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👩‍🎤 | Rio Ogura, praised for the role of a stunning gimmick in "Godtan" "Genius appears!" "The moment of" Star Birth "...

Photo from Rio Ogura official Instagram

Rio Ogura praises the role of a stunning gimmick in "Godtan" "Genius appears!" "The moment of" Star Birth "...

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, "Godtan" broadcast on February 2 can be watched on TVer until 27:3 on March 7 (Sun) (planned).

Rio Ogura's courage to appear on the first variety show on Saturday, February 2, "Godtan" ... → Continue reading


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2 May 27

God Tan

"God Tongue ~ The God Tongue ~』(God tongue the God tongue)Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Is being broadcast onJapan OfEntertainment shows..Abbreviation "God Tan. "

Program outline

2005年2月の単発放送の後、好評であったため、2005年10月から12月までレギュラー番組として放送、その後1年半の月日が経過したあと、2007年4月から2011年9月までは『Spopara → Variety 7』Returned as a regular program in the first half of Thursday dawn, moved from October 2011 to Sunday dawn, and later the broadcast time was advanced, but it continues to the present.

The origin of the program is the same station, which was broadcast from the fall of 2003 to the spring of 2004.Adult consomme』During, just talk to the other partyGreen juiceThere is a corner called "Blue Dragon" that lets you drink, and Goddotan is an advanced version of it.The content of the program has changed slightly from the original plan, and now the main variety show is the usual one.Starting with regularYoshimoto KogyoThe ratio of performers who do not belong to Yoshimoto is higher than other programs, and there are many projects as "non-Yoshimoto", but before and after the transition to midnight on Saturday, the appearances of entertainers belonging to Yoshimoto, including corner regulars, are higher than before. It tends to increase.

The program logo is currently the second generation and has been used since the January 2, 2009 special.The program logo is always displayed at the bottom right during broadcasting.



From October 2011, 10, the broadcast time was changed from the first half of Variety 2 Thursday dawn to Sunday 7:2 --10:2 (Saturday midnight), and at the same time the broadcast time was reduced to 35 minutes.[Note 1]..The reason is that in addition to the major reorganization of the Saturday 22:30-the following 2:35 frame, one of the regular Gekidan Hitori of this program is appearing.5MEN Journey』(Nippon TV) Second term is WednesdayValue NightAs it is broadcast in the frame (23:58 --0:29 the next day), it also serves the purpose of avoiding simultaneous appearances.Since the 7 variety slots disappeared at the same time as this move, this program was treated as a single program like the other 7 variety programs.Along with this, other than TV TOKYO that was broadcasting on the net at the same timeTXN5 stations (TV Hokkaido-TV Aichi-TV Osaka-TV set-TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) Are all delayed nets.

It was announced that the broadcast time will be changed on Sunday 2014:1-4:25 (midnight on Saturday), which is a special broadcast on January 1, 45, with the broadcast time advanced by 2 minutes.

Evaluation / reputation

The average audience rating is stable at the 1% level (Video Research survey, Kanto area, households, real time, hereinafter omitted) regardless of the broadcast frame.Yahagi"The numbers don't go up no matter what time of day I go," "the general public other than fixed customers can't watch," he said masochistically.[1], It is known as one of the programs with the highest audience rating in the industry because it continues to discover unknown talents one after another by firing original and innovative projects of idea competition.[2][3].

Comedy duoSanshiro,Idol OfMiyuki KoikeMany talents who made a break during the program appearance including[4][5], "Do you know this young man !? 2015" (broadcast on March 2015, 3)Side dish clubYui P said, "Whenever I'm asked what program is still a turning point, I always write it as Goddotan. From here, I endured kissing and led to Fuji's late-night drama starring. Anyway, the industry audience rating is amazing." Talking about the magnitude of power[6].. The program event "Seriously Song Live in" held in 2014 Nakano Sanguraza"ofLive viewingToNHK Red and White Singing BattleThe production staff of[7], At the end of the same yearThe 65th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] InYuki HimuraIs dressed as the character "Himuko" born from the programKaori KasaiとHosokawa TakashiAppeared on the collaboration stage of[8]..Next year's "The 66th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』But also dressed as Himuko,miwaServed as a back dancer[9].

As mentioned above, although it is a low-rated program, it is also known to have many very core fans, and it is a popular project "Kiss patience championshipCumulative sales of the DVD series exceeded 2013 as of 50[10]..The movie project "Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE』Also recorded a smash hit and became a surplus income only two weeks after its release[11].2009Held once a year from the beginning, the popular characters of the program are lined upSerious song championshipThe live event has become a platinum live where tickets are sold out immediately every time.[12].

This program is "Quick japanFeatured in the magazine (Vol.91), in whichproducer-Nobuyuki Sakuma"When Goddotan is over, the end of youth in TVman" "Once this is over, all you have to do is work as an adult."[Note 2],One theater company"When this program is over, I will be the moderator. So if the budget is tight, I don't need a guarantee, so please continue the program." It can be said that.Mr. Sakuma said in this Goddotan, "(laughing)"maximum speed"I was able to see it several times, so let's go as far as we can go. "

The "First and Last Golden Special" broadcast on August 2017, 8Galaxy awardReceived the August Monthly Award[13].

From May to July 2018, "Godtan Maji Uta museum 5-7" was held in Tokyo (HMV Shibuya) and Nagoya (HMV Sakae).[14][15].

Special broadcast

Since 2009, the special program has been held twice a year, including the special program for the beginning of the year.Also, in July 2, the program's firstPrime timeA special program was held at.Furthermore, this will also be the first program in August 2017.Prime timeA special program (excluding some areas) will be held for three and a half hours.

Before regular
  • February 2005, 2 12:0 ―― 09:1
Regular 1st term
  • January 2007, 1 4:23-The following day 58:1
    • 2nd Kiss Patience Championship Returns
Regular 2st term
  • February 2007, 8 26:0 ―― 42:1
    • 3rd Kiss Patience Championship
  • February 2007, 11 15:0 ―― 12:1
    • Serious song request tournament
    • Yuki Matsumaru, 26 years old, for the first time
  • February 2007, 12 20:0 ―― 12:1
    • Hidden Woman Summit Special
    • Let the idol show you your boobs
  • February 2008, 4 3:0 ―― 12:1
    • Godtan 1st Anniversary Special
  • January 2009, 1 3:0-00:1 (special program for the first hour or more of the program)
    • The 5th Comedian Serious Song Championship
    • Kiss Patience Championship Special Edition -Miscellaneous Gaman Championship-
  • June 2009, 6 21:22 --54:23 (the first special program at 48:23)
    • The 6th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • February 2010, 1 4:0 ―― 00:1
    • 5th Kiss Patience Championship Final (Part XNUMX)
  • 2010å¹´7月29日22時00分 - 22時54分(番組初のプライムタイム特番、テレビ東京のみ21時54分 - 22時00分に『みどころ』枠も別途放送)
    • The 7th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • February 2011, 1 3:0 ―― 30:1
    • The 8th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • February 2011, 10 1:0 ―― 12:1
    • The 9th Comedian Serious Song Championship
Regular 3st term
  • February 2012, 2 5:2 ―― 10:2
    • Serious song live special
  • January 2012, 10 3:23-The following day 58:0
    • The 6th Kiss Patience Championship Gekidan Hitori Special
  • January 2012, 12 28:23-The following day 55:0
    • The 10th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • January 2013, 6 27:23-The following day 58:0
    • Movie release commemoration kiss patience championship
    • Check every time you ride Matsumaru
Regular 4st term
  • January 2014, 1 4:23-The following day 30:0
    • The 11th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • February 2014, 10 5:1 ―― 45:2
    • Problem child rehabilitation facility Kawashima Gakuen
  • February 2014, 10 12:1 ―― 45:2
    • Himuko's idol personality check SP
  • January 2015, 1 3:23-The following day 15:0
    • The 12th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • January 2016, 1 3:23-The following day 20:0
    • The 13th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • February 2017, 1 4:1 ―― 00:2
    • The 14th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • 2017å¹´8月26日 (第1部前半)18時30分 - 19時00分・(第1部後半)19時00分 - 20時54分・(第2部)21時00分 - 21時54分(番組初となるゴールデンタイム特番)[Note 3]
  • January 2018, 1 1:22 --15:23 (The program's third Golden Prime Time special. The first broadcast on New Year's Day.)
    • The 15th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • January 2018, 12 28:23-The following day 00:0
    • The 16th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • January 2019, 12 27:23-The following day 00:0
    • The 17th Comedian Serious Song Championship
  • December 2020, 12 29:22 --00:23 (Special program for the 24th Golden Prime Time)
    • The 18th Comedian Serious Song Championship



  • Ogi and Hagi<Hiroaki Ogi / Ken Yahagi>
    • Fuji TV's program "Ogiyahagi" regularly appears on November 2011th and 11th, 6.Horse Pro!"But"Volleyball world cupI was absent to avoid simultaneous appearances in case the broadcast time was significantly reduced due to the broadcast.In addition, Ogi was the first to broadcast on September 2020, 9.Renal cell carcinomaDue to hospitalization due to discovery, Yahagi is in poor physical condition (New coronavirusBoth of them are absent (take care because they are in fashion).
  • One theater company
    • The broadcast on February 2012th and March 2th, 26 was absent due to influenza, which means that all regulars were absent from the program once.
  • Yuki Matsumaru
    • August 2007, 5,Ayano TakiiIs a surrogate MC.
    • Because Matsumaru was on a business trip overseas on October 2007th and 10th, 4,Maeda MikaIs a surrogate MC.
    • The "Seriously Song Championship" on October 2011st and October 10nd, 1 is due to summer vacation.Rena AkimotoIs a surrogate MC.
    • Rested due to maternity leave from the broadcast on April 2017, 4, and returned from the broadcast on October 16, 2018. April 10th and 7rdKonno AsamiIs a surrogate MC. In principle, from April 4th until the returnNao Asahi,Kayo NoroAlternately acted as acting MC. On August 8th (the first and probably the last golden special), I temporarily returned to the "Seriously dislike 26/1 special" ("Entertainer Maji Uta Championship"Yuka Takezaki, "My drop presentation"Sayaka SuguroIs a surrogate MC). Yuka Takezaki is the acting MC on January 2018, 1.
    • Even after returning, "Yojigoji DaysThere are many absenteeism such as serving as the main personality (April 2019-March 4), and Asahi and Noro will continue to act as acting MCs.


  • Banana man〈Shitara-Yuki Himura>
    The official semi-regular was revealed on the broadcast on April 2008, 4. He has appeared in numerous projects such as "Kiss Patience Championship", "Comedian Serious Song Championship", and "Hidoi Onna Summit".In addition, although it is semi-regular, he performed MC at "Bar and Geesewa News" to avoid the simultaneous appearance of "Idol is a charming championship" and the above-mentioned Ogiyahagi program.In addition, the Gekidan Hitori said, "I have them come when I'm worried about a new project."[20]..He has a long history of co-starring with regulars, and is semi-regular as close to regular as possible.However, in recent years, due to the schedule, there are very few opportunities to appear in regular times, and almost only the "Seriously Song Championship" at the New Year SP appears.[21].
  • Nao Asahi
  • Kayo Noro

Corner regular

Main planning

Broadcast list

Phase 1 (every Saturday 1: 00-1: 30 <Friday midnight>)

Phase 2 (every Thursday 0:12-0:43 <Wednesday midnight>)

3rd term (every Sunday 2: 10-2: 35 <Saturday midnight>)

4rd term (every Sunday 1: 45-2: 10 <Saturday midnight>)

dTV distribution (delivery every Sunday)

Successive ending themes

  • April-June:YVE"God, Cherry" (HEARTFULL RECORDS)
  • April-June:C-ZONE"Sweets & preety" (UNION MUSIC JAPAN)
  • April-June:LAZYgunsBRISKY"Navy Star" (FlyingStar Records)
  • October: Akihiro Kakuta (Tokyo 10) + Manager Otake "Dear Youths" (MILESTONE CROWDS)
  • April-June:miray"Proof of Love"rhythm zone)
  • January: POT "Reversal World" (TRUST RECORDS)
  • April:GLIM SPANKY"Go Wild Side" (Universal Music)
  • March: MOTHBALL "Starting Over" (Supersonic Lab)
  • May: SUPER BEAVER "Secret" (I x L x P x RECORDS)
  • April:sumika"Sara" (NOiD x GREEN ATTiC)
  • April:Rhythmic Toy World"Dear mr.fool" (STROKE RECORDS)
  • April:yonige"Sentimental Sister" (small indies table)
  • September: MOTHBALL "WOW" (Supersonic Lab)
  • April:LUNKHEAD"There are people who want to be kind" (straight ball record)
  • April:The Mirraz"And I love you" (EMI Music Japan)
  • April:cinema staff "Ego" (Pony canyon)

ス タ ッ フ

  • Narration:Jun Hattori[Note 42]
  • Constitution:Okura, Noboru Aizawa,Kuranari, Masato Naruse, fluffy Nagai[Note 43], Onishi right person[Note 44], Genji Ueda
  • Technology: Kengo Yoshida (TV TOKYO, temporary withdrawal → return)
  • Video: Kazuki Koide (TV Tokyo)
  • Camera: Makoto Kazama (Techino Max)
  • Lighting: Shigehiro Imachi
  • Voice: Yukiko Mitsuyama
  • Design: Asuka Kanamori (formerly art progress)
  • Art progress: Takuya Senda
  • Props: Yoshiaki Kudo
  • Props: Masami Yamashita
  • Makeup: Yuka Kuramoto
  • EED: Isamu Ochiai (CC Factory <former TDK core>)
  • MA: Takahiro Nagase
  • Sound effects: Akatsuki Odagiri (278→ NAP)
  • title:Ueda Taiki(& FICTION!)
  • Promoter: Yumiko Sakamoto (TV Tokyo)
  • Technical cooperation:Techno max
  • Art / lighting cooperation:TV TOKYO ART
  • Assistant director: Ayazu Itoi
  • AP: Haruka Minobe (Shiopro, formerly assistant director)
  • Directors: Iku Tamura, Mitsuhiro Imamura, Takashi Saito, Daijiro Futatsu, Yasutaka Shioya, Shotaro Takai (Takai → former assistant director, temporary withdrawal → return), Akihiro Hirota, Yoshihiro Tsuchiya (Tsuchiya → former assistant director, Temporary withdrawal), Chihiro Oka (Oka → formerly assistant director) (above Shiopro)
  • Producer: Hiroko Rouki (TV TOKYO, temporary withdrawal → return)
  • Producer / Director:Nobuyuki Sakuma
  • Chief Producer:Takayuki Ito(TV Tokyo, April 2020, 4-, Producer in the early days of the program → Temporary withdrawal)
  • Cooperation:Nakamura Soumi
  • Production cooperation:Siopro(July 2010, 10 -)
  • Production work:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.


  • Chief Producer: Tetsuo Murakami (TV TOKYO, * Special program only)
  • Producers: Kimitaka Goka (-July 2007, 7), Shigeomi Ishii (both TV Tokyo) / Makoto Shiki (NAVI, --September 18, 2)
  • Assistant Producer (AP): Sanae Miura (-May 2009, 5)
  • Constitution:Kitamoto wig / Nobu Hotta(- July 2010, 9)
  • Technology: Yusuke Kikuchi, Kazunari Nose, Shinpei Maruyama (Nose / Maruyama → both formerly cameras) (TV Tokyo)
  • Video: Seiji Sato, Masahiro Kasai, Akihiro Hosoi, Yumiko Miyamoto, Koichi Kitamura, Motoki Sakuma, Toshiyuki Irie (TV Tokyo)
  • Camera: Takeshi Kondo (TV Tokyo)
  • Lighting: Mizuyuki Kobayashi, Junichi Miyao, Hideki Soga
  • Voice: Mikihiro Otsu, Takayuki Saito, Takakazu Nagakubo
  • Art: Toshihiko Kogoshi
  • Props: Yukina Ueda
  • make:Yamada wig
  • Visual format: Tetsuya Matsumoto (CC Factory <former TDK core>)
  • EED: Kazunori Jimbo, Yoshihiro Kakuno
  • Sound effects: Masataka Hayashi (278)
  • Promoter: Kei Hoshina, Noriko Kobayashi, Jun Otsuka, Jiro Nogami, Kenji Inoue, Hitoshi Oka, Hiroaki Oshiro, Hidetaka Uoda (Uoda → former director, temporary withdrawal → return) (TV Tokyo)
  • Desk: Kana Unno, Ayano Rouki (TV Tokyo)
  • Directors: Shigezo Koishi, Yoshiyuki Himeno (Himeno → formerly assistant director), Koji Kuwahara, Ryota Mizuno, Akira Fujieda, Shinya Tanaka,Yusuke Itagawa(TV Tokyo)
  • Assistant production:Hiroaki Shinohara(TV Tokyo), Tadashi Kamekawa, Ryota Komuro, Hiroaki Akiyama
  • Production cooperation:SHIPS(- July 2010, 9)

Net stations and broadcast time

Broadcast areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateNet situationRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV Tokyo seriesSunday 1:45-2:10 (Saturday midnight)Production Bureau
HokkaidoTV HokkaidoMonday 0:35-1:05 (Sunday midnight)
Tuesday 1:30 --1:55 (Monday midnight, from September 2018, 9)
Delay net[Note 45]
AichiTV AichiTuesday 1:00-1:30 (Monday midnight)[Note 46]
OsakaTV OsakaSaturday 1:40-2:10 (Friday midnight)[Note 47]
TV setSunday 0:55-1:25 (Saturday midnight)
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu BroadcastingMonday 1:35-2:05 (Sunday midnight)[Note 48]
FukushimaFukushima Central TelevisionNTV seriesFriday 0:59-1:29 (Thursday midnight)[Note 49]
KochiKochi BroadcastingThursday 0:54-1:24 (Wednesday midnight)
IwateIBC Iwate BroadcastingTBS seriesThursday 0:58-1:28 (Wednesday midnight)[Note 50]
MiyagiTohoku BroadcastingThursday 1:00-1:30 (Wednesday midnight)[Note 51]
NaganoShinetsu BroadcastingSaturday 1:30-2:00 (Friday midnight)[Note 52]
IshikawaHokuriku BroadcastingTuesday 1:10-1:40 (Monday midnight)[Note 53]
KumamotoKumamoto BroadcastingSaturday 0:50-1:20 (Friday midnight)[Note 54]
OitaOita BroadcastingTuesday 23:55-Next 0:25[Note 55]
OkinawaRyukyu BroadcastingFriday 1:28-1:58 (Thursday midnight)[Note 56]
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcastingFriday 0:53-1:23 (Thursday midnight)[Note 57]
NiigataNST Niigata General TelevisionFuji TV seriesWednesday 1:25-1:55 (Tuesday midnight)[Note 58]
EhimeTV EhimeSaturday 1:30-2:00 (Friday midnight)[Note 59]
NagasakiTV NagasakiFriday 1:10-1:45 (Thursday midnight)[Note 60]
KagoshimaKagoshima TVThursday 1:15-1:45 (Wednesday midnight)
AomoriAomori Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesThursday 0:15-0:45 (Wednesday midnight)
YamagataYamagata TVSaturday 0:50-1:20 (Friday midnight)[Note 61]
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TVSaturday 2:20-2:50 (Friday midnight)[Note 62]
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi BroadcastingWednesday 1:20-1:50 (Tuesday midnight)[Note 63]
ShigaBiwako BroadcastingIndependent stationThursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight)[Note 64]
NaraNara TV BroadcastingWednesday 1:00-1:25 (Tuesday midnight)[Note 65]

Past net stations


  • "Net also TV Tokyo",GYAO!,Nico Nico DougaThen from April 2015[23],TVerThen from the beginning of the station in October of the same year[24],NetflixThen from September 2018, 4[25]It is overlooked and delivered.
  • AbemaTVSeason 2016 and season 6 were rebroadcast for half a year from June 1 on the variety channel of[26].
  • Channel NECOIt has been rebroadcast from season 2016 since September 9.[27].


The 1 bullet
The 2 bullet

The following works are not in general circulationLoppiPre-order sales and backorders,Lawson-HMV(From January 2011) Over-the-counter sales, sales only at TV TOKYO related stores.

The 3 bullet
The 4 bullet
Serious song live 2009
The 5 bullet
The 6 bullet
The 7 bullet
  • 7th DVD 2 purchases Present to all applicants "Rainy Day Serious Song Festival in Zepp Tokyo"
The 8 bullet
  • 8th DVD 2 purchases Present to all applicants "Go to Aina Ogi's cabaret club"
Serious song live 2012
Best compilation album
The 9 bullet
Serious song live 2013
The 10 bullet
Serious song live 2014
The 11 bullet
Serious song live 2015
The 12 bullet
Serious song live BOX
The 13 bullet
dTV original
Serious song live 2017
The 14 bullet
Serious song live 2018
The 15 bullet

Amazon video,Hulu,Netflix,ParaviSuch asVideo distributionIn the service, excerpts (variety pack, serious song championship) from the above DVD recording works are distributed.

Olive Related Products

The following productsLawsonとLoppiFor sale at.

  • Skull logo polo shirt
  • Eco bag
  • Back that is not so eco-friendly
  • Wastefully large Goddotan mobile cleaner
  • Skull logo key chain
  • Big logo clear file set of 4
  • Crystals of sweat and tears! A notepad with a certain story
  • Himura Ki Monster Strap
  • Serious song message T-shirt
  • Kiss patience message T-shirt


God Tan Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE

"Kiss patience championshipTheatrical movie with the theme.PG12 designation..Although it is released on a small scale, it is ranked 15th in the movie audience mobilization ranking (according to a survey by Kokou Tsushinsha).[28].

The catch phrase is "A new sense of spectacle romance where desire and reason collide!" "Can the world be saved if you don't kiss for 24 hours?"


ス タ ッ フ

  • Director / Editor-Nobuyuki Sakuma
  • Ad-lib-Gekidan Hitori
  • Screenplay-Okura, Nobuyuki Sakuma
  • Music-Taisei Iwasaki
  • Technology Management --Kazunari Nose
  • Cinematographer-Makoto Kazama
  • Video --Koichi Kitamura
  • Lighting-Junichi Miyao
  • Recording-Takayuki Saito, Takakazu Nagakubo
  • Art-Hidetsugu Shibata
  • Costume-Kyoka Sugimoto
  • Makeup-Tomoko Karasawa
  • Production --Masashi Minami
  • Directors-Iku Tamura, Takashi Saito, Daijiro Futatsu, Yasutaka Shioya, Mitsuhiro Imamura, Shinya Tanaka
  • Assistant Director-Young Paul, Hiroshi Goga
  • Line Producers-Toshiki Komatsu, Atsushi Yamamura
  • Producers-Kimitaka Goka, Shigeomi Ishii, Shigeji Maeda
  • Associate Producer-Hiroko Rouki
  • Production --Shohei Izawa, Keiji Ota, Naoya Moriya, Yosuke Miyake, Masaru Hajiro
  • Production-"Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE" Production Committee (TV Tokyo, Toho, Lawson HMV Entertainment, Pony Canyon, TV Osaka)
  • Planning and production-TV TOKYO
  • Production cooperation-Rakueisha, T-REX FILM, Shiopro
  • Distribution-Toho Imaging Division

Theme song


  • Release date
    • 2013/11/20
  • Main DISC
    • Main story
    • Gekidan Hitori, Ogiyahagi, Sakuma Director Audio Commentary
    • The legend was born from here! "Kiss Patience Championship Digest"
    • Theater notice, TV spot collection
  • Bonus DISC (luxury version / DVD only)
    • Tokyo 03 Iizuka's strolling undead walk
    • Absolutely hungry!Unreleased scene collection
    • Sambomaster x Godtan "Lonely and Rendezvous" MV
    • Sambomaster x Godtan "Lonely and Rendezvous" MV Making
    • Sambomaster x Gekidan Hitori talk
    • The movie was made this way!Main story making
    • Super luxury event video collection (press conference, eve, special talk, etc.)

God Tan Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE2 Psychic Love

"Kiss patience championshipThe second theatrical movie based on the theme.PG12 designation The catch phrase is "The fire lid of the life-threatening ad-lib summit decisive battle is now cut!"


ス タ ッ フ

  • Director / Editor-Nobuyuki Sakuma
  • Ad-lib-Gekidan Hitori
  • Screenplay-Nobuyuki Sakuma, Hayashi Mori
  • Composition-Okura
  • Music-Taisei Iwasaki
  • Technical Supervisor --Kengo Yoshida
  • Cinematographer-Makoto Kazama
  • Video --Koichi Kitamura
  • Lighting-Junichi Miyao
  • Recording-Takazu Nagakubo, Tsutomu Matsuoka
  • Art-Yoshio Yamada
  • Costume-Kyoka Sugimoto
  • Makeup-Noriko Wataya
  • Production --Masashi Minami
  • Directors-Iku Tamura, Takashi Saito, Daijiro Futatsu, Yasutaka Shioya, Mitsuhiro Imamura, Koji Kuwahara, Yusuke Itagawa, Yoshiyuki Himeno
  • Assistant Director-Kensuke Tsukuda
  • Line Producers-Toshiki Komatsu, Atsushi Yamamura
  • Producers-Kimitaka Goka, Hiroko Rouki, Shigeji Maeda
  • Associate Producer-Naruomi Ishii
  • Production --Tetsuo Ota, Keiji Ota, Naoya Moriya, Yosuke Miyake, Masao Yaobe, Naoto Miyamoto
  • Production-"Kiss Patience Championship THE MOVIE 2" Production Committee (TV Tokyo, Toho, Lawson HMV Entertainment, Pony Canyon, TV Osaka,GYAO)
  • Planning and production-TV TOKYO
  • Production cooperation-Rakueisha, T-REX FILM, Shiopro
  • Distribution-Toho Imaging Division

Theme song


  • Release date
    • 2015/2/27
  • Main DISC
    • Main story
    • Bonus audio commentary by Gekidan Hitori, Ogiyahagi, Yuki Matsumaru, and Goka
    • All the performers!Big hit stage greeting video
    • Theater trailer, TV spot collection
  • Bonus DISC (luxury version)
    • Newly shot project "Sanshiro Komiya's Hanikami Date with Minami Kojima"
    • A collection of unreleased scenes that have been cut so crying because they are too fragile
    • Godtan x Naotaro Moriyama "Make Gosenfuwohikoukyuu" Himuko Dokkiri MV
    • The movie was made this way!Main story making
    • Many super luxurious guests!Stage greeting collection
    • Spin-off kiss patience special edition
    • Re-edited spin-off project by XNUMX actresses delivered on GYAO!


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ The change in broadcast time will be announced on September 2011, 9.
  2. ^ However, in his later published book,Right now, I'm thinking, "Even if'Godtan'is over, I think I can continue to do interesting work."He also expressed a change in his mind (from "I will not do what I cannot do-TV Tokyo reopening work technique-" p190).
  3. ^ Since the first part is broadcast in the local sales frame, some affiliated stations will be online or non-net only in the latter half.
  4. ^ At the time of the judge, in the introduction telop, "AlfalfaIs introduced as.This program is the only program that has been introduced as "Alfalfa" since the formation of "Tokyo 03".
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