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📱 | Unlock with your smartphone and monitor with the built-in camera!Portable smart safe "Guardmine"


You can unlock it with your smartphone and monitor it with the built-in camera!Portable smart safe "Guardmine"

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It also has a built-in mobile battery that allows you to charge your smartphone.

No matter how much you try to prevent theft, there seems to be a limit to relying solely on your own will and attention.Making full use of technology ... → Continue reading


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Secondary battery

Secondary battery(Nijidenchi)ChargingCan be used repeatedly by performingPower Input(Chemical battery).Storage battery(Chikudenchi), orbatteryAlso called[1].


In recent years, in related industries and general distribution fields, "rechargeable batteries" have been simplified.Rechargeable batteryIt has come to be called as (judenchi), and it can be seen as a product name, but academicallyElectrical engineering,ElectrochemistryInAcademic termIt is important to note that "secondary battery" and "storage battery" are recognized names. Traditionally in Japan, vehicles (mainlyAutomobileSince the lead-acid battery used in) has been called “battery”,battery (Battery) usually refers to lead-acid batteries.[Original research?]

Secondary batteries gradually lose their stored electricity over time even when not in use (Natural dischargeTherefore, it is better to charge the battery after long-term storage and before use. The magnitude of spontaneous discharge varies depending on the type of rechargeable battery and storage condition.

Chemical batteryIn order to charge and discharge, the metal is oxidized and reduced.ionization tendencyUsingRedox potentialGenerate. (In the case of lead-acid batteries, connecting lead electrodes with dilute sulfuric acid generates electricity and water, reducing the potential)

The substance that connects the electrodesElectrolyteSay. Normally, a liquid having a redox action is used. further,Solid electrolyteThen, it is being researched that a stable and safe battery can be made by connecting the positive and negative electrodes.

In the semiconductor secondary battery of the new principle, electrons are captured at the energy level and charged.It is an all-solid-state secondary battery and does not require an electrolyte or electrolyte itself. (Belongs to physical batteries, not chemical batteries)



General type

Liquid circulation type

Mechanical charge type

High temperature operation type

Electronic trap type

Classification by electrolyte


Shows a comparison of various secondary batteries

TypesNominal voltageEnergy densityOutput to weight ratioCharge/discharge efficiencyEnergy costSelf-discharge rateNumber of durable charge/discharge cyclesservice life
(V)(MJ / kg)(Wh / kg)(Wh / L)(W / kg)(%)(Wh / US $)(%/Moon)(Times)(Year)
Lead acid battery2.10.11-0.1430-4060-7518070%-92%5-83%-4%500-8003 (for automobiles), 20 (stationary)
Control valve type lead acid battery2.105
Nickel-cadmium storage battery1.20.14-0.2240-6050-15015070%-90%20%1500
Nickel/hydrogen storage battery1.20.11-0.2930-80140-300250-100066%1.37[1]20%1000
Nickel/Zinc storage battery1.70.22601702-3.3
Lithium ion secondary battery3.60.58160270180099.9%2.8-5[4]5%-10%12002-3
Lithium ion polymer secondary battery3.70.47-0.72130-2003003000+99.8%2.8-5.0~ 0.5
Lithium iron phosphate battery3.2580-120170 [5]14000.7-1.62000+[6]
Lithium/sulfur battery2.0400
Lithium titanate battery2.3904000+87-95%r0.5-1.09000+20+
Li foil?3509596000?p[7]40000
Redox flow battery(vanadium)1.15-1.625-35[8]15-25> 1000010-20
Sodium/sulfur battery89%-92%
Molten salt battery70-110[9]150-2204.54[10]3000+8+
Silver oxide/zinc storage battery130240
Rechargeable alkaline battery1.5

Usage example

Secondary batteries are used in automobiles andaircraft,Agricultural machinesIn addition to various vehicles,laptop,Digital camera,Mobile phoneWidely used in various devices such as.

(Main example)

In particularMobile deviceIn this case, the storage capacity is often an important factor in important product specifications. There are contradictory requirements of being strongly size-restricted and being as small and lightweight as possible and having a large capacity. It is one of the reasons behind the technological innovation of secondary batteries in terms of increasing the stored energy density.

External battery

For products that have a built-in rechargeable battery,Battery packIn many cases, the part of can be replaced. A battery pack may be replaced when its performance is no longer sufficient due to deterioration over time, or a plurality of battery packs may be prepared and used when the capacity of a single battery is insufficient. The battery pack usually uses a special product specialized for the product, but it may be sold as a genuine product or a third-party product. If you do not use a product that is compatible with the main unit and guaranteed, it may lead to serious trouble such as breakdown or fire.

mobile battery

Mobile phone,SmartphoneWith the widespread use of the built-in battery, there are more opportunities for the built-in battery to run out of capacity.USBCan be charged with a general-purpose terminal of the typemobile batteryIs also popular. Especially2011(Heisei23) FebruaryGreat East Japan Earthquake,2016(28) Started service in Japan in JulyLocation gameApps"Pokemon GOBecame a staple smartphone accessory.[11][12].

As of 2018, the mobile battery mentioned aboveLithium ion secondary batterySince it is used mostly, 3.7V is displayed in the calculation when brought in an airplanemAhThe power rating ((Wh) Can be calculated (Nickel/hydrogen rechargeable batteryIf 1.2V).

Since USB was not originally designed for high amperage (1A~) power supply,[13], Equipped with USB 1.x/2.0 and exceeding the standard current[14]Is a proprietary standard for each manufacturer/product, and caution is required regarding compatibility and warranty.

Portable power supply

A battery that has a built-in storage battery that is larger and has a larger capacity than a mobile battery, has a power supply terminal such as AC100V, DC12V, and USB, and can be used not only for mobile devices but also for household appliances.


Before carrying the rechargeable battery to a store for recycling, some preparations are necessary to prevent danger. It should be noted that this agreement is almost universal.

Restricted by "" during transportation. Batteries alone cannot be shipped by air[15].

  • We recommend that you use the discharge function, which is one of the functions of the charger, or if you do not have it, turn it on until the device turns off automatically, so that it is completely discharged before it is recycled.


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