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💪 | Kazuhiro Kiyohara thinks in Odaiba "Sit on the bench and remembered those days"


Kazuhiro Kiyohara thinks in Odaiba "I sat on the bench and remembered those days."

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When I was active, I often ran on my own training and came to play when my sons were small 😭
The park was closed 😩 I walked a little, sat on a bench, remembered those days, gazed at the scenery and took a deep breath!

Kazuhiro Kiyohara looks back on his active career in Odaiba after training. Renewed enthusiasm, "Don't lose!" ... → Continue reading


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Physical training

Physical training(Physical Training) Is a type of physical activity carried out for the purpose of strengthening physical strength and maintaining a healthy state.[1].. "motion","exercise"(Physical Exercise) Is also called.


Generally, it is roughly divided into the following three.

Benefits of exercise

whoExercisedepressionPrevents and mental health (mental health) Also has a beneficial effect[2].

2021In 1 monthHarvard Medical SchoolIntense exercise provided better results in measuring mental and physical fitness, but did not extend lifespan or prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer, according to a study published by.[3].

Difficulties of exercise

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of walking daily for 24 weeks on the body.The number of steps was 10000, 12500, and 15000, respectively.As a result, lean body mass increased, but fat also increased, and the weight increased.Did not decrease at all..Researchers conclude that "walking did not help prevent weight gain or fat gain."[4].

EnglandDoctor, John Briffer (John Briffa) States that "aerobic exercise does not increase muscle" and "aerobic exercise has no effect on weight loss"[5].

joggingKnown for popularizingJim fixx(Jim Fixx) Is while he is joggingheart attackWoke up and collapsed, and died as it was[6], Exercise puts a strain on the body and organs.

During or immediately after joggingCoronary heart disease(Coronary Heart Disease) Is not uncommon.There is no evidence that good athletic performance protects the body from fatal accidents during exercise.[7].

Even if you are exercisingcarbohydrateAs long as you are eatingHigh blood sugarCannot be prevented, and insulin sensitivity declines as soon as you finish exercising (Insulin resistanceWill be higher)[8]..Insulin resistance cannot be prevented by exercise.

"Low insulin sensitivity" means "Insulin resistanceIs high ”(insulin is not effective)[9].

UKBorn funeral director,William Banting(William Banting) Is worried that he was overweight and for the purpose of losing weightRiver ThamesI kept rowing the boat every morning.His arms were strengthened, but with a ferocious appetite, he gained more and more weight than he lost.William Harvey, a doctor and friendWilliam harvey) Advised Bunting to "stop exercising"A diet that limits carbohydratesTaught.Bunting according to this diet not only lost a lot of weight, but also recovered from physical illness.[10].1863Banting has summarized the diets that have been successful in weight loss and the methods that have been tried and failed in weight loss.Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public("A letter to the public about obesity") was published.In this letter, Bunting cites "reducing the amount of food you eat and increasing the amount of exercise" as one of the "methods that have no effect on weight loss."

Science journalist OfGary Taubes(Gary Taubes) Says, "Even if your goal is to lose weight and your health and life depend on it,'If you work hard every day for a year and a half, you can lose 1 pounds of fat.MaybeWill you train to be able to run 26 miles (42 km)? Is asking[11].

Mayo Clinic(Mayo Clinic) Doctor and expert in obesity and diabetesRussell Wilder(Russell Wilder) Is,1932In the lecture he gave to, he stated as follows.

"Obesity patients can lose weight faster by resting on the bed, while strenuous physical activity slows weight loss." "The more you continue to exercise, the more fat you consume. The patient's theory that weight loss should be proportional to that should seem correct at first glance, but the patient is discouraged to see the scales show no progress. "[11].

Wilder rejected the idea of ​​"you can lose weight by exercising", "get fat if you live a sedentary life", and "get fat because you eat too much" as "childish".

Eating and exercising are meaningless

Early 1990s,National Institutes of Health(The National Institutes of Health) Is "The Women's Health Initiative”(“ Women's Health Initiative ”), a $ 10 billion study[12][13]..At the same time, a study was also conducted on "Can a low-fat diet really prevent heart disease and cancer?" Nearly 5 women were enrolled, of which 19541 were randomly selected.Research1993It started in and continued for eight years.Researchers told the participating women about fruits, vegetables,Whole grain・ Foods rich in dietary fiber ・ Foods low in fat ・ ・ ・ Instructed to preferentially eat these.Women received regular counseling to continue this diet[14]..We aim to reduce fat intake from 38% to 20% of calories, and for participating women, weight gain and loss, cholesterol levels, stroke, heart attack, breast cancer, rectal cancer, and more. We also investigated whether to develop cardiovascular disease[14]..I reduced the calorie intake of my daily diet by 360 kcal and continued to eat a small amount.The women who participated were also given instructions to "eat less," "eat less fat," and "exercise," and continued to faithfully reduce their diet and exercise.[11].

After eight years of this life, the women lost an average of about 8 kg per person (compared to before the start of the experiment), but their hips swelled.[11]..What this fact means is "It's muscle, not fat, that's lost from their bodies"That's what it means.In addition, the researchers said,A low-fat diet failed to prevent heart disease, cancer, and other illnessesIt also reports.A low-fat diet had no effect on reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, heart disease, or stroke, or reducing the risk of colorectal cancer in postmenopausal women.[15]..The meaning of the counseling and diet they received, whether conscious or unconscious, was "I tried to eat lessIs that[11].. If it is true that "if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight", you can't explain why the women who participated in this study got fat.Fat is equivalent to about 1 kcal of energy per kg.If they had reduced their daily dietary calorie intake by 7000 kcal, they would have lost about 360 kg of fat within 3 weeks of starting the experiment, and would have lost about 1 kg of fat for a year. Become.At the start of the study, half of the women who participated were obese and the majority were at least overweight.[11]..Researchers believe that a low-fat diet will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, and nutritionists say, "If you reduce your fat intake to the target of 20%, the effect of a low-fat diet is clear. May have become. "[14].. The results of this eight-year study were published in the American Medical Association magazine ("Journal of the American Medical Association』) Was published. The results of the Women's Health Initiative show that a low-fat diet has no effect on the purpose of preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease.[14].


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