.
    • Producer-Rinko Iida, Hiroaki Yamanaka
    • Director-Tatsuo Yoshida, Kenma Iwamura
  • Music Production-Litelinks Corporation
  • Recording Production/Recording Studio- Tohoku Shinsha
  • Lab- Toyo Lab
  • Animation production - Tokyo movie new company
  • Production-Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Filmlink International
  • Distribution- Toho Towa



Golgo 13 ~ QUEEN BEE ~(1998)

  • The second animated film.Tetsuaki GendaPlays Golgo 13. Like the movie version, the method of requesting Golgo 13 and the depiction of the target's personal feelings when performing the mission differ from the original. In addition, there is a scene where Golgo 13, who has approached the target once, is attacked and escapes without being able to finish the opponent and escapes.
  • There are sexual expressions (such as Sonia getting naked) and cruel depictions (such as Benning's eyes closed).AT-XThe program was broadcast with age restrictions (R-15 designation). The depiction of Sonia is OVA versionblack JackIt was inherited from Maria Carnera appearing in medical record 3 of. Casts other than GorgoTakao Nakao(Thomas Waltham),Masako Katsuo(Sonia),Arimoto Kintaka(Robert Hardy),Naoya Uchida(Benning),Akio Otsuka(Information store),Toshiya Ueda(Roccini), Kosei Tomita (Gordon),Arakawa Taro(Antonio),Kikuchi Shoko(Henri),Nakamura Taiki(Bernard),Wheat(General Gomez),Umezu Hideyuki(Barman) etc.

Staff (OVA)

  • Production: Hitoshi Yoshimura, Yu Nagasawa
  • producer:Mataichiro Yamamoto
  • Planning: Tomoyuki Tashiro
  • script:Akihiro Tako
  • Character design and animation director:Akio Sugino, Yutaka Uchida
  • Art Director: Mieko Ichihara
  • Cinematographer:,Hajime Noguchi
  • Edit: Seiji Morita
  • Sound director:Tomoaki Yamada
  • musics:Yoshimaru Fujino
  • Music Director:Suzuki Kiyoshi
  • Direction:Satoshi Kuwahara
  • Original picture:Masayoshi Nishida, Atsushi Miura, Masateru Yoshimura, Junji Kobayashi, Junichi Kikawa, Shinji Seya,Hiroto Yokote,Kenichi Shimizu, Hiroshi Kugimiya, Hisama Oshita, Shigemi Aoyagi, Fujio Oda,Masahiro Kase, Michiko Noda, Yoshiyuki Yagi, Tadakatsu Yoshida, Koji Kataoka, Keiko Tateishi, Satoshi Ishikawa, Yoshi Tanaka, Miyuki Katayama,Yasukazu Tokaibayashi, Kaori Utsunomiya
  • Video check: Takashi Okamura
  • Video: Hiromitsu Shibayama, Mieko Hosoi, Kaori Meguro, Yasuyuki Shimizu, Yoko Noguchi, Eriko Shibata,Tokyo Animation Center,DR MOVIE,Imagine Co., Ltd.,Studio dub,Studio MI,Mushroom production, Beijing Sharaku Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.-Party group, Han Yin, Zhang Deng Yun, Wu Fu Mei, Shi Hai Ying, Ishi Tam Ling, Chen Ying, Wang Ming, Gyu Wen Yi, Wan Shi Wen, Tang Mei, Zhu Wen Wei, Ma Zhi Yi, Mu Hai Hui, Lu Xiang, Liu Lin , Zhou Hongwu, Gyukin Ryo, Lee Wu, Sun Zhenyu, Zhu Hongmei,Royal Army
  • Art: Kazuo Okada, Masaki Saito,Masato Shibata, Kiyohiro Iwasaki, Takanobu Kanno, Tetsuhiko Nagashima, Noriko Ohashi, Nobuhito Azuma
  • Color setting: Tsuyoshi Okano, Sei Bamba
  • Special effect: Masahiro Murakami
  • Digital paint: Megumi Kawazoe
  • Finishing inspection: Kyoko Saito, Shuun Wang, Rei Liang
  • Finishing: Beijing Sharaku Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.-Chen Eihua, Wang Liei, Ho Yu Hai, Katsura Kichi, Hodai Higashi, Liu Zhuhai, Chen Yan Hong, Zhang Gak Song, Kishiren, Hoshuo Gou, Wang Jianbao, Ma Lienyi, Xue Xue Ren, Jiang Xiang Go, Lu Dong Kang, En Hongmei. , Zhang Zhuang, Zhang Zhi Yu, Lee Xing Ji, Wang Xiu Feng, Wang Jin Ji, Huang Peng, Yang Jian Shun, Li Xing Feng, Li Haidong, Wang Ai Wing, Yukihana, Anryo, Ma Wei, Zhao Kashun, Zhang Chun Lan, Yu Chun Lao, Wang Guang Xiang, Jin Yong Chen, Shiba Katsutake, Shiba Katsutake , Feng Zhang Liang, Lee Komatsu, Chen Grace, Huang Junki, Chen Hongmei, Sun Li, Meng Fuyu, Zhang Qinghua, Huang Yonghai,Zhang NaChen Guo Wei
  • photograph: - ,Hajime Noguchi, Haruyoshi Miyagawa, Hironobu Horikoshi, Takeshi Ogawa,Jun Sato, Junko Nagai, Yukiko Maruhashi, Tomohiro Takahashi, Tomoko Fukuda, Toshiya Kimura, Masuyoshi Sato, Yasuyoshi Toyonaga.
  • Negative Editing: Morita Editing Room-Masaki Sakamoto, Chieko Takayama, Masako Aoki
  • developing:IMAGIC
  • title:Maki Pro
  • Video editing:Q Tech
  • Ending theme song: "Turquoise Blue"
    • Lyrics: Eric Zay / Composition / Arrangement: Fujimaru Yoshino / Song: Fujimaru Yoshino, Hitomi Ono
  • Music production cooperation:Kazuo Hara(Sub Walkers), Shoichi Hirata (Tristone Entertainment)
  • Sound effect: Yukiyoshi Itokawa
  • Recording adjustment:Tattoo
  • Recording Assistant: Tanaka Writing
  • Recording studio:Tokyo TV Center
  • Sound production:HALF H・P ​​STUDIOTakayuki Noguchi
  • Production progress: Kahei, Hiroshi Osawa
  • Video production: Zhou Hui, Kyokuni, Rika
  • Finishing production: Ying Xue, Zhang Yongli, Liang Zhonghong, Shen Hua, Tae Ae
  • Production office: Shoko Nezaki, Mikako Nagura
  • Director/ Storyboard:Idezaki
  • Production cooperation:Tezuka Productions
  • Animation Production: Tezuka Productions
  • Production:, Goodhill Vision,BMG Japan


Television Animation

1971 Year Edition

19714から7UntilTBS OfWeekdayBroadcast at 23:30-23:40. Although it was the first TV animation, the so-called “Steel Anime” (voice animation of the characters and sound effects was added to the still image of the movie rather than cel animation) (Picture). In addition, the actress and singer who were popular at the time were appointed as a female role. However, it is rarely featured in later anime features or anime magazines.

Voice appearance

TBS Weekdays 23:30-23:45
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Golgo 13
(TBS version)
Hobby life

2008 Year Edition

It is a work commemorating the 40th anniversary of the serialization, the first "MovieWill be made into a TV animation.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.6 affiliated stations andBS Japan·Part ofIndependent UHF stationandLocal bureauAt2008(20)4/11Start broadcasting from (in case of TV Tokyo),4/13Started broadcasting on BS Japan[26], Next day2009(21)3/27(Refer to the template and broadcasting station section for basic information).

Among the lines that express the characteristics of Golgo 13, "Let's ask""Don't stand behind me If you miss your lifeWas selected and was also used as a catchphrase and narration. Also, as a voice actor playing the role of GorgoHiroshi TachiHas been appointed.In addition, voice actors (Tsukazan, Ogawa, Arimoto, Genda) who have been in charge of Golgo in the works before this work also appear as guests.

Since it is set in the present age (since 2008), things that do not match the times have been cut or changed to suit the present age compared to when the original was published.[*6].. In addition, the journalistic story about the actual international situation and the actual case, which was one of the characteristics of the original, does not appear, and the country name or city name that sets the stage of the episode is often not specified. There are also anime original developments[*7].

The smoking scene of Gorgo in this animation has been cut throughout. When animating the episodes in the early stages of the series, Gorgo's lines were cut except for those necessary for the play. On the other hand, at least one word about the episode where Gorgo's lines do not exist, a talking scene is always added.

DVDBandai visualReleased in 2008 (Heisei 20)11The rental started with all 13 volumes, the first volume was released in November, and then two volumes were released every month. Cell DVD 116/26から全4巻で発売された。第1巻は4枚組で14話、2巻以降は3枚組で12話収録とDVD-BOXに近い構成となっているが、1枚あたりの値段は約1500円から2100円程度だった。放送終了後に主題歌を歌ったGIZA studioSince the artists and groups that belonged to disbanded and retired from the entertainment world, etc.Blu-ray DiscIs not currently sold. However, the overseas version has been released. About Internet distribution nowBandai channelCurrently being paid for.

From April of the same year in 45, the 2013th anniversary of Gorgo's birthTOKYO MXThe whole story was broadcast until March 2014.

Staff (TV animation)

  • Original- Saito TakaoSaito Pro
  • Original draft cooperation-Naozumi Nishimura
  • chief director - Shunji Oga
  • Scenario coordinator- Junichi Iioka
  • Character design-Kazuyoshi Takeuchi
  • Art Director-Toshiharu Mizutani
  • Color design-Keiko Kai, Aiko Shinohara
  • Director of Photography-Kentaro Takahashi
  • Digital Production Director-Yasunori Hayama
  • CGI Director-Hiroyuki Hatanaka
  • Sound Director-Satoru Koyama
  • Music director- Suzuki Kiyoshi
  • Music producer - Daisuke Ikeda
  • Edit- Takeshi Seyama
  • Sound effect- Yokoyama Masakazu
  • Firearm supervision-Takahisa Notomi (BIG SHOT), Riki Kondo
  • Supervisor-Hitoshi Saito, Shin Omura
  • Content Producer-Mikio Shibata, Akihiro Yuasa, Satoshi Kubo
  • Associate Producer-Ikuhiro Otsuki, Junya Okamoto → Hirohisa Mino, Ken Okawara, Junya Okamoto
  • Animation Producer-Noriyuki Fukumaru
  • Producer-Susumu Matsuyama → Toshishi Aoki
  • Animation production - The Answer Studio
  • Production - Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Sotsu Entertainment

Theme song

All labelsGIZA studio.

Voice appearance

Since there are many times when Dave doesn't appear, Gorgo is the only real character.

List of stories

* Of the "Volumes", I-IV is the number of episodes recorded in the "Gogor 13 Animated Works Selection by Shogakukan Version".

Number of storiessubtitleNumber of turns*Playwriting script cooperationAnime adaptationStoryboardShowAnimation directorSP Comics Volume
Target.1AT PIN-HOLE!K. MotomitsuKashiwabara KojiOhara MinoruShunji OgaShinichi Suzuki7
Target.2ROOM No.909IIK. MotomitsuNobuo OgizawaTakashi KameiMasahiro TakadaEikura Kurakawa
Yuji Watanabe
Target.3Masterpiece/Assault RifleIIIKunihiko YokomizoKashiwabara KojiFukutomi HiroshiShunji OgaKazuhiko Shibuya100
Target.4pretty Woman
The original is "Lady Bitch"
IK. MotomitsuKashiwabara Koji
Michiko Tsumura
Mitsuru Nasugawa25
Target.5Superstar co-starToru TakeuchiKashiwabara Koji
Aki Kajiwara
Shin NishizawaShunsuke MachiyaYang pattern79
Target.6Gifts for GodTetsuo HayatoToshimichi OkawaFumio MaezonoShunji OgaShinichi Suzuki35
Target.7Sniper on the G lineHimuro IsaoToshimichi OkawaTakashi KameiTomoki HadadaEikura Kurakawa
Yuji Watanabe
Target.8Action・24/4Yukio HamayaToshimichi OkawaOhara MinoruMiura YoKazuhiko Shibuya18
Target.9Sleep in a cageKazuo KoikeKashiwabara KojiMitsuru NasugawaWheat field iceTadami Okumura2
Target.10The target that has returnedMiyazaki AtsushiShunsuke OzawaShin NishizawaShunsuke MachiyaShin Nishizawa
Yang pattern
Target.11Dead angleIIKudo KudoShunsuke OzawaFumio MaezonoMasahiro TakadaShinichi Suzuki66
Target.12TOUCH DOWNGoro SouraYoshio Oka[*8]Atsushi KawagoeYuji Watanabe40
Target.13Cross angleShuntaro KumasakaNobuo OgizawaFumio MaezonoAkira KatoAtsuhiko Hara
Eikura Kurakawa
Target.14Death shadowGoro SouraYoshio OkaOhara MinoruMiura YoKazuhiko Shibuya31
Target.15Eve heading for the seaAtsushi Miyazaki
Goro Oki
Toshimichi OkawaMitsuru NasugawaHideki TakayamaYoji Yanase21
Target.16Death StinkKoubun KoichiShunsuke OzawaTakashi KameiShunsuke MachiyaShin Nishizawa112
Target.17afterglowKita KyotaNobuo OgizawaFukutomi HiroshiShinichi Suzuki15
Target.18Steinbeck IIIIVJiro MakitoMichiko TsumuraFumio MaezonoMasahiro TakadaEikura Kurakawa
Atsuhiko Hara
Target.19Glass fortressIVSummer greenChiaki ImaishiOhara MinoruMiura YoKazuhiko Shibuya130
Target.20Melancholy SummerKazuo KoikeNobuo OgizawaFukutomi HiroshiShunsuke MachiyaShigeharu Takenaka3
Target.21GarimpeiroIIIKita KyotaShunsuke OzawaShin NishizawaKenichi SuzukiShin Nishizawa49
Target.22Indian SummerK. MotomitsuToshimichi OkawaTakashi KameiShinichi SuzukiShinichi Suzuki
Yoshiaki Matsuda
Target.23jet streamK. MotomitsuKashiwabara KojiMasaki SugiyamaMasahiro TakadaEikura Kurakawa
Atsuhiko Hara
Target.24Santa AnaKentaro AdachiAki KajiwaraOhara MinoruAkira KatoTakumi Motozawa76
Target.25Florida chaseIVSummer greenYoshio OkaTomihiko OkuboSaburo HashimotoHiroaki Kawaguchi138
Target.26Cold blood catherineIKoubun KoichiYoshio OkaShin NishizawaKenichi SuzukiShin Nishizawa110
Target.27FearlessTakashi AraiYoko AbeTakashi KameiShinichi Suzuki139
Target.28By night is the moan of loveKazuo KoikeKohei MotokawaMasaki SugiyamaEikura KurakawaYoshiaki Matsuda
Eikura Kurakawa
Target.29Casting <casting>Ryohei OtakiChiaki ImaishiMasakatsu IijimaHiroshi IshidanKazuhiko Shibuya30
Target.30Love is a knifeKotaro MoriYuichi ErenTomihiko OkuboSaburo HashimotoShuhei Hosokawa6
Target.31ANGRY WAVESIIK. MotomitsuNaoyo NosakaShin NishizawaHideki TonoNao Muramatsu13
Target.32Murderous crossIIIKazuo KoikeMurakawa YasutoshiMasaki SugiyamaShinichi Suzuki5
Target.33Proud wine (wine)Inumaru RanYasuhiro KoshimizuTakashi KameiEikura KurakawaYoshiaki Matsuda
Eikura Kurakawa
Target.34Murder nightHimuro IsaoFujioka KazukiFukutomi HiroshiHiroshi IshidanShosawa Osawa145
Target.35Rule of PedigreeIVKudo KudoNaoto KuniokaSaburo HashimotoTakayuki Yanagi
Shuhei Hosokawa
Target.36Dressed up to dieK. MotomitsuUemura SaraShin NishizawaHideki TonoShin Nishizawa33
Target.37Christmas 24 hoursK. MotomitsuYasuhiro KoshimizuMasakatsu IijimaShinichi Suzuki52
Target.38Girl saraISummer greenSeisaku KaitoHiroshi IshidanEikura KurakawaYoshiaki Matsuda
Eikura Kurakawa
Target.39Ash best dayIVNagai MichinoriAki KajiwaraOhara MinoruHiroshi IshidanKazuhiko Shibuya108
Target.40Devil's feastIIGoro SouraKaneko YuSaburo HashimotoShuhei Hosokawa
Hiroaki Kawaguchi
Target.41Night fog in Petticoat LaneK. MotomitsuMichiko TsumuraShin Nishizawa48
Target.42Large mouth on the lakeK. MotomitsuFujioka KazukiMasaki SugiyamaShinichi Suzuki32
Target.43Blank requestKunihiko YokomizoUemura SaraTakashi KameiShunji OgaYoshiaki Matsuda105
Target.44Rockford's ambitionsKudo KudoYusuke TakedaHiroshi IshidanTakumi Motozawa63
Target.4536000 second in 1 secondsKunihiko YokomizoSeisaku KaitoOgihara exposureHiroki Sugawara111
Target.46Hollywood at the end of the centuryIIIThera TairaShiro MomoiMasaki SugiyamaShin Nishizawa120
Target.47Not disappear at nightGoro OkiShunsuke MachiyaMasaki SugiyamaFumio MaezonoShinichi Suzuki25
Target.48Dark eyes EBONY EYESITakumi KitadaNobuo OgizawaHiroshi IshidanKazuhiko Shibuya55
Target.49Armored soldier SDR2Takahisa HiraToshimichi OkawaKazuyoshi Takeuchi148
Target.50Angel and devil “arms”IVKimura water lilyKashiwabara KojiOhara MinoruShunji OgaTakumi Motozawa110
  • At the Kids Station, due to its own broadcasting regulations, the 4th episode is a missing number and the 13th episode is cut off and broadcast[27].


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.20084/11 - 20093/27Friday 25:23-25:53TV Tokyo seriesProduction Bureau
OsakaTV Osaka20084/12 -20093/28Saturday 25: 30 - 26: 00
All over JapanBS Japan20084/13 -20093/29Sunday 24:30-25:00BS digital broadcastingAttention to viewers There is a ticker display
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting20084/14 -20093/30Monday 26:23-26:53TV Tokyo series
TV set20084/15 -20093/31Tuesday 25:28-25:58
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido20084/16 -20094/1Wednesday 26:50-27:20
AichiTV Aichi20084/17 -20094/2Thursday 26:58-27:28
WakayamaTV Wakayama20084/20 -20094/19Sunday 22:54-23:24Independent station
MieMie television20084/21 -20094/6Monday 25:00-25:30Partial replacement of provided credits
NaraNara TVMonday 25:30-26:00
All over JapanAT-X20085/1 -20094/9Thursday 10:00-10:30CS broadcastingWith repeat broadcast
Watched on daytime broadcasts from episode 4
Age restrictions[5]
Kids station20088/4 -20097/20Monday 24:00-24:30With repeat broadcast
Episode 4 has not been broadcast due to broadcasting reasons
FukushimaTV You Fukushima200810/2 -200910/15Thursday 25:29-25:58TBS seriesNote to viewers No ticker is displayed
KumamotoTV Kumamoto200811/3 -20093/30
20097/6 - 20102/15
Monday 25:55-26:25
Monday 26:00-26:30
Fuji TV seriesPause after 20 episodes
Resume from episode 7 from July
TokyoTOKYO MX20134/2 - 20143/11Tuesday 25:00-25:30Independent stationOnly in the last week of December 12th of the same month
(Dawn) Broadcast from 24:30 to 25:00
Golgo 13 Best Selection
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.20094/5 - 9/27Sunday 22:54-23:24TV Tokyo seriesProduction Bureau,Subtitled broadcasting
HokkaidoTV HokkaidoSimultaneous net, subtitle broadcasting
AichiTV Aichi
OsakaTV Osaka
Okayama Prefecture·
TV set
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Friday 25:23 frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Complicated SUMMERS 2
[Advance 30 minutes and continue]
Golgo 13
(October 2008-March 4)
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Friday 25:30 frame
Golgo 13
(October 2008-March 4)
Like Hayate!!
TV Tokyo series Sunday 22:54 frame
Golgo 13 Best Selection
(July 2009-December 4)
neo sports
[30 minutes advance]

Stop motion version

1990(2), it was released as a 10-volume VHS video from Reid. This is not an animation, but a colored version of the original (however,OnomatopoeiaEtc. are cut) is projected on the screen, and the voice actor puts his voice into it. The picture does not move, but the effect is such that it shakes left and right in a shocking scene. There is also a sound.2000(12)10から12Around midnight on Sunday with the concept of "watching manga"Yomiuri TVBroadcast on, laterBS Nippon Television,Family theaterBut it was broadcast. In addition, in "3. Alaska agent", "Alaska agent" + "the first half of "Fang to requiem" is used, and in "4. Fang to requiem, "the second half of "Fang to requiem" "+" Funeral of Rio", "5. La Carnaval" is composed of "Nazi Happiness Cross does not rust" + "La Carnaval".

Voice appearance
Video list
  1. ROOM No.909ISBN 4-8458-1301-7
  2. nightmareISBN 4-8458-1302-5
  3. Alaska operativesISBN 4-8458-1303-3
  4. Fang the requiemISBN 4-8458-1304-1
  5. La CarnavalISBN 4-8458-1305-X
  6. AT-PIN-HOLE!ISBN 4-8458-1306-8
  7. CathawaliISBN 4-8458-1307-6
  8. Kowloon Starving WolfISBN 4-8458-1308-4
  9. Request from the saintISBN 4-8458-1309-2
  10. Action・24/4ISBN 4-8458-1310-6

A new work was added to this series in 2001, and it was re-released with all 5 volumes of VHS video cassettes. One episode contains three episodes.

  1. vol.1 Nightmare Alaska Squadron [Mom] Death of the setting sunISBN 4-09-904244-8
  2. vol.2 Fang in requiem La Carnaval Broken arrowISBN 4-09-904245-6
  3. vol.3 AT PIN Hall [Mom] Casawari Garimpeiro ISBN 4-09-904246-4
  4. vol.4 Request from the Fatal Fury Saint of Kowloon Major Operation ISBN 4-09-904247-2
  5. vol.5 Movement ・ 24/4 Sicily's grave marker Mesrine's cat ISBN 4-09-904248-0

(Note that ROOM No.909 is not included in this series.)


In 2011, Shogakukan published three volumes of books. The historical background is the same as when the novel was announced, and the character settings that were not in the original are added. BothYoichi FunatoIs the novelist who wrote the script by Goro Sotoura.

  • Volume 1 Death of the Falling Days (20112/25)
  • Volume 2 Devil's Feast (20113/25)
  • Vol.3 Oroshiya Maou Legend (20114/25)

Radio Drama

1977(52)5ToNHK/FMBroadcast on.

Drama CD

1994(6) was named "VIRTUAL SOUND MOVIE Gorgo 13"Drama CDWill be released. Scenes that were not the original are also added. It was released as a 40th anniversary project of Nippon Broadcasting. A recording method called "" is used so that sound can be heard from the outside of the speaker. Music isBob Sakuma, Directed by Nippon Broadcasting System, the voice of Golgo 13 isTsukayama Species, The narration isYoko Nogiwa, 2 CDs, with detailed explanation.

The following four episodes are recorded.

Digital comic

  • Digital Comics "Golgo 13 Carlisle's Ambition" "Golgo 13 Invisible Army" (1998, Daiki,Play stationEdition and Edition for WINDOWS95 and Macintosh =ISBN 4-09-906846-3)-"Carlyle's Ambition" is the original "Rockford's Ambition", "Invisible Army" is the same title colored, aloud, "read" Golgo 13 on PlayStation or PC. Voice actorArimoto Kintaka,Galactic Manjo,Rokuro NayaAnd others.



  • pachinko"CRGolgo 13” (2003,平和)
  • Pachinko "CR Golgo 13 STRIKES AGAIN" (2006,peace)
  • Pachinko "CR Golgo 13 BACK IN THE BATTELE FIELD" (2010,peace)
  • Pachinko "CR Golgo 13 PAYBACK TIME" (2013,peace)
  • Pachinko "CR Fever Drum Golgo 13" (2018,SANKYO)
  • Pachinko ``CR Fever Gorgo 13'' (2018, SANKYO)
  • Pachi-slot "Golgo 13" (2001,peace)
  • Pachislot "Golgo 13 The Professional" (2006, Peace)
  • Pachislot "Golgo 13 Contact that man!" (2010, Peace)
  • Pachislot "Golgo 13-The Conspiracy of the Rosicrucian-" (Peace, 2013)
  • Pachi-slot "Golgo 13 S" (2017, SANKYO)
  • Pachinko "Fever Golgo 13 Gale ver" (2020, SANKYO)

Certified CD

  • Golgo 13-Jazz Selection Released in 2002 EAN 4988002437672 Includes 13 songs including Airgin (Miles Davis).
  • Golgo Jazz-A man is silent... Piano trio 13 Released in 2008 EAN 4988003361686 13 songs including Waltz for Debbie.
  • Gorgo Jazz-A man is silent... Standard 13 Released in 2008 EAN 4988003361679 13 songs including work songs.
  • Gorgo Jazz-Man is silent... Big Band 13 Released in 2008 EAN 4988003361693 13 songs including Tunisia night.


References, related books, etc.

Official book

  • "Official Book THE Gorgo Gaku" Big Comic Special Editing Project Shogakukan December 2000, 12 First edition first edition issuedISBN 4-09-371351-0
  • "Golgo 13 World Situation Navi" Big Comic Special Editing Group Shogakukan June 2006, 6 First edition first edition issuedISBN 4-09-180036-X
  • "Golgo 13 Data File" G13 Research Committee Lyd Publishing Co., Ltd. September 2013, 9 First editionISBN 978-4-8458-4163-9
  • "World Military Technology with "Golgo 13"" Shogakukan October 2015, 10 First edition first editionISBN 978-4-09-101762-8
  • "The dark mystery of history with "Golgo 13"!" Shogakukan December 2015, 12 First edition first editionISBN 978-4-09-101765-9
  • "Going around the real world with "Golgo 13"" Shogakkan February 2016, 2 First edition first editionISBN 978-4-09-101764-2
  • "Understanding with "Golgo 13"! Showa/Heisei Nippon back history" Shogakukan December 2018, 12 First edition first edition issuedISBN 978-4-09-101788-8


Parody book, unofficial book, silent book, tie-up book, related book

A book in which the original frame is quoted
  • "Golgo 13's Work Techniques" Koichi Urushida & Duke Togo Research Institute Shodensha July 2001, 7 First edition first edition issuedISBN 4-396-61128-5
  • "Old Word Goro 513" Hiroyuki Itano Nagase September 1997, 9 First edition issuedISBN 4-89085-050-3 P104 ~ P124
  • "Golgo 13 Special Class" Hiroshi Toki Gentosha August 2020, 8 First print issuedISBN 978-4-344-92866-4
So-called"Mystery bookBecause it is a book belonging to ", the original frame is not quoted.
  • "Yatchan who came back" Yuji Miyake's Young Paradise Edition Nippon Broadcasting Publishing July 1986, 7 First edition first editionISBN 4-89353-094-1 P51 ~ P66
  • "Secrets of Golgo 13" World Golgo Study Group Tokyo Headquarters Data House June 1993, 6 First edition first edition issuedISBN 4-88718-156-6
  • "Gorgo 13 Serious Study" Committee of 13 people who love Gorgo Sandke Publishing Bureau First issue on August 1993, 8ISBN 4-914938-10-3
  • "The man called Gorgo Revised Edition" Project = Duke Hikari Publishing September 1994, 9 Revised edition 20st edition issuedISBN 4-906500-04-8
  • "Stupid medicine" Tomohide Kure Futabasha Issued the first printing on July 1996, 7ISBN 4-575-71075-X
  • "How to defeat Golgo 13" Extraordinary Research Group Doshoin, March 2000, 3 First edition, first editionISBN 4-8103-7704-0
  • "When will Golgo 13 end? Takekuma Mandan" Kentaro Takekuma East Press Published March 2005, 3ISBN 4-87257-541-5
  • "Secret of "Golgo 13"" (new edition) World Golgo Research Committee Tokyo Headquarters Data House Published February 2007ISBN 4-88718-906-0

注 釈

  1. ^ The first place is "DocabenThe total of 205 volumes in the series (completed), the second place is 2 volumes (completed) in the "Kameari Park in front of Katsushika Ward".
  2. ^ It was published monthly.
  3. ^ Search for 13 digits of JAN code to display the corresponding book
  4. ^ It was published under the name "Gorgosanchi" for a period of time, and a book was also published under the same name.
  5. ^ He says he is "barking" when he was about 22 to 3 years old, saying that "keeping the deadline is the minimum requirement for a professional".
  6. ^ Using mobile phones and laptops to collect information, and talking about the Olympics and modifying the depiction of a presidential figure according to the present.
  7. ^ For example, in Target.13 ``Cross Angle'', there was a cameraman who tried to shoot Golgo once reflected in the window glass of the building in the original, but it failed, but the story ended just by Golgo glaring, but in the anime version after this, gunshot Echoes, suggesting that Gorgo sanctioned.
  8. ^ Missed credit "Nobuo Ogizawa" at the time of broadcasting.


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