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👍 | Nippon-Ham Fighter Sho Nakata has surpassed XNUMX Instagram followers!Lotte Masuda's "competition ale" is "Muri lol"

Photo Nippon-Ham, Sho Nakata

Nippon-Ham Sho Nakata surpasses XNUMX Instagram followers!Lotte Masuda's "competition ale" is "Muri lol"

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In the first game of the open game at the base, he hit the right front at the first at bat to make one hit in three at bats, but it seems that the harsh main gun has not yet felt a response.

Nippon-Ham's main gun, Sho Nakata infielder (XNUMX) updated his Instagram on the XNUMXth.The number of followers is "XNUMX" ... → Continue reading

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In a sports teamHeadquarters(Honchocho) is thatOUR TEAM,ク ラ ブSpecified by and mainly usedStadium,ArenaThat.

As an example,Japan Baseball OrganizationHas established a monopoly on entertainment in the region in units of prefectures.Professional baseball area protection rightsThere is a system of "," but in this area "Private stadiumIs required to be installed.

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