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📚 | Registered dietitian "strongest infectious disease countermeasures" is taught!


Teaching the registered dietitian "strongest infectious disease countermeasures"!

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"The information is a mixture of boulders, and each person's health literacy (the ability to determine health) has come to be questioned.

In addition to masks, sterilization, ventilation, and social distance, there are other things that he wants to make a new habit of corona sickness.that is… → Continue reading

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Health literacy

Health literacyWhat is (health literacy)?HealthInvestigate, gain, understand, and effectively use the basics and services needed to make good face-to-face decisions.能力Means the degree of[1].Medical literacyAlso called.

It is important not only to read and understand the figures and sentences in the pamphlets and to make medical appointments at medical institutions, but also to improve the ability to effectively use health information and help maintain and improve health. To.In addition, it is not limited to personal ability, but broaderHealthcare・ There are also ideas that include educational systems and socio-cultural factors.

Advocated the model of health literacy as one of the three important indicators of intervention effect.[2].

Health literacypublic healthThe purpose of the program is to improve the knowledge, understanding and ability of social citizens regarding health so that they can lead a healthier life.

In the United States, it was first taken up as one of the important issues in the national health promotion campaign "Healthy People 2010".[3]


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