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👩‍🎤 | Sayuri Kokusho remembered her idol days!Appeared in Nogizaka / Sakurazaka / Hinatazaka member co-starring drama

Photo Sayuri Kokusho (C) Hikari TV

Sayuri Kokusho remembered her idol days!Appeared in Nogizaka / Sakurazaka / Hinatazaka member co-starring drama

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In addition, Toru Tezuka, Takayuki Hamatsu, Ichiro Miyakawa, Hana Hizuki, Akira 100%, and the holiday manager will appear.

Actress Sayuri Kokusho (54) is Nogizaka46 (Sakura Endo, Seira Hayakawa), Sakurazaka46 (Yui Kobayashi, Risa Watanabe, Hikaru Morita ... → Continue reading

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Takayuki Hamatsu

Takayuki Hamatsu(Tayuki Hamatsu,1981May 8[2][3] -) isJapan OfAn actor.SaitamaKawaguchi cityBackground[4][5].TokyoResident[6].Animo ProduceAffiliation[3].


It is said that he has always liked to make people laugh, when he was in junior high schoolTable tennisWith friends while belonging to the clubControlI was just doing things like[6].. In high schoolArcheryExperience[6].Toyo Gakuen University(千葉-Nagareyamacampus)[5]Think about a plan to be held on the stage of the school festival for 4 years while enrolled in[6]Belongs to the school festival management bureau planning group[4][7]..Moderator of the stage on the day or invited guestsTetsu and Tomo,Esper ItoSuch asComedianWitnessed the performance of[4][6]..I didn't think about my career until I graduated[6]After graduating from university, I vaguely wanted to eat music or performing arts, and from these experiencescomedyDecide to go the way[4][5].

After graduating from universityJapanese cuisine tavernFor one yearPart-time jobAnd save money[4],2005ToYoshimoto KogyoTalentTraining school-NSC Tokyo SchoolEntered as an 11th gen member[8]..Synchronous and comedy combination "Hamatsu and KobaHamatsuBlurIn charge of "People who are in trouble when encountering strange people"ControlWas doing[4].. Enrolled in a lecturer's selection class (class for intensive lectures) while attending NSC Tokyo School[9]..SynchronousSissonne・ According to Jiro, it was evaluated that the combination of Hamatsu, which looks pure, and Kiba, which looks cool, is well-balanced.[9]..It seems that it was a top class result in the same period[10], I also appeared in comedy live several times[11]..However, he couldn't give up his interest in music, and after graduating from NSC Tokyo, Hamatsu offered to dissolve the duo unilaterally.[10], I quit the comedian in less than a year[4][7][12][13].

After quitting a comedianhip hopI was shocked by the coolness of[6], Decided to become a DJ. In college, as an opportunity to become a DJBreak danceSpin a record behind a dancer when injured in practiceDJBecause I knew the existence of[14]However, at this point Hamatsuク ラ ブNever went to[4].. Contact some of the club events that are looking for DJs andDJ.HAMAONEStarted activities under the name (Hamawan)[4]..However, he realized that it was difficult to live alone as a DJ and he could not get out of his hobby, so he gradually stopped DJing.[Note 1][4][12][13].

I was only interested in the world of performing arts or music, so even after I tried to quit DJing, I wasn't thinking about getting a job at a general company.As a result of remembering that I enjoyed the comedian era, and thinking that it would be different to return to a comedian who was once frustrated, I came to the idea that I might like to play a role.[4][5], 30 years old2011Start more actor activities[15].. MajorextraRegister with a company, go to a training center run by that company,An actorRegister your name as well[5]..I was doing extra work, but when I was 31 years old, I was invited by a senior I met at a training school to comedy.stageFirst appearance in[4]..This triggered me to quit the extra company[5][16]While searching for a theater company that is looking for actors,Small theater OfstageAppear mainly inFree sizeActing as an actor[4]..Mainly appeared on the stage of theater companies such as "Ungetzifa" (former: Kuri ☆ Rabbits), "Nobato" (dissolved in 2016), and "MCR".Especially in "Nobato", he also appeared in the dissolution performance.[17][18]Invited to be the main character of the theater company, he has appeared several times as a member of the theater unit "Mizutani" with unspecified members.[19][20]..After the hit in the video work described later, he was away from appearing on the stage, which was the main actor activity until then.2020When he returned to the stage in March, he also appeared in the performance of "Mizutany".[21][22].

The video workShort filmTo some extent, he has appeared in several student films,2017From around that time, I started thinking about expanding my consciousness not only to the stage but also to the world of video.[2].2015Director & actor training school that appeared inENBU SeminarDirected on the stage "About Aje"Rikiya ImaizumiThe 6th movie production project / cinema project of ENBU Seminar, in which the director also participates (2016) I tried to audition, but it wasn't convenient and I gave up[4]..Although Imaizumi did not participate in the 7th project of the same project the following year, he participated in the audition with the motives of "if it could be an opportunity to change myself in the future" and "if something could be connected in the future".[12][23]..In this auditionShinichiro UedaSelected by the director, the movie "Don't stop the camera!Selected as the lead role of Takayuki Higurashi[24], Played a calm and crazy way that you wouldn't normally play[25][26]..The movie is from November 2017K's Cinema(Shinjuku) After the event screening2018Theatrical release was held from June, but initially with K's CinemaCinema Rosa(Ikebukuro) Will be expanded to more than 2 theatersIndie moviesRecorded an unusual hit as[27]..The performance of Hamatsu, who played the leading role, was also highly evaluated, and although he was not affiliated with the office at the time of selection.42th Japan Academy AwardAchieve a feat of winning the Outstanding Leading Actor Award[28]..Besides, the 28thTokyo Sports Film AwardsThen, he was nominated for the leading actor award because of the popularity that "an unknown actor left this movie in history".[29](No award), 28thJapanese Film Critics AwardWon the New Actor Award (Toshiko Minami Award)[30][31].

Although the freelance activity period continued for a while after the hit of the above movie[32],2019Since AprilAnimo ProduceWas announced to belong to[5]..The reason I belonged was that the intuition that "this is something to do" worked, and without it I was planning to continue working as a freelancer.[33]..After that, not only moviesTV dramaOpportunities to appear have begun to increase.Above all, broadcast from July of the same yearSunday Theater"No side games』(TBS), He played a key role and praised him on the Internet.[34][35].

2019May 10PublicAnime movie"Movie Star Twinkle Precure With the thought of a star song"soVoice actorFirst challenge.One of the alien hunter group, played a mecha alien who fights with a strong body as a weapon[36].

2019May 11Midnight broadcast "" (TV Asahi), The comedy combination "Hamatsu and Koba" with Mitsuyuki Kiba was shown, and the combination was revived for the first time in about 13 years, although it was only for one night.[37].

2020Broadcast from AprilDrama 25"Zetsu Messi Road』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)so,Terrestrial waveSerial dramaFirst starring[38].Overnight in the carReal old individual while doing restaurantPlayed the role of a middle-aged office worker[39][40]..It also serves as a drama promotion, and is on the cover of the winter issue of CarNeru Vol.2019 12, which is a leisure magazine for overnight stays in cars released in December 44.[41].


Characteristics and appearance as an actor

It has a tasteful appearance and a mysterious charm with weak shoulders.[7]..Its appearance is "wetdogIs similar to[4][12].

movies"Don't stop the camera!』Before appearancebeardI often shaved my beard, but since I had many chances to be praised for my beard after the appearance, I used the appearance of having a beard as a basic form when acting as an actor.[33]..However, it is good that you may want to shave occasionally after that.[6], There is no appearance without a beard shaved as before.DentitionThe badness of the noodles is also characteristic, but it is so bad that Hamatsu himself says that it is difficult to chew the noodles.[42]..According to the dentist's diagnosis, the instrument aloneCorrectionIs impossible and is a dentition that is considered severe enough to require surgery[42].. As of 2019, we are starting to correct by means other than instruments[6].

In his late 30s, he may be appointed to a role of a father in his 40s with a large child, such as a father who is older than the actual age, but until he begins to be appointed to such a role, Hamatsu himself is aware that he has an old face. Wasn't[43].

Of the movie directorShinichiro UedaRegarding the appeal of Hamatsu as an actor, his mouth and eyes move with his thighs, and his face is always "acting", and he plays an unstable play whose nuance changes with each take, but Hamatsu himself He points out the dull points that appear as they are.[44]..On the other hand, Mizutani, who has co-starred several times on the stage, has also evaluated that "if you prepare properly, you can perform the same performance as many times as you like."[45]..Hamatsu himself says that he has never realized that he has "acting ability".[5].. at firstKoji YakushoLonging for[46]I misunderstood that I should aim for the second piece, but it didn't work at all, and I changed my mind to cherish my own personality because it doesn't matter if it's awkward.[4]..By giving up acting well as an actor, bringing your own element to acting, and acting the role closer to your character[5]I feel that my goodness will come out[6]..In fact, rather than acting hard, it was better to challenge yourself as usual at the acting workshop.[7].

In the cinema project that he participated in in 2017, director Ueda did not initially decide what kind of movie to make.The deciding factor that eventually led to the shooting of "One Cut of the Dead!" Was that Hamatsu participated in the project.[44], Hamatsu's "pathetic feeling" is due to Ueda's decision to play "a humorous and adorable character who is trying hard"[24]..In addition, the goodness of the troubled face is also cited as the reason for appointed as the leading role.[47].

The tongue is not good[48], An animated movieMovie Star Twinkle Precure With the thought of a star songWhen I challenged the voice actor for the first time, I acted as a guest voice actor like Hamatsu.Hitoshi KatagiriFromDubbingThe voice quality is also evaluated that the voice that was nervous at was well fitted to the role of the robot.[49].

Private life / personality

I have an older sister and an older brother[4][50], My sister is in the name of "Hamatsu Bushi"IllustratorHave been active[51][6].. August 2019東洋 経 済 オ ン ラ イ ンIn the interview article, it was stated that his parents were tolerant and he was not particularly pointed out about his grades when he was a student, but in reality he said, "I was told that I was sick. Because my academic ability is 0," it was released in November of the same year. ""TV bros.』Spelled in[6]..Even when both entertainers and DJs gave up and tried to become actors, they were only told that they had to bother people, and otherwise they were free to do so, according to an interview with Toyo Keizai Online.[4]I think I could only say that, and I supplemented it with "TV bros."[6].

Living alone as of 2019[6] OfSingleIs[52][53], He says he hasn't had a lover since college[4]..Since I started living alone, I have lived with only the minimum necessary items, and immediately throw away the items that I no longer need, so-calledMinimalistIs[54].

At first I was aiming to be a comedian because I liked to make people laugh and I liked to do something in public, but in ParkShyPersonality[13]..When I was a boyLittle leagueEven if I'm in, I'm a substitute or I hate studying[6]He wasn't the type that stands out, but he was in charge of comedy among his friends.[4].. 『Don't stop the camera!』True fishHe seems to be a dark person because he doesn't speak at all, and he is surprised to be a former comedian.[12]..In addition, when I entered NSC Tokyo School, I was only roughly interested in performing arts as a career path, and it seems that I did not have a particularly strong will to comedy, so when I participated in the roundtable discussion plan at the same time as NSC There were statements that seemed to forget much of what happened at the time of NSC.However, he said that his experience of various lessons at NSC also contributed to his career as an actor.[9].

I have been following the transition from comedians and DJs to actors, but my only desire to work in front of people has not changed since college.[4]..In an interview, he said, "I think living is about giving up," and rather than trying to do what you really want to do without giving up, it's more like giving up a comedian or DJ. It is said that the way of life that gives up, scrapes off, and chooses is suitable for Hamatsu himself.[7]..This idea of ​​"giving up" also applies to the acting policy mentioned above.It is said that people who have decided to become an actor from the beginning and have been able to play an active role are often envious because they gave up various things and made a detour to reach the job of an actor.[33].

He says he is a quiet person who doesn't speak much[50]..With a humble personality[55]When I was interviewed, I was very low-profile, and in the interview article, "Sex good theoryIt gives off a "good person aura" that makes you convinced of the correctness ofCivil servantIt was sometimes described as "like" or "ordinary man"[4][5]..The video production unit describes Hamatsu's impression as "meeting and becoming a trico in 2 seconds" and "no one dislikes it. People who wear that air are rare".[56]..Of the actors who co-starred in the web dramaFuyu Kamio"At first glance, it seems to be difficult, but when I talk, it's loose and the air flows slowly. Just having Mr. Hamazu made the scene more peaceful," he commented to please the co-star. ing[57]..Of the actress who played the role of wife in a TV dramaWakana Sakai"It was a shoot that continued to be healed by Mr. Hamatsu's loveliness," recalls the shoot.[40].

At the time of the stage greeting of "Don't stop the camera!", When I introduced myself as the lead actor, Tsukkomi came in from around me, and after that I tried not to say that I was the lead actor.[6].. 28stJapanese Film Critics AwardWas awarded the New Actor Award as the leading actor in the movie, but at the award ceremony, "Literally everyone's movie made by everyone. It was introduced as the leading actor, but that movie is not who, everyone is in a horizontal line. It's a movie I've been working on, so I feel like I'm standing here as a representative of everyone. "[31].

Until around October 2018Part-time jobI was doing actor activities while continuing[7][33][58]..Since I only had a part-time job, I didn't have any financial difficulties when I started acting.[4].. at firstCartoon cafeI worked in the kitchen, but I wanted to keep my beard growing even after appearing in the movie "One Cut of the Dead!", So I searched for a part-time job that would be okay to have a beard.Love hotelWorked as a bath cleaner[33][52][59]..At noonAkabaneLove hotel at midnightShibuyaAs a result of having a part-time job at a love hotel in Japan, I lost weight when I was doing this part-time job.[6].

"Don't stop the camera!"Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival( South Korea) First time to listOverseas travelexperienced[60]..After that, Hamatsu alone to participate in Asian Pop-Up Cinema season 7ChicagoI also go to[6][61].

hay feverPossession[13].


On holidays, I basically don't invite anyone, I go out alone and spend mediocre[33]..This way of spending is not ideal, it seems that there are no friends[6].

HobbyMusic鑑賞[3]..From junior high school to the 1960s-1970sSeoul,Funk,R&BI was listening to[4][5].. In the fan book "One Cut of the Dead!"A Tribe Cold Quest,James Brown,Aretha Franklin1980s-1990s Seoul, etc.hip hopSystemWestern musicI answered that I like[59], In the January 2020 issue of "TV Bros.", my favorite is still around the 1s.Black music, Hip hop (especiallyOld school,Middle school) Is spelled out[6].. In the DJ era, A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?"(English edition)of"OPPI used to say that[14].. Other,movies鑑賞[62],NovelAlso taste[33], As a favorite work in the novelJack RitchieThe short story "Climb Machine" is mentioned.[63].

In college, the TV program "Super Chample"EtcダンスHe said he liked to see, from a junior at universityBreak danceEven though I was taught, when practicing radio exercises at the school festival[6]herniaで[64]waistI hurt and gave up[14][33]..Short film "Don't stop the camera! Remote strategy!In the end roll of "," Hamatsu himself said, "I'm good at dancing" and "I have a sense of rhythm."[65].

horror filmThe movie "One Cut of the Dead!", Which is sometimes categorized as a movie, drew a lot of attention, but Hamatsu himself is not very good at horror stuff in general.[66]..I'm not particularly good at itSplatterKind of[6].

Sama-zu,TamoriWill appearTV program[Note 2]It is said that they are recording well, and Summers will be the moderator.TV Asahi"Quiz presentation variety Q-sama!!』At the time of appearanceMimura MasakazI was impressed when my name was called by[33].TBS Radio"JUNK Saturday Ele piece of Tale』Listener, in February 2019Ele pieceInvited as a guest of the after-talk event of Tale Live[67].

What is your favorite foodTakuan (Pickled Daikon Radish)とrice[13],Nori lunch[59], Fine sugarCanned coffee[33],hamburger[6].. In April 2019Nippon TV"Ariyoshi seminarWhen he appeared in the "Gorgo VS Super Spicy Gourmet" section ofPrickine,Cayenne pepperSpicy with plenty ofOmelette riceHave been completed within the time limit[68]..However, neverSpicy foodI wasn't strong against food, but I ate it with the single point that "don't leave food"[6].

Two theater companies, "Mizutani" and "Ungetzifa," are listed as one of the few plays that make you feel "don't do interesting things."[6].



Short film

TV drama

Reproduction drama etc.

  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • The 136th and 138th "Short Shorts" (August 2018, 8)[99]·27th)
    • 141st "BBQ Bonbon Parents and Children" (September 2018, 9)[100]) --As Nobuto Futani
    • The 149th "My Benefactor Sukatto" "Underground Power" (December 2018, 12)[101]) --Shozo Shiino
    • The 166th 《Life Great Reversal Sukatto》 “Fateful Encounter Given by a 5 Yen Coin” (May 2019, 5)[102]) --Shiro Moriyama
    • 第171回・第179回・第194回「こうして夫婦喧嘩がおさまったスカッと」(2019å¹´6月24日・9月9日、2020å¹´3月2日)
    • The 191st "Great Reversal Sports Sukatto" "Miracle of the Weak and Small Volleyball Club" (February 2020, 2)[103]) --Shozo Ando
  • Daydream OF THE DEAD (September 2018, 9, Fuji TV) *DaydreamIn-program drama
  • Decide Nakai-kun!(December 2019, 1,TBS TV)-"Don't stop the camera! How to handle new employees nowadays" Senior employee
  • (September 2019, 6[104], TBS TV)-"Arrested for drunk driving even though I'm not drinking !?" Defendant Kenichi Saito
  • Japan(Kansai TV)
    • The person who noticed it is amazing! Petit improvement of popular products (June 2020, 6) - Morinaga Milk Industry In charge of container development / Dragonfly pencil Director role
    • The secret of the evolution of hit products that can't be heard anymore (September 2020, 9) - Imuraya Shimada's boss / Suntory Uemoto's boss
    • Great if you notice! Blockbuster product ㊙ Improvement (November 2020, 11)

Web drama

TV program

Internet tv


  • "The definitive edition of the eleven-piki cat(October 2012, 10-24th and 28th,)-Nyansaku Elderly[127]
  • Theatrical company Kawasue 2013th performance "I'm home. (January 1-9, 13,)[Note 9][128]
  • Planning Group Matchpoint "Neighbor Forecast" (April 2013-4, 4,Zamuza Asagaya)[129]
  • Theatrical company Nanoguramu 30th performance "Obvious Rondo" (April 2014-4, 24,Echo Theater)[130]
  • Momojiri Inu Summer Performance "Aiwo Kell" (July 2014-7, 9,Prince Small Theater) --The role of Karasuma Koji
  • Tricolor Cake Animal # 2 "Kumaguma" (November 2014-11, 28)[131]
  • Theatrical company Umida's first performance "Dainashi" (January 2015th and 1th-8th, 10, Oji Small Theater)[132]
  • Nobato and Maho Shimao "Working Snacks" (March 2015-3, 4, OFF / OFF Theater)
  • CINE STAGE vol.1 "About Aje" (May 2015-5, 12,Shinjuku Golden Gai Theater) --DJ Taka role * Written and directed by:Rikiya Imaizumi[133]
  • Tricolor Cake Animal # 3 "Ai Ai Ai" (June 2015-6, 26,Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery Space O)[131]
  • Nobato "A Plan" (September 2015-9, 23)
  • Chestnut ☆ Rabbits Part 2015 “Ichi ☆ Raw ☆ Heart ☆ Friend” (November 11-6, 10) ――Murakami
  • Nobato dissolution performance "Nobato" (February 2016-2, 25, Shimokitazawa station square theater)[17] --The role of Tombose
  • Chestnut ☆ Rabbits Behavior Exhibition ① "Moving Things ☆" (April 2016th, 4th-7th, 9, RAFT)[Note 10]
  • Chestnut ☆ Rabbits Part 2016 "ZIB" (August 8-4, 8)
  • MCR main performance "Michael" (December 2016-12, 9,Shimokitazawa station square theater)
  • Theatreux Tale vol.15 / Mizutani "Small Sun" (January 2017th and 1th, 27,Euro live)
  • MCR main performance "Unscrupulous House" (May 2017-5, 12)
  • SCOOL Performance Series 2017 Vol.6 "" (January 2018-1, 26)-Junichi Higurashi[134]
  • Ungetzifa ⑩ "Change of job" (February 2018, 2-March 28, Oji Studio 3)
  • Teatro controller vol.26 / Mizutani "Hello Oliver," "I was accustomed to star" (March 2018 - 3, 30, Euro live)
  • Theatreux Tale Special / Mizutani's best selection "Rice-sized Earth" (March 2020-3, 25, Euro Live)[21][22]

Theater animation

original video


  • Mizkan Short WEB drama "Mr. Shimeno" (October 2018, 10, November 12, 11)[136][137]
    • The first "Chicken Dashi Ginger Hot Pot Tsuyu ~ Junko Shimeno"
    • The XNUMXth "Yaki-Agodashi Nabe Tsuyu-Mr. No-san, I'm in love with you-Chen-"
  • J: COM(April 2018-11)[138]
    • "My Want to See" LOVE Gekihakukai Movie / Nature ""-Movie LOVER
    • "I want to see" LOVE Gekihakukai Sports / Travel / Travel ""-Movie LOVER
    • "TV with my favorite !! Short movie (movie version)"-Movie LOVER role * Web advertisement
    • "TV with my favorite !! Short movie (overseas drama)" --Overseas drama LOVER * Web advertisement
  • NTT Group"NTT Group Common Cloud Platform Model" (February 2019, 2) --Aloha Senior[139] ■YouTube・ NTT official channel public video
  • Taisho Pharmaceutical Lipovitan D WEB movie for PR "Don't stop Kansha!" (February 2019, 2)[140]
  • Honda CarsSouth Kanto
  • Morinaga Milk Industry Honey and Snow "I tried it, Takayuki Hamatsu" (April 2019, 4)[145] * "#Help honey and snow catch phrase recruitment site" Web video
  • Monex Securities US stock promotion video "America is in front of you !?" (April 2019)[146]
  • Japan McDonald's McFleury KitKat"Delicious test" (February 2020)[147] -Teacher role
  • Sapporo beer FamimaLimited beer, bitterness of bliss "Actor Takayuki Hamatsu talks about" blissful experience "" (July 2020)[148] * Web video posted on the site
  • Saitama"Saitama Video" (October 2020, 10-)- Starring Hiroshi Sumiyoshi Role[149] * "If you live in Saitama!" Emigration / settlement information "Web video



  • `` Delusional Japanese Dictionary'' (2019, XNUMX,Fusosha) Image character, gravure posted[156]
  • The 5th cinema novel "The former resident has arrived" (June 2019, 6, chat novel app "") --Tsudagawa[157]


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外部 リンク

Holiday manager

Holiday manager(Kyuji Tsukacho,1987May 2 -) isJapan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,bassist.SaitamaI'm from "Guess's ultimate maiden.""DADARAY""ichikoroIs a member of "and is in charge of the bass. "indigo la EndIs also a former member of.A section chief who is not a picture,Rio Wada(Masao Wada),HolyAlso active in the name.


Started playing the guitar when he was in the third year of junior high school. Red Hot Chili PeppersBeing influenced by, he started playing bass in earnest after entering university.

Formed mochimochi on August 2008, 8 and served as bass and vocalist.[1].

Graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 2009.

2010 year 2 month,indigo la EndBelongs to (Rio Wada, in the name of a section manager who does not become a picture).

Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Graduate School of Applied Biological Systems Science Master's course in 2011.Joined an electronics manufacturer.In July 2011, he left indigo la End because it became difficult to balance with the office worker business.

In May 2012, he was a second-year junior in the university's light music club.Kawane EonInvited toGuess's ultimate maiden.Became a member and started activities in parallel with the office worker business.I wore sunglasses in the early days of the band because I didn't want to get caught up in the company.Since the company was banned from side jobs, I decided not to receive any profit from the band, and I tried to keep the band activity as a hobby and not violate the company's regulations.[2].. He left the company in April 2014 and became one of the band activities.

A band produced by Enon Kawatani in January 2017DADARAYBelongs to[3].

In May 2017, formed a Vocaloid P unit with Enon Kawatani.[4].

March 2018, instrumental bandichikoroBelongs to (Holy name)[5].

August 2018, 12,NetflixDistribution program "TERRACE HOUSE OPENING NEW DOORS(In the name of Rio Wada)[6]..Appeared until the final episode of the series.


  • My hobby is cooking (especially making curry).
  • My favorite foods are curry, ramen, omelet rice, sushi, yakiniku, and Japanese food.The foods I hate are persimmons and dried potatoes.
  • My favorite type of opposite sex is someone who is devoted to something.The type I hate is people who eat very dirty.
  • The works that influenced the bass playイ エ スof"Relayer"WhenThundercat"Drunk"[7].

Affiliated band

Guess's ultimate maiden.

Enon Kawatani (Vo / Gt), Holiday Manager (Ba), Chan MARI (Key), Hona Ikoka (Dr)Japan Ofband.


REIS (Vo / Key), Etsuko (Vo / Key), Holiday Manager (Ba)Japan Ofband.


By 6 people, One (Gt), Think (Gt), Holy (Ba), M (Key), Vista (Gt), Suger (Dr)Japan Ofinstrumentalband.. I belong under the name of Holy.

Student mood

Vocaloid-P unit by Enon Kawatani and the holiday manager.


An indie band consisting of four members, Metallow (Gt / Vo), Kuma-chan (Gt / Vo), Wadao (Ba / Vo), and Seno-chan (Dr).We are active mainly in Kichijoji and Kokubunji.He is engaged in music creation activities that are packed with ideas, delusions, hallucinations, and reality.I belong under the name of Wada.

indigo la End

By Enon Kawatani (Vo / Gt), Curtis Nagata (Gt), Ryosuke Gotori (Ba), Eitaro Sato (Dr)Japan Ofrock band..Rio Wada, in the name of a non-pictured section manager, was in charge of the bass from February 2010 to July 2.

Major media appearances

tv set




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外部 リンク


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