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📷 | The 880 yen item sold at the Disney Store was so epoch-making that I laughed ...!


The 880 yen item sold at the Disney Store was so epoch-making that I laughed ...!

If you write the contents roughly
Be sure to check it out when you go to the Disney Store!

I came to the Disney Store today!Everything is sold with items that are perfect for remote work ... → Continue reading

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Disney store

Disney store(Disney store) Isデ ィ ズ ニ ーSpecialty store that exclusively sells branded productschain.

Operation isDisney Consumer Products(Disney Parks Experience Products).


1987ToAmerica-CaliforniaThe world's first store opened in the Glendale Galleria shopping center in Glendale.

In the early days of birthTokyo DisneylandThe spare or inventories of the products were sold as they were.However, when it came to developing its own products, consumers were able to purchase official products outside the theme park premises, and it became one of the pillars supporting Disney's finances.

Expanded worldwide, America,カナダ,The United Kingdom,France,Germany,スペイン,イタリア,ベルギー,Shanghai,Japan OfShopping mallAnd open a store in a commercial area.Hong KongThere were also several stores, but most closed within a few years and are nowHong Kong International AirportOnly two of them have been renamed to "The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland".By the way, the operation isHong Kong Disneyland ResortA joint venture between Disney and the Hong Kong government that manages and operatesHong Kong International Theme ParkIt is.

Initially directly managed by Disney in all countries1999There were 747 stores around the world, but it was decided to sell them to several companies due to factors such as a decline in sales.2002The business right of the Japanese store was sold to2004ToNorth AmericaThe store was sold as well.

At each store, "Disney Resort" for each regionTheme park・ Tickets are sold, and in North America, "Disneyland Resort"When"Walt Disney World Resort, In EuropeDisneyland ParisTickets are available for purchase.

In Japan, because it was under the umbrella of OLC for a while,Tokyo Disney ResortTickets were available for purchase, but as of 2015, tickets have begun to be discontinued.This is because the direct relationship with OLC has disappeared, but it is also said that OLC also has the purpose of encouraging the transition to e-ticket purchase (when selling tickets at the Disney Store, OLC to Disney It is a contract to pay a certain fee to the store according to the sales amount, and since it is an e-ticket, it is possible to cut costs without paying a fee).

Deployment in North America

2002Following the sale of the Japanese store in North America, the chain development based on shopping malls has begun to fade in North America.200411Sold to.at firstWalmartHoop Retail Stores, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Children's Place, LLC., Which operates a children's clothing store chain, currently owns and operates stores in the United States and Canada, although it was considered for sale to. Children's Place has a long-term license agreement with Disney, which lasts at least 50 years.

Children's Place has increased the number of stores, reduced the initial retail price (Disney Store initially offered a higher retail price, but was known to substantially reduce the price in a few weeks), outlet stores The Disney Store brand will be revived due to the opening of the store.Even if the retail price is lowered, the high margin unique to Disney Store products can be maintained in order to keep operating costs down.

As a directly managed store at Disney, "World of Disney"ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is deployed on Fifth Avenue.Also, in Burbank, California,Walt Disney StudiosWe own a "Disney Store" on the premises that is only available to our employees and special guests.

Currently, "www.disneystore.com" is not owned by the Disney Store operated by Children's Place, but by Disney.Electronic mallIt is a forwarding address to "disneyshopping.com".The Children's Place is2007It is expected to acquire the DisneyStore.com domain in.

Deployment in Europe

EuropeOnly 105 stores in Disney remain directly managed by Disney, but are in danger of closing due to lower revenues.In the past, market research was conducted to improve the business situation that was in a slump, but in the end, no solution could be found.2006The investigation was discontinued.By selling many stores around the world, the "Disney Store", which will become the flagship store of Disney's direct management, is located in the United Kingdom.UK OfOxford streetIt is a store in.

Deployment in Japan

Disney Store's expansion into Japan1992May 8Kanagawa横 浜 市 OfMycal HonmokunearJR TokaiThe Honmoku store (currently closed) was opened in the commercial facility of Japan.Walt Disney International Japan Co., Ltd. (currently: Walt Disney International Japan Co., Ltd.), a Japanese corporation of DisneyWalt Disney Japan (WDJ)) ”Was a directly managed business.

After that, the Disney Store business in JapanRetail NetworksAs a spin-off,20024からTokyo Disney ResortRunOriental Land (OLC)Under the umbrella, we aimed to increase profits by adding a park ticket sales counter in the store in collaboration with TDR, but sales did not increase due to stray targeting and failure of marketing strategy.20104After returning to the umbrella of WDJ and renewing GM and vice president, it is currently operated as a directly managed business.

The flagship storeChibaUrayasu cityMaihamaIt is inIkspiariWith "Tokyo Disney Resort Store"OsakaOsakaChuo-kuShinsaibashisujiIt is the "Shinsaibashi store" in XNUMX-chome.

At the two Disney Stores (Shibuya Koen Dori store and Shinsaibashi store), in cooperation withDisney mobileWe are engaged in sales and change procedures.In addition, at each store and online shop,Disney mobileDiscount days for Disney Store products are set up twice a month for users.

Even in the storeDisney parkEmployees are called "cast", visitors are called "guests", stores are called "on stage", and commercial areas such as warehouses and offices are called "back stage" because they match the terms used in I'm calling it.The cast is also instructed on-stage not to use commonly used terms such as "Thank you" and "Welcome" to guests.

From December 2011, the policy is to gradually convert to new concept stores and open new stores in the Asian region, with Japan at the forefront, and in the same month as the first step.Sendai cityA new store was set up in.Sendai The Mall Nagamachi store is an existing store in Sendai City.The Mall Sendai NagamachiIt is on the 3rd floor of the main building, but it has also been renewed.

Disney Store on February 2020, 2 to unify online shops into directly managed storesRakutenStore closure andAmazon.co.jpHas finished listing[1]..In addition, it was announced on May 5 that the name of the online shop will be changed to "shop Disney" from May 27 of the same year.[2].

Deployment in China

In Hong Kong, it has been renamed to "The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland".

Disney on October 2013, 10Shanghai Disneyland(Shanghai Disney Resort) With the openingShanghaiAnnounced that the world's largest Disney Store (53,000 square meters) will be born.thisMainland ChinaIt was the first time for me.Disney Store Shanghai store in 1, about a year before the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort[3]Has opened.


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