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💪 | Yuriko Ishida "My favorite stretch" is talked about as "too nice ✨"

Photo Image: Yuriko Ishida Official Instagram

Yuriko Ishida's "favorite stretch" is talked about as "too nice ✨"

If you write the contents roughly
Once again, the writer Yuriko Ishida's ability to compose and write, and the ability to insert images are outstanding.

"Yuri Yuri ✨ Beautiful ~ 😻" On the 23rd, actress Yuriko Ishida updated her Instagram.Home time strike ... → Continue reading

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Yuriko Ishida

Yuriko Ishida(Yuriko Ishida, real name: Yuriko Ishida (same reading)[1].196910/3[1] -) isJapan Ofactress,Essayist,narrator,talent,singer.. Nicknamed "riri"[2]"Yuri-chan"[2]"Lily"[2]"Yurigoro mom" "Mamuu".

ActressHikari IshidaIs a real sister.Her brother-in-lawNHK OfproducerIsKei Kurube.


TokyoBackground[1].. MotherOkinawaIshigakijimaI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Sakuramachi High SchoolEnrolled inTaipei Japanese School,Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama High SchoolThroughWomen's Nutrition University Junior Collegegraduate[3].

When I was in elementary schoolæ°´ æ³³(Breaststroke)soJunior olympicAnd has the 8th record[4].. During my three years in middle schoolTaiwan OfTaipeiLived in[5].. He continued swimming until he entered the entertainment world, and in Taiwan he was on the national team of Taiwan with his sister Hikari.[6].

At high 1Jiyugaoka-Kameya MannendoScouted in front ofモデルbecome. In 1987ANASelected as a Okinawa campaign girl and appeared in TV commercials and posters. In November 1988, she made her debut as an actress in the drama "Sea Star". movies"Sad color』(Published in December 1988 Toei) Appeared. The serial drama "April 1993"She hate her] (Production Bureau:Yomiuri TV,Nippon TVFirst drama starring in the system broadcasting). 『Northern zero year(Released on January 2005, 1, Toei) 15thJapan Academy AwardWon the Best Supporting Actress Award.

at firstBox corporation[7] Although he was affiliated with the company, he founded a private office, "Fuzinsha" in 1999 with his younger sister, Hikari Ishida.[8][9]Since then, he has been active as president and actress.

It is given to the person who looks best in jewelryJapan Jewelery Best Dresser AwardHas been awarded twice[10].

Two dogs[11]"Snow" (Yuki-chan, Golden Retriever) and 5 cats, Hani Tabi ("Hanio" (Hanibo) and "Tabi" (Tabi-chan)[Note 1][Note 2]), The honey brothers ("Hachi" and "Mitsu"), and "Bambi" (Babibu, Ponu). "Hanio" and "Tabi" are actressesYuka Itaya"Mei" and his sibling cat[13].. New "Hatch" and "Mitsu" in July 2018 (born May 7, 2018)Scottish Fold), New "Bambi" on July 2020, 7[Note 3]Was welcomed to home[15]..Collectively, it is called the "Yurigoro Kingdom" in analogy to the "Mutsugoro Kingdom".

What is Itaya?2015Broadcast of "Relationship between doctors』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Has been a close relationship since the co-starring, and each otherInstagramThe state of exchange is often posted on[16][17].

The photo and essay collection "Lily-Daily Fragment-" released in January 2018 has been published with support from a wide range of people, mainly women in their 1s.[18], Ranked 2018rd in sales (3 copies) in "Photobook" category of "Oricon Annual Book Ranking 168,979"[19].

On May 2021, 5, three volumes of "Hanio Diary I, II, III" were released at the same time.[20].

August 2021, 12,Ohashi TrioThe cover of the song "MAGIC" under the name of lilyJ-WAVEStarted singer activity by distributing from the HILLS RECORDS label of[21]. The 2022nd single "Utakata" will be released on February 2, 25, and the 2rd single "Tokyo no Sora" will be released on April 4.Also, from February 1, "Lily-Topic Channel" was opened on YouTube to publish songs. CD debut with mini album "Little Song" released on October 3[22].


  • The name Yuriko was given by her mother from the Bible. It means, "No matter how much you dress, you can't match a lily flower that blooms in the field."[23].
  • The inscription on the right is "high ambition"[24].
  • Have personal training at the gym[25].
  • After appearing in the movie "After the Matinee" and touching the classical guitar on location, he started playing the classical guitar with "Let's see" and "Bias".Favorite performer is Thibaut Garcia[26].
  • AimyonBig fan of[27][28]..When she was stuck in her life, Hikari Ishida recommended Aimyon's song "If You Die Anyway", and she was shocked by the clearness in front of her.[28]. Also,Shogo HamadaI have had a long-standing relationship with[27][28], When I went to the dressing room greeting at Hamada's live, Aimyon was also there, and Aimyon, a big fan of Hamada, was introduced to Hamada while crying.[27][28].
  • Meals are more self-catering than eating out[23].
  • His hobbies range from interior decoration, cooking, art, fashion, reading, vessels, furniture, antiques, and collecting things he encountered while traveling.The furniture is made with the antique paint removed, and the material is very soft to the touch.
  • InstagramIn, we are sending from two accounts that spell out actress activities and everyday life with animals[29].
  • An honest person who appears in the face as soon as he lies[23].


TV drama



  • Heisei Tanuki Battle Ponpoko(Released on July 1994, 7, Toho,Studio GhibliProduction)-The role of Kiyo
  • Princess Mononoke(Published July 1997, 7, Toho, Studio Ghibli production)-Sun, Kaya (two roles)[67]
  • True Savior Legend Fist of the North StarSeries- urea Role
    • True Savior Legend Fist of the North Star Yuria Den (OVA, 2007)
    • The Legend of the True Savior Fist of the North Star Raouden Chapter of Fierce Fight (Published April 2007, 4, Desperado)
    • True Savior Legend Fist of the North Star Tokiden (OVA, 2008)
    • True Savior Legend Fist of the North Star ZERO Kenshiro Den (Released on October 2008, 10, Go Cinema)
  • From Kokuriko slope(Released on July 2011, 7, Toho Studio Ghibli production)-Miki Hokuto




  • Kodo~ Those who connect the earth with one rope ~ (1999,Niigata TV 21) - Narration
  • Renaissance V Door to the Future V "Genius Dreams and Miracles Florence Story" (1999, NTV)
  • HDTV Special"Sicily Sky and Stone Festival "(July 2001, 7,NHK-BS)[70]
  • Sports continent"A moment of sports history: The day when Daichi Suzuki became a fish-The victory of the Seoul Olympics and Bassaro" (2006,NHK-BS1)
  • Ancient civilization mystery "Phantom Andean golden empire 12 mysteries in Inca!!" (2006, TBS)-Narration
  • Marathon runner Yukiko Akabane x coach Shuhei Akabane (2009,NHK General) - Narration
  • Futari "Shinogiai, Endless Bond-Japanese Chef Seiji Yamamoto x Toru Okuda" (August 2010, 8, NHK General)-Narration
  • I wanted to hear about that day, "The summer of the 2th anniversary of the atomic bombing II" (August 65, 2010, NHK General)-Narration
  • "Futari"Kokuriko slope・300-day war between father and sonHayao Miyazaki×Goro Miyazaki~"” (August 2011, 8, NHK General)-Narration
  • Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii x March in Turkey -Turkish Antalya with miraculous tones- (February 2012, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Tchaikovsky ~Byakuya Music Festival & St Petersburg~ (October 2012, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x A Trip to Southeast Asia ~ A Melody that Connects Hearts ~ (October 2013, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Traveling in Switzerland -Visit to the country loved by Rachmaninov- (June 2014, 6, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Animation dream of seven colors Goro MiyazakiとHiromasa Yonebayashi(August 2014, 8, NHK General)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Austria-The moment when the heart of Vienna, the capital of music, shook the heart-(Oct 2015, 10, BS Fuji)
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x New York ~ Unleashed Angel Wings (October 2016, 10, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Paris-Night when Chopin descends (December 2017, 12, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • The Nonfiction The other side of dogs and cats (June 2018, 6 first part, June 3, 2018 second part, Fuji TV)-Narration
    • The Non-Fiction The Other Side of Dogs and Cats (August 2018, 8, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Iceland-The Musical Bonds of Succession (October 2018, 10, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • Let's Become a Family Dog, Cat and Our Future (February 2019, 2, NHK BS Premium) Part 23[71]
  • Nobuyuki Tsujii x Traveling to Germany ~ 31 years old Entering a new realm ~ (March 2020, 3, BS Fuji)-Narration
  • The Nonfection Hanako and her teacher's 18-year-old life-changing dog Part 2020 Part 5 (May 10th, 17th, XNUMX)-Narrative


Travel program

Radio program

  • LILY’S TONE(2021å¹´5月2日、12月26日、 2022å¹´1月16日、2月27日、4月3日、6月5日J-WAVE)-Navigator[74][75]

Video clip


Record / CD jacket

  • Tatsuro Yamashita "Dance, Fish" (1987)
  • DJ sum"" (2020)[102]


TV program


Web magazine

  • Travel/Accommodation WEB Magazine "Tabiiro SELECTION Vol.3" (2009)

Music activities under the name of lily

Distribution limited single

  • "MAGIC" (December 2021, 12, HILLS RECORDS)
  • "Utakata" (February 2022, 2, HILLS RECORDS)
  • "Tokyo Sky" (April 2022, 4, HILLS RECORDS)

Mini album

  • "Little Song" (October 2022, 10)[22]

Live appearance



Photo album




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