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👍 | Japanese government fires stupid measures for IT security measures ... Crisis of destruction due to establishment of Digital Agency and reduction of mobile phone charges

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The Japanese government fires a series of stupid measures for IT security measures ... Crisis of destruction due to the establishment of the Digital Agency and the reduction of mobile phone charges

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Such a structure has resulted in the promotion of media blackouts for SNS companies based on Apple and Google standards, and it is also an unfair soil in which mega-ventures cannot be created without their cooperation in the IT field.

On January 1, the opening day of the US Electoral College vote, a mob rushed to the US Capitol.Right wing ... → Continue reading

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Speech control

Speech control(Genron Tosei) is political powerNews report-Publication・ Regulations for other speech[1]..There are various targets and methods of regulation.Mass mediaIs often the target, but at meetings,Demonstration march, Even personal conversations may be regulated[1].


Media blackout is mainly information about internal interests, such as the state.policyCriticism ofSecurity・ Disturb the moralsPrinciplethought,CountryCriticalConfidential,Riot・ Investigation to prevent publication, coverage, and dissemination of domestic turmoil, etc.censorshipAnd manipulate, manage, and prevent this information as needed.Television, newspapers, radio, movies, school education, etc. are used for information control and public opinion manipulation, and it is said that they have been done through the Internet since the spread of the Internet.

実 例

Even in a country that is considered to be a democracy, there is or may be a state-based media blackout.Even if the state is not directly involved in speech control, influential politicians of the ruling party may personally take control of many media companies or connect with media managers to exert influence on speech. is there.[Source required]

ドイツThen.HitlerTo praise orNaziVolksverhetzung (People's incitement) when disseminating designs and publicationsGerman criminal lawIt is illegal under Article 130).this is"Democracy fighting"(Democracy that does not allow denial of democracy).

South KoreaThen.National security lawProhibits communist propaganda and speech in favor of the communist movement.


Edo PeriodIn Japan, publication requires notification, and those who commit this are punished.For example in 1855Kanagaki RobunHidetoshi Ichiboshi, the publisher and co-author of "Ansei Kanmon Magazine"Hand chain(However, since Robun was unsigned, he was spared the writing).

In Japan after the Meiji eraPublishing law,Newspaper lawCensorship was carried out by such means.Communism-AnarchismPromotion and agitation,Royal familyCriticism, JapanColony(Korea-TaiwanEtc.) Independence movement,AbortionThe introduction of the method was prohibited.Geographical description of fortress areas and military ports, photographs, etc.Issuance prohibitedWas the target of.Wartime regimeIn Japan belowPublishing law,Newspaper law,National Total Mobilization ActThe media blackout based onInformation Bureau,Special higher police(Involved in the disturbance of peace and order)ProhibitionThe ordering authority is the Minister of Interior).

moviesRelated items that are used for viewing are subject to censorship.1917å¹´(Taisho 6) "Activity photoBoxing Regulations "(PoliceAgency decreeNo. 12),1922å¹´(Taisho 11) July Metropolitan Police Department Ordinance No. 7,1925å¹´(Taisho 14) After the Ministry of Interior Ordinance No. 3 in March, the upper limit of the number of screenings and the screening period were set in addition to the contents.Wartime regimeUnder1939å¹´(ShowaIn 14), the more binding "Movie lawWas enacted, and it was obligatory to create works in line with the intentions of the country (military), the number of films produced, and "skill examination" for all film-related people.scriptCensorship from the production stage is also possible.

After the warThe Constitution of JapanToFreedom of speechAlthough it was clearly stated that it would guaranteePress codeEtc. GHQ (Allied Supreme Commander General Command) Suppressed and controlled speech until the occupation was lifted.

Currently, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution in Japan, but the news mediavoluntary restraintsThere are quite a few contraindications to speech (things that cannot be reported) such as "chrysanthemum taboo" and "crane taboo".Textbook certification,Harmful booksDesignation,Dissemination of obscene materialsThere is also a problem with the argument that it is close to censorship.

Public security police,Public Security Intelligence AgencySome political parties and individuals have called for the abolition of information gathering activities that are unconstitutional or illegal.[2]

recentlyHuman rights protection billIs controversial as it may lead to media blackouts.Also,Child pornography lawRegarding the regulation of non-live-action creations and the punishment of simple possession of child pornography, which were included in the amendment of the law, "may lead to infringement of human rights and atrophy of freedom of expression", "arbitrariness of investigative authorities" There is a risk of inviting a typical investigation. "Japan Communist PartyEtc. said "should be careful"[3]..After that, the law amendment in June 2014 included a ban on simple possession in the Child Pornography Law, but the supplementary provisions leading to the regulation of creative works were deleted from the bill.[4].

In addition,Specified secret protection lawThere are voices saying that such things will be a media blackout, but there are pros and cons regarding this, such as "You should protect information that damages national interests" and others say that "the people's right to know is damaged". Is.


People's Republic of ChinaFreedom of speech does not exist in (Mainland China), and anti-government speech is being cracked down.

Due to the oppression of foreign media, in 1964 (Showa 39), "Notes on the exchange of newspaper reporters for both Japan(Also known as the Sino-Japanese Journalist Exchange Agreement) was signed.1968å¹´In (43), the "Three Principles of Sino-Japanese Relations" were confirmed. The "three political principles of Sino-Japanese relations" are "1. Do not hostile to China, 2. Do not stand in the position of two Chinas, 3. Do not prevent the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China." It was a principle to be observed when exchanging[Source required]..I had a resident reporter in Beijing at that timeAsahi Shimbun,Yomiuri Shimbun,Mainichi Newspapers,NHKEtc. approved this document[Source required].Sankei ShimbunRebelled against this agreement and is under its umbrellaFuji Television Network, IncRaised all correspondents, including[Source required].

After that, the "Memo on the exchange of newspaper reporters between Japan and China" was abolished in 1973 after the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and the "Exchange letter on the exchange of newspapers between the governments of Japan and China" signed after that regulated the press. No such clause is included.Therefore, it is not possible to request the media to leave the country using this official statement.

In the first place, the "Memo on the exchange of newspaper reporters between Japan and China" and the subsequent "Official text on the exchange of reporters between the governments of Japan and China" are agreements between nations, and it is not possible for a specific company to conclude an agreement or not. In fact, the Sankei Shimbun mentioned above also revived the General Bureau of China in Beijing in 1998 (Heisei 10) based on the "Exchange Statement on Press Exchange between Japanese and Chinese Governments".By the way (although it has rarely been carried out except for the discovery of clear hostile acts such as intelligence activities), all sovereign states, regardless of whether or not they have an agreement, can revoke the reporter's residence permit and expel them abroad. ..

Cultural RevolutionDuring this period, foreign media were banished from China one after another, and all Japanese news media were banished except for the Asahi Shimbun.Later, other Japanese media outlets were allowed to re-enter China.

Online censorshipAlso violentlyGoogleRebelled against this and withdrew from China[5].

In January 2011, the party secretary of the China Press Association pointed out that there have been too many false reports in China recently related to the economy and people's lives.[6].

The Chinese government has formed a cyber army of experts to manipulate public opinion and spread propaganda around the world as it strengthens its surveillance of activities on the Internet.[7]


America TheUnited States Constitution AmendmentArticle 1 stipulates a ban on censorship.this isParliamentAlsoPresidentMust also be observed.However, although not officially recognized,US National Security AgencyBut"EchelonIntercept the contents of telecommunications around the world using "="Eavesdropping) Is said to be. In 2013Edward SnowdenBy exposurePRISM (monitoring program)The existence of was revealed.

There is no censorship from above in AmericaCodeThere is a self-regulation of the press called.In the United States, there is a "guided" method that appeals directly to the public's consciousness rather than a compulsory method.

It has been pointed out that these regulations presuppose specific religious and ethical views (for example, opposition to abortion).There are also circumstances in which major mass media are monopolistic capital and there is always a risk of defamation and other proceedings.

Also, the recipient of the informationMedia literacyThere is also the problem of (ability to evaluate and identify information).

South Korea

Korean InternetSo traditionallyPro-North Korean・ Writing that may benefit North Korea, such as Pro-North Korean, has been prohibited.Lee Myung-boAfter the administrationPro-dayFor writingOnline censorshipIs being done.It is an institution that reports directly to the presidentKorea Communications CommissionHowever, websites and blogs that make pro-Japanese remarks are forcibly deleted or access is prohibited, and speech is controlled.[8]..Furthermore, for users who repeatedly post the same sentence, we take measures to forcibly cancel the use, and we have very strict speech control for users who speak pro-Japanese speech.[9].

Major nations with bills that lead to media blackouts

Internet censorship # Situation of each countryreference



  • AustraliaThen, from 2010, it became necessary to declare possession of pornography at the time of entry.[2].




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