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🐈 | [Daiso VS Ceria] 100 average "pet goods" showdown!More reasonable than a pet store !?


[Daiso VS Ceria] 100 average "pet goods" showdown!More reasonable than a pet store !?

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Microfiber is easy to clean, so you can wash it at home when you're done using it.

It is a 100-yen shop that is convenient for procuring daily necessities and daily necessities, but in fact, there are plenty of goods that are useful for families with pets.Move ... → Continue reading

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microfiber(microfiber) Is chemically composed 8MicrometerThe following extra-fineNylon,polyesterSuch asfiberso,cottonA material that has the same water absorption, breathability, and heat retention as.


The fiber cross section is fine because it has an acute-angled or polygonal shape.チリHas the ability to take in the fiber surface.Taking advantage of its characteristicsGlassesSuch as opticslensAnd car bodiesガ ラ スSuch asWiping clothIs used for.Synthetic fiberSportswear that is required to be comfortable to wear due to its characteristics such as quick-drying.underwearKind, clothing,beddingAlso used for.It has the disadvantage of low durability due to the fineness of the fibers.

The effect of reducing turbulent frictional resistance due to the brushed microfiber wall surface has been reported, but the mechanism is still unknown.

America'sDuPontMany companies, etc.ChemicalCurrently, manufacturers are entering research in this genre.


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