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😀 | "Chainsaw Man" Part 1 Completed Volume 11 Release Commemorative "Hayakawa Family Living" Delivered Shunji Iwai & Zutomayo ...

Photo "Chainsaw Man" Comics Volume 11 (C) Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha

"Chainsaw Man" Part 1 Completed Volume 11 Release Commemorative "Hayakawa Family Living" Delivered Shunji Iwai & Zutomayo ...

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A topical work that won the 2021st place in the "1" man edition and the "66th Shogakukan Manga Award".

Volume 1 of the first part of the original comic of "Chainsaw Man", which has also been decided to be animated, will be released on March 11, 2021 ... → Continue reading

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Japanese Manga Award

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Japanese Manga Award(Japanese manga) ThenJapanInCartoon workExplain the awards given to.

Manga awards in Japan are broadly divided into those that target works published by professional manga artists and those that target works submitted by newcomers.For convenience, the former will be referred to as the "Manga Award" and the latter will be referred to as the "Rookie Award".

Cartoon award

The following are non-newcomer manga awards in Japan (in order of founding year).Both are held once a year.

this houseShogakkan Manga AwardとKodansha Manga AwardIs an award sponsored by a major manga publisher, and most of the award-winning works are by its own affiliated publishers.Japan Cartoonists Association Award TheJapan Cartoonists AssociationSelected by member manga artists, veteran works with a longer career than others often win prizes.A relatively new awardOsamu Tezuka Cultural AwardとCulture Agency Media Arts Festival Manga DivisionThe purpose of each is to honor the best works released that year, but the difference is that the judges are mainly critics and writers, and the latter are mainly cartoonists. ..Until 2, both of these two awards won the grand prize.Vagabond』(Takehiko Inoue)When"Missing Diary』(Hideo Azuma), And only "Disappearance Diary" has won the Grand Prize of the Japan Cartoonists Association Awards.These three awards also provide commendations to those who have contributed to the development of manga by setting up "special awards" and "merit awards". Bookstore clerk voting type manga award that has continued since 3Recommended comics selected by nationwide bookstore employees TheJapanese publishing salesIt is run by, and more than 1000 bookstore staff participate in voting every year. Founded in 2008Manga AwardIs selected by volunteers such as manga staff at each bookstore. Starting in 2014, "Next Coming Manga AwardIs a reader-participation type, and both entry and voting are done on the Internet, and entries in both the comics section and the WEB manga section are limited to works within 5 volumes.

Among the limited genres of the workBungeishunju Manga AwardWas a unique award mainly for gag manga and four-frame manga, but was abolished in 4.Nebula AwardIn the comic section, science fiction and bizarre works are targeted.AlsoJapan SF AwardBut sometimes manga works are targeted, and in the pastDome』(Katsuhiro Otomo), "Barbara alien world』(Moto Hagio) Has been awarded.

New face award

The manga rookie award aims to discover new manga artists, and in many cases each magazine has its own award.Shogakkan Rookie Comic Award,Hakusensha Athena New Face AwardSome are sponsored by publishers.Most rookie awards are held several times a year.Other than publishers, mail-order companiesAmazon.co.jpAnd web news sitesGIGAZINEIs hosting the Manga Award.These two awardsE-bookIt will be published in.

The first newcomer manga award in Japan is "Shonen Jump" (biweekly era,Shueisha) By 1968Newcomer cartoon awardIs said to be[1].

Here are some articles in the Japanese version of Wikipedia.

Problems with the New Artist Award

Haruyuki Nakano's "Manga Industry Theory" points out that although it is a rookie award aimed at finding newcomers, there is a problem from the standpoint of the development of the manga industry.[2].

  • Most of the people who apply for the New Artist Award are readers of the magazine, so they are influenced by the manga artists who are serializing them, and their styles are similar.
  • Commercial magazines are looking for immediate fighting power, and popular comics are selected instead of novel and experimental comics.
  • Applicants are biased toward major popular magazines rather than minor magazines.
  • Even if he wins the rookie award and makes his debut, the style may be corrected by the editor.

And publishers and editors insist that new manga artists should not be thrown away under the name of "competence principle", but should be carefully trained as up-front investment.

International Manga Award

ComicThe expression format of is Japanese manga (MANGA), AmericanAmerican comics,EuropeanBand descinesThere are various awards all over the world because each cultural area has achieved its own development.Most of the formats are unquestioned, but there is a tendency for works to be gathered in line with the expression format of the host country.Here are some articles in the Japanese version of Wikipedia.


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