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📱 | One year has passed since I changed my smartphone


It's been a year since I changed my smartphone

If you write the contents roughly
But what I haven't used yet is a wallet.

Dry Hydrangea and Sweetgum Fruit Around this time last year, I changed from an old smartphone to an iPhone 11.What is what ... → Continue reading

 goo blog

It is a free blog service that allows you to open blogs from ordinary people to celebrities regardless of genre.
A wide variety of blogs are published, such as diary, pet growth record, introduction of shops and works, recipes, eating out, manga and illustrations. There are many famous blogs such as cats, manga, and life consultations such as the popular blog “Kuruneko Yamato” and “Ise-Shirayama Road”. You can also see the official blog of shogi player Akira Watanabe on goo blog.

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