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🥾 | Make the mountain parka feminine.Spring "outdoor x feminine" coordination technique

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Make the mountain parka feminine.Spring "outdoor x feminine" coordination technique

If you write the contents roughly
You can also enjoy the protagonist items, which are easy to dress in one pattern, with a fresh look.

The secret to seeing a mix of outdoor and feminine tastes.This spring's hot item "Mountain Parker ..." → Continue reading


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One pattern

One pattern(Japanglish: one pattern) Means to repeat the same act.


Japanese English used for daily conversation.No change, no new taste, no change, no ingenuity.It has a negative implication.ColloquialismThen.WampaMay be abbreviated as.punIt is also called "dog's fall" (one pattern).As a synonymmannerism, Remember one of the idiots, etc.

1979This word also appeared in the minutes of the Diet,Basic knowledge of modern terminologyIt was published as a youth language in the 1980 edition.

TV historical drama "Mito KomonIn some cases, one pattern is refined as an art style and succeeded, and it is called "a great one pattern".


  • 1977By the timeMitsuo SendaThere is a theory that it was popularized as a coined word in TV programs, but it is not clear.
  • On the bulletin board on the Internet, the same image is pasted infinitely, which also represents the act of continuous pasting.Most of the content is filled with malicious images.

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