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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Active engineers explain how to enlarge images with JavaScript [For beginners]

An active engineer explains how to enlarge an image with JavaScript [for beginners]

A TechAcademy mentor (active engineer) will explain how to enlarge an image with JavaScript for beginners using actual code.

If you don't understand JavaScript well,What is JavaScriptFirst of all, please see the article explaining what it is.


In addition, this article is an online boot camp of Tech Academy,JavaScript/jQuery courseIt is based on the contents of.



How to enlarge an image with JavaScript

There are several ways to enlarge an image in JavaScript, but you can simply transform the image using the transform property of CSS. The tramsform property allows you to rotate, scale, tilt, and move elements.A combination of multiple transformations is also possible.

For example, the following is an example of doubling the size and shifting the position to (2px, 80px).

transform: scale (2.0, 2.0) translate (80px, ...

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