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🥾 | Tokyo Olympics Climbing Competition Austria National Team Cancels Saijo City Preliminary Training Camp [Ehime]


Tokyo Olympics Climbing Competition Austria National Team Cancels Saijo City Preliminary Training Camp [Ehime]

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He was informed that he had to give up his planned visit to Saijo City before and after the Olympics.

Saijo City, which was inviting the Austrian national team's preliminary training camp at the sports climbing competition of the Tokyo Olympics, is Oth ... → Continue reading

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Saijo City

Saijo City(Saijo) isEhimeToyo district, The highest peak in western JapanMount IshizuchiLocated at the foot ofCity.Seto Inland SeaHitanadaTo face.


Saijo City is a nationalOne hundred famous watersAlso elected "UchinukiSelf-fountain (groundwater) called "Horseshoe crabWidely known as.The city has inherited the industrial promotion policy centered on the industry (manufacturing industry, etc.) that the city has been working on, and the industrial shipment value of the city isShikokuIt is the highest amount of money in the municipalities of. In the first half of the 2000s, there was a time when Shikoku was proud of the largest shipment value of manufactured goods, but after thatImabari Shipbuilding,Japan Food Research InstituteHaveImabariAndBanno Rinkai Industrial ParkTo holdSakaideAs of 2009, it is ranked 3rd in Shikoku.WaterfrontIs one of the largest in JapanImabari Shipbuilding Ofド ッ クHave.

2004(Heisei16 years)May 11Saijo City,Toyo City,Shuuwa-gunKomatsu Town,sameTanbara TownMerged on an equal footing with the new "Saijo CityWas born.


View from the foot of Mt. SetaIshizuchi MountainsとDozen plain.

Origin of city name

The place name Saijo isKamakura Period OfManorYou can see it in the name, and after thatSaijo clanIt is a historically historical place name as it has been passed down to.The oldest is "Preface'Year of constructionIn the first yearKono communicationIs given the "Arai Saijo no Sato" by military service.

Before becoming Saijo City, it used to be Kamino-gun,Arai-gun(Currently Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture)Niihama)

Consideration for the merger of cities, towns and villages in Heisei
About the city name, at the merger council of 2 cities and 2 towns,2003(Heisei(15) From May to June, open recruitment from all over the country was conducted.As a result, there were more than 5 applications, and the most common was "Saijo City”Accorded 65% of the total number of valid cases.Among them, Saijo City, which is ranked high in the subcommittee,Ishizuchicity,IshizuchiCity, Iyo Saijo City, Saijo City, Saijo City,Water citycity,Toyocity,Dozencity,HiuchiI chose 10 candidates for the city.Furthermore, we narrowed down to five candidates, Saijo City, Ishizuchi City, Ishizuchi City, Dozen City, and Hiuchi City, and consulted with the merger council to make it "Saijo City".The mayor of Saijo (old city) stated that "Saijo is good for me personally", and encouraged people to apply for the city name in Saijo at public information sessions, so the choice of "Saijo City" that inherits the name of the old city is It could be said that it was the default route.However,Toyo CityFor those involved, the name of the new city and the main government building are as if they were in Saijo.Absorption mergerThere was also a voice that a feeling of loneliness was sought.All five candidates are named after the old place names and the abundance of water such as self-spraying groundwater, which has been called the "city of water".
Regarding the city hall, the merger council decided to construct a new government building in the area along the main road west of the current location within 10 years after the merger while using the former Saijo City Hall, but as of the end of 2010, it is still concrete. No constructive consideration has been issued.


Brief history


Akiho Komatsucho South 6,000 area on the terracem2There are vast archaeological sites.About 2 years agoLate Paleolithic OfSanukiteKnife typestone toolEtc. have been excavated.

Yayoi Period

Near the summitShowa 40'sToHighland villageWas discovered,IrimayaPit dwellingAnd a circular warehouse are restored and exhibited.

Kofun period

Funaya, Mt. Tenjin, Himi, Komatsu, Tanbara and other parts of the cityOld tombExists. Emperor Kageyuki12th prince ofTakekuni separation life Iyo countryDispatched for peace, this area (later Kamino-gun,Arai-gun, Current Saijo City, Ehime PrefectureNiihama) Was based.Emperor Shigeru7 years (AD137)Emperor GodIsAmaterasukamiEnshrinedIsono ShrineWas founded.

Asuka Period

Only 16 have been found in Japan yetKogoishiIs the foundationAncient mountain castleIsNaganoyama CastleIs built in Kusunoki, Kawarazu district.

Heian period

Emperor SagaWas named "Kamino (Kamino)" by Kamino-gun, the birthplace of his mother-in-law (Kami-no-juku).Arai-gunWas born.

Sengoku period

Nii-gun has been around since the Kamakura periodKanekoProspered as a castle town, but in the 13th year of the Tensho eraHideyoshi HashibaSubordinateKozagawa River-Former Kikkawa MotonagabyShikoku attackArmySeto Inland SeaAcross the currentNiihamaLanded in and virtually controlled the regionKaneko's homeIt became a place of decisive battle with (Tensho no Jin). There are many historic sites such as "Old Battlefield in Nonoichigahara", "Senninzuka", "Takatogetsu (Takatogi) Castle", and "Tomb of Kaneko Bingo Morimoto's House".

Edo Period

IyoMr. KonoRelatedMr. Ichiyanagi Outside DaimyoAsSaijo clanWas governing, but the third generationNaoki IchiyanagiAt the timeReformBeing done for a whileHeavenIt became.afterwardsKishu Tokugawa familyMore feudal lordTokugawa YorinobuSecond son ofYorumi MatsudairaAfter that, the Kishu Tokugawa familySupporterAsBakumatsuRuled the Saijo domain.Saijo Matsudaira 2nd generationYorioki TheKishu clanmainTokugawa Yoshimune GeneralWhen it became, he succeeded the Kishu Tokugawa family and the Kishu feudal lord.Matsudaira familyDoes not change attendanceSadafu OfDamingMet.

Tokugawa IchimonRelativeMoreoverGorenshiHowever, at the end of the Edo periodGovernment armyAsBoshin WarAre participating in.

In addition, the first Saijo feudal lordNaomori IchiyanagiThe third son ofNaoyori IchiyanagiAs a Tozama DaimyoKomatsu DomainOpen, this isMeiji RestorationWas inherited and ruled.At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, the Komatsu domain also participated in the Boshin War as a government army far to Tohoku.
Matsuyama DomainThe first feudal lordSadayuki MatsudairaEstablished three markets in the territory, one of which was set up in Tambara.
After the Meiji era
* In addition to the following, see the article on the old municipality.
New city system

History of the city

* In addition to the following, see the article on the old municipality.

Saijo Town era
1876 ​​(Meiji 9) Honmachi, Nakanocho, Uoyacho, Daishicho, Konyacho, Yokomachi, and Higashimachi merged.Saijo TownWill be.It was divided into four towns: Higashimachi, Sakaemachi, Honmachi, and Daishicho.Castle townAnd generically.
1889 (Meiji 22) The castle town, Akeyashiki village, and Kitahama village merged.Saijo TownWill be.A government office is set up in Akeyashiki.
1898 (Meiji 31) Komatsumura enforces the town systemKomatsu TownBecomes
1913 (Taisho 2) Fukuoka village enforces the town systemTanbara TownBecomes
1925 (Taisho 14) With Saijo TownKanbai Village,Tamazu Village,Omachi VillageMerged with Saijo Town.
After the establishment of Saijo City
1941 (Showa 16) Saijo Town,Iioka Village,Kobe village,Tachibana village,Himi TownMerged, enforced municipal systemSaijo CityBecomes
1955 (Showa 30) With KomatsuchoIshizuchi VillageMerged to form Komatsucho.
1956 (Showa 31) Saijo CityOfuki Village,Kamo VillageとNiihamaIncorporated a part of Ojoin.
1971 year (Showa 46 year) Mibugawa Town,MiyoshiMerged to become Toyo Town.
1972 (Showa 47) Toyo Town enforces the city systemToyo CityBecomes
2004 (Heisei 16) (former) Saijo City, Toyo City, Komatsu Town, Tanbara Town 2 cities and 2 towns merged (equal merger)Saijo CityBecomes
Village before the implementation of the town / village systemMeiji periodShowa mergerHeisei merger
Castle townSaijo Town14th year of Taisho
February 2 merger
Saijo Town
Showa 16 Year
April 4 merger / city system
Saijo City
Showa 31 Year
Transferred on September 9
Saijo City
Heisei 16
November 11st New merger
Saijo City
Akeyashiki Village
Kitahama Village
Kanbai Village
Omachi Village
Tamazu Village
Himi villageMeiji 41 Year
January 1 Town system enforcement
Himi Town
Kobe villageKobe village
Iioka VillageIioka Village
Tachibana villageTachibana village
Kamo VillageKamo VillageKamo Village
Ofuki VillageOfuki VillageOfuki Village
Part of Niihama Ojoin
Mibugawa Town
Merged in 46
Toyo Town
47 Municipal system enforced
Toyo City
Toyo City
Fukuoka VillageTaisho 2 years town system enforcement
Tanbara Town
Tanbara TownTanbara Town
KomatsumuraThe town system was enforced in 31.
Komatsu Town
Merged in 30
Komatsu Town
Komatsu Town
Ishizuchi VillageIshizuchi Village


TypicalSeto Inland Sea climateThere are many sunny days throughout the four seasonsPrecipitation amountIs less.SummerHeat island phenomenonIt's not hot compared to the urban areas whereSea breezeIt's also a little easier to spend.Although it snows every year in winter, it snows only once every few years in the plains.Also in winterYamaji styleMay occur.

In the mountains, there is plenty of winter snow and there are ski resorts, so many visitors come from both inside and outside the prefecture.
Climate of Saijo City (1981-2010)
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)9.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)1.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)50.6
Average monthlyDaylight hours114.1124.7154.8183.4189.2144.7173.2202.2145.6151.7127.4122.61,833.1
Source: Japanese Meteorological Agency


Successive mayors

Former Saijo City
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationSakuichiro Takahashi1941May 71945May 7
2Shinji Togawa1945/7/31946May 4
3Hatsujiro Takahashi1946/4/171951May 4
4Tatsuichi Okamoto1951/4/231955May 4
5Shunichiro Fumino1955/5/21959May 11
6Tokutaro Murakami1959/12/181971May 12
7Ito Ito1971/12/181979May 12
8Tomio Kuwabara1979/12/181995May 12
9Kotaro Ito1995/12/182004May 10
New Saijo City
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationKotaro Ito2004/11/282012May 11
2Masaru Aono2012/11/282016May 11
3Toshihisa Tamai2016/11/28

Major public facilities

  • City hall
  • ToyoGeneral branch
  • Tanbara General Branch
  • Komatsu General Branch
  • Saijo City Civic Center
  • Saijo City Library
  • Saijo City Toyo Library
  • Saijo City Komatsu Atsushi Library
  • Saijo City Saijo Folk Museum
  • Saijo City Toyo Folk Museum
  • Saijo Archaeological Museum
  • Saijo City Children's Country
  • Saijo City Welfare Center
  • Saijo City Toyo General Welfare Center
  • Saijo City Tanbara Welfare Center
  • Saijo City Komatsu Community Welfare Center
  • Saijo City Shuso Hospital
  • Saijo City Holiday Night Emergency Center
  • Saijo City Dozen Clean Center
  • Saijo City Hiuchi Clean Center
  • Saijo City General Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Saijo Western Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Hiuchi Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Toyo Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Tanbara Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Komatsu Gymnasium
  • Saijo City Komatsu Budokan
  • Saijo City Tanbara B & G Marine Center
  • Saijo City Saijo Sports Park General Pool
  • Saijo City Toyoundo Sports Park Pool
  • Saijo City Hiuchi Athletics Stadium
  • Saijo Toyo Sports Park Baseball Field
  • Saijo City Indoor Playground Viva Sportia SAIJO
  • Saijo City Tanbara Comprehensive Park

Other judicial and administrative agencies

  • Toyo Local Station, Ehime Prefecture
  • Ehime Prefecture Saijo Health Center
  • Saijo Education Office
  • Saijo Livestock Hygiene Center
  • Ehime Prefectural Toyo Youth House
  • Prefectural Kurose Dam / Kurose Dam Management Office
  • Ehime Prefecture Saijo District Industrial Waterworks Construction Office
  • Ehime Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station East Preliminary Branch
  • Ehime Prefectural Chicken Breeding Research Institute
  • Saijo Police Station, Ehime Prefecture
  • Saijo Nishi Police Station, Ehime Prefecture

In addition,Niihama/Saijo areaCoordination of communication such as various plans and training implementation, holidays and nightsEmergency medical careDevelop the system, etc.Special local governmentIsNiihama/Saijo district wide area municipal area office associationIs organized with the neighboring city of Niihama.

Friendship City/Partner City

disasterTime mutual support agreement

  • Ise City(Mie) --Concluded on October 2002, 14 (Heisei 10).Saijo FestivalAs a festival songIse OndoIs sung and againIse ShrineSaijo's Danjiri is dedicated at the time of the ceremony, and the friendship is deep through the festival.
  • Soma City(Fukushima) --Concluded on May 2012, 24.Of the previous yearGreat East Japan EarthquakeImmediately after the outbreak, exchanges have been deepened through support activities such as sending relief supplies and dispatching staff.
  • Niigata(Niigata) --Concluded on June 2015, 27.The song "Becoming a thousand winds3 cities and towns (both cities andHokkaidoNanae Town) Has been deepening exchanges with the cultural exchange project "Sen no Kaze Summit" that has been implemented since 2009 (Heisei 21).

Main measures

Saijo Agricultural Innovation City Project

2011January,Japan Business FederationIt was selected as a demonstration area for the "Future City Model Project" promoted by the government, and efforts aimed at the realization of a "comprehensive sixth industrial city" have started in collaboration with local agricultural personnel, industry, and the government.

12-year-old education promotion project (disaster prevention education)

At the age of 12 (6th grade of elementary school), which is a turning point in life, we will raise awareness of disaster prevention and foster children who can play an active role in the community in the event of a disaster by giving opinions and hands-on learning on the theme of disaster prevention.Also, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) As an international support consignment project, Saijo City's "12-year-old education"Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euCountryHueWe introduce them to the city and work on the practice of educational programs that suit the local circumstances.

Field university business

Based on the basic philosophy that "Saijo is a campus where everything in the city is a learning campus," we invite researchers from universities that have signed an education and research exchange agreement, and through education and research exchanges in a wide range of fields, we will address regional issues. Work on solutions and human resource development to revitalize the region.
Agreement signing body


The coastal areaShikokuchuo City,Niihama, Saijo City,Imabari,Matsuyama CityIt forms the largest industrial zone in Chugoku and Shikoku, which leads to.Material,semiconductor,shipbuilding,Beverage,Power generation,SteelIt is a characteristic of the city's industrial location that the form of the industrial location reaches a wide variety of fields.

The industrial shipment value isIt is one of the top-class municipalities in Shikoku.It is larger than the whole Kochi prefecture.

With the neighboring city of Niihama, integration is progressing not only in industry but also in commerce, forming one economic zone.


The Saijo Plain in the central part of the city, located in the lower reaches of the Kamo and Nakayama rivers, is known as the breadbasket.Also, in the western Zhoukou area,Flower,Vegetables,Fruit treeIt is cultivated and is one of the leading agricultural areas in Ehime prefecture.

  • Seven herbs --Meishui brand.Both production value and shipping value are top class in Japan.
  • rose --Tanbara area.Known as one of the leading production areas in Japan.
  • Atagopersimmon --Tanbara area
  • Spinach --Kobe area
  • Other,Rice,Naked barley, Oba,strawberry,Mandarin orange(Especially what you can get near Ishizuchi Shrine is called "Dan Mikan" and it is a luxury brand).

Agricultural cooperative


There were a series of shallow coasts, but although the fishing grounds were gradually narrowed due to reclamation, small fishing boats and seaweed farming using the coasts are being carried out.


It used to be thriving, but now everythingAbandoned mineIt became.

Ichinokawa MineThen.AntimonyThe basis ofStibnite OfmineThere isEdo PeriodIt was more booming.The United KingdomBritish Museum (Natural History)The world's best stibnite on display atcrystalWas mined at this Ichinokawa mine.Large crystals are also exhibited in Horinouchi in the city.In addition, if you look closely at the riverbank of the Kamo River in the city, you can still find stones with small stibnite crystals in about 5 minutes.
Kiyasu Mine, Arai Mine, Chimachi Mine, Nishinokawa Mine, Omori Mine, Ryuo Mine, Chihara Mine (all of the above)Copper mine)


ToyoNew industrial cityAs a development base for the city, it is an area where industry has rapidly concentrated, taking advantage of the construction of a large-scale coastal industrial park.It has abundant groundwater brought about by the Kamo River system,ShikokuTo be located in the center ofWest JapanHaving the largest coastal industrial park, positioned as an industrial roadEhime Prefectural Road No. 13 Mibugawa Arai Hamanoda LineThis has led to the growth of Shikoku into an industrial area that represents Shikoku.Saijo areaelectronics-semiconductor-beer・ Ironwork ・shipbuildingIn addition to machine manufacturing in the Toyo region, in the Tanbara regioncasting, Inland garment industry is the main industry.In the eastern landfillImabari ShipbuildingThere was a hull factory,ド ッ クNew equipment has been installed and new ships are being built.This is the first dock in Japan for the first time in a quarter of a century, and it is drawing attention from people in the industry.It is the company's largest shipyard, where large tankers and ore carriers are built.Business establishments related to this are also located, and the range of manufacturing industries in which they are located has expanded.In recent years, it has also focused on fostering endogenous industries centered on the Saijo Industrial Information Support Center.

As of 2017, the shipment value of manufactured products (business establishments with 4 or more employees) is 8,251 billion yen, which is within the prefecture.ImabariIs second only to[14].


  • retail store
    • Fuji : Fuji Gran Saijo, Fuji Toyo, Parti Fuji Tamazu
      • In the past, the entire 1st floor of Parti Fuji Tamazu was a directly managed sales floor.However, the clothing / living environment-related corner was converted to Don Quijote, which will be described later, and with the subsequent expansion and renovation, almost all of the 1st floor was occupied by Don Quijote, and the Fuji directly managed sales floor disappeared.The 2nd floor is from the beginningNamcoIt is a game center bowling alley.
    • MEGADon QuixoteSaijo Tamatsu store (Parti Fuji Tamatsu 1F)
    • Marnaka: Saijo store, Toyo store, Himi store
    • Daikoku Tensan: Dio Toyo store, La Mu Iyo Saijo store
    • Maruyoshi CenterSaijo store
    • Yamasan CenterTanbara store, Komatsu store, Himi store (all stores closed in December 2018)
    • Sogo Mart Miyoshi Main Store, Shinmachi Store, Mitsuya Store
    • Vogue Saijo store, Mibukawa store
    • Kimura chainSaijo store, Tanbara store
    • MaxvaluSaijo Omachi store, Saijo worship store
  • Home center
    •  DaikiSaijo store, Komatsu store, Zhou mulberry store
    •  KomeriPower Saijo store
  • Large bookstore

Headquartered major companies

Major companies with offices and factories

Major companies with branches and sales offices

  • Local bank
  • Iyo Bank Saijo branch, Omachi branch, Miyoshi branch, Nyugawa branch, Tanbara branch, Komatsu branch.Iioka Branch / Kitagawa Branch
  • Ehime Bank Saijo Branch, Himi Branch, Nyugawa Branch, Tanbara Branch, Iioka Branch
  • Kagawa Bank Saijo Branch
  • Hyakuju Bank Saijo Branch
  • Hiroshima Bank Iyo Saijo Branch
  • Shinkin bank / labor bank
  • Banks that have only ATMs
  • Securities company
  • Insurance company



  • Saijo Festival --The gorgeous Saijo FestivalEdo PeriodBeginning in the middle term, the person in charge called "Kito" is the common peopleBand swordIt is a rare festival in Japan that is allowed to do so.
Saijo FestivalIse OndoWhile singingDanjiriFrom carrying and dedicatingMieIse CityAnd interact with2006(Heisei18 years)May 11In addition, the 6th Danjiri dedication was held in Ise as a group of stalls.Saijo City is the festival with the largest number of stalls (floats) in Japan, about 200.From the same citytenorsingerAkikawa MasashiHowever, I always participate every year.
"Saijo Festival" is a street nameIshioka ShrineAnnual festival-Isono ShrineRegular festivalIizumi ShrineThe official name of the annual festival is Teizui district.Kama ShrineThe festivals in the plains of the former Saijo City (before the Great Heisei Consolidation), including the annual festival, are collectively called the "Saijo Festival".
  • Tanbara Tanabata Summer Festival-August 8-5
  • (I.e.Mishima ShrineThe annual festival, October 10th and 16th every year (the former Komatsucho is also a festival dedicated to Osato, Myoguchi, and Otodanjiri in the Ishine district)
  • 壬生川祭り - 鶴岡八幡神社:毎年10月12・13日、宇賀神社:毎年10月12・13日、三保神社:毎年10月15・16日、:毎年10月15・16日、周敷神社:毎年10月15・16日
  • Tanbara Festival --Fukuoka Hachiman Shrine: October 10th and 16th every year
  • Saijo Mountain Festival


It is called Saijo Ben.

The eastern dialect isArai-gun, West,Uma DistrictDivided into.Saijo CityGreat Heisei mergerFormer Saijo City merged with Nii District dialectToyo City, OldKomatsu Town, OldTanbara TownBecomes the Western dialect of Toyo.The Nii-gun dialect is further divided into the eastern and western parts, and the former Saijo city is the western dialect of Nii-gun.NiihamaIs the eastern dialect of Nii-gun.

  • Old that was a county borderHimi TownIn the districtGreat Showa mergerOld together inSaijo TownOlder Toyo Western dialectShuuwa-gunSince it is adjacent to Komatsucho, it has more in common with the former Komatsucho than the former Saijocho.
    • An example An expression that uses "very" as "sho".
  • The dialect of Ehime prefecture is quite different from the above Toyo Chuyo Nanyo, and NanyoTosa dialectClose toSendai DomainOf the branch domainUwajima City TheTohoku dialectThere is also a connection with.

Matsuyama CityWhat is the Chuyo region centered onIyobenIt is often grouped together, but it is easy to see that people from other prefectures are clearly different when talking to people from Toyo and Chuyo.

In addition, the speaking speed is very different, and the Chuyo speaks slowly and slowly compared to the national standard, and the Nanyo speaks quite slowly.However, Toyo speaks much faster than the national standard and is by far the fastest in the country.



Population distribution by age in Saijo City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Saijo City (2005)
■Purple-Saijo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Saijo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



primary school

Junior high school

high school





Transit Bus

Express Bus

Shuttle bus

  • Asahi beer There are 1-6 free buses to the company's Shikoku factory a day from Iyo Saijo station.



General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road

General prefectural road

  • Ehime Prefectural Road 139 Iioka Tamatsu Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 140 Iyo Saijo Station Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 141 Saijo Port Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 142 Ishizuchi Iyo Komatsu Station Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road No. 143 Nyugawa Port Komatsu Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 144 Minamikawa Mibukawa Stop Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 147 Ishizuchi Tanbara Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 148 Toyo Port Mitsuya Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 149 Tanbara Komatsu Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 150 Tokuno Iyo Miyoshi Stop Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 151 Sekiya Imai Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road No. 152 Terao Shigenobu Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road No. 153 Ochiai Kuma Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road No. 154 Tokyu Tamagawa Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 155 Imabari Tanbara Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road No. 159 Magobeesaku Mibukawa Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 302 Saragamine Park Namerikawa Line
  • Ehime Prefectural Road 327 Yuyaguchi Kawauchi Line

Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

See the "Culture" section above for festivals.

Historic sites Sightseeing spots

  • Teizui's Shibazakura (East Bank of Nakayama River Estuary)

Shrines and temples


  • Yunotani Onsen
  • Motoya Onsen
  • Saijo Natural Hot Spring Hiuchi no Yu
  • Natural hot spring Takejo no Yu
  • (Dainichi Onsen)
  • (Miyoshi mineral spring)
  • Yunosato Komachi Onsen (Rinrin Park)
  • Igari Onsen closed

Native celebrity

Celebrity from Saijo City

A person with a connection to Saijo City

2007 years,Japan National TrustBy, in front of Iyo Saijo stationShikoku Railway Cultural CenterWas built.In the hallSeries 0 ShinkansenIn addition to the vehicle (part) on display, the "Shinji Sogo Memorial Museum" has been set up in the adjacent area, and some of Togawa's relics are on display. In addition to the front of the Shikoku Railway Cultural Center, there is a bust next to the former gymnasium in Takamaru, Omachi, Saijo City.Tokyo StationThere is a monument on the platform of tracks 18 and 19.
  • Fujita Motoshi --Professional baseball player, formerYomiuri GiantsDirector, from Niihama City.Born in Saijo High School.
  • Naoki Saigo - KarutaHe lives in Saijo City due to his work while he is a master and a master.In the news, it was introduced as "in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture".24 consecutive victories until 14Eternal masterBecomes

Saijo City Honorary Citizen

Area code

Former Saijo City is 0897 (Niihama MA), and former Toyo City, Komatsucho, Tanbara Town is 0898 (Imabari MA).



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