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👍 | Karina Maruyama Handmade giant chocolate "It's art 💐"

Photo Image: Karina Maruyama Official Instagram

Karina Maruyama Handmade giant chocolate "It's art 💐"

If you write the contents roughly
I'm also curious about the actual food report by Karina Maruyama, a sweets-loving talent in the entertainment world.

"I've never seen a chocolate that's so easy and easier to make than eating it that I wouldn't think it would be so easy ... → Continue reading

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Katsura Maruyama

Maruyama Katsura Rina(Maruyama,1983 May 3 -) isTokyoOta-kuFromtalent, OriginalTEPCOEmployee, exWomen's footballplayer. ExJapan national soccer team. The position in the active ageforward.Nippon Sport Science UniversityFaculty of Physical EducationGraduated from the Department of Physical Education.HoriproBelongs. My husband is a former representative of JapanKenji Honnami.


Youth era

Starts soccer at Irichi SC (Ota Ward Iriidai XNUMX Elementary School Soccer Club), a boy/girl soccer club. LaterTokyo GasI belonged to a soccer school, and when I was in middle schoolNippon Television BelezaJoined the Yomiuri Menina, which is a subordinate organization of Yomiuri Menina. 1997,18th All Japan Women's Soccer ChampionshipWill be registered to participate in.

Murata Women's High School, Tokyo Management Junior CollegeWent to Menina and left Menina, chose to play in the high school soccer club and was in the 3th time in the 9rd yearAll Japan High School Women's Soccer ChampionshipIt became the third place in.Ota Ward these daysSannoI trained to dash a steep slope (Yamizaka) located in[2].. 2001,Nippon Sport Science UniversityFaculty of Physical EducationI went to the physical education department and while I was in schoolAll Japan University Women's Soccer Championship4 times, and contributed to the university's fifth consecutive tournament victory[3].. While in collegeJapan national soccer teamFirst elected in 2003FIFA Women's World Cup, 2004Athens OlympicsI participated in.

Club age

In 2005TEPCOTo find employmentFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantwas[4].. at the same timeL. League(Currently the Nadeshiko League)TEPCO Women's Soccer Club MarizeJoined the team. 8 points and same yearNewcomer KingWon[5].. In addition, laterFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentWill lead the convergence work as the nuclear power plant directorYoshida MasaoWas the boss[6].

2008 years,Beijing OlympicsElected to Japan[7].. We couldn't score a point in this tournament and the team finished in 4th place. Be the captain after the matchSawahokiSaid that he was encouraged and encouraged by saying, "Don't run more if you are a super sub!"[8].

With the 2009 season, he left the TEPCO Mareeze Women's Soccer Club.[9]. At the same time retired from TEPCO.

2010 years,AmericaProfessional League ofWPSHas been transferred to Philadelphia Independence, and has played four games after the transfer. September 4, of the same year,Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesTransfer to was announced[10].

2011 year 7 month,FIFA Women's World CupElected as a member of. Played in 4 games as a Super Sub. Quarter-finalGermanyIn the battle, from the start of the second halfYuki NagasatoIn the 3rd minute of the second half of the extension, Sawa Hoki received a floating ball pass and scored a goal. This was the final point and the Japan Women's National Team made it to the final four for the first time in the World Cup.[11]. At the press conference after the match, he answered, "I scored goals for the people of Tohoku."[8]. After that, he advanced to the final and contributed to Japan's first victory. As a result, this goal became the final goal of Maruyama.

2012, from Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesSperanza FC Osaka TakatsukiTransferred to. A team press conference was held on February 2th[12].

September 2016 announced retirement for 9 season only[13][14].

After retirement

After retiring, he turned into a talent and has been attracting attention due to a statement unlike a soccer player on a variety program.

Broadcasted on September 2017, 9Squeaky teacher(TV AsahiIt was revealed that he made a lot of misunderstandings about the rules of soccer, and he was angry by the manager after the match after hiding in the enemy's goal post without knowing the offside.Beijing OlympicsAs a result of not doing any preparatory exercise at all, I could not run in the game and lost to Germany, usually warmSawahokiRevealed that he was angry that he would run more if he was a super sub![15].

2020 May 9In addition, he was a former representative of Japan and used to have a relationship between a manager and a player.Kenji HonnamiWithMarriage registrationIn TokyoWard officeSubmit to[16].. Next day5 days"31st Tokyo Girls Collection"(Saitama Super Arena) As a guest model, the theme of "real wedding" was set up.Mynavi WeddingOn stage,Maesono MasakiAnnounced the marriage for the first time before[17].

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmpress cupTotal period
2005TEPCO Women's Soccer Club Marize14L. League Division 1 (L1)198-322210
2006Nadeshiko Div.1155-21176
2007Nadeshiko Div.2172244202326
200810Nadeshiko Div.1204-35239
AmericaLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
2010Philadelphia Independence11WPS40--40
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmpress cupTotal period
2010Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba Ladies31Pink61002182
2012Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki1843010224
2015Nadeshiko part 1243-00243
2016Konomiya Speranza Osaka Takatsuki1804010230
totalJapanPeriod 116132151141019043
JapanPeriod 2352744203831




Representative history

Selection history, etc.

Number of matches

Representation from JapanInternational A Match

(As of May 2014, 5)


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2003/3/19Kingdom of Thailand flag BangkokKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 9-0Friendly match
2.2003/6/11Kingdom of Thailand flag BangkokGuam flag Guam○ 7-02003 AFC Women's Championship
4.2003/6/13Myanmar flag Myanmar○ 7-0
5.2003/6/15Chinese Taipei flag Chinese Taipei○ 5-0
6.2003/7/12Japanese flag TokyoMexican flag Mexico○ 2-02003 FIFA Women's World CupQualifying playoffs
7.2004/4/18Japanese flag TokyoVietnam flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 7-0Athens OlympicsAsian Final Qualifying
8.2004/4/22Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 6-0
102006/11/23German flag KarlsruheGerman flag Germany● 3-6Friendly match
112008/5/31Vietnam flag Ho Chi MinhChinese Taipei flag Chinese Taipei○ 11-02008 AFC Women's Asian Cup
132008/7/24Japanese flag KobeAustralian flag Australia○ 3-0Friendly match
142011/7/9German flag WolfsburgGerman flag Germany○ 1-0FIFA Women's World Cup 2011


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