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👍 | Hitoshi Matsumoto "Are? It won't be net news 🤔"

Photo Image: Hitoshi Matsumoto Official Twitter

Hitoshi Matsumoto "Are? It won't be net news 🤔"

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Hitoshi Matsumoto is also known for working on strength training, but he rarely shares training and images on Twitter.

"Are? It won't be net news 🤔" On the 21st, Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy combination "Downtown" has his own Tw ... → Continue reading

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Hitoshi Matsumoto

Matsumoto Hitoshi(Hitoshi Matsumoto /1963〈Showa38 years>9/8 -) isJapan Ofcomedian-Comic artist-chairperson-Film director-作家-commentator.HyogoAmagasakiI'm from.Comedy combinationDowntown OfBlur・ In charge of making material.Partner TheMasanori Hamada. Nickname isMatsu-chan(Machan).Wife is extalent OfRin Ihara.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to Tokyo Headquarters. Left-handed (when holding a pen or chopsticks).


HyogoAmagasakiBackground[1].Amagasaki City Shio Elementary School,Amagasaki City Taisei Junior High School,Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Technical High SchoolMachinery Departmentgraduation.In addition to his companion Masatoshi Hamada, his classmates in elementary and junior high school are also broadcast writers.Mitsutaka TakasuThere is.His nickname when he was in elementary and junior high school was Matsun.

When I was in elementary school, my father started to get an invitation ticket for Umeda Kazuki for work, and I started going with my family.This was my encounter with laughter, and I began to admire laughter entertainers. "Since then, my personality has gradually changed. I've been a dark child," he said.[2]..The first meeting with Masatoshi Hamada was in the lower grades of elementary school, but Hamada at that time stood out with a strange appearance.[3]Therefore, the distance did not shrink.

When I was in the 3th grade of elementary school, Ito and Morioka, my friends, formed a trio "Koma Third Branch".Named iron sesame, wood sesame, and plastic sesame, and showed off their comics.[4][5]..After that, Ito and Ito were doing comics and tales.When I first challenged Tale, he said, "I was surprised at how slippery it was."[6].

When I was in junior high school, I used to play with Ito and Hamada, but one day Ito and Hamada had a quarrel, and after the quarrel, Hamada walked in and said, "Matsun, let's go." I was told that I followed Hamada. "Did you choose Hamada over Ito at that time ... (Omitted) Well, if I was with Ito all the time, I was wondering what would happen if I joined Yoshimoto with Ito. Looking at it-Before that, I think I wasn't in Yoshimoto when I was working with Ito. Hamada is very active. (Omitted) "Let's go to Yoshimoto, let's go." After all, he was the one who hit my ass.So if I did it with Ito, I don't think that was the case ... "[7].Later, the origin of this fight was held on December 2003, 12 at "Broadcast roomTakasu-chan 40th Anniversary Festival "Nippon BudokanIn the public recording, Mr. Ito himself recalled that "Hamada often quarreled with my younger brother, and at first I laughed, but gradually became irritated as a big brother", which developed into a quarrel.

1982Was a classmate in elementary and junior high schoolMasanori HamadaFormed a combination withYoshimoto College of Performing ArtsI entered the school as a first-year student.Initially, he was active without deciding the name of the duo, but in 1 he changed the name of the duo.DowntownDecided to.After working in Kansai, in 1988, "If you can meet in a dream] To advance to Tokyo.Also, as a synchronization at that timeHeelsThe high-heeled apple was smiling, saying, "(Downtown) has a very gentle image, we are."[8].

From 1993 to 1995,Weekly Asahi, Which serialized his essay ("Off Off Downtown"), and was published as "Suicide Note" and "Matsumoto".It sold 250 million copies and 200 million copies, respectively, and dominated the 1995st and 1nd place in the annual sales of books in 2 (TohanResearch)[9].

Held a live concert "Cun Strait (tentative title)" in 1994 and "Matsukaze '1995" in 95. "Cun Strait (tentative title)" is a concert that was held with an admission fee of 1 yen. In addition to Matsumoto,Koji Imada,Koji Higashino,Itao SoujiAppeared. "Matsukaze '95"Nippon BudokanA live performance with only "a word in the photo" where the customer makes a comment on the photo with a postpaid fee system in which the customer decides the price.

1996,One person』Started broadcasting. It was broadcast for about two years, changing the titles to "New One-man Gottsu" and "Matsu Gottsu". In December 2, "Hitoshi Matsumoto 1998 Hours Daikiri" was broadcast.

In addition to appearing in "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai Ya Arahende!" And "Downtown no Gottsue feeling", he was in charge of planning and organizing the program.In addition, it is credited as a "plan" in many programs such as "Hitotsu Gottsu", "Working Old Man Doll", "Morning Big Dialogue", and "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Non-Slip Story".

In the summer of 1998, I changed my long back hair styleShaved headChanged to[10].The reason for the shaved head is not clearly stated.

From 1998 to 1999, the video "HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUAL BUM] Is released. It was made into a DVD in 2003.

In 2000, the drama "Legendary teacher』Appeared.The original draft was handled by Matsumoto, and it was Matsumoto's first starring drama with the attitude that "it will not appear in the drama (other than friendship appearance)".[Note 1].

2001From October 10, radio program "Broadcast room] Started with Takasu, was broadcast for about seven and a half years until the end of the program on March 2009, 3. In 28, the movie "Planning, Screenplay, Director, Starring"Big japanese] And debuted as a movie director. Prior to publication in JapanCannes International Film FestivalWas invited to "Director Week". In line with this, in 2008Tokyo Sports NewspaperSponsored ・Winner of topic award at "8th Beat Takeshi Entertainment Award"[11].

In 2001M-1 Grand Prix] Serving as a judge for the final match. After that, he appeared in all times except 2004 and 2015, and the number of appearances by judges was the highest.

May 2002,Working old man doll] Started broadcasting. It will be broadcast early in the morning on Sunday, and as a successor program to the same frame after the end,Morning Big TalkWas broadcast.

2004FromHitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip storyOf (common name: non-slip story)hostas well as the PlanningSince 2009OkiriFestival ofIPPON Grand Prix] TournamentchairmanAlso plays a role in discovering the talents of comedians and training young comedians.[12].

In 2008 as downtownKing of conte』In charge of the moderator. Since 2015, Masatoshi Hamada has been the MC and Matsumoto has been the judge. Having returned to the jury of the M-2016 Grand Prix in 1, Matsumoto is a judge at both the M-1 Grand Prix and the King of Conte.

On March 2009, 3, the radio program "Broadcasting Room" ended.He said he wanted to reduce the number of occasions when he talked about his private life.[13].. The free talk of "Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende!" Has also ended once at the end of the broadcast on December 2009, 12.[Note 2].

In April 2009, "Hitoshi Matsumoto's XX Story" started broadcasting, and in April 4, moved to Golden Time.This is the first time Matsumoto has a golden crown program alone.

In June 2010, he was given 6-1 months of rest to undergo hip surgery after suffering from hip lip damage to his left hip. After that, he returned to work with "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende !!" recorded on August 2. On October 8th of the same yearNHK GeneralOn TV, the control program "Hitoshi Matsumoto's control MHK" was broadcast on TV for the first time in 9 years, and on October 10th the following documentary program "Professional work style"Matsumoto Hitoshi Special" was broadcast.

Since December 2014, I have been blonde to hide my white hair.[14], Hair is also growing.

2016 years,Amazon Prime VideoAt “Documentary』Started distribution.

From the broadcast on November 2019, 11 ``Detective! Night ScoopWas appointed as the third director of[15].. It is the first time to take over the moderation of a TV program that has a previous moderator.[16].

On June 2021, 6, the Tale program "King of Conte no Kai" was broadcast, Matsumoto also worked on a new Tale, and since the 12 broadcast "Downtown no Gottsu Ee Feeling Special" (Fuji TV). Showcased the new control for the first time in 2001 years[17].. On the 14th, it was reported that the household audience rating of "King of Conte no Kai" was 6.8% (Video Research survey, Kanto area), on Twitter, "King of Conte no Kai is both in terms of content and audience rating. It was a great success. How long will the "household" audience rating be an article on Twitter? It doesn't matter what the index is. "" The core audience rating was good. The core audience rating is also local as a sponsor. It's now more important than household ratings, "he said, questioning how Net News picked up and reported on household ratings.[18][19][20].


The essay "Off Off Downtown" ("Laughter" and "Matsumoto"), which was serialized in the weekly Asahi, is characterized by a magnificent and arrogant narrative. There will be no comedian who is a genius and probably laughs at this guy. "[21]"I can't understand my laughter if you don't have a sense and an otsum." "No matter how stupid you are, it's not a world you can follow."[22]I praise myself as a self-portrait.Also, in the same series, it is written that "Osaka entertainers must sell twice."[23], This has become a widely known term among the television industry and entertainers[24].

Sociologist OfFumiaki Senuma"Matsumoto's values ​​make you laughhierarchy"Since the advent of Matsumoto, viewers have become conscious of judging whether their" level of laughter "is high or low, depending on what they find interesting." Discussing[25].

"Laughter is an idea"[26]Is the theory, "It's natural to be crazy about the story" "Improvised and ad-lib talk and how much you can laugh is the real pleasure of laughing," he said.[27]..He also has the idea that laughter and sadness are a single piece of paper and two sides of the same coin.[28].. The "Gottsue feeling" control "Lizard's old man" and the movie "Big Man" are works that balance laughter and pathos."Nekura / poverty / woman lover" is mentioned as an interesting condition.Regarding Nekura, "Interesting guys have their own world, and in fact, there are many Nekra guys .... Interesting guys are somehow cold guys." "Poverty" is Matsumoto himself. He grew up in a poor family and said he had no memory of buying toys. "Children without playthings try to make it themselves. After all, their imagination grows and they play with their heads. As for "trying" and "woman lover", the woman lover has a good mouth and is a good talker.Each states that a great deal of humor and heron-like elements will be needed to drop a woman.[29].

Producer's reputation for blurring and comments on the programKentaro Fujii"If another entertainer speaks a couple of times and there is only one interesting statement that can be used on the air, Mr. Matsumoto has said 2 times in the meantime, and all 3 can be used." Commenting[30].

As a respected entertainerShimada Shinsuke"I wouldn't have been in this world without Shinsuke," he said, saying that he was impressed by "Shinsuke Ryusuke" during the manga boom.[31].

"Hitoshi Matsumoto's storyIn the "Story of Favorite Things" sectionKuroda Kanbei,Alien Metron,PikminSaid as a favorite[32].

RakugoHe likes it and says, "I've been listening to (rakugo) since I was a kid."[33].. 『Downtown Nau"so,"ShijakuSankaShinosukeOnly Mr. always (listens) every night.Today, I'm wondering if I should choose Shijaku-san or Shinosuke-san.Anyway, if you don't listen to it once, you won't feel at ease. "[34],Widena Show"soKatsura KamaruWhen dealing with the obituary, "It is a daily routine to listen to rakugo before going to bed. It was Mr. Shijaku or Mr. Shinosuke. On this day, I listened to Mr. Utamaru's rakugo and went to bed. Very beautiful politeness. You'll be doing a lot of rakugo, right? "[35].

Answer to the subjectFlipWrite in "Flip"OkiriIt is said to be the leading person who spread "a word with a photograph" to the world.Before Matsumoto, the mainstream of classical Ogiri was Aiueo writing and mystery. The origin of "Flip Ogiri" was "Flip Ogiri" which started broadcasting in 1993.Downtown juice] Is the corner "Owarai Brain Battle".Since the answer is a flip, sometimes it makes me laugh by drawing a picture and explaining it. In 2009, entertainers compete with Flip Ogiri "IPPON Grand Prix』Started broadcasting.Matsumoto is the chairman of the show.

He is a person who has spread a lot of expressions to the world, and it is said that "Samui" and "Slave" that are often used have become popular words in downtown.

In the past, he wrote, "We have to stop this smoking cessation boom. For me, a heavy smoker, not smoking is harmful and worthless."SmokersWas[36], The worldSmokelessness,Non smokingAround April 2004[37]He quit smoking and succeeded in quitting smoking.

My hobby is video games, and I started muscle training as well.Resident evil seriesWhen I saw that the character in "Resident Evil" was muscular, "You may not believe me, but when I was doing" Resident Evil, "Isn't it the character or muscular? I don't like that. I've been here. I think I'm such a sloppy person, I'm being helped by a guy like a US soldier. I don't think I'm possessing (as a player), so I'm really trying to train my muscles. I think. This is serious. "[38].


Mitsutaka TakasuIt is,Kentaro FujiiIn a conversation with him, "When I started playing TV with Hitoshi Matsumoto, 0 → 1 things came out more and more, so it was really fresh in me, and I could try it on TV. "No, let's do it right away!" I was able to do it all the time. The entertainer who invented 0 → 1 on TV tremendously. "[39].

Kentaro Fujii said, "In the end, that person (Matsumoto) created a new rule and revolutionized it and changed everything. Now everyone is fighting on that rule. Everyone is fighting according to that rule. Because I'm starting with knowing the rules, I'm growing fast. Now, all the entertainers are interesting, but in a sense, it's also "interesting" in the rules he made. "[39].

Writer'sRally Toda"If there are two things in the world of comedy," movement laughter "and" word laughter, "Matsumoto is definitely a word laughter specialist.With the advent of Matsumoto, "word laughter" has come to be considered as a high-level laughter, and the level of the comedy world as a whole has risen. "[40].


The youngest of three siblings.His grandfather (Shojiro Matsumoto) (3-June 1896, 1971, died 6 years old) is often mentioned in his books.The family structure is my father (Jouichi Matsumoto) (8)[41] -August 2014, 8, 18 years old, mother (Akiko Matsumoto) (81[41] - MieTsu CityFrom), older brother (Takahiro Matsumoto), sister (Naomi). August 2014, 8, revealed that his father died on August 31, 8 in "Widena show"[42].. I often talk about my family on the show, especially when I play with my mother on TV. In 2009Rin IharaMarried to[43]Have a daughter[44].


The programs and works that appear as downtownDowntownSee the appearance items in.

tv set

Current regular program
Special program
Past regular programs
Past special programs



Internet distribution


Actors played

Award / nomination history



年度Film Awards / Film FestivalworksDepartmentResult
2007Cannes International Film FestivalBig japaneseCamera dollNomination



  • Today's Kyo-chan■Fuji TVBased on Matsumoto's original broadcast in the program "Downtown no Gottsu Ee Feeling"Animethe work.Due to the radical content, it was discontinued after 7 times and was not commercialized.[Original research?].


  • Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi's Head (July 1993, 7) *original videothe work. Matsumoto is in charge of planning, composition and starring
  • Dimensional Strait (tentative title) (January 1995, 1) *A video recording a 1 yen live performance by Hitoshi Matsumoto of the same name.The "One word with a photo" section, which received the most response from customers, was intentionally cut as "a privilege only for customers who paid the entrance fee and watched it."[Original research?].
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's One Got No. 1997 to No. XNUMX (XNUMX)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUAL BUM Vol. Apple "Promise" (1998)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM Vol. Banana "Kindness" (1998)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM Vol. Grape "Anshin" (1999)
  • Straw Jikan (2000)
  • Wara no Jikan 2 (2000)

short film

  • Sasuke (2001) * Nippon Television's variety program "Do not proceed!] Was produced by the project. Not commercialized.


  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's Selected Works "Super Hitoshi Gottsu" Vol.1-5 (2002-2003)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM "Completion" (2003)
  • Working old man doll(2003)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip story(2006 6 å¹´ 月 日 28)
  • HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental Season 1 (January 2018, 1)



  • Hitoshi Matsumoto World rare beast (2003)

Smartphone app

  • Hitomi Matsumoto's sleepy app (2014)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's 100 Foreign Languages ​​I Want to Learn-English Edition-(2015)[63]
  • How to train the upper pectoralis major taught by Hitoshi Matsumoto


  • Sasuke (2001)-Starring Sasuke
  • There is tomorrow THE MOVIE(2002) – As an otolaryngologist
  • Big japanese(2007) – Starring: Dai Sato / 6th generation Japanese Japanese *Director and screenwriter
  • Dim(2009) – Starring male role *Director and screenwriter
  • Saya samurai(2011) – Director and screenwriter
  • R100(2013)-Police officer of General Affairs Division *Director and screenwriter


  • Stopping Strait (tentative title) (1994) --A live concert where the performer chooses a guest with an admission fee of 1 yen.
  • Matsukaze '95 (1995) --A solo live concert in which you can add comments to slide photos.We entrusted the admission fee to the evaluation of the audience, and adopted a "post-payment system" in which the fee was paid at the exit after viewing.

Theater animation

  • Violence Voyager (2019) --Narration[64]

イ ラ ス ト



Single Author



Related books


  • Off Off Downtown (Weekly Asahi, Asahi Shimbun) July 1993, 7 issue-July 16, 1995 issue
    • Later, it was made into a book with the titles "Wills" and "Matsumoto".
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's cinema(Nikkei Entertainment!, Nikkei BP) June 1999-June 6
    • Three books have been published as "Cinema Bozu".
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's playWeekly playboy, Shueisha) July 2000, 7 issue-
    • "Play Bozu" and "Rage of Matsumoto Hitoshi" are books from this series.

Special feature, dialogue, etc.


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