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⛺ | Kanjani Eight ・ Shingo Murakami confronts Matsuko in “Monday Late Show” !? “Camping” is “ugly” and “irritated ...”


Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami confronts Matsuko in "Monday Late Show" !? "Camping" is "unpleasant" and "irritated ..."

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From the fans who were watching the broadcast, "Murakami-kun is steadily reinforcing the outdoor group = stupid theory (laughs)" "Matsuko-san and Murakami-kun have the opposite idea, so the conversation is interesting. There were voices such as "Wow," "Murakami-kun, who appeals to Matsuko for the fun of camping, is cute and cute."

Variety show "Monday to Night Show" starring Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami and Matsuko Deluxe (NTV) ... → Continue reading

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