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👍 | Yuki Togashi "(Sota Okura) Heal well, get stronger and come back 👊"

Photo Image: Yuki Togashi Official Instagram

Yuki Togashi "(Sota Okura) Heal well, get stronger and come back 👊"

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Senior Yuki Togashi is also demanding that Okura become stronger.

"(Sota Okura) Heal well, get stronger and come back 👊" On the 15th, Yuki Togashi, the Japanese national basketball team ... → Continue reading

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Yuki Togashi

Yuki Togashi(Yuki Togashi,1993 〈Heisei5 years>May 7 -) Is a Japanese professionalbasketballplayer.NiigataShibata CityI'm from.The position isPoint guard.B.LEAGUE-Chiba Jets FunabashiBelong to.Japan Basketball National Team.


From childhood to high school graduation

NiigataShibata CityBorn in the first grade of elementary schoolMini basketballTo start[2].Shibata Municipal Honmaru Junior High SchoolIn addition to winning the national tournament in the third year under the father who leads the team as a coach, he was selected as a representative of Japan under the age of 3 and 2 in the second and third years, respectively.[2].

Ahead of junior high school graduation, at that timeHamamatsu / Higashi Mikawa PhoenixI had an exchange with Togashi's father as a head coach ofKazuo NakamuraDecided to study in the United States with the recommendation of[3][4].Kevin Durant,Greivis VásquezAnd so on(English edition)Got to[2]..Togashi has been a roster since 1 year[2],mainlySixmanWas appointed as, and contributed to the second place in the US ranking of the school in 2010.[5].

He has participated in national level competitions since he was in elementary and junior high school, and studied abroad in an American high school after graduating from junior high school.After graduating from high school, do not go on to universitybj league OfAkita Northern HappinetsJoined the team and started his career as a professional player. 1st yearbj league 2012-13Received the bj league rookie award in the season.

In 2011, he was selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team.[6], Participated in the William Jones Cup in August of the same year as a member of the Japanese national team composed mainly of young players[7]..Also in February 2012NBAParticipate in the event Basketball Without Borders hosted by[8], Won MVP while top players of the same age in Asia gathered[9]..I was instructed at this timeRolando BlackmanHighly rated Togashi as "the number one guard in this camp"[10].

After graduating from high school, aiming to go on to university in the United StatesNCAAAlthough I was solicited by some universities[9], Because it was not a condition for full exemption from the desired tuition fee[11]Abandoned going on to higher education[3][12].

As a Japanese professional

2012-13 season

Returning to Japan in search of an opportunity to participate in the match,Early entryJoined Akita Northern Happinets using the system[12][2][13]..Kazuo Nakamura is the head coach of Akita, and Nakamura's existence was the decisive factor in choosing the Akita team instead of his hometown of Niigata.[3][12].

February 2013, 2, the debut matchToyama GrawsiesAchieved a double-double with 15 points and 11 assists in the battle[14]..About 10 months after graduating from high school, I was away from the actual battle and the condition was not perfect[15]However, in the end, the average number of assists per game was 1.Regulations[16]He didn't make it into the ranking because he didn't reach, but he is the assist king of this season.Sendai 89ERS-Takehiko Shimura6.25, and second placeRyukyu Golden Kings-NarisatoWas the second highest number after 6.18 recorded by [17]..Although the team lost in the playoff semi-finals, Togashi won the new bj league rookie of the year award from the 2012-13 season.

2013-14 season

bj league 2013-14Nakamura declares "Togashi's team" during the season[18], Togashi participated in almost all games. February 2014, 2Shinshu Brave WarriorsRecorded 15 assists in the battle, 16 league records[19]Close to 1 more[20]..In the regular season, Togashi won the title with the highest number of assists with an average of 1 assists per game.It was also selected as the best five.In addition, the participation time was 7.9 minutes in total, and the league ranked first, and the score was 1 points.Richard RobyIt became the second highest score source for the team.This season, the team advanced to the finals for the first time since its inception.At the conference finalsToyama Grawsies28 points and 7 assists against him and won.Ryukyu Golden KingsIn the final with, he suffered from cramps in both legs and lost the game, but scored 30 points and 5 assists.[21]..Most in this seasonassistWon the title and was selected as the best five.

Also this yearAkita City GymnasiumMade inbj league all-star gameThen, he was selected as an MVP with 23 points and 5 assists. [22]In addition, he was the only bj league player to be selected as the best five of the year by the Tokyo Athletic Press Club.[23].

2014-15 season

After the 2013-14 season, Togashi announced that he would leave Akita and challenge the NBA.[24]Will be the gateway to the NBA on June 6thSummer leagueTraveled to the United States with the aim of participating in the war.Dallas MavericksAfter the summer camp in Japan, on July 7th, as a JapaneseYuta Tabuse,Takuya Kawamura,Takeuchi KosukeFollowing the NBA's fourth summer league roster has been revealed[25]..Togashi participated in four of the five Summer League games.The team was positioned as the 5rd place guard, and the participation time was limited.[26]..Among them, July 7thCharlotte HornetsIn the battle, score 11 points in about 12 minutes of participation time[27]The floater shot, especially just before the end of the three quarters, was selected for the top 3 league play of the day.[28]..When Togashi got the ball, the fans in the venue cheered "TOGA!" And suddenly became a presence that attracted the attention of fans and the media.[29][30].

After the summer league, I joined the Japanese national team andWilliam jones cupと2014 Asian GamesParticipated in.He won a bronze medal at the Asian Games.Injured left leg at the end of the William Jones Cup[31], Was appointed as a reserve at the Asian tournament[32].

Mavericks convenes Togashi at final camp in October 2014[33], Togashi travels to the United States on October 10th[31], Signed a player contract with the Mavericks on the 15th[34][35]..However, this isNBA Development League OfDraft meetingAvoid the MavericksTexas LegendsTogashi was dismissed on the 21st, as a convenience to ensure that he was sent to[36]..After that, Mavericks acquired another player, so Togashi changed the schedule and was put to a draft meeting.Santa Cruz WarriorsImmediately after being nominated for LegendstradeWas done[37]

Togashi, who signed with Legendz,visaArrived in Texas on November 11th, not in time for the opening round on November 14th due to acquisition[38],Bakersfield jamScored the first goal in the battle[39].. September 2015, 2Rio Grande Valley VipersIn the match, he scored 12 points, the most in the season.However, he sprained his ankle in the match on February 2th, and his recovery was not good after that, so he missed all the remaining games of the season.Togashi played 20 games this season, averaging 25 minutes per game and an average score of 1.[40].

2015-16 season

Togashi, who has healed his injuries, was selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team in June 2015.[41].. Although he participated in three Czech national team warm-up games held in Japan from August 8th to 14th, his participation time was limited to about 16 or 3 minutes.[42][43][44].. September 9thRio de Janeiro OlympicsJapan national team members competing for the right to participate were announced, but Togashi was not elected[45].

August 8, TogashiItaly-Serie A Of(Italian version)Signed a pre-season contract with[46][47]Despite participating in practice and pre-season games, Dynamo Sassari announced on September 9 that he would not sign a regular season contract.[48][49]..After that, it is reported that contract negotiations are being held with teams outside Japan[48]On October 9stNBL OfChiba JetsContract agreement with[50].

2016-17 season

92 timesEmperor's cupThen he showed great success and contributed to the team's first victory.It was also selected as one of the 5 best Emperor's Cups.He showed the best 5 of the season. In the 2016-17 B League All-Star Game, he won the All-Star Game MVP by exciting the venue with his favorite three-point shoots and dunk shoots.

2017-18 season

Section 8 November 11thArbulk TokyoIn the match, he scored 42 career highs and recorded 3 11P successes (73.3%), the highest number in B League history.[51].

2018-19 season

2019-20 season

In June 2019, he became the first Japanese player to play 6 million yen in the B League.

2020-21 season

August 2021, 3,AmuseMake a management contract with[52].

Representation from Japan

In 2011 while in high school[3], 2014, 2015Japan Basketball National TeamSelected as a candidate,2014 Asian GamesThen he participated as a representative of Japan and won a bronze medal.

He was active as the main force of the team,2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World CupHe broke his right hand during the training camp just before and left the team.

In 2021, he was elected to represent Japan at the Tokyo Olympics.

Play style

In basketball, where tall players are advantageous, short stature is a big handicap, but it has the skill and speed to make up for it.[53]..Create opportunities with the right pass, sometimes from a quick driveScoop shotOr, take a score by shooting from the outside[53][54]..Even in defense, strength training is repeated to compete with American players who are superior in physique, and the height difference is covered with a strong body.[53][9].

The coach of Montrose Christian High SchoolUSA TodayAlthough he was also short, he played an active part in the NBA.Muggsy BoguesCompared to Borgs, who confronts with a strong body, Togashi is good at playing to pull out at speed.[55].

Called "Yuk" by his high school teammates[56]Also, in the 2014 NBA Summer League, it was given the nickname "TOGA".[57].

Individual grade

Abbreviation Description
  GPNumber of games played  GS Number of starting games MPG Average participation time
 FG% Field goalSuccess rate 3P% Three pointsSuccess rate FT% Free throwSuccess rate
 RPG averagereboundQuantity APG averageassistQuantity SPG averageSteelQuantity
 BPG averageblockQuantity  TO averageturnoverQuantity PPG Average score
 Taizi Career high  League leader  Winning season
bj league 2012-13[13]Akita262336.7. 411. 371. 5562.
bj league 2013-14525236.4. 399. 351. 8332.
2014-15 TEX2518.3. 429. 455. 667.
NBL 2015-16千葉43516.6. 389. 394. 7221.
B1 2016-17606029.4. 391. 354. 8812.
B1 2017-18504627.8. 474. 418. 8381.
B1 2018-19606025.5. 426. 377. 7781.
B1 2019-20403527.0. 407. 344. 8512.
B1 2020-21575725.5. 411. 381. 8281.
B1 total: 5 years29128227.0. 415. 369. 8262.


  • B League Most Valuable Player Award: 1 time (2019)
  • B League Best 5: 4 times (2017 --2020)
  • Assist King (B League): Once (1)
  • B League Best Tough Shot Award: 1 time (2019)
  • B League All-Star GameElection: 4 times (2017 --2020)
  • B League All-Star Game MVP: 1 time (2017)
  • Number of successful three-points per game: 1 (November 11, 2017, B League record for most ties,Kosuke KanamaruLined up)


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