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👍 | Razor Ramon RG, reproduction of magical love story by train Noda Crystal also love call


Razor Ramon RG reproduces Maji Love story by train Noda Crystal also love call

If you write the contents roughly
Murakami of Magic Lovely commented, "May it be a train without a toilet," and Crystal Noda said, "Please don't want to be caught in double straps someday!

Razor Ramon RG reproduces Majirab's "I don't want to be caught in straps" by train.Various responses have been received. ... → Continue reading


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Noda Crystal

Crystal Noda(Noda Crystal,1986May 11 -) isJapan OfComedian,gamecreater.. Comedy combinationMagical Lovely OfBlurResponsible.NSCTreated in sync with the 8th term of the Tokyo school.My real name isNoda Hikaru(Hikaru Noda).My partner is(I.e..Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs to Tokyo. "R-1 Grand Prix2020 ”Champion[3].


Kanagawa横 浜 市South wardMutsukawaI'm from. Born as the youngest of three siblings[4]..Also, my father and two older brothersCivil servant(Murakami's father was also a civil servant).Graduated from Mutsukawadai Elementary School and Mutsukawa Junior High School[5]..Bright and popular in elementary and junior high school[6]..In junior high school, a bulletin board siteAmezoToNovelOr postonline gameI'm addicted toNetIt was pickled[7].

Hitoshi Matsumoto(Downtown), I loved reading Matsumoto's "suicide note" and made stories since I was a high school student.[8].. 2002,Kanagawa Prefectural Mutsukawa High School(CurrentYokohama International High School)[9]With a classmate at the age of 15 while attending schoolSales controlFormed a comedy combination calledShinjuku Fu-Active in indie theaters such as, the popular variety show "20% audience rating at that time"Let's go to school!』(TBS)'S "Comedy Inter-High" won the championship among about 5000 participants.[10].

Since it is difficult for my partner to go from Yokohama to theaters such as Shinjuku, I disbanded because I did not aim for comedy.IndiePin entertainerAfter the activity, with the partner I met on the Internet partner recruitment bulletin boardUsefulnessFormed. In 2003, he auditioned for all the offices at the duo, but passed the audition for Yoshimoto, and at the age of 16.Tokyo YoshimotoBelongs to (Tokyo NSCTreated synchronously with the 8th term). In September 2005, he disbanded his role with a single word, "I want to be a teacher."By the way, the companion of the full-time era is nowGame plannerWorking as[11],Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Ninety Nine All Night NipponRegularPostcard craftsman, Also active as the radio name "Tora Kitchen".Then againAmbitiousHowever, on the day of the first stage two months after the formation, the other party disappeared and disbanded.

After graduating from high school, 7 years while working underground livepost officeWas working part-time at[12].

In the sales control eraEdo MurasakiAffected byShort control, Pop orthodox manzai in the full-time era, Ambitious eraRahmen'sSurreal influenced byControl [13]Through[14], Nodaall backToBusiness BagStanding out, a pin entertainerNoda CrystalStarted activities as.

The story of the pin entertainer era is "The beginning of a crappy night", "The story of a gum tape man", "Ningen is good"[15]Such.

I met when I was in the second year of high schoolmodern timesAnd before the formationAlco & PeaceYuki Hirako (Sexy Chocolate) and Kenta Sakai (Lesser Cuckoo),Go ☆ Just [16]Exchanges with underground entertainers in Tokyo, including the ones, push Noda into comedy that customers do not laugh at.[2].

On the stage, the questionnaire continued to slip and the questionnaire was written in a rag, and Noda was in a state of getting lost on the road.[17].. Meanwhile,Hosei UniversityMurakami, who belonged to the comedy circle HOS (5th term) and was active as a student entertainer, appears as a live waiter[17]..Murakami used to come to see Noda's story as a guest at a live called "King of Free", and he fell in love with his talent.[8]..In February 2007, I was invited by Murakami.Magical LovelyTo form[18](Detail isMagical Lovely).

From around 2013ゲームI like it so muchGame production(programming) Will be self-taught[19]..It's been three years since then, and I've stopped making games for a while, but I learned about it.Akira Kawashima(Unicorn) Was disappointed with "Yeah ..." and started making games in earnest again.[20].

This self-made game is called Noda Game and will be shown as a pin art.Also,Jinnai TomonoriIt's not a form that sticks to the image likeGame commentaryThe reason why I am particular about (playing a game while playing a game during the story) is that I did not originally make it as a story, but started it as an event.[8].

Winner of "R-2020 Grand Prix 3" on March 8, 1[3]..It was the first victory in the final, which gave Noda the M-1 Grand Prix.King of conte, R-1 Grand Prix, became the first experienced finalist in history at all three tournaments.

He won the M-12 Grand Prix on December 20th of the same year.Crude(Marbled star) Since then, the second R-2 / M-1Double crown(Two award races were the first feat in history in the same year).At a press conference after the tournament, King of Conte also won the championship and announced that he would aim for the first three crowns in history (two crowns as a combination).[21].

Selected as a judge for the "R-2021 Grand Prix" in March 3[22][23].


Height 179.7 cm, weight 77.3 kg[1], Skeletal muscle mass 39.1kg[24].

Wearing athletic shoes and no jacket on stagesuit.. "I'm the reborn of Hitoshi Matsumoto!"[25], It's a surreal and wild art style, but he says it's actually a "chicken heart".[26]..Murakami, his companion, was asked what he liked about Noda and answered, "Looks like this and is serious about comedy."[27].

After winning the M-1, Matsumoto called me to a dinner party, and at that time Matsumoto praised me, "You're really funny, you're stupid."Noda, who had long admired Matsumoto, thought, "One story is over."

Hobbies and special skillsLyrics-Composition,HIP HOP,theater,basketball,Gomoku, Game programming.Regarding "lyrics / composition", he said, "I just did it in the planning, but it's not a special skill."[28].

Until 2011, it was a thin type that weighed less than 60 kg[26], Mainly for running shirtsdenimI was standing barefoot[Note 1].. Since 2014Muscle trainingI gained 3kg in 15 months by startingMacho figurebecome[29], Sometimes perform tricks that make use of muscles[26]..In addition, I grew 1 cm in height by pushing my body every day.[1]..It is said that his appearance and personality have become milder and it has become easier for the entertainers around him to get rid of it.[26]..However, he has not been able to train for several months after winning the M-1 due to his busy schedule.

KinkumahamsterI have a female "Hamuhamu" (born June 2020, 6)[30].

beerTwo glasses to vomitShimodo[31].食I'm not interested in, and I can go to a chain store anywhere in Japan[32].. Foods I don't likecurry[33].

Free homepage creation site "Magic i landWas a heavy user[34].. Since 2006Naoki Matayoshi(piece) Began to keep a diary on the homepage, made it into a book in 2015, and released two books, "Noda's Diary 2006-2010" and "Noda's Diary 2011-2015".[35].

Touhou ProjectFan of[36]

Morning Musume.Especially among fans ofKago AiとNozomi TsujiFans.Morning Musume was the reason I decided to become a comedian.Proclaimed that it was to meet[37].

Contrary to Murakami, who likes alcohol, gambling, and cabaret clubs, Noda has no interest in such things, nor does he show any interest in clothing.He is satisfied with making material, making games, breeding hamsters and training muscles.In addition, although it is sometimes called stoic in his life, he is not aware of it and rather says, "Murakami, who lives as an entertainer, is more stoic."

It's a strong armpit that both self and others admit so much that it is planned for a live performance (eating a rice ball held by the side, etc.)[38]Proclaims that armpit sweat is 50 times more than humans[39].

When Modern Times Kawasaki introduced the Yariman woman "Kiyomi" in her room, Kawasaki who was sleeping in the loft earlier woke up early in the morning and said from the bottom, "Break this finger or XX?" It is said that Noda's voice was heard pressing Kiyomi for sexual activity[40].

Appeared after winning the M-1Ariyoshi's wallI was late and arrived at the scene three hours after the meeting time.Also, I was very shocked because it was the first time for Noda to be late, and I put the receipt of the taxi I used at that time on the wall of my house as a commandment not to be late again.[41].

Noda Game

Self-taught game programming and developing self-made games.The produced game is called "Noda Game".The development environment isHSP.

Results in award races, etc.

Indie era

  • 2002 Let's go to school! Winner of the 1st Comedy Interscholastic Championship * As a combination "Sales Tale"[10]

After entering the professional

  • 2006 R-1 Grand Prix loses first round
  • 2009 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2010 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2011 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2012 R-1 Grand Prix 3nd round advance
  • 2013 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2014 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2015 R-1 Grand Prix 3nd round advance
  • 2016 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2017 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2017 M-1 Grand Prix 2017 Final 10th place * As a combination "Magical Lovely"
  • 2018 R-1 Grand Prix 3nd round advance
  • 2018 King of Conte 2018 7th place * As a combination "Magical Lovely"
  • 2019 R-1 Grand Prix 2nd round advance
  • 2019 Brave ah ah Game of the Year 2018 Grand Prize[42]
  • 2020 Brave Ah Ah Game of the Year 2019 Grand Prize
  • 2020 R-1 Grand Prix 2020 victory
  • 2020 House-1 Grand Prix 2020 4th
  • 2020 M-1 Grand Prix 2020 victory * As a combination "Magical Lovely"


tv set

Web show

  • Kanminoda (Nico Nico Live Broadcast, 2011 --2013) --Once a month
  • House-1 Grand Prix 2020 ~ Comedy Home Performing Game No.1 Battle ~ (May 2020, 5,ABEMA)-Finalists[43]


注 釈

  1. ^ The denim is torn and replaced, but the first denim seems to have cost 2 yen.He also states that the running shirt belongs to his father.


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