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👍 | 18 years old Koki, sports & fashion is getting 10 likes on average

Photo Image: Koki, Official Instagram

18-year-old Koki, sports & fashion getting 10 likes on average

If you write the contents roughly
In addition to fashion, the number of video views that shared workouts (during stay home) was 43.

"I'm 18 years old! Everyone who always supports me, all the staff, I really have a wonderful message ... → Continue reading

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2019 outing restrictions and blockade due to coronavirus outbreak

Global pandemic of new coronavirus infections > Restriction and blockade due to outbreak of new coronavirus infection

2019 outing restrictions and blockade due to coronavirus outbreak(In 2019, the coronavirus will be used by2020 Expanded after enteringNew Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) OfGlobal fashionOuting restrictions due toCity blockade (lockdown)Deal with.

Asian situation


The prefectural governor makes a request to stop using the facility (also called a leave request) and a request to refrain from going out.New influenza measures special measures lawCan be done on the basis of (not legally binding).

In addition, each prefectural governor, etc.Emergency declarationIn some cases, you may declare that you should refrain from going out.[1][2][3][4].

People's Republic of China

Complete containment with strict behavioral restrictionsZero Corona PolicyWas continued[5][6].

South Korea

Seoul cityでclusterAs a result, the number of infected people is lower than in Japan, but policies are changing.

north korea

2020 year 7 month,New coronavirusSuspected infectionNorth Korean defectorIs back, near the north-south borderGaeseongIntroduced lockdown in and around, but was lifted in August[7].

In addition,ChugokuSmuggling is often discovered near the border with, and there is information that lockdowns are being carried out each time.

In North Korea, from the end of January 2020 to prevent epidemics国境Is blocked[8].


Chinese embargo on February 2020, 2[9].

Prohibition of entry by foreigners who enter or stay in China on February 2th or 7th[9].

On February 2th, immigrants who changed trains in China, Hong Kong, and Macau wait 10 days at home[10].

From 3:14 on March 14th, immigrants from 27 European countries and Dubai will wait for 14 days at home or in a quarantine station.[11].

March 3th, entry prohibition for foreigners without special permission (foreigners who have entered Japan will wait for 19 days at home)[12].



Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

2021 May 8, Vietnamese government in VietnamHo Chi MinhFrom the same day, due to the worsening infection situation centered onHo Chi MinhThe citizens of Japan were totally banned from going out, including the purchase of food.During this time, the military will provide support such as delivering food to the citizens.[13]..ロックダウンはLockdownMay 10Was released to[14].


2020 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,National Capital Territory of DelhiHas decided to close all restaurants, and the closure of shopping malls has also started.[15].. Same day,Narendra Modiprime ministerWill give a television speech, Sunday, March 3 from 22 am to 7 pmIndiaAnnounced that it will order a ban on going out to the whole country except for some civil servants[15].. On March 3, the Government of India announced that it would completely block 22 confirmed infected states and 22 districts until 86st of the same year.[16].. In addition, Prime Minister Modi will deliver a speech on the evening of March 3, targeting the entire India for 24 days from March 3.Lockdown”And made it mandatory to wait at home or at the place of residence[17].. Government agencies, etc. have stopped functioning except for national defense, security maintenance, energy, medical care, etc.[17].. While the number of infected people increased after that, it entered into a complete blockade for 2020 days from March 3, 25[18].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day, Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,Mumbai,Pune,KolkataThe basic services and business of 80 cities including major cities were permitted.[19].

Regulations have been relaxed since May 5th and April 17th, but were postponed until the end of the month with the third postponement[20].



European situation



United Kingdom

March 2020, 3 23:8 pm,Boris JohnsonThe prime minister issued a stay order at home. All non-essential stores and services were ordered to be closed, and police powers were given the discretion to dissolve groups of two or more people. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the order would be reviewed three weeks later.[21]




The situation in Africa

North American situation

The United States of America


Status of Central America and the Caribbean

South America situation


May 2020, 5, 15 daysSantiagoBeginning curfew throughout the city[22].

The situation in Oceania


New Zealand

August 2020, 3,Jacinda AdernThe Prime Minister raised New Zealand's COVID-19 national warning level to 3 and announced the closure of all schools from that day. The government also announced that it would raise the alert level to 2020 at 3:25 pm on March 11, 59, leading to a national blockade. All sports games and events, non-essential services such as pools, bars, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds had to be closed within 4 hours, while important services such as supermarkets, gas stations, health services were normal. I decided to open it.[23][24][25]

  • By midnight April 2020, 4, the number of infected people dropped significantly, and the level was lowered from the highest level by one level to ease the curfew that had continued since March 27.[26].
  • The nation issued on March 5, saying that the spread of infection has been suppressed on May 13Emergency declarationWas released[27].



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