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😀 | [Alafor Marriage Reportage] "Would you like me to wear a collar?" A handsome guy under the age of 15 suddenly said what !?


[Alafor Marriage Reportage] "Would you like me to wear a collar?" A handsome guy under the age of 15 suddenly said what !?

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Moreover, a typical useless man who is interested in a business trip host ....

――For more than 20 years of joint party history, more than 2,500 times in total, fighting against breast cancer in the middle of 30s, but currently acclaimed marriage activity ... → Continue reading

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Business trip host club

Business trip host club(Shucho Host Club) is commonly known as "Delihos (delivery host)" or "business trip host", and men called "hosts" mainly target female customers to watch movies, shop, drive, tourist information, and meals. It is a service that makes you feel like a date, such as accompanying and having sexual intercourse.Rental boyfriend / women's customsThere is also a store called.Wind law"No store type customs special business" bynotificationis necessary.


"Host clubIt is called by this name because it is a business trip version of.You may be able to order a course with or without sexual intercourse at a hotel or the like.ゲ イForGay sex shop(So-calledSales only) Delivery typeSexual intercourseThere are many cases.

Modern business trip host club image

Even now, there are places that accept telephone nominations, but basically you can make nominations and payments by credit card payment from each website of the business trip host club.Information including the appearance of the business trip host is sent by the photo of the person, the blog, and the business trip host.TwitterSuch asSocial MediaCan be viewed by information.

In addition, new information sites such as rental boyfriends have entered the market due to the recent boom, and as a category of information sites specializing in water business and customs for men, and a business that operates information sites for men. There is a sister site newly operated by the company for women, making it easy to compare business trip host clubs.

Personal host

Mobile phoneWith the advent of the Internet and the spread of the Internet, it is one of the trends that individuals have come to host business trips.It is a system that publishes a homepage with its own face and mobile number, hobbies and prices, business trip range, etc., and waits for access from women who see it.In order to reduce anxiety, it may be OK to chill out on a mobile phone first.Some hosts feature their special skills (for example, writing songs or writing poetry for a female guest).

The biggest problem with hosts who are working individually is that they are nominated by customers.Sometimes it is simply called by mischief or chilling, but if the atmosphere is different from the image posted on the homepage, there is an example that you have come to the meeting place but silently return without meeting.Therefore, some hosts take measures by having the host transfer the down payment for transportation expenses and nomination fees to the bank account owned by the host in advance, but personal information such as the real name will be leaked from the bank account and the income will be revealed. Hosts who have not paid their taxes may be subject to a tax audit.From the above, in order to avoid troubles, it is often desired to belong to a group's business trip host site and to deliver money through the office of the group's business trip host site.

For gays

A type that can be called to customers or hotelsUri exclusive barIt is close to.In the past, it was not possible to confirm the face of the host man in the nomination name, and the host man was decided only by oral explanation by telephone.However, in recent years, the host has been decided by looking at the pictures on the Internet or in the office.Offices are often set up in one room of an apartment, and in some cases private rooms are prepared in the back room or in an apartment separate from the office.Private room hostCalled.Unlike Uri-sen, it doesn't run a bar. From the 1970s and 80sGay magazine"Business trip host" advertisement came to appear in.The sports newspaper also has an advertisement for recruiting business trip hosts.

Relationship with crime

For registration-based business trip hosts, there are various registration methods.There is also a format in which the management pays the registration fee to the host applicant in advance.Some people claim that this format is a "scam", but the store will explain this format in advance at the recruitment stage, the applicant will pay with conviction, and the store will advertise to customers. , If the nomination from the customer reaches the registered host, it is not a fraud.Even if the registered host pays the registration fee but no appointment is made, even if all the store's earnings are the registration fee, it is not a fraud.

Ideally, there is a free trial period for a certain period in advance, and if the host applicant can judge that the activity as a host is prominent, the posting fee will be paid as a renewal fee from the time when the free period expires. Of course.However, even if the store explains that the store cannot make any money and the business cannot be established in that format, and the registration fee format is used, it cannot be said to be fraudulent or scam.

In the case of the sales margin system, it can be said that the formal sales margin system is to pay the office a fixed margin amount for the sales after the designated sales increase.However, if that doesn't make it a store, it's unavoidable to earn a registration fee from the registered host.What is important is that there are more options for host applicants.

If the store only takes the registration fee from the host applicant, does not advertise to the customer at all, and does not format the nomination from the customer to reach the registered host, "registration fee fraud" It can't be helped even if it is said.There is also a method for host applicants to purchase high-priced goods later as necessary items without prior explanation in the host recruitment column, or a method for requesting a deletion fee from the advertising site when withdrawing from the membership. ..In addition, the host used to go to the customerBeauty stationThere is a risk of being involved in crimes such as "(Tsukutase)".In addition, it is rough that the host is forced to "extreme SM play" and "service to multiple women" that are difficult to deal with, and the customer is accused of being unsatisfied and angry and paying damages. There are also tricks.

Most of the business trip hosts are those where back-ups and direct pulls (Yamiken in Ulyssen) are accepted as store-type hosts.Therefore, regarding the nomination price, the management is not involved at all in the exchange between the customer and the host.However, due to the concept of non-payment of money, nomination, and calculation of nomination time, it often causes troubles in exchanging the nomination price between the customer and the host.Therefore, it has become safer for the customer to transfer the nomination price to the management once and have it deposited, and after the nomination is completed without any trouble, the management transfers the nomination price to the host.In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, the nomination fee has stopped at the management stage, so it is possible to deal with it, and even though the nomination fee has been transferred to the host in advance, the host does not appear at the meeting place. It was.Such damage can be prevented.Until the host gets the nomination fee, he will not be able to serve customers sloppyly, so he will not behave like Naanaa.

However, if the store receives the full amount of money from the customer and later hands the share to the host, the store will have to pay the withholding tax to the tax office.Later, there was a huge collection of tax withholding tax from the tax office, and there were cases where the management escaped.By law, it is not complicated for the store to just rent a place or just advertise, so the owner may do so as well.

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