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👩‍🎤 | Shingeki, Toyosu PIT One Man announces 2 man with lie turtle & new band live project! [Live photos available]

Photo Shingeki announces a new live performance against the band with a lie turtle at Toyosu PIT One Man! [Live photos available]

Shingeki announces a new live performance against the band with a lie turtle at Toyosu PIT One Man! [Live photos available]

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This announcement was made by Shingeki today at Toyosu PIT on March 3th (Friday).

[Click here for the image] The gods roar, like passion.However, on April 4th (Tuesday), two guys with rock band Lie and a Chameleon ... → Continue reading


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Team smile

Team smileIt is,2011May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) And perform recovery support activities in the entertainment worldInstitute.


InstituteThis corporation was established on October 2012, 10,Great East Japan EarthquakeLive entertainment activities will be carried out to support reconstruction efforts in the disaster area, and all proceeds will be applied to reconstruction support activities through the opening, operation and entertainment of "PIT" in the Tohoku area.[1].. The location of the main office isTokyoShibuya Wardto East Malaysia2-20-3 Shibuya First Tower XNUMXrd floor (Pia CorporationInside)[1].Representative DirectorOf PIA Co., Ltd.CEOPresident'sHiro Yanai[1].

Since we need an economic foundation for continuous recovery support activities, we are aiming to open four new theaters named "Team Smile PIT (Pit)" which is a facility dedicated to entertainment.Koto WardToyosuToToyosu PITWas established on October 2014, 10,IwateKamaishi,FukushimaIwaki,MiyagiSendai cityConstructed a similar facility in[2].

Theater name "PIT" is an abbreviation for "Power Into Tohoku!"[2].

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The number of accommodations in the table depends on the case of all standing. For the breakdown, standing, fixed seats, and chairs are abbreviated as “(su)”, “(seat)”, and “(chair)”, respectively.

NameimageNumber of accommodatedOpening dayFlutterLocation
Kamaishi PIT0150 seats2016/1/9Kaoru Kishitani
The Gospellers
IwateKamaishi1-1-10 Omachi
(JR logo (east) .svg/Sanriku Kamaishi StationThanWalk9 minutes)
Sendai PITSendai PIT 01.jpg1,451 people2016/3/11Princess princessMiyagiSendai cityTaihaku WardTomorrow Nagamachi2-2-50
(JR logo (east) .svg/Sendai City Subway Logo.svg Nagamachi Station5 minutes on foot)
Iwaki PIT0200 seats2015/7/24Kaoru Kishitani
Atsuko Watanabe
FukushimaIwakiflat5-13 Araimachi
(JR logo (east) .svg Iwaki Station10 minutes on foot)
Toyosu PITToyosu PIT.jpg3,103 people
1,336 seats (chair)
2014/10/17Kai Band,Ikuko Kawai, Kaoru Kishitani,Reijiro Koroku,Shifune,Toshiyuki Nishida,
Double Award Chieko,Hajime Mizoguchi,Ucaskaji,Kima Glen,Guess's ultimate maiden.
TokyoKoto WardToyosu6-1-23
(Yurikamome Shin-Toyosu Station3 minutes on foot)


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