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📚 | Enjoy a "feast salad" like the basement of a department store at home


Enjoy a "feast salad" like a department store basement at home

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This time, the popular "Feast salad like a department store basement" series and "Fashionable and delicious!

Colorful salads lined up in the basement of the department store.Using seasonal ingredients, we are particular about coloring, serving, and nutritional balance. ... → Continue reading

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Department store basement

Department store basement(Depa Chika) isJapanese department store(Department store)GroceriesIt is a common name (common name) that refers to the sales floor.Almost地下FloorIt is called because it is located in the basement, but of course it is not always underground due to sales strategy and building convenience.


The foods that are mainly sold areSide dish,Box lunch,Sweets,liqueurAnd so on.Sweets and side dishes are from famous storestenantMay open a store.Also as an eventExhibitionIs held orEkibenEtc. are also sold.

In addition to face-to-face sales to customers, there are also depachika tenants that support mail-order sales and delivery.Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIt is expanding in the early 2020s due to the self-restraint of going out.[1].


The first depachika in Japan was introduced1936/And the place isMatsuzakayaNagoya store[2]..After that, the basement of the department store spread to various places.

The name Depachikatv set,magazineSuch asMass mediaBegan to be used by2000/ToTokyu Department Store ToyokoAfter the opening of the "Tokyu Food Show"[3].

Why it's underground

As a merit, there are many department stores that use the basement and lower floors as grocery stores.gas,ElectricalEquipment such as is lower than installing on the ground floorcostBecause[4].. actuallyTokyu Department Store Main StoreHas set up a grocery store on the top floor, but since the area of ​​the store was limited and it took time to carry the products, it was moved to the basement after that.[4]..Another advantage issubwaystationConnect withUnderground streetFormed a part of or installed undergroundParking LotIt is possible to aim for entry from the basement by directly connecting with[4]..And the aim is to invite the customers gathered at the food department to the upper floors.This is called the "fountain effect"[4].

However, due to the structural circumstances of the building, there are some "depachika" that are not underground.However, even in such a case, it is usually placed on a lower floor such as the first floor.

  • The "depachika" is distributed in the underground space and the above-ground space for reasons such as the area of ​​one floor is not large and the area of ​​the grocery sales floor is further strengthened.Kitasenju Marui,Kashiwa Takashimaya,Tobu Department Store UtsunomiyaSuch)
  • In the first place, there is no underground space in the building itself, and it is used for parking lots, bicycle parking lots, machine rooms, etc. other than the sales floor (Yonago Shinmachi)Tenmaya,Sakurano Department StoreKitakami store, etc.)

Depachika trends

There is also a department store opening format that specializes only in the functions (food) in the basement of the department store.In most cases, these are opened as one of the large tenants in a shopping center, and examples are as follows.


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