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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | How to use map in Scala [For beginners]

How to use map in Scala [For beginners]

This time, I will explain how to use map in Scala.

If you're not sure about Scala in the first place, first read the article that explains what Scala is.




What is Scala map?

A Scala map is an array.

It is also called a lexicographic order in other programming languages.

Arrays are a commonly used mechanism in programming that allows variables of the same type to be handled together.

A variable is like a box that holds values.

There are two types of Scala maps: mutable maps whose values ​​can be changed, and immutable types, which are immutable objects whose values ​​cannot be changed.

An array whose value can be changed in a Scala array is an array.

Also, as an invariant object in a Scala array, list ...

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