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😀 | It's like a capsule hotel?"There is a truck driver" that installs a sleeper on the truck is talked about

Photo You might want to live in a bed like this ... * Provided by Weevil

It's like a capsule hotel?"There is a truck driver" that installs a bed on the truck is talked about

If you write the contents roughly
Weevil: I was happy to hear the excitement of a secret base where you can watch movies and brew coffee on the truck bed.

A bath set for audio, electric kettle, lantern, as well as fluffy futon ... At the top behind the driver's seat ... → Continue reading

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Secret base

Secret base(Himitsukichi) is generally a secretconstructionOr installedbaseRefers to.


Use the terrain orcamouflageFrom the large-scale ones that are constructed by applyingApartmentThere are various scales, including those that can be implicitly placed in one room.Also,childrenA secret that you don't want outsiders to knowplayground OfmeaningI sometimes use this word in.

Secret base in the real world

In the real world, military organizations,Intelligence agency,MilitantsIt is commonly used to mean a secret activity base such as.Here, activities are carried out that the parties do not want to be widely known.Specifically, the development of top secret technology,militiaOrganization,spyTraining and activities, long-term surveillance and intelligence activities (especially called "safe house" for "hidden" placed by intelligence agencies), from outsideescapePersoncrimeIt is said to hide people.The famous one isHigh economic growthIn Japan of the periodExtreme left violence terrorismThere is a so-called "non-public hideout" as a base for activities.

These forms depend on the financial strength, etc., and there are a wide variety of types, from large ones that are constructed on a large scale with huge funds to small ones that are installed in one room of an apartment.

Satellite image analysis
Google,Digital globeInformation provision, such asRemote sensingWith the spread of commercial satellites operated by companies, it has become possible to obtain information on all parts of the globe, even if they are not military satellites, so there are increasing cases of discovering secret bases.

A secret military base in reality

  • Air defense shelter —— Each countryシ ェ ル タ ーDescribed
  • Closed city(Secret city) --Cities that are not on the map and have restricted access in countries such as the Soviet Union (now Russia) and the United States.
  • (English edition) --Description of fighter hangers in each country
  • (English edition) ――The meaning of "the last day on earth".A national commander (American) manufactured to take command in the air even after the loss of the ground government centerE-4, SovietIl-80Wait)
  • (English edition) --Submarine bunker made during the isolation period of Albania
The United Kingdom
  • Porton down --A facility that has been classified as top secret for over 100 years.It is said that he was involved in human experimentation and anthrax experiment on Gruinard Island.
  • Menwith Hill Air Base --A base managed by the United States, which is said to be the base of the communication interception system "Echelon"
  • (English edition) --A base for a nuclear war called by various code names such as "Burlington"
  • London, Palmer Street Building (Sold)-Intelligence AgencyGovernment Communications HeadquartersSecreted at a secret base in 1953-66[2].
  • (English edition)(Object 825GTS) --In the Soviet era, it was the home port of nuclear submarines.
  • Pine gap --Joint spy satellite base with the United States
  • (English edition) --Former Yugoslavia's largest military underground air force base
Peenemünde Army Weapons Experiment StationIs in EnglandOperation HydraPlans to use natural tunnels, mines, railroad tunnels, etc., to force new concentration camp personnel to create underground tunnels, and build military bases hidden from enemies (U-Verlagerung) Was advanced.
  • (German version) - (English edition)(Meaning "miracle weapon")Messerschmitt Me262One of the largest Nazi-era underground factories built by mobilizing concentration camp humans to manufacture.There is also a story that it is connected to the tunnel that was manufacturing the nuclear bomb.[4].
  • (German version) --Underground factory for manufacturing Messerschmitt Me262 using mines
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
  • Cu Chi Underpass --The 200km-long underground tunnel network was used as a base for guerrilla warfare, and the entrance was cleverly hidden.
  • en: PlokÅ¡tinė missile base --Soviet nuclear missile silo.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was abandoned and leaked in various ways due to the damage caused by the collection.Currently the Cold War Museum
  • Mount Yamantau, --A US government investigation suggests that there is a Russian underground secret base.
  • Sarov(Also known as: Alzamas 16) -A closed city involved in nuclear weapons research and manufacturing
  • Vozrozhdeniya Island --In the Soviet era, there was a biological weapons research institute.It closed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but it is believed that dangerous goods had leaked before the closure.The storage condition is still not good.
  • Kapustin Yar(Zhitkur) --A facility involved in rocket and nuclear development.The surrounding villages were forcibly relocated so that information would not be leaked.Relationships with aliens have also been suggested.
  • (Russian version) (Also known as: Алсу-2) --Nuclear Shelter Command of the Black Sea Fleet.
  • (English edition) --Moscow metroTaganskaya StationIt is a communication facility near the building, which was declassified in 2000, and was renovated into a public sale and museum / restaurant complex in 2006.
  • (Russian version) ――The meaning of "Stalin's air raid shelter".Alternate Command during World War II, declassified in 1990.After that, it became a civil defense museum.

Rumors that there is a secret base


Secret base in fiction

Super heroAppearsfictionIn, it refers to the secret activity base on the hero's side, or conversely that on the side classified as evil.wordUsed as.As for the form of the base,camouflageIt is a huge underground facility that has been built, or it is common so that it cannot be recognized from the outside.officeThere are many things that have been remodeled.The "secret bases" in world-famous works include:

The secret base in fiction has a strong appeal to children, and television has spread to ordinary households in Japan.1960 eraIt was modeled from around that time and became a hit.However, since the highest-end large kit is expensive for children, the number of people who actually purchased it was relatively small, and it was said that it was a "Takamine flower, but a model I longed to get someday". ..There are many science fiction works such as "Thunderbird Secret Base" and "Spectrum Base" as typical ones, but some of them are like "German Army Secret Base" of Eidai.DioramaKeynote militaryScale modelAlso existed.

A secret base as a children's playground

The "secret base" in this case imitates the ones listed above.childrenMakeSecretRefers to the playground.

FriendWithinAdultAnd outsiders (friendBut those who have not made a promise to be friends) are often promised to keep their existence and place secret, but they are not necessarily "secret" and from an adult's point of view they are simply Often it's just a gathering place.

A place that could be such a secret baseparkIn the cornerVacantHowever, in order to sublimate the feeling of "secret base" that you do not want to be known to the people around you.ruinsIt may be built in so-called dangerous places such as buildings, construction sites, and material storage areas.This also means getting pleasure by violating the contraindication that you should not enter dangerous places.
Depending on the areaYoung people's innIn order to grow children socially, some adults manage them so that they cannot see them.

In addition,indoorNarrow places (mostly at home), for exampleCloset,Storage room,Warehouse,Godown1 person or兄弟It may be made with.

AmericaBoy's adventure and friends友情Themed movie "stand by Me], There is a secret base on the tree, and a scene where you play a card game is depicted.Also, also "Tom Sawyer's Adventure], It is set to create a secret base in the cave, insideGold coinAnd weapons and ammunition and children's toys,Kidnapping officialhostageTheImprisonmentThere is also Tom's future dream.

Also"20th century boy''Lychee ☆ Hikari ClubThere are also works in which the secret base itself appears as a keyword and stage, but these two works have the characteristic of bringing disastrous results to the people who made the secret base.

"Detective! Night Scoop"20111/28In the broadcast, the request from a boy's elementary school student in Osaka to "create a secret base" was adopted.Takatsuki Forest Tourist CenterOn the site insideKatsura TwigWith the cooperation of detectives and craftsmen in the construction shop, a secret base was actually created.


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  2. ^ Drab London office block was GCHQ spy base(BBC updated: 5 April 2019, reference date: 14 may 2019)
  3. ^ Secret sanya: China's new nuclear naval base revealed --Jane's Intelligence Review p50-53 May 2008
  4. ^ Secret Nazi nuclear bunker discovered in Austria by filmmaker (Independent Written by: Ben Tufft Monday 29 December 2014 20:19)


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Weevil(Weevil)BeetleOne of the groups.The weevil in the narrow senseWeevil familyIt is a general term for beetles that are classified as or, but in a broad sense, weevilColeoptera(Coleoptera) ・Weevil superfamilyRefers to insects classified as (Curculionoidea).The shape of the mouth is extendedelephantAlthough the name is likened to, it does not have a so-called weevil-like body shape.Attelabidae,Bark beetleAlso included.

In terms of classificationLong-horned beetle,Leaf beetleClosely related toplantIt is a group that is well adapted to food.種Only with the nameJapanThere are more than 1,000 species, and it is said that there are about 6 species in the world, and it is a particularly large group among a wide variety of beetles.

Such asBean weevil familyHas the name "weevil" and was once close to it, but is now classified as a leaf beetle superfamily and is not a weevil superfamily.Bean weevilsLeaf beetle family・ Sometimes it is a subfamily of bean weevils.


AdultIs a small beetle with a body length of several mm to several cm.The rounded body surface is hard and sturdyExoskeletonIt is covered with.From the headSnout(Mouth) grows long, and many types have a mouth at the end.Japanese nameThe "weevil" is derived from the fact that it is likened to an elephant's nose.This snout pierces the plant tissueSpawningAdapted toorganHowever, the proboscis is short due to the secondary loss of spawning habits.DegradationThere are also things that have been done.Protect yourself with a slow but sturdy exoskeleton, and when you meet an enemyApparent deathOften pretends to be dead.

Some weevil is required for exoskeleton formationTyrosineIs produced by the symbiotic bacterium Nardonella in the body[1].

Larva・ All types of adults are herbivores, and the parts they feed on areleaf,髄,flower,Sap,fruit,Kuchiki,seedIt depends on the type.Adults laid in holes snouted in plant tissueeggからincubationMany of the larvae that have been slaughtered move to the perforation life as they are, and some of themGallSome form.Due to this polite spawning habit, many large eggs are laid in small numbers, but in the group called the short snout group of the weevil family, the proboscis is secondarily degenerated and becomes thicker and shorter, and a large amount of small eggs are produced. It lays down in the soil and the larvae live freely.Some cause serious damage to cropspestThere is also one that becomes.

森林Many species live in grasslands and grasslands, so if you spread a cloth under a tree branch and hit the branch, many weevil will fall.Many types fly to the lights at night.WeevilSuch,穀物Some species live in the storage of.

Main types

Weevil weevil family Brentidae

Cylas formicarius Cylas formicarius (Fabricius, 1798)
Tokara IslandsDistributed south.sweet potatoFrom the distribution area to the mainland of Japan due to pests that feed onBindweedBringing in plants is prohibited.

Weevil weevil Anthribidae

Euparius oculatus oculatus (Sharp, 1891)
About 6-10mm in length.As the Japanese name suggestsmushroomI eat the.HokkaidoからTaiwanIs distributed up to.

Weevil family Curculionidae

Skipjack weevil Lixus impressiventris Roelofs, 1873
It is distributed almost all over Japan,MugwortInhabits grasslands where such things grow.The body color of the adult ground is blackish brown, but brown powder is blown all over the body.
Nesalcidodes chinensis Mesalcidodes trifidus (Pascoe, 1870)
The body length is about 6-10mm.The chest and the second half of the abdomen are white, and the others are greenish black.It looks like a prominent body color, but this isbirds OfshitResembledProtective colorThen, when he encounters an enemy, he will die.From JapanTaiwanDistributed toScrapsIs used as a diet.
Chrysanthemum (Chestnut weevil) Curculio sikkimensis (Heller, 1927)
The body length is about 6-10mm.It is characterized by a brown body color and a very elongated snout.ChestnutFruitAcornMake a hole with a snout and lay eggs. "There are insects in the chestnuts" is mostly due to this weevil.
Weevil weevil
Madara weevil

Sipalinus gigas Rhynchophoridae

Weevil Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, 1855
Also called maize weevil.It is a small weevil with a body length of about 2 mm, and has four small points on its front wings.Distributed and stored all over the worldRiceIt is a pest that devours.
Sipalinus gigas Sipalinus gigas (Fabricius, 1775)
A large weevil with a body length of about 12-25 mm.The body color of adults is brown, but it darkens as the days go by after emergence.Larvae eat wood and adults collect in the sap.Widely distributed from Southeast Asia to Japan, it is the largest species of weevil native to Japan.
Rhynchophorus chinensis Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier, 1790)
Adults reach about 30-40 mm in length and have bright orange and black body colors.LarvaePalm familyIt grows by eating the tissue near the growth point of the plant, and the palm that has been devoured by many larvae withers.Southeast AsiaAlthough native20st centurySince the end of the year, it has expanded into southern Japan and is expanding its distribution.Exotic speciesIs.It has also been pointed out that it may transmit infectious diseases of palm plants.

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