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🐈 | "Monday Late Show" "Psychological test" gave "terrible" results !? Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami & Matsuko LOL ...


"Monday Late Show" "Psychological test" gave "terrible" results !? Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami & Matsuko LOL ...

If you write the contents roughly
However, Murakami and Matsuko drew a very simple illustration of a dog and a cat, and because it was only the face part, the psychological test was not exciting.

Variety show "Monday to Night Show" starring Kanjani Eight, Shingo Murakami and Matsuko Deluxe (NTV) ... → Continue reading

 Saizo Woman

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Face part

    Psychological examination

    Psychological examination(Shinrikensa) is a human beingpsychologicalIt is an inspection of.About the so-called "psychological test" published in magazines, books for the general public, etc.Popular psychologychecking ...

    Trust relationship

    Psychological tests are affected by the subject's environment and psychological state, and the results differ.In order to reduce blurring due to such causes, a relationship of trust must be established between the subject and the examiner before the examination.This trust relationshipRapportIt is called (Laport).This is not only purely psychological, but also affects the room temperature, humidity, and lighting of the laboratory.Explain the purpose of the psychological test to the subject in advance (Informed consentIt is desirable to remove anxiety before conducting the test.Also,School ageFor children, the result of this test isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular OfGrade evaluationIt may be better to explain that it is not reflected in.

    Especially for young childrenDevelopmental disordersIn the case of children, if a sufficient relationship of trust is not established, there is a risk that the test will be abandoned during the test or that active cooperation will not be obtained, making it impossible to continue.Also, the test results are also at the time of inspectionPhysical conditionThere is a lot of room for the results to change depending on the emotional state and mood.For this reason, in the case of an individual intelligence test, the test is performed on a sufficient rapport when the person is in good physical condition.

    Learning effect

    Also, as with other tests, by undergoing the same type of test over and over again.AccustomedOr, you can improve the test results by intentional pre-training.For this reason, in the case of a group intelligence test, many subjects are usually tested at the same place at the same time only once.In addition, it should be notedKraepelinIn such cases, there are books and courses for practicing because they often take employment exams.

    Reliability and validity

    When assessing the effectiveness of psychological tests, the terms reliability and validity are used.Reliability is a term used to describe whether or not the results are not so different when measured by any trained examiner for the same subject.Validity is a term that describes whether or not the test can measure what you are trying to measure.For example, no matter how precise the scale is, it is not possible to measure the height.This is a lack of validity.On the contrary, even if a height meter is used, it cannot be measured accurately if the error is several centimeters.This is a lack of reliability.

    When developing a psychological test, it is often the case that statistics are taken from many samples and more appropriate questions are placed.thisstandardizationIt is called work.For example, a typical intelligence test can trust an IQ standard of 100 because it has been standardized on a large sample.In the standardization of individual intelligence tests, about 1000 to 5000 subjects are often targeted.

    Yoshihiro MurakamiIt is,YG personality test,Uchida-Kraepelin psychological test,Rorschach testEtc. point out that it is actually a completely crappy test.[1].


    According to the Japan Psychological Testing Association Ethics Guidelines, "Psychological testing users should try to protect personal information", "Do not sell or distribute samples to other than specialized institutions such as schools and various counseling offices", "Test sheets even after the test" In general, people who are unrelated to psychological tests cannot purchase because there are agreements such as "Do not dissipate."Furthermore, in Japan, there are three psychological tests (Six Seconds SEI, etc.) that are being developed and operated globally: the American Academy of Education (AERA), the American Psychological Society (APA), and the National Education Measurement Council (NCME). Level A: Anyone with basic knowledge can purchase, Level B and C: Only those that meet certain conditions can be purchased and implemented, and the same applies to purchasers in Japan. The restrictions of are applied.

    Intelligence test / development test / personality test

    Behavior / social examination

    • Educational PUPIL
    • Activities of daily living test
    • New edition TEG
    • Ericsson Psychosocial Stage Inventory Examination (EPSI)
    • Survey of opinions, attitudes, and worries of children (students) "PST" and "PST-III"
    • SMT class adaptive diagnostic test
    • Multi-faceted survey for student understanding (Multi)
    • Comprehensive Survey for Student Understanding (STEP)
    • Educational POEM Student Understanding Card
    • SG type comprehensive student understanding survey START / START2
    • Individuality discovery test "TRY"
    • Quality of Life 26

    Occupational aptitude test

    • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare General Occupational Aptitude Test (for Career Guidance / GATB)
    • APP accident trend prediction survey
    • SDS Occupational Aptitude Self-Diagnostic Test
    • VPI Occupational Interest Survey
    • New Edition / Occupational Readiness Test
    • Career Focus Employment Aptitude Test for College Students
    • Kyoken-style occupational interest / aspiration diagnostic test

    Career aptitude test

    Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularso,Career guidanceUsed for.

    • Career aptitude test for high school "Success time 1 time period", "Success time 2 time period"
    • Career aptitude test for junior high school grades "Career Club"
    • ATAC Career Aptitude Diagnostic Test
    • Educational Research Grade Career Aptitude Diagnosis System (PAS Card)
    • Career aptitude survey for junior high school "CPJ-R"
    • Career aptitude diagnostic test for high school "CPH-2"
    • Self-discovery survey "message"
    • Career Search S & W
    • SG type course aptitude test (new version DSCP)
    • SG type course discovery inspection (EPIC)


    • Wechsler memory test
    • New edition moral test "Human"
    • Parent-child relationship diagnostic test
    • Kano / motor development test
    • Achievement test
    • Bender-Gestalt Test
    • TCT creativity test
    • Movement Education Program Assessment (MEPA)
    • Optical illusion test
    • Kyoken style SET self-education ability guidance test
    • New edition language test picture book
    • Microbrain dysfunction test (MBD test)
    • SA creativity test A version / P version
    • Achievement improvement factor diagnostic test (FAT)
    • Learning adaptability test
    • Kahn symbol test
    • Benton Visual Memorization Inspection
    • Luria's neuropsychological test
    • EQ Emotional Intelligence Test (SEI)
    • Standard Aphasia Test (SLTA)
    • Southern California Sensory Integration Therapy (SCSIT)
    • Token test
    • Amon's Vocabulary Test (FRPV)
    • Stress scale for mothers with physically and mentally handicapped infants
    • Painting Narrative Development Test (PVT)
    • Kyoken-style FMCI parent-child relationship diagnostic test
    • Figure-Ground Perception Test
    • WAB aphasia test
    • Body image inspection
    • HEART moral diagnostic test

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    • Introduction to Psychological Testing Method 4th Edition ISBN 4821063603
    • How to understand children with disabilities ISBN 4761485086
    • "The" psychological test "was a lie.Everyone who received it saw a fool ”Nobuhiro Murakami ISBN 4822244466


    1. ^ Yoshihiro Murakami "The" psychological test "was a lie.Everyone who received it saw a fool. "


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