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🥾 | “# JK end notice” High school girl climber Futaba Ito “I graduated from Morioka Chuo High School 🌸”

Photo Image: Futaba Ito Official Instagram

“# JK end notice” High school girl climber Futaba Ito “I graduated from Morioka Chuo High School 🌸”

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Athletes Futaba Ito will continue to challenge themselves toward the new goal of the Paris Olympics.

"Congratulations on Fu-chan's graduation 🌸 Professional athlete Fu-chan ✨ Good luck‼ ️☺️" 3rd, sports climbing ... → Continue reading

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Paris olympic

Paris olympicHas been held twice so far, and the third tournament is scheduled.

Futaba Ito

Futaba Ito(Ito Futaba,2002 May 4 -) Is Japaneseclimber.. SpecialtySports climbing.


2002 May 4,IwateMoriokaI'm from.Morioka City Matsuzono Junior High School[1],Morioka Chuo High School[2]graduate.

Father isSports climbingSince he had a hobby, he started climbing from the third grade of elementary school.Shortly after the first competition, he climbed 3m in one shot and surprised his fathers.[3].

Since 2014, he has participated in official competitions, and the 17thJOCJunior Olympic CupCompetition (ToyamaNanto City) Wins 2nd place in Under Youth B of the lead competition[4].

2015 Climbing Japan Youth Championship Lead Competition (Under Youth B Category)[5], All Japan Climbing Youth Championship Bouldering Competition (Youth C)[6]Won two tournaments.Also in the same yearInternational Federation of Sport Climbing(IFSC) Official tournament, IFSC Climbing Asian Youth Championship (IFSC)Malaysia-Putrajaya), Participated in the women's youth C category as a Japanese national team player and won the second event of lead bouldering.[7].

In 2016, he participated in the All Japan Climbing Japan Championship Lead Competition (which also served as the All Japan Youth Championship), ranked 3rd in the women's senior category, and won the Youth B category.[8]..Furthermore, the IFSC World Youth Championship in November of the same year (People's Republic of China-Guangzhou) As a Japanese national team player and finished second in Bouldering Women's Youth B[9].

Sports Climbing 2017th Bouldering Japan Cup held in January 1 (Tokyo-National Yoyogi StadiumParticipated in the second gymnasium) and is a leading figure in Japan in the women's section.Hiroyo Noguchi,NonakaI won the championship[10][1][3]..In addition, Ito's victory in the Japan Cup at 14 years and 9 months was also the youngest record when Noguchi won the first tournament (1) at 2005 years and 16 months.[1][3].. Participated in the World Cup as the youngest representative of Japan from 2018. 6th place[11].

Competition record

15th Bouldering Japan Cup-February 2020-2, 8
2nd Speed ​​Japan Cup-February 2020, 2

CM appearance

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