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🥾 | "Sports Club TV" Sports Climbing Tokyo Olympics representatives have a series of shocking "God" performances!

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"Sports Club TV" Sports Climbing Tokyo Olympics representative fires shocking "God" performances!

If you write the contents roughly
The rule is that every time you clear one super-difficult game, pancake toppings will be added and it will become gorgeous, but if you fail all of them, you will end up with only bread dough.

Tokyo XNUMX will be on TBS for XNUMX hours from XNUMX o'clock on Saturday, March XNUMXth. → Continue reading


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Bread dough

In this articleDough(British: dough),AlsoBread dough(Bread lottery)Pasta dough(Pasta kiji)Cookie dough(Cookie lottery) and so on[1]I will explain what is called.

LiquidityFor "dough" that is close to liquid,Dough (food)See.


In fields such as bread making and pasta making, using Englishdough Dough",in Japanese"ClothIs called somethingFlourWas made by mixing a small amount of liquid withViscoelasticityThere is a certain state, that is, one that has both tenacity and elasticity.

The most frequently used dough for bread and pasta in the world is that it is used in large quantities.Wheat flourWith a small amount ofWedHowever, the dough is not limited to flour-based ones.穀物(OrbeansMade from)FlourAnd a small amountWedSome are made by mixing liquids such as.

Cooking and food made from dough

In the famous place, dough is, for example,Seedless bread,Fermented bread,Pizza,pastaKind,noodlesIt is a kind of intermediate material,pancake,crust,Pastry,DumplingIt is an intermediate material for making bread-based foods. From a global perspective, bread iswheatだ け で な く,corn,RiceSome are made from cereals and similar crops such as.

CenterIndiaIn many areas of the country, dough was made into dumplings and quickly roasted and cooked.(English edition)Is made. AfricanSahelIn the countries of the region,Sorghum,MilletYou can eat aiysh and biya boiled dumplings made from dough made from. Spread the dough thinly and bakeRoti,Lavash,(English edition),Mazzer, Lafa,tortillaSuch asFlat breadIs made in many parts of the world


All over the world,wheatCereal flour with waterEastMixfermentationThe dough is used to make bread.sugar,saltIs also a common ingredient in dough.

Depending on whatChicken eggs,バ タ ー,Olive oilMay be added. As we increase the proportion of such materials,ク ッ キ ーIt becomes closer to sweets.

In addition, fried dough to makeFried breadIs also in many cultures.

Uses other than cooking

The dough that is mainly made of flour is a kind of craft and handicraft.粘土, It is sometimes used.

Play doe

Since it is originally a food, it is safer than ordinary clay even if it is swallowed and swallowed, so parents in Europe and America tend to put things in their mouths.An infantIt's made and used for play. (These doughs are called "play doughs"). In Japan, it is often used in modeling experience classes for infants (for mothers and children).Food coloringThe ones that are colorfully colored with are pleasing to children and are also safe, so they are sometimes used.


Physically speaking, the grain dough is usuallyNon-Newtonian fluid.


  1. ^ In Japanese, the translation is not fixed, and there are no limits, such as “bread dough”, “pasta dough”, “cookie dough”, “udon dough”...etc. The English word "dough dough" is stable and stable.


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