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👍 | Is it hard to live?Anja Ken Watabe Completely track the part-time job theory at Toyosu Market

Photo Watanabe's Toyosu sightings were sent

Is it hard to live?Anja Ken Watabe Completely track the part-time job theory at Toyosu Market

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It is said that it was witnessed at the fresh fish wholesale store X in Toyosu Market.

Astonishing information that "Unjash" Ken Watabe (XNUMX), who is refraining from activities due to the multipurpose toilet affair, was in the Toyosu market in Tokyo ... → Continue reading

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Fresh fish wholesale store X

Toyosu market

Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 38 Minutes 39 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 47 min 01 sec /35.64417 degrees north latitude 139.78361 degrees east longitude / 35.64417; 139.78361

Toyosu market(Toyoshijo)[1][2]It is,TokyoKoto WardToyosuPublicly established in XNUMX-chomeWholesaleMarketIs.There are 11 locations in TokyoTokyo Central Wholesale Marketone of.Tsukiji MarketIt was built as an alternative facility to.2018 (Heisei30 years) The opening ceremony was held on September 9th.[3],same yearMay 10Started trading in ("Tsukiji market relocation problemSee also).

AuctionFor tours, events, product sales and restaurants, general consumers and tourists other than those involved in retail and restaurants can also use it.[4][5].

back ground

Tsukiji MarketUntil 1987Shiodome StationIt was designed on the premise of rail transportation, such as a service line being laid in the hall, and it was said that it could not be fully supported by modern truck transportation and that rebuilding was necessary.TokyoGinzaConsidering the good location and the size of the land, it is close to2014 I was considering relocating to Toyosu, Koto-ku.The New Market Construction Council was established as a consultative body between the Tokyo side and the Tsukiji market industry.2004 In July, "Toyosu New Market Basic Plan[6]] Was formulated.

The planned relocation site isTokyo GasIn the land where the facility was locatedSoil contaminationWas discovered.Detected in the groundlead,Arsenic,Hexavalent chromium,cyan,mercury,benzene6 types ofHazardous substanceIn the countryEnvironmental standardsBeyondCarcinogenBenzene is local, but it is 43,000 times the national standard.[7]..Some people are dissatisfied with the safety and hygiene and the burden of expenses associated with relocation, and have an attachment to Tsukiji.WholesaleDue to such reasons, a movement against relocation was being carried out.As a safety measure,2012 Toyosu New Market Soil Contamination Countermeasure Construction and Engineers' Meeting on It[8].

It was also pointed out that the volume handled by the Tsukiji market is declining.A "reconstruction of the current location" proposal for rebuilding at Tsukiji emerged in 1999, but it was blanked out due to difficulties in coordinating with the industry and increased costs.[9].

In addition, soil contamination of the site has also been confirmed at the Tsukiji Market.[10]..Besides this, in the basementDaifuku RyumaruLanded byHydrogen bombExperimentExposureThere is a problem that the tuna that has been slaughtered (called "nuclear bomb tuna" at that time) is buried.

The opening time was postponed many times to prevent soil pollution. 2014May 12, New Market Construction Council will open in early November 2016 and officially decided to launch as a new market to replace Tsukiji[11]..After that, it was decided that the opening date would be November 11, and the name would be "Toyosu Market".[1][2]..However, due to the discovery of a new soil pollution problem, etc., on August 2016, 8Yuriko KoikeThe Governor of Tokyo has announced that the opening will be postponed, and after multiple adjustments, the opening date will be October 2018, 10.[12].

As mentioned above, loading and unloading by truck is mainly considered, but as in the Tsukiji market era, it also supports sea transportation, and it is on the north side of the market.Harumi CanalA total length of 150m class on the south bank (adjacent to Toyosu Gururi Park)PierHas been maintained and can be carried in.


Ring two waysIt was constructed in 315 blocks, 5 blocks, 6 blocks, and 7 blocks, centering on the intersection of Tokyo City Planning Road Assistance Route 3.The total site area is 40.7ha.Fruit and vegetable building (5 stories above ground) in 3 blocks on the east side, Fisheries Wholesale Market building (6 stories above ground) in 5 blocks on the west side, Fisheries wholesale market building (7 stories above ground) and management facility building in 5 blocks on the south side (6 stories above ground) is located.The "Ginrin Bunko", which holds about 3000 books in the Tsukiji market, was also transferred to the administration building.[13].

In addition, the Uogashimizu Shrine (Suijinja, the main shrine) is worshiped by fisheries workers.Kanda Akijin境内) Harukasho was also relocated from Tsukiji Market to Toyosu Market.[14].

On the road that separates each facility in the market交 差点To the northeastYurikamome Tokyo Waterfront New Transportation Waterfront Line OfMarket front stationThere,Pedestrian deckWill be contacted with each block.

Thousands of customers

Adjacent to the intersection, the commercial and tourist facility "Senkaku Manrai Facility" for tourists is scheduled to be built in the 6th and 5th blocks.

August 2014, 2,Daiwa House Industry(In charge of traditional craft experience facilities in 5 blocks) and "Sushi ZanmaiOperate "Sushi ZanmaiDecided to outsource the operation to two companies (in charge of restaurants and hot bath facilities in 6 blocks)[15]However, Daiwa House Industry requested to decline on February 2015, 2, and Kiyomura applied to decline on April 23, 4.[16][17].

On March 2016, 3, on behalf of the two companies that announced their declineManyo ClubWas selected as a business planner[18](6 blocks only).However, in June 2017, the governor of TokyoYuriko KoikeAnnounced that it will redevelop the Tsukiji market and make it a tourism base for logistics and food.[19][20]In response to this, Manyo Club informed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of its intention to withdraw because it would be unprofitable.[21]..After that, due to discussions between the two parties, the "Senkaku Manrai Facility" will be rebuilt, and as of August 2018, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government explained to the Koto Ward Assembly that it is scheduled to open in 8.[22]("Manyo Club #Development ProjectSee also).

Facility design

The design of the fisheries wholesale building, the fisheries wholesale building, and the fruit and vegetable buildingNikken DesignIs doing[23].

Facility construction

The construction of Toyosu Market is as followsJoint venture(JV) is doing[24].


  • For example, setting up a transfer facility to other marketsCapital AreaEstablish the hub function of.
  • Consistent from carry-in to carry-outlogisticsImprove the efficiency of both transactions and logistics by establishing a system.
  • AdvancedhealthManagement, betterquality managementWe will create a safe and secure market by developing facilities and systems that enable us to do so.
  • Enhance customer service by improving the convenience of buying around and providing product and transaction information.
  • Environmental loadReduction ofEnergy saving・ Realize resource saving.
  • Setting up a busy zone and attractiveCityscapeIt will be a market that contributes to urban development, such as giving consideration to.
Above, from Toyosu New Market Basic Plan[25].

HygienetemperatureBy making it a closed facility where luggage can be loaded and unloaded indoors, which is easy to manage.fruitRegarding fruits and vegetables, the number of complaints has decreased, and the business operator has evaluated that the truck residence time could be shortened by expanding the parking lot and cargo handling area.On the other hand, it has been pointed out that one year after the opening of the business, it has not led to an increase in transaction volume.[26].

Promotions / events

In February 2019, the "Fresh Lab" equipped with cooking equipment opened and is used for sales promotion of products.[26].

Event example

  • February 2019th and 31th, 2- "World Culinary Society Tokyo in Toyosu" was held.Under the theme of handing down Japanese cuisine, chefs learn cooking techniques and craftsmanship philosophy, and tackle issues such as how to deal with overseas, human resource development, and the sense of danger of chefs leaving the market.We will also tackle the challenges of the Toyosu market, such as the impact of the relocation of Tsukiji, which is adjacent to Ginza, to Toyosu on the coast.The "World Culinary Society" was held in 9 (Heisei 10).Hokkaido OfHakodateThe event was held at Toyosu Market, sponsored by the Toyosu Market Fruit and Vegetable Association, and co-sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.[27].


Soil pollution, etc.

  • The Toyosu market site was originallyTokyo GasThere was soil contamination on the site of the former factory.As a countermeasure, the contaminated soil was dug out, purified, and backfilled before construction. In 2016Governor of Tokyo Yuriko KoikeWhen it was replaced by, it was regarded as a problem that the basement of the Toyosu Market building was not filled and became a space.
  • In addition, in this spacegroundwaterFrom the collected waterCyanideIs 1literPer 0.1MilligramDetected, but appears when cutting PVC pipes during constructionPVCThere is also the problem that (PVC) is thermally decomposed and reacts with water.The content of cyan, benzene, and arsenic per liter of groundwaterEnvironmental standardsIt was said that exceeding the value was a problem, but "it is unlikely that harmful substances will enter the body because it is not cooked." "Environmental standards are healthy if you continue to drink 2 L of water every day for 70 years. It is set to be the same as the drinking water standard to prevent damage. There is no need to panic just because the substance contained in the water that you do not drink temporarily exceeds that value. " There are also opinions such as homes.[28]Sophia University OfOri Zhu MinThe professor (Environmental Law) says, "There is no scientific problem because there is no direct intake route, but since it is a food market, there are issues in terms of consumer security."[29]..It is said that the design for underground use was likely made between March 2011 and June 3.[30].
  • In addition, there are some who have doubts about earthquake resistance due to the existence of underground space.[31]..There are also members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly who are aware of this underground space.[32].
  • TEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThe United States that was visiting Japan after receivingGeorgia UniversityProfessor Cham Dallas from all over TokyoRadiation doseWas measured.As a result, in various placesRadioactive materialWere detected, but both were within acceptable limits.But,Shinjuku wardNishi-Shinjuku OfTokyo Metropolitan GovernmentDetected slightly higher numbers in front and Toyosu in Koto Ward.The reason why the number of Toyosu is high is that the professor said, "It seems that the cause is not in the first nuclear power plant but in the previous industrial zone era, but in any case children should be careful."[33].

Building design and placement

  • The width of the wholesale store is 1.5m, and there is a partition wall between the adjacent stores.TunaHandleKnifeHas a blade length of 70-80 cm and a length of about 1 m, and it is reported that it is difficult to handle tuna in the store.[34].
  • The floor load capacity is 700 kg /m2There was a claim that it would be exceeded as soon as a container containing fish was placed.[35]..At the second "Market Problems Project Team Meeting" that followed, it was found that the concrete thickness was incorrectly calculated as 2 mm instead of 150 mm.It was also found that the floor can withstand even if the entire section is used as a water tank for simulation.[36].
  • In some truck berths of the fisheries wholesale building and the fruit and vegetable building,Cold chainFor realizationRefrigerated warehouseIt has a structure to unload from the rear of the truck in the same way asWing carNot intended for use[35]It may be mistakenly pointed out.In reality, wing vehicles are guided to a wider truck parking space, from which luggage is loaded and unloaded by forklifts and the like.


GinzaIt has been pointed out by wholesalers that the number of small customers who come to purchase with cash, such as small restaurants, has decreased sharply by moving from Tsukiji, which was within walking distance.There are many complaints that the parking fee is high.Although the amount of marine products handled is the largest in Japan, many months fall below the same month of the previous year during the Tsukiji era by February 2019.Regarding the cause, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is of the opinion that "it is difficult to identify at this time."[37].

Access Info

The nearest station isYurikamomeMarket front station..The station name was given in anticipation of a new market relocation near this station in the future.

Transit BusThen,Shimbashi StationWas connected to the Tsukiji marketToei Bus"City 01 system" was changed to a round trip to Toyosu market, and 4 bus stops were newly established on the premises.[38].Toyocho StationThe "Yo 12-2 system" that departs and arrives in front also ends and starts at Toyosu Market.other than this,Tokyo StationBefore andTokyo Big SiteThe "Toyosu 05-2 system" that connects Toyosu Market is also a bus stop within walking distance (Shin-Toyosu StationPass before)[39].

In addition,Tokyo BRTThere is a plan to set up a stop facility "Toyosu Shijo-mae" (B03).

Location and surroundings

  • 6-chome, Toyosu, Koto-ku Part of 5-7 and 6 blocks.
  • Koto Ward "Toyosu Gururi Park", which surrounds the market facilities, was partially opened in advance in July 2017 and fully opened in April 7.[40].
  • Located on the former Toyosu Wharf, on the opposite bank(I.e.(Chuo-ku),AriakeThere is (Koto Ward).
  • The photo of the planned Toyosu market site around 2003 is "Toyosu Steel WharfSee.


Reference document


  • BS1 Special "Toyosu Market Corona 5 Months" (February 2021, 2, NHK-BS)[41]


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