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👍 | Tomoaki Makino "Opening round! Let's start from here!"

Photo Image: Tomoaki Makino Official Instagram

Tomoaki Makino "Opening round! Let's start from here!"

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This season, Yuki Abe, who was elected captain, took the lead with a goal.

"Opening round‼ ︎ Become a better team and a better team!" On the 27th, Urawa Reds' Tomoaki Makino announced his Ins ... → Continue reading

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Yuki Abe

Yuki Abe(Yuki Abe,1981 May 9 -) isChibaIchikawa CityFromProfessional soccer player.J League-Urawa RedsBelongs.position TheMidfielder,as well asDefender..You can play anywhere in a defensive positionUtility player.. ExRepresentation from Japan.2010 FIFA World CupHe played an active part as an anchor in the Japanese national team.


Before entering professional

Born in 1981 as the third child of two boys and one girl.Because of his brother's influence, he has been familiar with soccer since he was a child, kicking his father's pillow sleeping on holidays to get up and kicking the ball with his brother.Under the influence of his father's emotional inspiration, he cried when he couldn't get the ball from his brother (five years older), cried when he said the game was bad, and was praised for his contribution to victory. She was a fragile child with tears in her eyes.

Joined Kashiwa Eagles at the recommendation of my father and the edge of the kindergarten I was attending.Joined Fumihama FC in the 4th grade of elementary school, selected Ichikawa FC in the 5th grade of elementary school, and has 2 teams.Passed Jeff's Youth Selection when he was in the sixth grade of elementary school.

Jeff United Ichihara

Funabashi City High SchoolAlthough he was invited by him, he wanted to go to a correspondence high school to spend most of his time playing soccer at Jeff Ichihara Youth, but his parents objected and his sister was furious.Enrolled in a cram school for high school, studying for entrance exams at a tremendous speed, and taking general entrance examsTokyo Gakkan Urayasu High SchoolEntered a regular course.

The first appearance in the J League is1998 August 8, J-League 5st Stage Section 1Gamba OsakaBattle (Expo Memorial Stadium).Of the teammates at that timeSatoshi YamaguchiBreaking the record of 16 years old and 333 daysJ1Set the youngest record of[2].1999 April 4 10st Stage Section 1KobeBattle (Kobe Sports Park Universiade Memorial Stadium) Scored the first goal of the J-League.

2003 ToIbiza OsimWas appointed as the new coach, and Osim appointed Abe as captain at the age of 21, who had already had international experience and ability at the time but was not trying to come to the forefront.At the time of Osim's inauguration, he was worried about the team situation at that time as a junior who relied heavily on the play of veteran players, and although he was reluctant to play and had a quiet personality, he also had the role of removing the barriers between seniors and juniors in the team. Silently) give.Later, Jeff released signboard players one after another, and at that time he was reluctant to serve as a captain at the command of the director, but with each match, Abe emerged as a captain.

This appointment tended to be handed over to othersFKBrings growth such as kicking himself and actively participating in attacks. In the 2005 J-League match, he scored 12 goals despite being a defensive midfielder (one of them).hat trick) And alwaysJ2The team that was on the relegation line2005 ,2006 OfNabisco CupBecame one of the key players who led to the second straight victory.Later, when I met Ivica Osim, I learned that my fighting stance changed and that I could handle multiple positions.Polyvalent", And said that he became aware of his strengths.

Urawa Reds

2007 From Chiba, who has been enrolled since the junior youth era on January 1thUrawa RedsAnnounced transfer to.Sign a formal contract on January 3 with the transfer fee (estimated 5 million yen), which is said to be the highest in Japan[3][4].2010 , There were rumors of an overseas transfer because the three-year contract with Urawa expired, but on January 3, it was agreed to extend the contract with Urawa for one year.[5].

When I was in Chiba2005 と2006 , When I was in Urawa2007 And for the third consecutive yearJ League Best ElevenElected to.Popular with supporters, from 2003 to 2007J League All Star SoccerHe was selected by supporter voting for the fifth consecutive year, and in particular, he received the highest number of votes in 5 and 2004.2008 からJOMO CUPEven after changing to, he continued to be selected as a member.

FIFA Club World Cup 2007So, I was selected by Urawa as one of the eight MVP candidates for the tournament (the award is also for Brazil).AC Milan OfKaka).2010 January,Aya no Kuni Service AwardAwarded.In addition, Ichikawa City announced that it will award the Citizen's Honor Award.[6].

Leicester City

After the 2010 World Cup, the NetherlandsEredivisie OfFeyenoord,VVV VenloAbe officials also commented that the transfer to the Dutch league was approaching, and the transfer to the Netherlands was considered to be promising, but just before the transfer deadline, the second division of EnglandFootball league championship OfLester City FCMade a formal offer with a three-year contract and reached a basic agreement.The problem of work visa, which was the biggest obstacle, was solved, and the transfer was officially decided on August 3, 2010.[7][8]..The first goal in Leicester City is May 2011, 5, the final round of the championship.Ipswich Town FCBattle (Walker's Stadium).2012 On January 1, the contract was canceled after mutual agreement with the team because they wanted to give top priority to the family left in Japan.

Urawa Reds return

Returned to Urawa on January 2012, 1.Mikhail PetrovichHe was nominated as a team captain by the manager.2012 Then all games participated as voluntary.J1 Section 4 sent offKawasaki FrontaleHe made a full appearance except for the battle.The team also came in 3rd placeACLWon the right to participate in.Abe also won the J-League Outstanding Player Award.2013 , J1 Round 33 was held on November 11th, and achieved 30 J1 appearances in total. This is the 400th person to participate in 400 games.

2016 , The 4th player in history (16rd player excluding goalkeeper) in the 1st stage Round 7 Sendai match held on April 12th.[9]) Achieved full participation in 100 league games in a row[10].. On October 10st, he achieved a total of 1 J2 appearances in the 14nd stage Round 1 match against Gamba Osaka.Strangely, this match was the same card as the debut match, and he won and added a flower to his own record.AlsoYasuhito EndoAchieved the youngest participation in 500 games in history,Nobuhisa YamadaIt was the first time in history for the second member of the same club to achieve the record, the first time in history for a person who had transferred overseas, and the first time in history for a player from a subordinate organization.In the 9th minute of the second half of the game, the moment he was defeated after taking the ball from Endo, his back was kicked with his right foot and he struck on the pitch with too much pain, but after that he played until the end of the game and the nextJ League CupSemifinal Round XNUMXFC TokyoHe participated in the full game, but when he received a medical check after the game, he was found to have a broken right rib.In the final match against Gamba Osaka, he made a forcible appearance and won the first domestic title after transferring to Urawa Reds.Jubilo IwataA total of 502 games were achieved, surpassing Nobuhisa Yamada's participation record in the game.

2017 October 5, section 14Albirex NiigataHe made a full start in the game and made a full appearance in the "1" games, which was the most in J138 at that time.

2018 October 8, section 11Sagan TosuHe participated in the middle of the game and played 4 J1 games in total, the fourth player in history and the youngest player in history.

2021 , Became the second team captain since 2017.He scored a goal in the starting lineup against FC Tokyo in the opening round.

Representation from Japan

By age group from the junior youth eraRepresentation from JapanHas been elected to.Shinji Ono,Junichi Inamoto,Naoyasu TakaharaThe so-called golden generation won the runner-up1999 FIFA World Youth ChampionshipThen,Philippe TroussierUnder the supervision, he was elected as a representative from the next generation below, but could not participate due to vaccination problems with infectious diseases.[11].

Athens OlympicsIt aims toMasakuni YamamotoHe was also selected as the national team for the Olympics led by the coach, and at the 2002 Asian Games.Tsuyoshi AokiMainly responsible for sweepers due to injuries.In the final, with Aoki's return, he moved to his main job, Volunteer, but lost the game and ended up in second place.In the Athens Olympics Asian qualifying held at Double Central, after being injured, he avoided the UAE round in the first half to join the Japanese round in the second half in perfect condition, and in the first round of the Japanese round.Tanaka Marx Fight KingWhen he is injured and sent off, he then acts as a sweeper.Contributed to qualifying breakthrough by directly deciding FK against Lebanon. 2004 Also in the main tournamentDaisuke Matsui,Yoshito Okubo,Yuichi Komano,Koji MorisakiParticipated with them.He was appointed as a right side back and libero from his main job, Volunteer, and was also a captain.Daisuke NasuHe also served as a game captain when he became a bench, but lost in the group league.

For A representativeZicoBy the representative director2003 ,East Asian Football ChampionshipFirst elected in2005 1 month 29 dayEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFriendly match withYokohama International Stadium) Played the first appearance of A representative[1].. A representative's first goal2006 8 month 16 dayAsian CupQualifying,Yemen(I.e.[1].2006 FIFA World CupThen it leaks from the members, but the representative directorIbiza OsimWhen it changes toAFC Asian Cup 2007Participated mainly as a center back.

Takeshi OkadaElected as a representative even under the representative director,2010 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,2010 FIFA World CupFirst elected in[12]..Until then, he was appointed as a CB and often did not function well, but in the World Cup main game, he participated in starting lineups in all games as an anchor from beginning to end.In the first round of the final tournament against ParaguayKengo NakamuraI continued to participate fully until I was replaced on the way.Former Japan national team midfielder who contributed to Japan's group league breakthrough as a part of a solid defense teamHidetoshi NakataAnd former Japan national team SBAtsuto UchidaWas listed as the MVP of the Japanese national team[13][14].


CriticTakeo GotoAbout AbeDefenderAs he admitted that he was appointed by both his club and the Japanese national team and left a result, he said, "He was originallyMF'[15] It shows the view that it is.


  • In May 2001, he underwent intramedullary nail fixation due to a stress fracture of the right tibia and returned in August.Personal talk "On my right footTitaniumIs included. "
  • TV Asahiof"Yabecchi FCWhen he appeared in "YABE", he appealed that if he took the "Y" of "YABE", it would become "ABE", and he laughed, "Please call me Abecchi" from now on.
  • Made in Japan since the Ichihara era, because it used a highly accurate FK as a weapon in addition to its defensive ability.BeckhamIt was also called "Abeckham".However, after taking office as Osim, he had a good reputation for the strength of the set piece competition, so he turned to the recipient side instead.Aki MizunoKicked more often.Even after transferring to UrawaPonte,Yousuke Kashiwagi, Even the representative from JapanShunsuke Nakamura,Yasuhito EndoThere were few chances to kick FK and CK because they often kicked, but on July 2016, 7Kashiwa ReysolA goal was scored by a free kick directly in the battle, and the Italian media "Tuttosport" scored the goal with Abe "Japan.PirloIntroduced with a video[16].
  • The youngest of three older brothers and sisters.My sisterYakumo Gakuen Junior and Senior High SchoolIn-service assistant coach of the basketball club.2009 The schoolWinter cupWhen he made his first appearance in Japan, he visited for encouragement and signed the shoes of each player.[17].
  • Enrolled on July 2004, 7. On July 7, 2007, the first son was born.
  • 2020 year 5 month,Corona infection preventionAs part ofSaitamaMake a call on the disaster prevention radio.
  • Participated in the opening game of the 2021 season and played for 1 years in total, which was the highest record in history.[18].

Affiliation club

Youth career (school of origin)
Professional career
  • 2000-2006 Jeff United Ichihara / Jeff United Ichihara / Chiba
  • 2007-July 2010 Urawa Reds
  • January 2010-January 8 Lester City FC
  • January 2012-Urawa Reds

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
EnglandLeague matchFL cupFA cupTotal period
2010 11Lester22FLC3612020401
2011 121612010191
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
  • 1998 and 1999 youth affiliation

Other official games

  • 2007
  • 2015
  • 2016
    • J League Championship 2 games 1 goal
  • 2017
    • Super Cup 1 match 0 goals
  • 2019
    • Super Cup 1 match 0 goals
International competition individual results FIFA
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
AACLClub world cup

Other international official games



Jeff United Chiba
Urawa Reds


  • J League Best Eleven: 4 times (2005, 2006, 2007, 2016)
  • J-League Outstanding Player Award: 8 times (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • J1 League MY Awards Best Eleven: 1 time (2016)
  • J League Cup New Hero Award: 1 time (2005)[19]
  • J League Cup Best Eleven: Once (1)
  • Sai Country Sports Achievement Award: Once (1)
  • Ichikawa City Honorary Citizen / Citizen Honor Award: 1 time (2010)

Japanese representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 53 games 3 goals (2005-2011)[1]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.October 2006th, 8Japan,NiigataYemen flag Yemen○ 2-0AFC Asian Cup 2007 (Qualifying)
2.October 2007th, 7Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,HanoiSaudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia● 2-3AFC Asian Cup 2007Semifinals
3.October 2009th, 5Japan,OsakaChilean flag チリ○ 4-0Giraffe cup


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