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👍 | Nicole Fujita finds out why so many Indians follow her Instagram Nicole Fujita has 14 ...


Nicole Fujita finds out why so many Indians follow her Instagram Nicole Fujita has 14 ...

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, when I talked to an Indian woman, she said, "If you search for a famous Japanese model, you will come out first." "I am a cute, beautiful and professional child, you. I'm introducing you to that. "

Fujita, a model and talent, in "27 Million People's SHOW Channel" (Nippon TV) broadcast on the 1th. → Continue reading


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ProfessionalismWhat is (Professional Ishiki)?Profession(Especially entertainment, professional sports, artists, craftsmen) haveProfessionalIt is a high sense of profession.


The word "professionalism" hasn't been used for a long time, but especially for entertainers, professional athletes, and cooks, "I'm careful about my health for the customers who come to see me." And "I am trying to improve my personal life as a professional sportsman in order to achieve good results", and those who build up with their own skills and skills spare no effort every day to achieve the results that are naturally required. There is a tendency for the media to praise a lack of attitude as "highly professional".On the other hand, those who engage in these specialized occupations are often accused of "insufficient professionalism" due to scandals and hearings.Also,Doctor,nurse,Firefighter,Police officerThe same applies to occupations that endure harsh work due to their high sense of mission as well as advanced technology.

"Professional" that is convenient for the management side

The word "professionalism" has recently become a general profession, not just for professionals.Businessman(EspeciallySales,Retail trade-Restaurant industryIt is often used for customer service) and even part-time jobs in the retail and restaurant industries.もちろんプロとしての給料(一概には言えないが例として相談料30分5000円のOf course, professional salary (I can't say unconditionally, but as an example, the consultation fee is XNUMX yen for XNUMX minutes.LawyerDerived from the remuneration, no actual working hourly wage of 10000 yen or more or the amount of remuneration including welfare and other favorable conditions other than the annual salary) is paid at all."Professionalism" here does not mean that the businessman himself voluntarily "for the customer" and "physical condition management" as mentioned above, but the president, executives, and even his direct supervisor. Many of them provide top-down explanations such as "be professional" and "do a professional job" in the form of sermons and instructions to subordinates.What's more, the "professional" mentioned by the president here does not mean that "employees themselves build themselves as professionals", but as a means of "contributing to the company / organization (increasing sales / sales results)". It should be noted that this is a point.

The problem is that the definition of "what is professional" is ambiguous for businessmen who are non-professionals, and it is "professional" to contribute to the company with an interpretation that is convenient for the management side. Is undeniable.

However, even in professional sports teams, managers and leaders sometimes give top-down explanations to athletes with "professionalism."This is also because young athletes are less aware that they are still in the profession rather than professional athletes.

As a means of bashing civil servants in the media

The mediaCivil servantIn the event of a scandal, bashing may be used to attack "insufficient professionalism" or "disqualification as a professional".


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