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🥾 | "I can't move ..." The whole story of helicopter rescue I was injured in backcountry skiing and couldn't move [Niigata]


"I can't move ..." The whole story of helicopter rescue I was injured in backcountry skiing and couldn't move [Niigata]

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Regarding backcountry skiing, the prefectural police are calling for you to do it in a place that suits your physical strength and skills.

A woman who got injured while skiing and got stuck in the mountains.A prefectural police helicopter captures the whole story of the rescue ... → Continue reading

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Backcountry snowboard

Backcountry skiing,Backcountry snowboardIt is,Ski resortNot an artificially created resort,BackcountryGlide (in the mountains of nature)Ski,ノ ノ ー ボ ーStyle.

On foot orリ フ トAnd vehicles,helicopterUsingSnow mountainClimb outside the resort area (Off piste).Not only more advanced gliding technology, but also gliding outside the controlled range like a resortavalancheRisk management,First AidIt is necessary to learn safety-related knowledge and special equipment.

It is also called Big Mountain, or Extreme in a narrow sense.


It is the same as the tools required for mountain climbing.

Ski Snowboard
Basically, snowboards tend to float in deep snow, so you can use the boards you normally use, except for extreme ones, depending on the snow conditions.Setback with a binding slightly behind or a long, thick board will prevent it from sinking even in deeper snow.There is also a board for deep snow for those who want to enjoy it professionally.
It is a walking tool on snow.Those with a heel lifter function can climb more easily.
It is common to use a telescopic type.In the case of snowboarding, unlike skiing, it is often not used during skiing.Attach a large basket (ring) so that it will not stick to the back even if you point to deep snow.
Normal in some situationsSki wearHowever, it is desirable to have the same level of functionality and performance as climbing a snowy mountain.Since you sweat when climbing, it is better to layer it so that you can regulate your body temperature and to have ventilation on the outer.Knit cap,goggles, It is safe to carry a spare glove.
You need a ski or snowboard that can be firmly fixed and has a capacity that matches the process.
If you are caught in an avalanche, this is the minimum equipment required for rescue operations.

Famous snowboarder

Danger / alert

In recent years in backcountry sportsDistressIncreasedMountain rescueEach local government is calling attention as a target of[1]..In that case, the search and rescue costs are almost entirely borne by the individual, which is quite high.


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