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👆 | Akutsu main tax XNUMXth dan, Daisuke Nakagawa XNUMXth dan win block final / Shogi / Eio match


Akutsu main tax XNUMXth dan, Daisuke Nakagawa XNUMXth dan win block final / Shogi / Eio match

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In the Eiou match, qualifying rounds were divided into 12th to XNUMXth dan, and XNUMX people passed.

The qualifying round for Shogi Eiou (3th dan) was held on March 4, and Akutsu's main tax 38th dan (52) was 7 to Daisuke Nakagawa XNUMXth dan (XNUMX). → Continue reading


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Qualifying by rank

War of the Wisdom

War of the Wisdom(Ei-usen) isFujiyaas well as the Japan Shogi FederationSponsorship[Note 1] OfShogi OfChess gameso,Title battleOne of. In 2015DwangoThe first term of the general shogi tournament was started by the sponsorship, and it is the newest title match that has been promoted to the title match from the third term of 1.Number gameThe winner isPrinceGet the title title of.


General game period (until the second period)

Before the start of the gameComputer shogisoftwareIt is a game ofShogi Den-o BattleWas being held,2015 With the Den-O Battle FINALTeam competitionAs a result, the Den-O battle was regarded as a break.

Dwango who hoped for the survival of the game like Den-OJapan Shogi FederationAs a result of discussing with, first of all, a new general game is launched by Dwango, and the winner isDen-O TournamentComputer shogi software that won the game and Den-o war with a new look[Note 2]I agreed to play at. The name of the new game is chosen from the open call for participants, and 9 sponsors from the open call proposal[Note 3]After narrowing down to, public voting from the official website[Note 4]And decided to the "Euou war"[2].. The winner isPrinceGet the title. About 50 to 60 games are playedNico Nico Live BroadcastIt was broadcast live on.

Title holders did not participate until Den-O Battle FINAL, but in the first game of the gameTetsuro ItotaniDragon King,Goda ShinTakashikingParticipated in[Note 5].. In addition, in this game and related events, even title holders were referred to by rank.[Note 6].

Until the second term of 28, it was ranked highest in the official game other than the title game of the Japanese Shogi Federation (the contract fee for the second season's Eiou game is 2 million yen.[3].. The winning prize is not announced).

Title game, 3th game era (5rd to XNUMXth period)

After the end of Den-O Battle on May 2017, 5 and the 20rd period,Championship matchIt was announced that it would be promoted to the title match for the first time in 34 years since then. As a result, for the first time, there will be eight title battles,Holy battleWill be held eight times a year for the first time in 2 years since 1994, when was held twice a year. With the end of the Den-O battle, the entry system was changed to compulsory participation of all Go players, and the title holder's dan name was abolished. The first title match in history other than newspapers and news agencies[4].. The order by the amount of contract money isRyuo Battle-Master gameIt is said to be the third place after. In addition, in the final 3th game, in addition to the introduction of an irregular timekeeping system that has never been seen in the past, it is also the first day-based XNUMXth game as a title game.Swing piece・Chess clock method (#Method itinerary).

In the 5th term, we will solicit operating expenses, etc.Cloud FundingToCAMPFIRE". For large investorsSwing pieceExperience of important roles in Shogi title battles such as drawing lottery cards for roles and final tournaments[5]. Also,DwangoWith video distribution collaboration withAbemaTVBut the simultaneous broadcast was started[6].. Here, the commentary/listener does not appear as the original compilation, and it is broadcast only on the evaluation value and the situation of the game.

Title match, fifth match era (6th term and beyond)

On October 2020, 10, it was announced that Dwango would cancel the contract to host the Eiou match.[7].. From the 10th term on October 29thFujiyaWas announced to be co-sponsored by the Japan Shogi Association.[8]..At the same time, the trademark will be transferred to the Japan Shogi Association, the title match will be the fifth match, and the order based on the amount of the contract will be sixth.After the 6th termABEMA Shogi ChannelThere is also a game that will be broadcast live only at, and commentary and listeners will appear.

Permanent title

As of July 2020, the permanent title has not been decided.[1].

Method (current)

Qualifying by rank

The War of the WisdomAmong the existing shogi tournaments, the only shogi tournament in which qualifying is conducted by rank.

All Go players (excluding Eiou holders and seeders described below) will participate in the tournament with the remaining wins for each dan.

The combination of qualifying rounds will be based on the dan level at the time of the qualifying lottery (October 7, 2021 for the 6th term).

Time control is 1 hour (chess clock method), countdown 60 seconds when it runs out.

The game starts at 10:14/19:1 / 2:XNUMX, and may point to two stations a day.

Main tournament

The total number of participants in the main tournament will be 12 including 4 dan-specific qualifiers and 4 seed holders who have the best 16 or higher in the previous Eiou match (including the loser in the previous term).

The combination of the final tournament will be decided by lottery again[Note 7].

Each has 3 hours (chess clock method, less than 1 seconds per move when it runs out).

The challenger deciding match will be the first match between the two finalists.

Fifth game

The fifth match between Eio and the challenger in the previous term will be played, and the one who wins three will get the title of Eio.[Note 8].

Time control is 4 hours (1 day system) (chess clock method), countdown 60 seconds when it runs out.

Past method

Method Itinerary

Eiyu BattleMain tournamentQualifying tournament (by rank)
Number of matchesTime limitFinal gamePossession
Number of persons
Number of seeds/conditionsPossession
Qualifying breakthrough limit (number of people)Qualification for participationDan judgment date


010General gameThird game
5 hours
-1 hours16 people-1 hours16632221Depending on the player who wishes to go
Entry system
(1st-3rd period)
Of the year
May 4
0201 people(Heroic holder)155
3Title battleSeventh gameIrregular time
・1 hour
・3 hour
・5 hour
・6 hour
((7th station)
3 hours・All players
・One female(XNUMXth qualifying)
・One amateur(XNUMXth qualifying)
24 people8 people(From priority to filling up)
-Last term best 4 or more(Decision)
-Title holder(Order order) (Ryuo, MasterIs decided)
・All players participate in the game (winning order)
・Persons with the highest performances in the past
16433(Phase 4)
By the organizer
Qualifying lottery date
5(Phase 5)
Of the year
May 4
6Fifth game
4 hours
Number one
16 people4 people(Best 4 or more in the previous term)
(Including the losers of the previous term)
123221・All players(6st-7rd period)
By the organizer
Qualifying lottery date

1st ~ 2nd

It was held as a general game, not a title game.

Qualifying by rank

This is the first ever game for a player to play a game.[Note 9], Entry system of active professional players (players are optional)Tenno BattleBy rank as well asWinning tournamentQualifying by rank,[Note 10]Is adopted. 1 out of 159 in the first term, except for players who have decided to retire mid-year and are not eligible for entry[Note 11], 2 out of 162 in the second season[Note 12].

The main battle advance slots from each dan qualifying are the basic 4 slots of ``2 dans 1 players, 13 to 3 dans 16 players each, XNUMX dans XNUMX person'', and XNUMX additional slots allocated in consideration of the number of title holders. XNUMX frames in total[9].. Therefore, the admission slots for each tier change depending on the year. The first period is "1dan 6 people, 3dan XNUMX people"[2], In the 2nd period, the winner of the 1st period (Euo) was the seed of the main race, and the participation slots from the qualifying were "5dan 3people/XNUMXdan XNUMXpeople"[10].

Blocks divided according to the participation slots of each rank[Note 13]The winner of each remaining tournament wins the right to participate in the main battle. Randomly digest every few days regardless of rank or block order.Nico Nico Live BroadcastWhen broadcast on, 1 or 2 stations will be distributed per day.Time limitEach one hour (Chess clockMethod), it takes less than 1 minute per hand when it runs out.

Main tournament

After the lottery of 2 qualifying winners (including the 1st winner of the 16st period (Euo) in the 2nd period), the 1 winners will be decided by the remaining tournament. The time to the semi-finals is 1 hour each (chess clock method), and less than 1 minute per hand when running out.

Final third match

The winner is decided by the third match between the two finalists. Each time is 2 hours (chess clock method), less than 5 minute per hand when running out. There is a one-hour break each day and evening.

Issue 3

The rules were changed due to the promotion of the title. Below, official website, etc.[4][11]Among the items that were announced as of May 2017, the changes from the second period are mainly described.

Qualifying by rank

From the 3rd period, all active players will be required to participate as in other games. Also, for the XNUMXth qualifying, the organizer recommendsFemale player[Note 14]Participation rights are given to one player and one amateur player. As before, each time is 1 hour (chess clock method, less than 1 seconds per hand when it expires).

Main tournament


The final match was the seventh match as described below, as Eiou entered the main tournament. In addition, the semi-finals were also held in the best game.

Final XNUMXth game

The two finalists made the same rule as the current one, and the winner became the title champion.

Issue 4

It describes mainly the changes from the 3rd term.

Qualifying by rank

The rank decision date has changed from April 4 of the fiscal year to the date of the lottery by the organizer.[12]

Main tournament


Challenger decision third game

From the 4th season, the challenger deciding match will be held in the third match.

Seventh game

The seventh match with the third-generation Eiou is held.

Issue 5

It describes mainly the changes from the 4rd term.

Women's/Amateur National Team

Conducted only in the 5th term.Prior to the start of the qualifying round by rank, the "Women's National Team Finals" and "Amateur National Team Finals" will be held in late March, and they will participate in the 3th round qualifying round this year.Female playerSelect one (including female encouragement members) and one amateur each.

All are treated as informal matches, and participants are selected by the organizer from the title holders of each game.Women's throneUnlike the amateur qualifying of, it is not a public offering system. There is a one-day tournament system with a maximum of four players, and one winner can participate in the four-stage qualifying.

The rules for each game are the same as for the qualifying by rank. It lasts 1 hour (chess clock method), and counts down to 60 seconds when it runs out. The first round will be held from 1:10 and 14:19, and the final round will be held from XNUMX:XNUMX. All games will be streamed on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

All 5 female title holders (Kana SatomiWoman's four crowns,Nishiyama Tomokaqueen[Note 15],Ai WatanabeIn addition to female throne),Shimizu CityThe female XNUMXth stage[13].. The latest major in the 5th amateur deciding matchAmateur competitionWinners (Ama Ryuo, Ama Master, Ama General, Red Flag Master) participated[14].

In the 3rd and 4th seasons, there was no representative match, and in the qualifying by rank, there were those who were selected by the organizer's recommendation from the title holders of the women's and amateur chess teams. The third season for womenKato Momokoqueen[Note 16], The 4th season is Kana Satomi's female crown. The amateur was a red flag master in the 3rd period, and a double crown holder of the amateur master and the Asahi amateur master in the 4th period (both at the time of the lottery).

Qualifying by rank

The rank determination date returned from April 4 of the fiscal year from the date of lottery by the organizer.

Issue 6

It describes mainly the changes from the 5rd term.


From the end of October to September of the following year[Note 17].

Qualifying by rank

The dan judgment date has been changed to the lottery date by the organizer again from April 4st of the holding year.[15].

Female shogi players and amateurs are no longer participating.

Main tournament

The title holder's main battle seed is gone.


The game started at 5 o'clock, which was 15:10 until the XNUMXth period[16]change to.

Challenger deciding match

From the third game to the first game.

Fifth game

From the 4th game with variable time control to the XNUMXth game with XNUMX hours of time.

Issue 7

It describes mainly the changes from the 6rd term.


Return from July to June of the following year.

Successive results

  • ◎ is the finalist or challenger, and 〇 is the semi-finalist.
  • ○ in the win/loss column of the match is the win/loss seen from the winner/Eiou side. ThousandSennichou, HasMochi shogi.
  • Holding time is 1st and 2nd station/3rd and 4th station/5th and 6th station/7th station. How long has the game not been held?StrikethroughNotated with.
  • It is in the player name of the game of the 3rd to 5th periodIndicates the first turn of the first station (indicated for matters related to time determination).
  • From the 3rd period, the 4th (fifth) game of Eiou will be held from April to June (the 6th period is from July to September). Year of the gameThe year beforeIt has been.
  • Of the main tournamentSegmentは、第1期~第3期、第5期は開催年度の4月1日時点、第4期は2018年6月4日時点、第6期は2020年10月6日時点、第7期は2021年6月9日時点のもの。
  • The player name background color isWinner of the New Wisdom Throne-Bango defeat challengerRepresents

General game (the 1-2nd season)

Final third matchMain tournamentnote
WinnerVictoryRunner upKudanBadanSeven stepsSix stepsFive sectionsFour steps
12015Takayuki Yamazaki○○Goda ShinTakashi-Yasushi Tsukada
Gouda ◎
Suzuki University
Yamazaki ◎
Shin Sasa
Atsushi Miyata
Abe Hikari
Isamu Sasa
period年度WinnerVictoryRunner upFormer princeKudanBadanSeven stepsSix stepsFive sectionsFour steps
22016Akihiko Sato○○Shota Senda(I.e.(I.e.
Osamu Nakamura
Hanyu 〇
Ten Sato ◎
Toshima 〇
Yutaka Kobayashi
Senda ◎
Isamu Sasa
Sasa University[19]

Title battle (3rd period-)

Seventh gameMain tournamentnote
Final winnerVictory
Time limit
Final loser--Main battle seedQualifying breakthrough
Former princeKudanBadanSeven stepsSix stepsFive sectionsFour steps
32017Takami Taichi○○XNUMX○○
5 / 3 /1/6
Kota KanaiSato TenFukaura
Takeshi Fujii
Yasushi Sato
Akira Watanabe
Hide Sato
Yutaka Kobayashi
Makoto Kondo
Satoshi Fujii[21]
Time limit
challengerChallenge XNUMXrd gameMain battle seedKudanBadanSeven stepsSix stepsFive sectionsFour stepsnote
VictoryChallenger loserBest 4 in the previous termTitle holder etc.
42018Takami Taichi●●●●
5 / 3 /1/6
Takuya Nagase○ ● ○Tatsuya SugaiKanai
Sato Ten
Futoshi Nakamura
Akira Watanabe
Yasushi Sato
Kimura Hajime
Shin Saito
Satoshi Fujii
Masuda Yasushi
Watanabe Dai
[Note 18]
[Note 19]
Takuya NagaseThousand ● Possession ○
○ ● ○ ●●
Toyoshima Masayuki● ○○Akira WatanabeTakami
Akira Watanabe ◎
Teshima ◎
Shin Saito
Sato Ten
Takeshi Fujii
Yasushi Sato
Yasushi Tsukada
Hide Sato
Masuda Yasushi
Kazu Sato
Sasa University
Eiou match fifth gameMain tournamentnote
PrinceVictorychallengerChallenger deciding matchMain battle seedQualifying breakthrough
Challenger loserBest XNUMX in the previous termKudanBadanSeven stepsSix stepsFive sectionsFour steps
62021Toyoshima Masayuki● ○ ● ○ ●
Sota FujiiShintaro SaitoNagase
Akira Watanabe
Sasa Dai 〇
Kimura Hajime
Maruyama 〇
Shin Saito ◎
Satoshi Fujii ◎
Isamu Sasa
KomoriIde[Note 20][29]
7Sota FujiiTeshima
Shin Saito
Sasa University



General game period

WinAdvance to the finalMain battle advance to T
Youngest2nd term Akihiko Sato 28 years oldThe second term Shota Senda 2 years oldPhase 1 Mirai Aoshima, 20 years old
The oldestFirst term Takayuki Yamazaki 1 years oldPhase 1 Masataka Gouda 44 years oldFirst period Michio Takahashi 1 years old

Title war era

From the 3rd term to the 6th term
Win the WisdomBango participationFinal selection best XNUMX or more
(Including reigns)
More than the main battle
(Including seeds and reigns)
mostTakami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Toyoshima Masayuki
Sota Fujii 1 period
Takami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Masayuki Toyoshima 2nd term
Takami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Toyoshima Masayuki
Maruyama Tadahisa
Akira Watanabe
Daichi Sasaki 2 period
Akira Watanabe
Hisashi Whereabouts 4 period
ContinuousTakami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Toyoshima Masayuki
Souta Fujii 1st term
Takami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Masayuki Toyoshima 2nd term
Takami Taichi
Takuya Nagase
Toyoshima Masayuki
Akira Watanabe
Daichi Sasaki 2nd term
Akira Watanabe
Hisashi Namekata 4th term
YoungestThird period Sota Fujii 6 years oldThird period Sota Fujii 6 years oldThird period Sota Fujii 6 years oldThird period Sota Fujii 3 years old
The oldest5th Masayuki Toyoshima 30 years oldIssue 3 Kota Kanai 316th term Tadahisa Maruyama 50 years oldIssue 5 Yasuaki Tsukada 54

Performance by player

From the 3rd term to the 6th term (The description is limited to those who have advanced to the challenger deciding match)
PlayerReigningAdvance to the gameAdvance to the challenge[Note 21]
(Including the reign of the Wisdom)
Best 4 or higher
(Including the reign of the Wisdom)
Main battle advance to T
(Including the reign of the Wisdom)
At the Main Event T
Toyoshima Masayuki1122222233KudanBadan
Takuya Nagase1122222233KudanSeven steps
Takami Taichi11222[31]2[31]2233Seven stepsFive sections
Sota Fujii1111111132BadanFour steps
Kota Kanai00111[31]1[31]1122Six stepsSix steps
Akira Watanabe0000112244KudanKudan
Shintaro Saito0000111133BadanSeven steps
Tatsuya Sugai0000111122BadanSeven steps
Performance by female player[Note 22]
NameOrganizer recommendationQualifying by grade
Kana Satomi224-5 224-5
Kato Momoko113113
Nishiyama Tomoka11500
Ai Watanabe11500
Shimizu City11500
Performance by amateur players[Note 23]
NameOrganizer recommendationQualifying by grade
Taiki Yokoyama223-4 223-4
Hajime Suzuki115115
Takashi Kiriyama11500
Kenpei Morimura11500
Koyama Reo11500
The number of participants
periodTotalMain battle seedKudan QualifyingEight-stage qualifyingXNUMXth qualifyingSix-stage qualifyingGodan QualifyingXNUMXth qualifyingMiss


Mismatched start time due to misunderstanding (second term)
Second Eigen Battle, October 2, 2016Kubo ToshiakiKudanToyoshima MasayukiIn the 2th Dan game, Kubo did not appear in the Tokyo Shogi Kaikan at the game venue by 1 hour after 6:30 pm, which was the starting time, and it was decided that Kubo had lost the match. Kubo appeared at the beginning of another game's relay at 2:7 pm on the same day due to an apology, saying, ``I misunderstood the start time of XNUMX pm as XNUMX pm It was''.[32].. Kubo and Toshima will be available at a later date.DwangoKubo won the event by playing an exhibition game.
Zenji Hanyu participates in the three crowns and wins the victory of a master to go to the first confrontation with Shogi software (second term)
Zenji Hanyu's three crowns who forgot to participate in the first season participated in the second season and received attention. Den-o tournament winning softwarePonanzaBe a developerKazunari YamamotoHad been waiting for Ponanza to play with Hanyu for many years,[33][34], Hanyu in the semifinalsAkihiko SatoLost to a master. On the other hand, Sato wins and wins the championship, and is regarded as the pinnacle of shogi software and active title holders, especially professionals in the Den-o game.celebrityPlayed for the first time, but the result was that Soft (Ponanza) won both games,AIIt became widely known about the evolution of. The game between Eiou and Denno ended in the second term, so the curtain ended with four consecutive victories on the soft side.[Note 24].
Face-to-face match of the 3th game of the final match (XNUMXrd period)
As mentioned above, in the 3rd season main battle, we won the only qualifying round with Tenno Sato who was seeded in the 2nd season EizoAkira WatanabeIt was performed in the situation where there is no title holder other than Ryuo (only at the time of the decision to advance to Ryuo and the player who was crowned before the first battle). The XNUMXth match of the final beat Sato in the first matchKota KanaiAnd defeated Watanabe in the quarterfinalsTakami TaichiIt was a combination of the first hand[35].. Both were the first challenges to the title, and the winner of the match got the first title. It was the first time in history that both players in a title match had their first title challenge.[Note 25], Even if the conditions are expanded to "first win if both win", the first termKudan Battle OfMt. Ooyama YasuharuversusShiro ItayaIt's been 68 years since then[35].. Takami, who was in the 1th dan, advanced to the finals and was promoted to XNUMXth dan and XNUMXth dan by winning the Wisdom because he was in compliance with the rule of "Only one can be promoted for a title challenge other than Ryuo and a master."
Virtual idol "Hifumi-chan" (4th period)
Virtual YouTuber "Hifumi-chan" was announced as a public ambassador for the title battle at the announcement of the 4th game of the XNUMXth Eiou game, and "Voice of Naka" who is in charge of the voice (though not announcedKatoIs supposed to be)) made a swing piece to decide the turn of the first station[37].
Title won without playing A-class players (4th period)
Became the fourth WisdomTakuya NagaseThrough the qualifying rounds, main rounds, and title rounds by rank,Class A Go playerAnd "Title holders other than Eio" won the title without playing against them.This is the 28th termRyuo Battle OfAkira WatanabeSince then.
The finals and title battles are settled straight (1st to 4th periods)
The 1st and 2nd season finals and the 3rd and 4th season 2th games have been settled straight. It is the 26th and 27th season that the title battle of the seventh match will be straight straight for the second consecutive termThrone, 45th and 46th periodsWarlord, 10th and 11th periodsRyuo BattleIt is the fourth time following.
This record was put to an end by having Takuya Nagase win in the 5th bureau of the 4th period and bringing it to 1 win 1 loss and 2 draws (described later).
"Kobayashi Hiroshi 5th Dan" Showdown (XNUMXth Term)
In the 5th XNUMXth qualifyingHiroshi KobayashiversusHiroshi KobayashiThe match is realized. Both were the first match. Both were "Hiroshi Kobayashi XNUMXth Dan", so there was a problem of naming. Focusing on the fact that both sides are divided into Kanto and Kansai, we tried to solve it by calling Hiroshi “eastern” and Hiroshi “western” with a pillow, but both are known. I refused it because I was going to call it "Mr. Kobayashi" at the beginning of the game[38][39].. The match is won by the late Hiroshi.
Seventh game postponed (fifth period)
Initially April 4[40]Was scheduled to open inNew coronavirusThe XNUMXth game was postponed due to[41].. After that, the schedule was adjusted and it opened on June 6st.
Two holdings of shogi are established (2th period)
Mogi Shogi was established at the 5nd station, which was held for 2 hours. It is the first time in history that Mochi Shogi was established in the seventh match of the Eiou game, which is an irregular time system, and in the title game the 2014th period of 55ThroneIt has been since the third station. Initially, it was announced that the second station Mogi shogi rehabilitation station will be held on the day when the double header of the third station and the fourth station was planned to be held with a holding time of 3 hour.[42][Note 26]After that, the 2nd bureau announced that it was drawing no match due to the formation of shogi shogi and is preparing to hold the 8th bureau.[43].. In addition, the shogi shogi was established at the 1rd station, which has a holding time of 3 hour. It is the first time in history that two shogi games have been established in the title battle. Also, without re-pointing, we will implement the 2th station from the night as scheduled[Note 27]The 9th bureau will be held[44].. In addition, in the 8th and 9th stations, when Sennichi or Shogi shogi is established in the case of a normal title match, if it is expected that the replay of the day will end at midnight, it will be carried over from the next day, A special rule has been set to restart the game until it is settled regardless of the time[45].
Shortest time available (5th period)
On July 2020, 7, the third and fourth stations of the 19th match were held. One hour has the shortest time ever as a title battle[46]This is the first title match in history, which has a shorter time than in qualifying (3 hours in the main match). In addition, it is the first time in history that two titles are designated in a title except for repointing.
9th game most 3th station, 5rd swing piece in history (XNUMXth period)
On September 2020, 9, the first swing piece in the history of the title battle was held, and on September 6, 3, the first 2020th station in the history of the title battle was held.


Online delivery

Since the sponsor is Dwango, until the 4th termNico Nico Live BroadcastWas exclusively online. In addition to the main content game, a staged qualifying combination presentation, main tournament lottery, presentation of the place where the match is held and the swing piece ceremony, the banquet eve (only in the 3rd period), and the delivery of the Wisdom Ceremony ing.

Although it is the delivery of the game, all the stations of the qualifying round XNUMX dan and below and all the stations of XNUMX dan qualifying, all stations after the main battle will be subject to live broadcast. It is also distributed by the official shogi relay app of the Japan Shogi Federation (may be distributed even for games that were not subject to live broadcasting). In the game, the top and bottom seats do not exist in live games except for the XNUMXth game in which Eiou appears. The first game sits on the right side of the distribution screen, and the second game sits on the left side. There is no difference between the upper and lower seats.NHK Cup TV Shogi TournamentIs the opposite arrangement.

From August 2018, the "Euou Sentai Paradise" will be delivered once a month, which will include commentary on some of the games that were not broadcast live, or commentary on the review of the main game. MCWatching reporterof·. Sponsor after the end of the third seasonKirin BeverageCommemorative game called "Chaou Battle" sponsored byTakami TaichiKoji TanikawaPointed by, during and after the game,tea ceremonyEnshu styleThe instructorKanan OtoshibaThe point was done by.

From the 5th periodABEMA Shogi ChannelBut delivery is done[47]..In the 5th period, there was a segregation such as broadcasting with commentary / evaluation value on Nico Nama and broadcasting without commentary on ABEMA, but due to the withdrawal of Dwango, only ABEMA will be distributed after the 6th period.Along with this, in the 6th term, part of the qualifying and the main game will be the home of ABEMA.Chateau AmebaIt is done at.


Normal professional (Player-Female playerOfficial gameThen.Rising pieceIs used[48]..However, in the Eiou match, the games targeted for video distribution are almost all games from qualifying by rank to the game.One-piece piece (embedded piece)Is used[Note 28].. The one-piece piece is large and easy to see, and the engraved piece has little reflection from the lighting of the light, so it is ideal for shooting the board surface, so it is a TV game (as of 2018,NHK Cup-Galactic war-Female warlordThe three game of Go) has been used for a long time, but it is the first case of the Eiyuu game that one character piece is used in other professional official games.

Game record

The game record is distributed on the official website at all stations in qualifying by stage, main game, and game.[Note 29].

Flash instead of Flash in the game displayHTML5Is the first title match to be adopted. For this reason,*If you are using a browser with Internet Explorer 10 or lower, you cannot view it.Is written[49].. However, Flash is available on the relay game site (the XNUMXth game of the final)[50]Used.


注 釈

  1. ^ Based on the announcement on October 2020, 10. As of 29, the Fujiya and Shogi Association are listed together at the top of the special site for Eiou, which was released by the Fujiya. It is posted.
  2. ^ The Den-O Battle before 2015 was the “nth” (only the final was “FINAL”),2016 From now on, it will be the "nth term" as in other games.
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  7. ^ In the title match, Kiou match, and Kisei match, the best four of the previous term will not be played until the semifinals.
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  9. ^ Female playerThe women's game of fighting started in 2011Women's throneSo, we have an entry system that includes female players.
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  19. ^ New coronavirusDue to the delay in holding due to the epidemic of infectious diseases and the revision of the holding time when the sponsorship was changed, the challenger is decided in 2019 and acquired in 2020.[25].
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  23. ^ In the 3rd and 4th terms, one amateur who received the recommendation of the organizer will participate in the qualifying round by rank.In the 1th term, amateurs selected by the organizer will participate in the amateur national team deciding match (unofficial match), and one winner will participate in the dan-based qualifying round.No amateurs will participate after the 5th term.
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  27. ^ Strictly speaking, the game starts at 30:19, which is 30 minutes behind the schedule.
  28. ^ In the 3th match of the 3rd term, only the XNUMXrd station was used as a piece.
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