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⛺ | Who is Rakuten Ma's wife?Framing technology required for catchers

Photo (from left) Rakuten / Shimozuma, Masahiro Tanaka, Ota

Who is the wife of Rakuten Mar?Framing technology required for catchers

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Last season, Ota, who wore the most starting mask in the team, had a stealing prevention rate of 333, which was No. 1 in the league.

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Steal base blocking rate

Steal base blocking rateWhat is (tolen base)?baseballInデータOne of the.catcher(Catcher)StealOf the opponent team who triedrunner(Runner) was out by his own throwProportionThat.


Stolen base prevention rate = stolen base ÷ number of attempts

It is evaluated as a numerical value of the strength of the catcher's shoulder, and is often used as one of the indicators of player ability.

However, if the catcher's strong shoulders are known, the stolen base prevention rate will not be very high, as the runner will only try to steal the base if a very fast runner successfully steals the pitcher's motion.In other words, the strong-shoulder catcher contributes to the team not by letting the stealer out, but also by not letting him steal.Therefore, in evaluating catchers, not only the stolen base prevention rate but also the number of stolen bases per inning should be considered.In addition, in order to prevent stolen bases, it can be said that the catcher is solely responsible for the low stolen base prevention rate because it is affected by the cooperation with the pitcher, the pitcher's own quick motion, and the skill of the pick-off ball. Absent.

As mentioned above, the stealing prevention rate is not always high for strong-shoulder catchers, but it is clearly low for weak-shoulder catchers.Especially for professional baseball catchers, a low stolen base prevention rate marks the end of the player's catcher career.Extremely low stolen base prevention rates are often recorded in the final stages of a large catcher in ball history.例として、NPBではAs an example, in NPBKatsuya Nomura, In MLBMike PiazzaIs mentioned.

In professional baseball, it is generally said that 3-4% is enough and 5% is amazing.公式にはOfficially1969Although the numbers before that have not been officially announced, since there is a record (scorebook) for each match, some players' numbers have been derived by personal aggregation.


Japanese professional baseball

Season record stolen base prevention rate of 5% or more

For players whose number of games played as a catcher has reached the specified number of games (more than half of the number of team games in the season).Only records since 1969, when stolen base prevention rates were recorded, are included.

Player nameAffiliation年度matchNumber of plansStolen baseStealingBlocking rate
Shuzo AritaKintetsu1976124974552. 536
Akihiko OyaYakult197088883850. 568
1972119803644. 550
1974130873948. 552
1976121824141. 500
Shinji KomiyamaHanshin201272442222. 500
Kenji KijimaDaiei2002100633132. 508
Tanishige MotonobuYokohama2001137813744. 543
Koichi TabuchiHanshin196982582731. 534
197088673037. 552
19721141095059. 541
1973114793841. 519
Takeshi NakamuraChunichi1989121643133. 516
199594542628. 519
Masataka NashidaKintetsu1979108693237. 536
Fukushima Chiharu巨人197882301119. 633
Hisaaki FukushimaOcean197568472126. 553
Atsushi FurutaYakult1990106552629. 527
1991127833548. 578
1993130451629. 644
199476241212. 500
2000134732746. 630
  • The highest stealing prevention rate of the season The Central League record is .1993 by Atsuya Furuta (644), and the Pacific League record is .1979 by Masataka Nashida (536).
  • The lowest stolen base prevention rate of the season Pacific League recordHidenori Tagami(2010) .069, Central League recordKoichi Sekikawa(1994) .125

Total stolen base prevention rate

(Only records since 1969, more than 500 catcher appearances)

 Player nameBlocking rate
1Atsushi Furuta. 462
2Akihiko Oya. 433
3Koichi Tabuchi. 422
4Masataka Nashida. 391
5Kenji Kijima. 383

Major league baseball

Season stolen base prevention rate

Top 5 players in history (those who participated in more than half of the team's season games)[1]

Player nameAffiliation年度matchNumber of plansStolen baseStealingBlocking rate
1(English editionBoston Braves19339531724. 774
2(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics195379431231. 721
3Ray SharkChicago White Sox1925125852461. 718
4Roy CampanellaBrooklyn Dodgers1951140491534. 694
5(English editionSt. Louis Cardinals1941105391227. 692

Total stolen base prevention rate

Top 5 players in history (500 or more games in total)[2]

 Player nameBlocking rate
1Roy Campanella. 574
2Gabby Hartnet. 561
3(English edition. 548
4Al Lopez. 541
5(English edition. 531


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