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📱 | macOS ARM64 support, accelerated development language "Go" v1.16


macOS ARM64 support, accelerated development language "Go" v1.16

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See the release notes for more detailed changes.

Google released version 2021 of the development language "Go" on February 2, 16.Dow… → Continue reading

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Release notes

Release notes(Release notes) are software productsreleaseAt the time of, a document that shows the user the contents of enhancements and bug fixesWebsiteIs[1]..If the product is already in use by the customer, the release notes will be provided when the software is updated.It may also be created for development or testing products.


Release notes include enhancements, specification changes, bug fixes, etc. for individual release versions of software products.End-userAnd the purpose is to present it to product purchasers.Also,system testIt may be provided by the development team to related departments as ancillary materials.The release notes are a concise description of the individual release content.Specification,manualIt does not play the role of.


There is no standard format for release notes, and each issuing organization adopts a format that suits the type of information to be provided and the requirements.In addition, the specific content of the description differs depending on the release form of the product.

The following is an example of what can be included in the release notes.

  • Header-Document name, product name, release number, release date, release note number, release note creation date, etc.
  • Overview-A brief description of the product or changes
  • Purpose-A brief description of the purpose of providing the release notes
  • Description of updates-A brief description of updates that accompany the release (enhancements, bug fixes, etc.)
  • Reproduction procedure --Conditions and procedures for occurrence of defects
  • Solution-A brief description of how to enhance or fix bugs
  • Impact on end users-Special actions that end users should take, impact on other functions, etc.
  • Impact on support-impact on software management process, etc.
  • Remarks-Explanations regarding software and hardware installation, version upgrades, product documentation updates, etc.
  • Disclaimer and contract details

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