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👩‍🎤 | Following IZ * ONE and NiziU!The audition program in China, where many Japanese also participate, is hot!


Following IZ * ONE and NiziU!The audition program in China, where many Japanese also participate, is hot!

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WeTV Tencent 2021 will broadcast all 10 episodes, and 11 people will eventually make their debut as a male idol group.

Now, the entertainment world in Asia is in the Warring States period of the audition program!The Korean Pro is known as the igniter ... → Continue reading

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IdolIs "idol"Worshiped people and things" "Aspirational" "People with enthusiastic fans".English(idol)[1].Inasu TatsuoYa defines "idol" in the Japanese entertainment world as "a person who shares the growth process with fans and plays an active role in the charm of existence".[2]..On this pagesingerFocusing on othersAn actor,Gravure idol, Figure skater, K-POP are also described a little.


Characteristic is launched on the whole surface,song-ダンス-acting-comedy(Before there was no concept of comedy in idols,SMAPIt is easy to develop activities in a wide range of genres, such as the fact that this element was added since the company started the control.[2].. Appearance is most importantモデルUnlike,appearanceAre not necessarily overwhelming and are often familiar[2].

Origin of the idol

In the West, Judy Garland suddenly became an idol star in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.1940 eraToidolThere is also a theory that it was calledFrank SinatraWas faster than[3].

Birth of an idol in Japan

In Japan, the word "idol" was originally used mainly for entertainers outside Japan.[4][5].

Tomorrow maikoIs listed as "one of the first idols in Japan"[6][7].1960 eraThe decline of cinema as an industry, the arrival of the full-scale television era,Group soundsBoom of[8]The name “idol” gradually came to be used in parallel with “star” in the process of[9].

1970 eraAs a result, a unique “idol” image was created that incorporates a Japanese aesthetic sense of attachment to the immature cuteness and familiar familiarity. CBS Sony (currentlySony Music Entertainment) Until thenRecord companyWas left to the exclusive writers of the company to open to independent writers, and "" began to flourish.[10].

After that, as the background of the female idol industry being particularly active until now, "Women are originally shrine maidens because they have an emotional habit and delicate sensitivity that men do not have.Sister powerA conservative folklore scholar who says, "You can get (from life) and convey the power to live and the way to happiness."Kunio YanagitaThere are cases where the criticism of[11].. In addition, the rise time of idols in Japan isrecessionThere is also an analysis that the period of[12].

Male idol history

Male idols of the 1950s and 1960s

1950 era OfRockabillyIn the boomHirao Masaaki, Mickey Curtis and Keijirou Yamashita became the earliest male idols after the war, receiving yellow cheers from women.1960 era"MikaWas calledTeruhiko SaigoSoon became popularAkira MitaAlso appeared.Group soundsTigers, Tempters, Ox, Jaguars, Wild Ones, etc. became very popular[13][14]..In addition, GS is rock-oriented, and many people dislike being called an idol. Kenji Sawada, Kenichi Hagiwara, Shigeki Watanabe (Chappy), Hideto Noguchi (Hideto Maki) and others were particularly popular in GS.Weekly Myojo, Weekly Myojo, and bromide stores have become popular barometers.There were also some really entertaining and commercial idols such as Johnnys and Three Funkys.1970 era OfNew Three Family,Johnny's OfTeruhiko AoiThen, a star that suits the times has appeared.

1970 era

Hiromi Go,Hideki Saijo,Goro NoguchiConsisting ofNew Three FamilyAll three of them were mainly singers. Furthermore,The TigersKenji Sawada, who continued to work as a solo or band after "The Best Ten』And kept popular as a regular song program.The Spiders OfMasaaki Sakai,Inoue JunAfter becoming a solo artist, he released several hit songs, but shifted his focus to actors, moderators and variety program appearances.The Tempters OfKenichi Hagiwara,OxYuko TauraSummer yusukeBecame an actor and became popular.

Other than the new Misanke familyFor Leaves(Johnny's OfficeAffiliation)Finger 5,Akira Nishiki,Masaki Nomura,Yukio Itami,Arakawa TsutomuAppeared. It was an idol Hyakuka Ryoran era.

Record jackets and bromides of male idols of this era, and idol magazine gravure also have many unrealistic images such as "Prince on a white horse" shot with a building like a European castle in the background, Like female idols, there were cases where it was symbolized as an unreachable star in another world[15].. One example is Hiromi Go, a costume that looks like a statue of Greek mythology.Naked venusKnown for his blockbuster "The Dolphin Boy" and his fairy-tale titleMichiru CastleCan be mentioned. Also,Toyokawa birthSome, such as (Johnny & Associates), were touted for their "unfortunate upbringing" at the time of sale.It is different from people like people in these fairy tales, and because television has spread widely in society,Lol"of"Little childFrom the groupZuotobi, Audition program "Birth of a star!Michiru Jo from ""Star on Stage You are OK!] FromAizaki Shinya,Let's Go YoungFrom "Sundays"Yosuke Okawa,Shibuya Teppei,Kawasaki MayoSome people, like Johnny's office, appeared on TV programs as amateurs or talents similar to amateurs, and became idols of viewers as they grew.

On the other hand, even among the young actors, he made a comeback with a combination with Momoe Yamaguchi.Tomokazu Miura,Shoji Ishibashi,Kenichi Sakuragi,Masaomi Kondo,Yuma Kusagawa,Tomiyuki Kunihiro,Hirooka ShunSome people have made a break from TV dramas and gained popularity as idols.Ishibashi also participated in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and "Dawn's Stop" (No. 1972 in the 11 annual ranking) was a big hit.Masaya Oki TheNikkatsuOriginally from New Face, he became popular as an idol after he entered a TV drama due to the rising of the movie.Masami Naka,Junichi InoueOriginally marketed as a singer, it became popular due to its success in TV dramas.Masami Naka became a big hit of "Polyushko-polye" (original song of Russian folk song).

Of singer-songwriterShinji HaradaInitially, it was marketed as an idol.

1980 era

1979of"3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-senseiPlayed a student inToshihiko Tahara,Masahiko Kondo,Nomura YoshioConsists ofTanokin Trio(Johnny's Office) Debuted as a solo singer and made a series of hits.

Johnny's officeMasahiro Motoki,Hirohide Yakumaru,Toshikazu NunokawaConsists ofShibugakitaiAndBoy corps,Light genji,Male fighting group,NinjaSuch a popular group was produced one after another. In soloHikaru Ippei,Shigeyuki NakamuraDebuted. In addition, from "Kinpachi series"Bamboo clanFromHiroyuki OkitaBecame a popular idol.Other as a solo singerTakayuki Takemoto,Let's Go YoungFrom the SundaysDaijiro Tsutsumi,Junichi NittaIs mentioned.

HarajukuWas a street performer in Pedestrian StreetShingo Kazami TheKinichi HagimotoBreak on the show. There are many people who became idols from Hagimoto programs like Kazami.Potato Kin Trio,CHA-CHA(Katsumata SumIs known to have been a member, but several other members belonged to Johnny's office at the time). From other variety showsYou can laugh!"ofIto youth squad(Kenji Haga,Makoto NonomuraEt al.) Gained idol popularity.

Also rock-orientedCheckers,Koji Yoshikawa,Yasuaki HondaIt was an era when he made his debut as an idol. Yoshio Nomura is a rock band from Johnny's officeTHE GOOD-BYEMade a record debut as a member of. From the Johnny's office, he played an active part in a TV drama while riding the trend.Kenichi Okamoto,Maeda Koyo,Kazuya TakahashiEt al.Male fighting groupDebuted as a hard rock band with a style influenced by Bon Jovi.

Still around this timeAn actorThere was also an idol-like item for sale.JACFromHiroyuki Sanada,Ken Ishiguro,Kadokawa movie OfHironobu NomuraFrom "Kinpachi series"Tsurumi Tsurumi,movies"Be Bop High School]Nakamura ToruFrom the child roleShinobu SakagamiThat is it.After the popularity declined, "Smile in the sun!Toru WatanabeIs not just a fat song, but a song "the TEAM"But1982Became the 33rd hit in the annual ranking of[16].

1990 era

mainlyJohnny's OfficeIs the era of the group sent byLight genjiShowed overwhelming popularity, but stalled due to the arrival of the band boom and the continued exposure of talents belonging to the former Johnny's office.Like female idols, it was in the winter era, but from the middle stage, it was prominent in various fields from the beginning of its debut.SMAPIs said to be a national idol and has established its popularity to the present day.KinKi Kids,TOKYO,V6The successor also gained popularity and came to own the crown variety program. Also,Kimura TakuyaAs an actor,Masahiro NakaiIs not only the host of the variety show,NHK Red and White Singing BattleHe has established a status that conventional idols did not have, such as serving as the chairman of the most, etc., and other members also succeeded in their individual activities. In addition, SMAP can be used on the front lines of television for a long time, and even in their 30s and 40s, they can play active roles as idols, extending the life of male idols.

Such90 eraAgainst the heyday of Johnny'sRising Production Male idolBegan to focus on producing1997ToDA PUMPTo debut. DA PUMP differentiates by group composition and music stylevariety,Music program-CM-movies-radioWhile appearing many times in "NHK Red and White Singing BattleHas been popular with the public for five consecutive years.

Also from a young actorYuji Oda,Fukuyama MasaharuHas a background in Johnny's office in the late 1980sTakashi Sorimachi,Ishida Ichiari,Junon Superboy ContestFromShinji Takeda,Bai YuanchongHe also achieved some success as a singer. From the comedy worldYoshimoto seal natural material,Great chicken powers,Monkey rock,ネ プ チ ュ ー ンFor a while, they became popular as idols.As an aside,Visual bandWith its flashy appearance and gorgeous stage (performance), it gained popularity mainly among young female fans, and enlivened the music scene in the 90's.This can also be seen as a feeling similar to a male idol.

2000 era

The first halfRising ProductionWas formed fromw-inds.,LeadPlays an active part with excellent songs and dances. In particular, w-inds. gained great popularity by swept away the rookie award with a neutral image and idol-like song unlike Johnny's system.Johnny's OfficeFromstorm,Tackey & Tsubasa,NEWS,KAT-TUN,Hey! Say! JUMPRise is the rise. Also, once in the 1990sZOOWas a member ofHIROWas formed aroundEXILEAlso gained popularity due to the separate composition of vocals and dance and the music and concept different from other male idols, expanding the field of activity. Since then, idol groups have also focused on their singing and dancing skills.Dance grouporDance & Vocal GroupExpressions such as are often used. (Same for female idols)

The second half is "Quiz! Hexagon IISell ​​ignorance from quiz shows such asshameMember of the group, or "actor group"D-BOYSMembers ofDong Bang Shin Ki,BIGBANGKorean idol, or "Junon Superboy ContestDebuted with the Grand PrixKoike Teppei,Junpei MizobataAnd againUltra seriesFromSugiura Taiyo,Kamen Rider seriesFromOdagiri Joe,Essential,Hiro Mizushima,Ken Sato,Super squadron seriesFromTori MatsuzakaYoung actors such as idols also gain idol popularity and break.

On the other hand,2000From around the time, the image of "idol fans, chasing equals junior and senior high school students" has changed, and the chasing behavior of elderly women has been widely reported. The revival of Kazuo Funaki, a pioneer of idols in the 1990s[17], In 2002, For Leaves was reunited. Especially in the 2000 debutKiyoshi HikawaNot only made a big hit in the enka world for a long time, but also gave birth to enthusiastic elderly women's fans, and the exchange of fellow fans called "Kiyo Tomo" was not only introduced to the mass media[18]Became the subject of a TV drama targeting elderly viewers[19].

2010 era

Belong to Johnny'sstormGained popular popularity and became a national idol following SMAP.

As Arashi acts as a national group,SMAPWas the main of the dissolution and expectations ofKAT-TUNExperienced internal conflict such as withdrawal from member,Kis-My-Ft2,Sexy Zone,Johnny's WESTSince the 2010s, the newly debuted Johnny's idol has become popular.LDHIn the EXILE series group, many young members have appeared and the idol character has been strengthened. It was also well received.

Also, as a Nagoya idolBOYS AND MENLives in Nagoya and is closely related to the local communityLocal idolHowever, he succeeded in Budokan and Nagoya Dome, and became a threat to the idol world where Johnny's was monopolized at that time. By the activities of BOYS AND MENLocal idolHas become a national focus.

On the other handRising ProductionMale idols have less activity,Stardust promotion,Fortune EntertainmentMany male idol groups debuted from other entertainment agencies with a concept different from Johnny's.Nippon BudokanAlthough they showed momentum such as successful performances, these male idols have a strong impression that they are "followers (followers) of Johnny's and Korean idols", and like female idols, small-scale live performances and handshake events etc. There was no clear result because the activity was mainly.As an alternative material at the same timeYouTubeAre active inMale youtuberWe[20]Holding live events such asTeenage girlsIt gained idol popularity centered on (junior high and high school students).

The male idol who was active in this generationstorm,Third generation J Soul BrothersBeginning withGENERATIONS,THE RAMPAGE,FANTASTICS,Kanjani Eight,KAT-TUN,NEWS,Hey! Say! JUMP,Kis-My-Ft2,Sexy Zone,ABC-Z,Johnny's WEST,King & Prince,Super Express,DISH //,BOYS AND MEN,Festival nine.And so on. As an enka idol targeting elderly womenKeisuke Yamauchi,PureThe activity of was remarkable.

From the actor's point of view,Hoshino GenIncludingShogi Shibata,Ryoma Takeuchi,Fukushi,Yamazaki Kento,Yokohama meteor,Takumi Kitamura,Nakagawa TaishiWith the success of young actors such asMamoru Miyano,Hiroshi Kamiya,KiramuneVoice actor idols like that also gained popularity.

2020 era

Male idols who are prominently active on TVJohnny's,LDHOther than affiliated groupsJO1Is active mainly in variety showsBTSIncludingK-POPIdolIs also gaining popularity.Since the 2010s, Johnny's popularity and influence have gradually declined due to the frequent scandals of his personalities and his reluctance to use the Internet media (SNS). 2020 was called a national idolstormHas stopped working, and the following yearV6Was announced.Not only Johnny's but also the idol industry is saturated and the situation is down.

The current male idol isSixtons,Snow Man,Naniwa Boy,JO1,VOYZ BOY,BMK,Boom TriggerEtc. are active, and in terms of actorsAtsushi Shison,Nitta Shinken,Ryo Yoshizawa,Fuyu Kamio,Kentaro ItoFrom their activities and comedy worldEXITIs gaining popularity.

Major male idols

1960 era

Singer debut year

Singer debut year

1980 era

Singer debut year

1990 era

Singer debut year

2000 era

Singer debut year

2010 era

Singer debut year

2020 era

Singer debut year

Female idol history

Before "Idol"

From the 1950s to the 1960sNikkatsuI was in youth moviesSayuri Yoshinaga,Hibari MisoraIt was a time whenChiemi Eri"Three daughters" andYukari Ito-Mie Nakao-Garden"Spark Three Girls",The PeanutWere active in their current idol-like position.

1970 era

1970 eraSaid that there was a tendency to call mass-produced female talents a "cutie-chan singer" with some meaning of ridicule.[21].Momoe Yamaguchi-Masako Mori-Junko Sakurada(Three trio in the flower),Saori Minami,Top and bottom truth,Rumiko Koyanagi,Yuki Okazaki,Megumi Asaoka,Miyoko Asada,Sakiko Ito,Agnes Chan,Hiromi Iwasaki,Hiromi Ota,Takada Mizue,Kumiko Ohba,Mako IshinoMany solo idol singers such as this are emerging. AlsoPink lady,CandiesDrove the late 70's idol scene in a contrasting fashion.

1980 era

1980 eraTo enter the,Seiko Matsuda-Kyoko Koizumi-Akina NakamoriTo young peoplePopsThe singer, who is mainly from, started to play an active part, and the name of "idol" got citizenship.[22][23].. As of 1980, Matsuda's record sales were the 4th place in the new section,new musicAlthough the power was dominant[23], Koizumi and Nakamori made their debut in 1982, and it was the golden age of female idols[24].

Also, it broke in the middleOnyanko ClubWas born from an audition in the Fuji TV evening program.Many members, mainly high school students, were enrolled, and the flow of creating derivative units one after another became the idol culture after that.

From the late 1980s,Kumiko Goto,Noriko Ogawa,Kaori Sakagami,Mai Kitajima,Miyazawa RieChild actors and models of teenagers mainly on TV and commercialsBeautiful girl boom[25]Towed.

1990 era

In the 90's, the popularity of idols declined, and music programs were cut off one after another. In a situation called "idol winter era"There is moon watching,Miyazawa Rie,Riho MakiseThree people were called "3M" and gained popularity.In a groupCoCo,ribbon,Tokyo Performance Doll,SUPER MONKEY'S,CC Girls,Mi-Ke,MelodyIdols such as are active.

In the mid 90's, he was a solo idol singer produced by Tetsuya Komuro.Namie Amuro,Tomomi KaharaAppeared and competed with each other,Suzuki Ami,Ayumi HamasakiRise is the rise. On the other hand, in group idolsSPEED,Morning Musume.Was a great success.

2000 era

2005ToAkimoto YasushiProducesAKB48Was formed in the 2007 Kouhaku Uta GassenNakagawa Shoko,Leah DizonWithAkiba idolI participated in the frame[26][27].2007ToperfumeBroke and gained popularity from a musical perspective.

AKB48 GroupIt is,AKB48 TheaterOn the basis ofelection,Handshake meetingIntroduced such a system, from the latter half of the 2000s to the first half of the 2010s in TokyoNagoya-Osaka-FukuokaIt succeeded in a unique way of creating an idol group of bases and connecting it nationwide. In K-POP, KARA andGirlhoodBecame popular in Japan.

2010 era

2010 eraWhen entering, "the number of talents who claim to be idols is the largest in Japanese entertainment history"[28]The situation has come to be called "Idol Warring States Period"[29][30].Sony musicByAkimoto YasushiProduceNogizaka46,Keyakizaka46,Hinatazaka46The break of the Sakamichi Series,Stardust promotionBelongingMomoiro Clover ZFirst female group inNational StadiumLive[31]Many groups were active one after another.EXILEBelongs toLDHDebuted fromE-girls(There are no idols and they are often classified as dance & vocal groups),perfumeWas successfulAmuseWas formed under the theme of "fusion of idol and metal"BABYMETALAnd so on.

A large-scale female idol festival that started in 2010TOKYO IDOL FESTIVALThe scale of (TIF) is such that more than 200 performers participate.[32].. Furthermore,Niigata OfNegicco,Miyagi OfDorothy Little Happy,Atago OfHimekyun fruit can,Fukuoka OfLinQSuch,Local idolLocal idols called "Roccodol" debut one after another nationwide[28][29].. Some of FukuokaRev. from DVLBelonged toKanna HashimotoThere are also cases in which the popularity of the nationwide is gained individually as shown in. Masao Kaneko, Representative of Japan Local Idol Activity Association[33][34]According to the report, the idols of 500 prefectures nationwide, excluding 46 idols based in Tokyo,2017May 6Currently there are 942 pairs[35][36] [37][38][39].

New in the late 2010sDempagumi.inc,BiSHEtc. showed results at concerts and live performances, but the number of mass-produced idols who cannot get out of the conventional concept is increasing, and most of them follow the activity method of minor idols such as small-scale live performances and so-called contact events such as handshake events. It is a difficult situation to appeal to the general public.There is also a view that Korean idols may have expanded into Japan to meet the demand for vacant seats of talented idols.Furthermore, a Korean idol group formed by female talents from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.IZ * ONEToSakura Miyawaki(HKT48) Etc. also participated.

2020 era

2020It is,New coronavirus(COVID-19) Has made it difficult to sell live performances and goods, which are the source of income for idols, which is a major obstacle.This problem is related not only to idols but also to the entertainment world as a whole, but idols who have made a profit at handshake events are particularly hit.Like male idolsAKB48 Group,Slope series,Hello! Project,Momoiro Clover Z,perfumeExcept for the already popular groups such as, the activities of idols can hardly be seen on TV.

In recent years, female idols used to graduate from groups in their early twenties, but more people graduate in their late twenties, and the lifespan of female idols is increasing.

South Korea OfJYP EntertainmentAnd JapanSony musicIs a joint girl group project byNizi ProjectからNiziUDebuted on December 2020, 12.It is gaining popularity from audition programs and is attracting attention.Also,TWICEIncludingK-POP idolIs also gaining popularity.

Western music idol

Annette and others became popular in the 50s, and Monkeys and others became popular in the 60s.Among the actors, John Moulder-Brown, Leonard Whiting, Ray Lovelock and others have become popular in Japan.Furthermore, in Japan in the late 70s, a British idol group,Bay City RollersBecame very popular. Popular in Britain, America and Japan in the early 80'sDuran DuranAnd so onNew RomanticAs, it was put on the market with an emphasis on visuals.A Western band that became popular only in Japan also appeared, and a British bandGI orangeWas successful.Bon JoviWas initially sold as an idol,[40], Gained high popularity in Europe and America in the latter half of the 80s,Hard Rock/Heavy metalIt became the center of the boom.

1950 era

  • Annette
  • Bobby Rydell
  • Fabian

1960 era

1970 era

1980 era

1990 era

2000 era

2010 era


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