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💪 | Akemi Darenogare "Eat a lot! Except when you're on a diet 👻"

Photo Image: Akemi Darenogare

Akemi Darenogare "Eat a lot! Except when you're on a diet 👻"

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He also professes to like carbohydrates and junk food, saying, "Except when I'm on a diet 👻".

"Mister Donut 🍩 Can't you be in the neighborhood? #Mister Donut #Best" On the 28th, the model and talent slump ... → Continue reading

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Junk Food

Junk Food(British: junk food) IsNutritional valueWas significantly out of balance調理DoneFoodThat thing.Highcalorie, High salt, but otherNutrientsIsvitamin,mineral,Dietary fiberFoods that do not contain much. "junk"EnglishIt means "crap" and "waste".


Of junk foodDefinitionIs a government agencyscholarDepends on

Andrew F. Smith
It ’s a commercial product,candy,Bakery,ice cream,rice ball,saltIncludedSnacks,Soft drinkThere is almost no nutritional value,EnergyAnd salt,fatA large amount of food is defined as junk food.fast foodNot all foods are junk foods, and those that provide cooked foods so that they can be ordered quickly are junk foods because they have high energy but low nutritional value.saladIs not a junk food because it is low in calories and nutritious[1].
François Magendie
1816 OfExperimentIncluded in junk foodEmpty calories TheproteinExperiments have shown that it cannot replace fat and fat.dogEmpty calories (sugar) Died when given only[2]..More energy is needed to process empty calories in the body.
Webster dictionary
High-energy, non-nutritive, pleasure is available but not worth it or less[3].
Food Standards Agency
Defined as "foods that are high in calories, high in salt, or high in sugar"[4].

Impact on health

whoFoods that are high in calories and low in micronutrientsobesityAssociated with increased risk of obesityDiabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular disease,cancerReported to be associated with[5]..Overdose causes youth such as obesity and diabetes, which used to be a tendency of adult diseases.Lifestyle-related diseasesThere are also reports that it is the cause of[6].1975 Or later,JapanでSoft drinkとInstant FoodYoung people who eat only are undernourished, especiallyVitamin B1Is insufficientberiberiHas increased[7].

Regulatory movement

2011 May 5, Over 550 groupsMcDonald'sOn the other hand, we stopped selling high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt junk foods for children's foods and drinks, and did not add extras.Ronald McDonaldRequested to retire[8].Food Standards AgencyIs "Food promotion and children Action Plan 2004"[9]Recommended restrictions on advertising for children based on[10]..As a result, about TV programs for people under 16 years oldfat-Sugar-saltAdvertising of foods containing a high degree of[11][12].

AmericaThen.2007 , Eleven major food distributors, including McDonald's, Campbell's Soup, and PepsiCo, have agreed to self-regulate advertising of foods that do not meet certain nutritional standards for children under the age of 11.[13][14].

oldEastern countriesThen,Cold WarAfter the end, American junk food was transmitted, for exampleルーマニアThere is a survey result that one in four people is obese.The Romanian government has also announced the introduction of a "junk food tax."BulgariaThe government is from school cafeterias and shops nationwideSnacks,Soft drinkWas removed[15].

Taxation aimed at preventing obesityDenmark,Hungary,FranceBut it is enforced[16][17][18].


Scripps Research InstituteAccording to researchers Paul Kenny and Paul Johnson, overdose of junk food can damage the human brain.cocaine,heroinIt is said that it will be in a state similar to the addiction symptom of the drug.Of the experimental bodyA mouseAs a result of continuing to eat junk food, the mice became obese, their brains became less joyful, and they wanted more junk food.[19].

It is also the other risk factorfatabout,Harvard UniversityBy the Dana-Farber Cancer Institutesaturated fatty acid,Trans fatty acidsCauses arterial obstructionBad cholesterolA molecular switch that converts to junk food has been discovered, revealing the risk of malignant fat associated with junk food at the molecular level.[20].

August 2011, 4,Food and Drug Administration(FDA),Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have set an upper limit on per processed food as a guideline for foods and drinks to sell to children as a measure against increased obesity. Gram, 4 grams of trans fatty acids, 1 grams of sugar, 1 mg of sodium[21].


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