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👍 | Hitoshi Matsumoto "Are? It won't be net news 🤔"

Photo Image: Hitoshi Matsumoto Official Twitter

Hitoshi Matsumoto "Are? It won't be net news 🤔"

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Hitoshi Matsumoto is also known for working on strength training, but he rarely shares training and images on Twitter.

"Are? It won't be net news 🤔" On the 21st, Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy combination "Downtown" has his own Tw ... → Continue reading

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Hitoshi Matsumoto

Matsumoto Hitoshi(Hitoshi Matsumoto,1963〈Showa38 years>May 9 -) isJapan Ofcomedian-Comic artist-chairperson-Film director-作家andcommentator.

Comedy combinationDowntown OfBlur・In charge of making material.Partner TheMasanori Hamada. Nickname isMatsu-chan, Matsu-chan(Machan). WifeRin Ihara.Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to Tokyo Headquarters.left handed.


HyogoAmagasakiBackground[1]..His nickname in junior high school was Matsun.1982Was a classmate in elementary and junior high schoolMasanori HamadaFormed a combination withYoshimoto College of Performing ArtsI enrolled as a first-year student. I was active without deciding on the combination name, but in 1 IDowntownRenamed to.

The first signboard program "Started in April 1987"It's 4 o'clock], and the next year's midnight show "If you can meet in a dream』Into Tokyo. From 1993 to 1995,Weekly AsahiHis own essay ("Off Off Downtown"), which was serialized in ", was published as a book "Will" and "Matsumoto". It sold 250 million copies and 200 million copies, respectively.

"Use of oysters in downtown!], [Feeling like a mess of downtown], [One person], [VISUAL BUM], Etc., in addition to appearing, planning and composition.

In 1998, from the left hairstyleShaved headChanged to[2].. Since December 2014, I have been blonde to hide my gray hair[3].

In 2000, the drama "Legendary teacher』Appeared.The original draft was handled by Matsumoto, and it was Matsumoto's first starring drama with the attitude that "it will not appear in the drama (other than friendship appearance)".[Note 1].

2001From October 10, radio program "Broadcast room] Started with Takasu, was broadcast for about seven and a half years until the end of the program on March 2009, 3. In 28, the movie "Planning, Screenplay, Director, Starring"Big japanese] And debuted as a movie director. Prior to publication in JapanCannes International Film FestivalWas invited to "Director Week". In line with this, in 2008Tokyo Sports NewspaperSponsored ・Winner of topic award at "8th Beat Takeshi Entertainment Award"[4].

In 2001M-1 Grand Prix] Serving as a judge for the final match. After that, he appeared in all times except 2004 and 2015, and the number of appearances by judges was the highest.

May 2002,Working old man doll] Started broadcasting. It will be broadcast early in the morning on Sunday, and as a successor program to the same frame after the end,Morning Big TalkWas broadcast.

2004FromHitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip storyOf (common name: non-slip story)hostas well as the PlanningSince 2009OkiriFestival ofIPPON Grand Prix] TournamentchairmanAlso plays a role in discovering the talents of comedians and training young comedians.[5].

In 2008 as downtownKing of conte] Moderator. From 2015Banana man,Sama-zuHe is also a judge.

In June 2010, he was given 6-1 months of rest to undergo hip surgery after suffering from hip lip damage to his left hip. After that, he returned to work with "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukaiya Arahende !!" recorded on August 2. On October 8th of the same yearNHK GeneralOn TV, the control program "Hitoshi Matsumoto's control MHK" was broadcast on TV for the first time in 9 years, and on October 10th the following documentary program "Professional work style"Matsumoto Hitoshi Special" was broadcast.

2015 year 12 month,The 18th Miura Jun PrizeAward[6].

2016 years,Amazon Prime VideoAt “Documentary』Started distribution.

From the broadcast on November 2019, 11 ``Detective! Night ScoopWas appointed as the third director of[7].. It is the first time to take over the moderation of a TV program that has a previous moderator.[8].


In addition to Hamada, elementary and junior high school classmatesTV writer OfMitsutaka TakasuThere is.

I have the idea that "laughter and sadness are a single sheet of paper and the front and back are one."[9].. The control "Lizard Old Man" in "Gottsue feel" and the movie "Great Japanese" are works that combine laughter and pesos.

As an "interesting condition"Necla, poor, woman lover”[10].. "Funny guys are guys who have their own world, and in fact there are a lot of guys who are sloppy. Funny guys are those who have cooled down somewhere."[10].. "Poverty" was because Matsumoto himself didn't grow up in a very wealthy family. "Children without play tools try to make it themselves. ”[10].. As for "woman lover", it is because "a girl lover has a good taste.[10].

As a respected entertainerHiromi Fujiyama,Katsura sparrow (2nd generation),Ken Shimura,Shimada ShinsukeIs listed. Regarding Kanemi/Edashi, he said, “Entertainers must always make works like Hiromi and Edashi. I want to be that kind of person.” Regarding Shinsuke, he said that he was impressed by Ryosuke, who was in the Manza boom, saying "I would not have been in this world without Mr. Shinsuke".[11].. Also, in his own book, "The Will," he said, "If there was no television in this world, but only radio, this Ossan would definitely be in the world".[12].

Shinsuke Shimada says that the impact of seeing downtown Manzai at NSC during the Ryosuke/Ryosuke era is unforgettable. There were many fast-paced Manzai during the Manzai boom, but downtown Manzai had a slower tempo, so when I asked Matsumoto, "What are you going to do with this tempo?" No. There will be no change.” Later, Shinsuke was shocked that the direction of downtown Manzai was correct, and this triggered the dissolution of Shinsuke Ryusuke.[13].

Answer to the subjectFlipWrite in "Flip"OkiriIs said to be the leading person who spread the word to the world.As a representative example that embodies itIPPON Grand PrixThere is.

He is a person who has spread a lot of expressions to the world, and it is said that "Samui" and "Slave" that are often used have become popular words in downtown.

Formerly a smoker, he has now succeeded in quitting smoking.Also, when he has been suffering from chronic insomnia since his late teens,Fukada KyokoHas revealed since he was supposed to rest.


Mitsutaka TakasuIt is,Kentaro FujiiIn a conversation with him, "When I started playing TV with Hitoshi Matsumoto, 0 → 1 things came out more and more, so it was really fresh in me, and I could try it on TV. "No, let's do it right away!" I was able to do it all the time. The entertainer who invented 0 → 1 on TV tremendously. "[14].

Kentaro Fujii said, "In the end, that person (Matsumoto) created a new rule and revolutionized it and changed everything. Now everyone is fighting on that rule. Everyone is fighting according to that rule. Because I'm starting with knowing the rules, I'm growing fast. Now, all the entertainers are interesting, but in a sense, it's also "interesting" in the rules he made. "[14].

Writer'sRally Toda"If there are two things in the world of comedy," movement laughter "and" word laughter, "Matsumoto is definitely a word laughter specialist.With the advent of Matsumoto, "word laughter" has come to be considered as a high-level laughter, and the level of the comedy world as a whole has risen. "[15].


The youngest of three siblings.His grandfather (Shojiro Matsumoto) (3-June 1896, 1971, died 6 years old) is often mentioned in his books.The family structure is my father (Jouichi Matsumoto) (8)[16] -August 2014, 8, 18 years old, mother (Akiko Matsumoto) (81[16] - MieTsu CityFrom), older brother (Takahiro Matsumoto), sister (Naomi). August 2014, 8, revealed that his father died on August 31, 8 in "Widena show"[17].. I often talk about my family on the show, especially when I play with my mother on TV. In 2009Rin IharaMarried to[18]Have a daughter[19].


The programs and works that appear as downtownDowntownSee the appearance items in.

tv set

Current regular program
Special program
Past regular programs
Past special programs



Internet distribution


Actors played




  • Today's Kyo-chan■Fuji TVBased on Matsumoto's original broadcast in the program "Downtown no Gottsu Ee Feeling"Animethe work.Due to the radical content, it was discontinued after 7 times and was not commercialized.[Original research?].


  • Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi's Head (July 1993, 7) *original videothe work. Matsumoto is in charge of planning, composition and starring
  • Dimensional Strait (tentative title) (January 1995, 1) *A video recording a 1 yen live performance by Hitoshi Matsumoto of the same name.The "One word with a photo" section, which received the most response from customers, was intentionally cut as "a privilege only for customers who paid the entrance fee and watched it."[Original research?].
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's One Got No. 1997 to No. XNUMX (XNUMX)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUAL BUM Vol. Apple "Promise" (1998)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM Vol. Banana "Kindness" (1998)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM Vol. Grape "Anshin" (1999)
  • Straw Jikan (2000)
  • Wara no Jikan 2 (2000)

short film

  • Sasuke (2001) * Nippon Television's variety program "Do not proceed!] Was produced by the project. Not commercialized.


  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's Selected Works "Super Hitoshi Gottsu" Vol.1-5 (2002-2003)
  • HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM "Completion" (2003)
  • Working old man doll(2003)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip story(2006 6 å¹´ 月 日 28)
  • HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental Season 1 (January 2018, 1)



  • Hitoshi Matsumoto World rare beast (2003)

Smartphone app

  • Hitomi Matsumoto's sleepy app (2014)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's 100 Foreign Languages ​​I Want to Learn-English Edition-(2015)[26]
  • How to train the upper pectoralis major taught by Hitoshi Matsumoto


  • Sasuke (2001)-Starring Sasuke
  • There is tomorrow THE MOVIE(2002) – As an otolaryngologist
  • Big japanese(2007) – Starring: Dai Sato / 6th generation Japanese Japanese *Director and screenwriter
  • Dim(2009) – Starring male role *Director and screenwriter
  • Saya samurai(2011) – Director and screenwriter
  • R100(2013)-Police officer of General Affairs Division *Director and screenwriter


  • Stopping Strait (tentative title) (1994)-"Performers choose guests" live with an entrance fee of 1 yen[Source required].
  • Matsukaze '95 (1995)-Solo live with comments on slide photos. The admission fee was left to the spectator's evaluation, and the "pay-after-payment" system was in place to pay after exiting the venue.[Source required].

Theater animation

  • (2019)-Narration[27]

イ ラ ス ト



Related books

Yoshimoto Kogyo, Hitoshi Matsumoto unofficial


  • Off Off Downtown (Weekly Asahi, Asahi Shimbun) July 1993, 7 issue-July 16, 1995 issue
    • Later, it was made into a book with the titles "Wills" and "Matsumoto".
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto's playWeekly playboy,Shueisha) July 2000, 7 Issue-
    • "Play Bozu" and "Rage of Matsumoto Hitoshi" are books from this series.

Special feature, dialogue, etc.


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