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⛺ | Easy and elegant winter camp! Let's stay in the "living box" and be healed by the nature of Tokachi


Easy and elegant winter camp! Let's stay in the "living box" and be healed by the nature of Tokachi

If you write the contents roughly
I will introduce this "living box" and winter camp based on my experience.

Introducing this time is "Winter camp that you can enjoy casually". "I want to camp, but I'm a little heavy." "Snow ... → Continue reading

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Housing box

Housing box (mobile house housing box)Is JapaneseNiigataSanjo CityHeadquartered inOutdoorComprehensive manufacturerSnow peak(Snow Peak ) With the product of the architectKengo SakaiBy supervision ofTrailer house.


A mobile house "Dwelling Box" that aims to harmonize the home with nature.The design, which looks like an irregular combination of panels made of cypress plywood on the outer and inner walls, does not make you feel like a trailer at all, and has a gentle atmosphere that softly wraps your daily life.In order to expand the living space, the panels that make up the house pop out to become tables and stands, making it possible to connect to the outdoors.The large symbolic window that connects the inside and the outside is designed to look like a simple box if the glass doorway is closed with a wooden panel.It is designed so that you can enjoy the difference in facial expressions when the panel is opened and when it is closed.

It is used not only for the conventional "camping trailer" but also for various purposes such as a second house, a bar, a select shop for apparel, a coffee roaster, a dental clinic, and a flower shop.

This is a proposal for a new nomadic lifestyle.

Snow Peak Mobile Ginza on the 2017th floor of GINZA SIX, which opened on April 4, 20, is a directly managed store for housing boxes.


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