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📱 | 5 selections of "sneaking" women in the bath


5 "Sneaking Things" for Women in the Bath

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Stretching while relaxing leads to stress relief, relieves mental fatigue, and is two birds with one stone.

How are you spending your relaxing time in the bath?When I noticed, I was taking a bath for a long time!What ... → Continue reading

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Two birds with one stone

Two birds with one stone(Isseki nicho) means "two in one act ProfitHas the meaning of "getting"Four character idiomatic compoundsIs. In this item類 義 語,AntonymAlso mention.

(I.e.Aiming for one bird when two birds were gatheringstoneWhen I threw it, both birds fell down.17st century OfUnited Kingdom Ofこ と わ ざIt is a translation of "kill two birds with one stone." It is widely established as a four-character idiom, but it originated in England.Chinese bookIt's not the word. The birth of two birds with one stone is that if you throw one stone at one bird, two birds will fall. From the meaning of the word, when three or more profits can be obtained, it is called "three birds with one stone" or "four birds with one stone".Coined wordMay be used[1].

Synonyms, antonyms

As a synonym, "All at once"Or"All at once","Kill two birds with one stone"Is mentioned.

At once, both profits are "JinshoIt is a word from the biography, and unlike two birds with one stone, it is a Chinese word. All at once is synonymous with both at once. The source of Issen Socho is "Northern history]. "Salmon" means "arrow" and "hawk" means "eagle". Therefore, I intend to shoot down two eagles with a single arrow.

As an antonym, "Without taking a wasp"Or"Those who chase two rabbits do not get one[2]","Don't take one, don't take two","No flowers, no fruits","Hawk-eagle crotch of greed","Drop the hawk you want"and so on.

The meaning of all the above words is that "aim at multiple objects at the same time and end up with no result". In "Don't take the bee"AbuとBeeThe situation that "the person who chases two rabbits does not get one rabbit", which is the situation of aiming at the same time,RomeThe theory that it is from the sayingDesiderius ErasmusThere is a theory that it is from "Aphorisms"[3].

ShogiWith one piece of your own army, you can take two pieces of the enemy army at the same time.Both takeThat is. You can get either one with your next move, but you can't get both. There is also a saying, "Don't run away from both."


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  2. ^ EnglishThen "He that hunts two hares loses both." Or "If you run after two hares you will catch neither."
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