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⛺ | Recommended for DIY small items!Black & Decker's 18V multi-tool is convenient! [Video]


Recommended for small DIY items!Black & Decker's 18V multi-tool is convenient! [Video]

If you write the contents roughly
1. Used as a drill driver that can tighten and drill holes (1: 18 ~)
2. Suitable for drilling, and can work smoothly compared to impact drivers that are not suitable for drilling iron etc. (1: 24 ~)
3. Attachment can be attached and detached.

Black & Decker's 18V multi-tool is recommended!This time, I will introduce the power tools that I usually use ... → Continue reading


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Impact wrench

Impact wrench(British: Impact wrench) IstoolKind of.bolt,nutLarger when turning, easier than turning by handtorqueCan be applied.Impact driverSince the operation principle is the same, it will be described in detail in this section.

ElectricalAnd compression空 気Built in as a power sourcemotorAnd also built inhammerRotate. HammersocketImpact is applied to the shaft connected to in the direction of rotation. By this impact, the socket or the like attached to the tip is rotated, and the bolt or nut can be turned. The shaft to which the socket is connected always rotates while receiving an impact, so a large torque can be applied.

In the hammer type, when the driver rotates, the hammer (name is external link[External link 1](See also) and the frame also rotate at the same time. At this time, the box wrench attached to the tip of the anvil is caught in the bolt and nut and resists the rotation of the anvil. Therefore, while the hammer rotates along the brim of the anvil, the hammer tilts around the pin, collides with the base of the brim of the anvil, and the hammer gives an impact to the anvil, and the box wrench ahead is rotated. Immediately after the collision, the hammer returns to its original state and is ready for the next shock. Repeat this operation to tighten or loosen the bolts and nuts while giving them a little impact.[1].

Impact wrench

Generally, the tip of the shaft is provided with a plug-in corner to connect a socket etc.Socket wrenchAs with, connect and use sockets and accessories.

In general, the power source can be the minimum necessary structure,Power weight ratioIt is often the case that excellent compressed air is used,Air compressorIs essential, and since the air hose is bulky, it has recently become suitable for relatively low torque applications.Commercial power supply,batteryAn electric type that uses a power source as a power source is also popular. For industrial impact wrenches that require extremely high speed and torqueHydraulic motorIs also used.

Generally, there are many types of pistol grip type, but in the case of a smaller insertion angle, a straight type called in-line type,LuteSome have a butterfly grip similar to, but in a large drive(English editionThere is also a thing with a T-shaped handle similar to. In recent years, as an impact wrench called reductionless ratchetReduction gearIncorporateRatchetSome of them are equipped with a mechanism, and the ratchet mechanism absorbs back torque during tightening, preventing the impact wrench from being knocked off by reaction and causing injury to the worker when the screw is completely tightened during work. There are also things that can be done. Very narrow place, for exampleAutomobile Ofengine OfCrankshaftThe pulleyradiatorA special shape in which the output shaft is bent by using a bevel gear or the like is used as a material that is used for the purpose of attaching and detaching without removing.

For impact wrenchsocketMust use a dedicated one. The reason is that normal sockets and accessoriesVanadium steelHigh hardness steel (at the same timeToughnessIt also means that the impact wrench is fragile.)torque(Rotation force)PlatingThis is because problems such as peeling may occur. Impact-only sockets and accessories are not plated, and the outer shape is thicker than usual.High strength steelIt is made of a material with low hardness but high toughness, and is designed to withstand a large torque.

Also, in order to prevent the socket from coming off and scattering from the impact wrench that rotates at high speed, the insert and the socket are prevented from coming off in a skewered shape with pins and rings.[External link 2].

The performance of the impact wrench is divided into "maximum torque" and "working torque". The former is the maximum performance that can be generated for the screw with the anvil completely fixed, and the latter with the latter. The target value of the screw is not fixed securely, and the performance value is more in line with the actual usage situation when the torque is continuously applied.

The impact wrench instantaneously gives extremely high torque to move the screw, so that the tip of the rotary shaftpulleyEven if the shaft side is rotated when it is manually rotated, such as when installing a screw, there is an advantage that it can be tightened and loosened, but it is difficult to finely control torque except a part.Torque WrenchThere is a drawback that it cannot be used for tightening in places where torque management is required. In addition, even when working with the tip of the rotary shaft described above, if the tightening torque on the screw side exceeds the work torque of the impact wrench, a complete detent is applied to the rotary shaft. It is necessary to work above, and if the tightening torque on the screw side exceeds the maximum torque of the impact wrench, give up and remove the impact wrench,Box wrenchMore primitive methods such as attaching and turning a long extension pipe must be used.

Impact driver

Impact driverLike an impact wrench, is a screwdriver that uses impact to turn a screw, but unlike an impact wrench, it is characterized by having a high rotational torque and at the same time exerting a vertical striking force on the screw itself. Therefore, rust andBurn-inIt is used for the purpose of fixing screws, etc., or turning screws that are difficult to remove and attach manually due to excessive torque.

The impact driver is compatible with the shape of the screw head, so when it is turned manuallyCome out(en: cam out), which is a particularly effective Phillips screw that causes the driver to lift up, and has come-out measures taken from the beginning.TorxAlso, it cannot be said that the deviation of the central axis of rotation is more effective than the minus cam, which is an important factor for attachment and detachment, than the cam-out phenomenon due to its structure.

A manual type is generally used, and a heavy member called a sleeve is placed around a central axis called a core.(English editionIt is attached by fitting, and the impact given to the sleeve by the hammer generates a striking force perpendicular to the core and a strong torque in the rotation direction of the screw. The worker applies the tip of the impact driver to the screw, then turns the sleeve in the desired direction for rotation, and when the sleeve does not move, strikes it with a hammer to apply rotational force to the screw. The manual impact driver can change the direction in which torque is generated depending on the direction in which the sleeve is rotated before it is struck, so both tightening and removing work can be performed.

There are also impact drivers that use electric or compressed air for applications such as the construction industry that perform tightening work for a large number of screws faster, but with a few exceptions, the impact force in the vertical direction is manual compared to the manual type. Tends to be small compared to the formula.

Generally, at the tip of the shaft,electric screwdriver,Electric drillSimilar to the above, a portion for connecting by inserting the hexagonal shaft is provided, and the bit of the hexagonal shaft is connected for use. To connect the bit and the main unit,DrillChuckAnd one-touch sleeve (a sleeve with a built-in lock mechanism is provided on the outside of the insertion part, and the bit can be attached and detached just by pulling). Bits with width across flats of 5 mm, 6.35 mm, 8 mm, etc. are used, but for convenience and distribution in Japan, 6.35 mm is predominantly used. Bits used include plus/minus driver bits and socket bits (socket with hexagonal shaft at the rear end).

Recently, products that have the function of an electric screwdriver/drill (not hitting, clutch mechanism, etc.) and the function of a vibration drill for impact drivers have been sold. It is extremely dangerous to use a drill cone for an electric screwdriver/drill as an impact driver, because it may break easily. This is also due to the hardness and toughness of the material used, like the socket of an impact wrench, and it is necessary to use a dedicated bit with a tough material and structure for the impact driver.

The impact driver and the impact wrench are the same in principle of operation, and there are many points in which they overlap in terms of function, but since the work contents they are good at are different, it is necessary to avoid confusion.


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