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👍 | Kuro-chan posted ID photo "For order book?"


Kuro-chan posted an ID photo, "For order book?"

If you write the contents roughly
The images of the ID photos that were mistaken for photo booths are receiving a lot of feedback.

Kuro-chan's ID photo image has a bittersweet tsukkomi from the fans ... On the 5th, the comedy trio "Yasuda Dai Circus" ... → Continue reading


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ID photo

ID photo(Shomeishashin) aims to judge the person and identify the impersonation of another person.IdentificationAnd attached to documentsPortrait photography.passport,Driver's licenseOfficial documents such asResumeIt is used for private documents such as, and applications for entrance exams and qualification exams.基本的に無地のBasically plainback groundSo, take a photo of your face above your shouldersHat,MASKS,SunglassesShoot without wearing.

Photo shopIn addition, it can be taken with an unmanned ID photo camera.The automatic ID photo cameravending machineAfter putting cash in the mold and shooting, with the old modelPolaroid cameraIt took a few minutes from the shooting to develop from, but as of 2019 (the first year of Reiwa)Digital cameraとSublimation printerIs used, and the photo comes out in a minimum of several tens of seconds.Speed ​​photoAlso called.映画監督にして発明家でもあるFilm director and inventorEiji TsuburayaIs said to have invented.

ID photo size

The size of the photo required depends on the application.下記に、日本国内における主なものを、縦×横のBelow are the main items in Japan, vertical x horizontal.cmShown in units[1][2]..なお、写真サイズは変更されたり、国家によりIn addition, the photo size may change or depending on the country.inchIt may be different from the notation.

3.0 × 2.0
3.0 × 2.4
Interior coordinator
Driver's license
Hygiene manager
Gas welder
Chief of managementRegistration, application for issuance of chief ID (registration is not possible with speed photos)
Dangerous goods handler
Self-defense firefighting technical test
Vehicle type construction machine driver
Hunting license(Previously it was 3.6 x 2.4)
Real estate brokerGrant application
DIY advisor
Chief Telecommunications EngineerNational examination and qualification certificate
Telecommunications equipment construction staffNational examination and qualification certificate
Boiler engineer
Fire protection manager
Wireless workersNational examination andLicense
3.0 × 2.5
employment insurance For receiving application
Dual systemApplication form
Life saver
3.0 × 3.0
Pollution prevention manager
Practical English Proficiency Test
Japanese language proficiency test
3.0 × 4.0
visa(ロシア,Iran,New Zealand-(I.e.-ウクライナ-コロンビア-People's Republic of China-Portugal)
3.2 × 3.6
visa(German Federation)
3.4 × 2.4
3.5 × 2.5
3.5 × 3.0
care worker
Hard writing test
Social worker
Customs officertest
3.6 × 2.4

Known as "Leica format".

Forklift driver
4.0 × 3.0
entry sheet
Chief of management
Administrative scrivenertest
Application form
government officialtest
Securities analysttest
Information processing engineertest
Vocational training instructortest
Job card
Physical disability certificate
Mental disability certificate
Center exam
Motorsport license
Resume Small type
Home Appliance Engineer
Home Appliance Advisor
4.0 × 3.5
Ecole card
Chief Electrical Engineer
4.0 × 4.0
Visa (People's Republic of China,ハンガリー-メキシコ-カナダ)
Local civil servant
4.0 × 5.0
Visa (CanadaSaudi Arabia-ベルギー)
4.0 × 6.0
visa(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)
4.5 × 3.5
Japan passportApplication (There are strict regulations such as not only the size but also the overhead margin and the area where the face is reflected)
English typeTest
Alien registration application
Small vessel operation license
technician-Assistant techniciantest
visa(Egypt-Cambodia-Kenya-コロンビア-ネ パ ー ル-ポーランド-Taiwan-United Arab Emirates-イ ス ラ エ ル-The United Kingdom-オーストリア- Netherlands-Greece-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Singapore-スイス-スペイン-Sri Lanka-チ ェ コ-デンマーク·Germany·New Zealand-フィンランド-Myanmar-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Brazil)
Personal number cardApplication
Social insurance laborertest
Tax accountanttest
Residential land building dealerExamination application
SME Diagnosticiantest
Electrical workertest
Chief Electrical Engineertest
Authorized fire-fighting facilities managerExam (previously 3.6 x 2.4)
Nissho Bookkeeping TestExam (1st grade)
Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry sponsored pearl calculation ability testTest (1st grade, 1st stage only)
Personal computer certificationExam 1st grade
Business Practice Legal Examinationtest
1 class
Financial planner
patent attorney
Nissho Bookkeeping Test1 class
Apartment manager
Travel business manager
1 class
4.5 × 4.0
Industrial English Proficiency Test
4.5 × 4.5
Visa (NetherlandsSouth Korea-ネ パ ー ル-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)
5.0 × 3.5
Visa (AustraliaMalaysia)
5.0 × 4.0
International driver's licenseApplication
Judicial scrivener
CooksExam (in the case of Tokyo, depending on the prefecture)
5.0 × 4.5
Weather forecasterlicense
5.0 × 5.0
The United States of AmericaPermanent residencyLottery application (on the website only)Electronic applicationI only admit it.これを更に24ビットカラーまたは8ビットグレースケールでAdd this to XNUMX-bit color or XNUMX-bit grayscaleJPEGConvert and file size 240KilobyteWhat was stored in
visa(The United States of America-イタリア-India-Thailand・ Austria ・ Australia ・ Singapore ・ Switzerland ・スウェーデン・ Spain ・ Sri Lanka ・ Republic of Korea ・チリ-デンマーク·Germany·トルコ-Pakistan-フィリピン-ブルガリア·Myanmar·Indonesia-パ ュ ュ ニ ニ-South Africa)
Tax accountanttest
SME Diagnosticiantest
Interpreter guide business
Land surveyortest
patent attorneytest
5.5 × 4.0
Interior plannertest
Pipe construction management engineer
Civil engineering construction management engineer
Real estate appraiser
Youth Hostelmember ID
6.0 × 4.0
DoctorNational examanation
Registered dietitiantest
Building environmental hygiene management engineertest
Dental hygienisttest
physical therapisttest
Resume large type
6.0 × 4.5
Building environmental hygiene management engineer
technician-Assistant techniciantest
Automotive Mechaniclicense
Surveyor-Assistant Surveyortest
Local civil servanttest(municipal office)

How to take an ID photo

When shooting at a photo studio or photo shop

Correspondence varies depending on the store.

Photographic Equipment
There is a difference between shooting with a digital camera and a camera that uses film.There are various types of cameras, from those that support ultra-high pixels for taking commemorative photographs to those that use commercially available single-lens reflex cameras.the filmAlsoBrownie film, Sheet film, 35mm film, etc., and there is also a difference between black-and-white film and color film.
Development / printing equipment
This is also various, such as when using a photo printer (sublimation type, etc.) that outputs with a small general-purpose photo processing and printing machine called "minilab".Especially when using a special film, it takes time to finish because specialized facilities and techniques are required for development.
Shooting procedure
Check the price, offer the required size and number of sheets, and have them shoot.When shooting, it is common for the photographer to give detailed advice on the inclination and facial expressions of the face so that the finish will be more beautiful, which is the greatest merit of having a photographer shoot at a photo studio.If there is a possibility that you will need to reprint the film later, such as a resume, if you tell us so, the film will be stored for a certain period of time.CD-RYou may be given a recording medium such as, but additional costs may be incurred.

When using an ID photo booth

Photographic Equipment
The shooting model is a digital camera that can display the shooting result immediately and can be retaken.Strong light (due to improved digital camera technology)flashThere is also a model that can shoot without shining).This is also effective in preventing the typical failure of photography in which the subject closes his eyes due to the strong light of the flash.
Development / printing equipment
Most of the recent models use a photographic printer.
Shooting procedure
Enter the shooting room and be sure to close the curtains (otherwise you will fail due to underexposure or overexposure).When bills and coins for the specified fee are inserted, guidance by automatic voice starts on many models, so specify the shooting size etc. according to the guidance instructions.
Basically, the height of the camera is fixed, so you need to adjust the height of the chair you are sitting on.After that, when you are ready to shoot, press the shooting button to start shooting.The mainstream model is to display the captured image on a monitor, select the one you like, and fine-tune the skin color.After the shooting is completed, the photo will come out from the photo outlet on the outside of the shooting equipment.
If you need a large number of photos, it is common to repeat this operation, and it is cheaper to take ID photos that require a large number of photos, such as photos for resumes of job hunting due to prospective school graduation. It may become.However, due to the additional charge, models that can print out multiple times with one shot have appeared.

Whether or not to use speed photos for ID photos

In the past, speed photographs were difficult to use as ID photos depending on how they were posed due to poor image quality and self-shooting.Digitization is now improving the quality of speed photography.

In addition, even if it is clearly stated that speed photography is not possible, it is often not specified how far to consider it as speed photography.スピードだけを条件にするなら、写真館で撮影してもIf only speed is a condition, even if you shoot at a photo studioPolaroidSome stores use photo printers with the same principles as those used for instant photography and speed photography.Silver halideIn some cases, you can finish it with the same quality and as fast as a speed photo.また、デジタル写真を不可とするならば、現在写真Also, if digital photography is disabled, current photographythe filmIt is not realistic today, when some of the items are out of print.If an amateur cannot take a picture by himself, print the picture taken with a digital camera in ID photo size.Seven-ElevenAnd someconvenience storeIt can also be interpreted that the photo output by the ID photo size photo print service provided in is not possible.

You can apply for a passport with a speed photo, but you must meet the specified conditions in addition to the size.An explanation sticker may be affixed to the housing of the ID photo booth, or guidance may be provided on the screen.

Some books and texts that explain how to write a resume have a description that "speed photography is not preferable", but many of them affect the first impression of the resume, so professional advice It is based on the grounds that the photo taken below gives a better first impression.Generally a photographer (カ メ ラ マ ン) Is a technical job, and more than the equipment mentioned above, the skill of the photographer also affects the finish of the ID photo.


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