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📚 | I can't do "normal"!Third year of marriage. Wife's pregnancy essay suffering from "still virginity"


I can't do "normal"!Third year of marriage. Wife's pregnancy essay suffering from "still virginity"

If you write the contents roughly
This book is a compilation of the Ameba blogs of the same name, with major revisions.

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Amoeba blog

Amoeba blog(Ameba Blog, Abbreviation:Ameba) Iscyber-agentRental provided byBlogservice.2004May 9Start of the service[2][3]..Internet service operated by the company "AmoebaIt is one of the main services of.


According to various surveys, it is the largest blog service in Japan.2009At that time,Yahoo! Blog,FC2 BlogIt was said to be the top three alongside[4].

Media mixUsing cross-media techniques such asMass mediaWe have increased the number of users and page views in cooperation with.entertainerAnd celebritiestalentThe number of bloggers is also for sale,Miss CampusBlog,Entertainment officeEach blog space is set up and managed. "Memoir Oniyome Nikki''Kirakira Resident』Is a blogBookBecame and laterTV dramaWas transformed.

2007On May 2Tokyo-HarajukuOpened "Ameba Studio"[5]..Open to the public by inviting famous guests such as entertainersLive broadcastbyOnline deliveryWas linked with the talent blog[5],2010Operation ended on March 3st[5]("HARAJUKU AbemaStudioSee also).


The total number of members of Ameba is two years after the service starts.2006Over 3 million people in March[3].

After that, as of October 2009, 10 million people[6], About 12 million as of December of the same year[7]..As of December of the same year, the ratio of male and female members was 12: 5.[7]..As of November 2009, the number of active users of the blog is about 11 million / month.[8]..Japan's unique visitors are 2009 million people / month as of November 11[9].page viewIs 2 million / month.[When?]

2010The number of members exceeded 7 million in July[3],2011Over 12 million people in December[3],2013Over 8 million people in March[3]..Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the service2014Over 9 million people in September[3], 15th anniversary of service start2019The number of members exceeded 9 million in September[3], The cumulative number of blog posts reached about 25 billion[3].

Service features

The features of the blog service are as follows.

  • Although it is a blogSocial MediaIt is a very versatile blog service with strong mutual communication elements and various functions to encourage interaction between users.
  • FC2 blog, Livedoor blog[10]Unlike,Adult contentBlogging including is prohibited by the terms of use[11][Annotation 1].
  • From the start of the serviceaffiliateAlthough it was strict for commercial use such as, affiliates were once lifted from December 2018, 12.However, from April 25, the original affiliate service "Ameba Pick" was released, and it was external.ASPUse was banned again[13][14].
  • Do not useHTMLThere are strong restrictions such as many tags, and technically advanced customization is not possible, but it is easy for beginners to use and stick toUIHas been adopted.
  • As mentioned above, there are many restrictions both in terms of terms and technology, so affiliate blogs andSummary blogNot suitable for creating such as.

These features areYahoo! BlogThe number of members has increased as a blog service that is familiar to beginners.

2019May 12When the Yahoo! blog is abolished[15], As the target of the official migration tool, Ameba Blog,Livedoor Blog,Seesaa blog,Hatena Blog4 services were supported[15][16][Annotation 2], Many users have moved to Ameba Blog, which has a similar atmosphere to Yahoo! Blog in terms of usability and user base.


  • 2004May 9 --Started Ameba Blog service[2][3]..Initially as a "cash return blog service"Prize moneyWas selling the blog ranking with[2].
  • 2005May 4 - ブ ロ グURLWas "http://userID.ameblo.jp/", but from the same day it was changed to "https://ameblo.jp/userID/".If you are an existing member, the new URL will be automatically added.redirectIs done.
  • 2006
    • Softbank"Yahoo Internet Guide" sponsored "Web of the Year 2006'BlogNo. 1 in the service sector.
    • 9 month - Mobile phoneService "Ameba Mobile" started[3].
    • November --Launch of footprint function "Peta"[18].
    • December-Awards for celebrities who have contributed to the spread of blogsBLOG of the year"Started. It ended once in 2011, but resumed in 2015.
  • 2007
  • 200810 month - Good Design AwardAward[20].
  • 2009
    • 2 month - Virtual spaceAvatarservice"Ameba pig"Start of the service[3].
    • April --Community function "Ameba Gruppo" service started.
    • December-Tweet function "Ameba Nau" service started.
  • 2010March 3-"Ameba Studio" will be closed on this day[5].
  • 2012
    • March 3-New My Page beta version released.
    • May 5-Forced migration to new My Page.
    • 6 month - SmartphoneLaunched version[3].
  • 2014September 9-Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the service.The number of members exceeded 10 million this month[3].
  • 2015April-"Ameba"logoAnd cyber agentCorporate logochange[3].
  • 2016
    • April 4-Blog stamp "What day is it today?" Started[21].
    • April 4-Abolished the "Blog Neta" function and moved to "What day is it today?"
  • 2017February-Same yearMay 3More alwaysSSLConversion (alwayshttps) Announced that it will be changed.Along with this, from March of the same year, if the URL is "http://ameblo.jp/~", it will be redirected to "https://ameblo.jp/~", and at the same time some specifications will be changed. Was done[22]..Please note that this change does not apply to Ameba Mobile.feature phoneDoes not affect the use in[22].
  • 2018April 4-Profile page renewed. Unify the design on PCs and smartphonesResponsive designTurned into[23]..Along with this, the Q & A column for self-introduction on the old PC version profile page has been abolished.[24].
  • 2019
    • May 1 - Voice input・ Pre-release of the playback blog "Koe no Blog" on a smartphone browser.
    • September 9-Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the service[3]..The number of members exceeded 6,000 million this month[3].
  • 2020
    • March 3-Integrated staff blogs for PC and smartphone[25].
    • April 4-ExclusiveAffiliate programLaunched "Ameba Pick" service.
    • April --Released the Android version of the "Ameba Pick" app.
    • August 5- iOSReleased "Ameba Pick" app[26].
    • May 5-in the articleLinksLink card display[27].
    • November 11th-mixi account,RakutenAbolished linked login with member account[28][29].

Functions / specifications

In addition to the normal blog update function, various functions are provided to promote mutual community of users.Various functions can be accessed from the home (formerly "My Page").

Blog Ranking

At the start of service2004May 9More implemented[2]..In the blog ranking based on the number of accesses etc., the top blogger who won the top of the monthly ranking will be paid a reward.Initially, the reward was paid in cash (some rankings were prizes).[2], Later called "coins" can be redeemedVirtual currencyWas changed to.

読 者 登録

There is a function to register as a reader in the Ameba blog, and when you register your favorite blog, updated information will be displayed on your home.

Reader registration is a function that allows you to become a reader by adding a message to the blog you like. Communication such as "returning reader registration" such as "mutual follow-up" on SNS is also frequently performed, but this is not considered etiquette either.There was also a function called "checklist registration" similar to the reader function.

一般 的 なRSS readerUnlike Ameba Blog, you cannot register blogs other than Ameba Blog.In addition to the Ameba blog,RSSYou can also register blogs and news that deliver the update status as favorites, and there are also functions such as receiving update information.

Reader registration was later renamed "Follow" and checklist registration was integrated.There are two types of reader registration: public follow and private follow.When you follow someone else's blog, you can specify whether to make it public or private by default on the setting screen.

In public follow, the other party is notified that they have followed.You can select 3 ways to accept public follow, "Approve all", "Approve individually", and "Disapprove all". The blog name is displayed (it can be hidden by the setting screen "sidebar display setting").

In private follow, it is not known that you have followed the other person, and you will not be notified even if you unfollow.

The updated information of the blog registered as a reader is newly displayed in the "follow feed" of your home, and is displayed in the same list regardless of whether it is public follow or private follow.

A member

2007Friend registration function started on August 8th[19]..It is an SNS function that allows you to publish articles, images, and videos to specific people.[19].. It is a function equivalent to "My Miku" in mixi, and you can write "member-only articles" by registering a specific user as "member".

Make an "member application" from the other party's blog top page, and if approved, you will be registered as an "member".You can also set "Do not accept membership application" from your own setting screen.In the past, the "member list" list was displayed on the profile page of all users, but later the list hiding function was added.

What day is it today? (Old "blog material")

2016"What day is it today?" Function started from April 4st.[21]..Every day, a blog stamp saying "Today is XX day" is displayed on My Page.If you write an article from there, the stamp and link will be displayed in the article, and you can also see the blog of the person who wrote the article with the same blog stamp.Blog stamps change daily[21]..A blog is a function that takes into consideration beginners who tend to leave it unattended because they have no material to write even though they have created it.

"Blog materialWith the function that has been continued for many years, a group called "Word-of-mouth Banzuke Administration Bureau" in the secretariat provided a topic that became a blog story every week.Also, in conjunction with "Blog Neta", from August 2007, "Word-of-mouth ranking""Sunmono OheyaThere was also a function called "[30], Both functions ended on April 2016, 4, and the transition to "What day is it today?"

Finished functions / specifications

Ameba Nau

2009Service started in October[31].TwitterTweet function for Ameba like.2017Service ends on November 11th[31].

Nau speed app

2012May release[31].. A smartphone app for "Ameba Nau". Service will end on November 2017, 11[31][32].

Profile Q & A

Q & A column for self-introduction provided on the profile page.2018The Q & A section has been abolished as the profile page was significantly redesigned and simplified on April 4th.[24][33].

Ameba Guru

2009Community function started in April. Like the mixi community, bloggers with the same hobbies were able to interact.2019Service ends on November 3th[34].

Peta (footprint function)

2006Service started in October[18].. So-called"FootprintIt's a type of feature that tells bloggers that you've read an article. Once you click the "Peta" button, the footprint mark and your ID will be displayed in a list called "Peta Book".You can also add "peta" to your own blog.

mixiAlthough it is analogized to the "footprint" function of[35]The difference is that mixi's "footprint" function is automatically recorded, while "peta" is actively recorded by the reader.

As a thank you for adding "peta", there is also a communication called "peta return" that reads the other party's blog article and returns "peta", but it is only voluntary.MannersIt is not said that.

At the beginning of the service, the specification was that "Petabook" would be displayed on the blogs of all users, but by advertisers etc.ス パ ムSince there were many typical "peta", the setting "do not accept peta" was added later.

Rank up according to the number of "Peta" obtained, and the character displayed in the "Peta Book" changes.The characters are as follows.

2015On August 8, the abolition of the "Peta" function was announced on the official staff blog of Ameba Blog.[18], It was said that the function would end on November 11, the same year.[18]..Some users asked for their survival, but they said, "I'm not thinking about new measures."[35]..However, on November 11, the same year, the policy was changed and the withdrawal of the abolition of "Peta" was announced on the staff blog.[18][36], The service will be continued[18].

after that,2020On August 8th, the staff blog announced the abolition of the "peta" function again.[37]..It became impossible to pet the opponent at 10:28 on October 14, the same year.[38][37], I can no longer browse my peta book at 11:16 on November 14th[38][37]..The reason why it was abolished again is that the system is aging and the "Like" function overlaps.[37].

Ameba pig


A function to upload images and videos and publish them to viewers and members.You can also paste the uploaded image on your blog.

Talent blog

Hall of Fame blog

For celebrity blogs that have passed the screening of Ameba Blog and are registered as "official blogs",Talent / Celebrity Blog Comprehensive Index Can be seen from.Blogs that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame are not included in the ranking.

  • Chinatsu Wakatsuki --The first Hall of Fame entry.The blog at the time of the Hall of Fame has been deleted, so it is no longer listed in the Hall of Fame list.
  • Uechi Yusuke --By the number of accesses2008Guinness BookCertification.Currently inducted into the Hall of Fame No. 2.CurrentlyLINE BLOGIt is not listed in the Hall of Fame list because it has moved to.
  • Nakagawa Shoko - Shokotan ☆ Blog.. On November 2009, 7ExcitementMoved from the blog and entered the Hall of Fame that day.No. 3 inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Nozomi Tsuji --No. 4 inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Akira Hokuto --No. 5 inducted into the Hall of Fame. From June 2016[39].


There is a "MVB" (Most Valuable Blogger, initially Most Valuable Blog) similar to the Hall of Fame, and blogs certified by this are not included in the ranking as well as the Hall of Fame, but they are displayed at the top of the ranking. Become so[40][41].

  • Echizo Ichikawa --The first MVB.
  • Mao Kobayashi ――After his death, he became the second MVB following his husband, Ebizo Ichikawa.In consultation with the bereaved family, the blog will continue to be published so that readers can leave comments.

Manage talent blogs

At Ameba Blog, which sells a large number of talent bloggers, a specialized censorship and monitoring team manages the talent blog 24 hours a day.[42][Source invalid],BurningWe are deleting comments that can cause the problem and checking articles posted by talents.[42][Source invalid].

Below are some of the main examples of comment management on Ameba Blog.

  • May 2008, 5, one of the users of Ameba BlogBlitz networkMember'sGyuzoHowever, he posted an article on his blog, "Ameba Blog, did you delete the comment section without permission?"I told you that the comments written on my blog are managed by the Ameba blog side.[43].
  • August 2008, 8,Beijing OlympicsjudoHe was the 100kg class representative from Japan and wrote his own comments on the Ameba Blog.Suzuki KeijiThere was a situation in which a large number of criticism comments were deleted immediately after the match.As for athletes' blogs, criticism of play is also subject to deletion.[44], The comment that commented on the game development was also deleted.
  • Free announcerKawada AkoA lot of cheering comments were written after her suicide on the Ameba blog that she wrote during her lifetime.Comments on suicide were uniformly deleted by the Ameba blog, but those unnatural comments were left for a while.Ameba Blog side denies automatic comment writing[45].
  • A slanderous comment was written for the article dated May 2009, 5.Shinji FujitaIn an article dated June 6st, he expressed his anger, and in an article dated June 1nd, he wrote, "I'll have you erase unpleasant comments from now on."[46].
  • TalentHiroka MakiIn a member-only article dated April 2010, 4, explained the existence of automatic comment deletion and that conscientious comments are deleted for some reason, and apologized for not being able to do anything and asked for understanding. It was.
  • Of politicians and writersTakaaki MihashiIn June 2010, when the general blog of Ameba Blog was changed to the "politician blog", there were many cases where comments were deleted by the monitoring team without permission, and the discussion in the comment section became unsuccessful. "Don't delete any comments on your blog," he told the Ameba Secretariat.[47].

Information leak from celebrity blog

2010Due to unauthorized access by a third party before dawn on January 1, about 1 IDs of entertainer blogs in Ameba Blog,PasswordEtc. leaked to the outside."" on multiple entertainer blogsNew Year's giftAn image was displayed, and a file with the relevant information was distributed at the link.[48][49][50].

Next time2011On December 12, the IDs of 24 blog users were withdrawn due to unauthorized access by a third party, causing damage such as the blog disappearing or not being able to be updated.[51]..The cyber agent side started recovery work from the next day, and said that there was no data loss, unauthorized use, or personal information leakage.[51].

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注 釈

  1. ^ Adult blogs are also prohibited on Yahoo! blogs, and adult blog creation is also prohibited on Seesaa blogs.[12].
  2. ^ FC2 blog was not supported by Yahoo! Blog migration tool, but FC2 blog side "blog moving tool"[17]It was possible to relocate including the image.


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