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👍 | Topic on SNS!This is the ice cream that ran the housewife on a bicycle this time! "Yukimi Daifuku fluffy cream cheese"


A topic on SNS!This is the ice cream that ran the housewife on a bicycle this time! "Yukimi Daifuku fluffy cream cheese"

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Lotte "Yukimi Daifuku Fluffy Cream Cheese" Recommended for a little snack time!

Perhaps because spring is approaching recently, information about ice cream flickers around me.To know its existence on SNS this time as well ... → Continue reading

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Yukimi Daifuku

Yukimi Daifuku(Yukimi Daifuku)1981(Showa56 years) in FebruaryLotte JapanReleased atFrozen dessertIt is a registered trademark of the company (No. 1742355). After 2008Lotte iceIs for sale.

ice cream[1]Thin outsideFertilizationWrapped in(I.e.Shaped round likeFrozen dessert.

The ice cream used isvanillaThe flavor is basic, but other products may be sold in limited production.

The two-piece set was sold only in winter (September-May) for a long time since its release, but it has been sold all year since April 2.[2].. The 9-piece "Mini Yukimi Daifuku" has been on sale all year round since its release.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIce milkare categorized.


Japanese sweets with a strong image of warmthDaifuku MochiAnd cold Western-style ice cream are combined as ingredients.

Last year's1980In September,marshmallow"Wataboshi" (blue package) with ice cream was a hit, and Yukimi Daifuku is a product developed based on this.[3].

The mystery of the so-called mismatch between Daifuku and ice creamAdsBut skillfully appealed,KotatsuThe interior of a Japanese-style house with a kotatsu is superimposed on the image of "Daifuku", and the snow scene seen from the window or garden is superimposed on the image of "ice cream", and "Daifuku" and "YukimiWas produced as a familiar combination in a natural scene.Package designRed and white are similarConceptIs based on.

For more than 10 years since its release, ice cream has only vanilla flavor,1992(HeiseiAfter 4 years), while being released as a variationStrawberryTasteチ ョ コ レ ー トTaste etc.[4]Has also appeared, and some of these new products have become standard.However, it is basically sold mainly with the original vanilla flavor without any change.Vanilla flavor has annual sales of 70 billion yen.

In addition,1984(Showa 59)calcium-ironEtc. in the growing seasonChildrenFortified with the nutritional components needed forSchool lunchA product for the market (product name: school lunch Yukimi Daifuku) has been developed.

The product and manufacturing methodPatentHas been converted.1981(56) Application manufacturing method patent (Patent No. 1537351) Has already expired,2001(13) Patent application filed on March 3, 19 (Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-79558,JP 2002-272382) Is May 2009, 21Patent No. 4315607Is registered as.

2008(20),Monde SelectionReceived a gold medal at the World Confectionery Food Fair.

Every yearMay 11Is "Yukimi Daifuku Day" established by Lotte[5].. In November, the wordplay is "good", because when you open the lid of the package and look vertically, it looks like "11" with the attached fork and Yukimi Daifuku.


  • 1981-"Yukimi Daifuku" is released.
  • 1983 --Launch of "Mini Yukimi Daifuku", a family-friendly product containing 9 mini-sized Yukimi Daifuku.
  • 1984-"Yukimi Daifuku School Lunch Ice Cream" appears in elementary school lunch.
  • 1993-Released "Tsukimi Daifuku" and "Umemi Daifuku".
  • 1995-Changed from lacto ice to ice milk, except for school lunches.Change the tray to a square.
  • 1998 --Launched bite-sized "Yukimi Daifuku Petit 3" with three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
  • 2001-Released "Kohaku Yukimi Daifuku" to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release.
  • 2003-Released "Ice Daifuku" and "Golden Yukimi Daifuku".
  • 2004-Launched "Yukimi Daifuku Delicious Strawberries" with center sauce for the first time.
  • 2005 --Launch of "Yukimi Daifuku Ryomi Azuki" for summer
  • 2006-Released "Yukimi Daifuku Raw Chocolate".Introducing a product that supports students with a larger "Fuku" character on the package.
  • 2008-Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award.
  • 2011-30th anniversary of release."Yukimi Daifuku Trivia" (7 types in total) is posted on the back of the lid.
  • 2013 --Launched "Yukimi Daifuku Cookies & Crunch", the first product in the series with cookie crunch.
  • 2016-35th anniversary of launch.
  • 2018-From April, the two-piece "Yukimi Daifuku" will be sold from autumn / winter limited sales to year-round sales nationwide.[6].

Restrictions as mochi confectionery

Originally,MochiWill harden to a tick when cooled to low temperatures.Therefore, Yukimi DaifukuSugar,StarchIt is processed so that it is soft and palatable.On the other hand, when the temperature is high, the mochi tends to melt into muddy if not eaten immediately.Due to the restrictions that come from this ingredient, sales are mainly in winter.

パ ッ ケ ー ジ

In a normal package, ice cream fits in each of the two round recesses on the tray, and a fork is attached to the bar-shaped recess.The lid has been devised to have two openings so that it can be opened from either the left or right ice cream.The classic vanilla-flavored lid is designed with white ice cream drawn in the center against the backdrop of snow falling on a red background, but in rare cases the snow is heart-shaped.[7]..In addition, for products other than vanilla flavor, the background color is designed in a different color other than red according to the image of the product.

Since 2006, during the year-end and New Year holidays and the examination season, when auspicious products are available, the "Yukimi Daifuku" "Fuku" character has been changed significantly from the regular package. The product is on sale by switching to the same planning package.The logo is "Yukimi DaiClothesIn another version of "Yukimi"DaifukuAnd "YukimiLKinaClothes] And other rare designs have also appeared.


2 pieces

年月 売 年月Product NameRemarks
1991Yukimi DaifukuVanilla flavor, a regular product sold all year round. 50 ml x 2 pieces. From around 09, 47 ml x 2 pieces.
1992Tsukimi DaifukuA limited-time product to enjoy the seasons.YomogiGreen fertilizer for rice cake.
1992Umemi DaifukuA limited-time product to enjoy the seasons.Pink fertilizer,White misoAnji.
2001Red and white Yukimi DaifukuAuspicious products.The red and white fertilizers fit one by one.Vanilla flavor.
2002Red and white Yukimi DaifukuA re-appearance product of the same name product in 2001.The red and white fertilizers fit one by one.Vanilla flavor.
2003Golden Yukimi DaifukuAuspicious products.One golden and one white fertilizer fits.Gold leafenter.
2003Ice DaifukuA summer-conscious product inspired by ice azuki beans.Azuki flavor + ice included.
2004莓 Yukimi DaifukuStrawberry flavor.
2004Yukimi Daifuku Cool AzukiA renewal product of "Ice Daifuku" that appeared in the previous year.
2004Yukimi Daifuku Delicious StrawberriesThe first product with strawberry-flavored center sauce in ice cream.
2005Yukimi Daifuku Delicious StrawberriesResale of products with the same name in the previous year.
2006Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolateA product with a center sauce of raw chocolate in ice cream.
2006Momoyuki MidaifukupeachFlavored products of taste.
2007Yukimi Daifuku Delicious 莓 MilkA product with strawberry milk-flavored center sauce in ice cream.
2007Yukimi Daifuku Matcha Black MitsuA product with black honey-flavored center sauce in matcha ice cream.
2007Yukimi Daifuku TiramisuTiramisuA product that contains chocolate-flavored center sauce in the image of Gyuhi.
2007Yukimi Daifuku Kinako KuromitsuShingen MochiA product that contains a black honey-flavored center sauce in the image of Gyuhi.
2008Yukimi Daifuku Egg PuddingA product that contains caramel-flavored center sauce in fertilizer that is inspired by egg pudding.
2009Yukimi Daifuku TiramisuA product that contains chocolate-flavored center sauce in fertilizer with the image of tiramisu.
2009Yukimi Daifuku Double Raw ChocolateA product with white fertilizer, chocolate ice cream, and raw chocolate-flavored center sauce.
2010Yukimi Daifuku Fruit StrawberryA product with strawberry-flavored center sauce in white fertilizer and strawberry ice cream.
2010Yukimi Daifuku Melting Raw CaramelProducts that are conscious of the fashion of sweets.Raw caramelA product containing a taste center sauce.
2011Yukimi Daifuku Raw Chocolate StrawberryProducts that are conscious of the fashion of sweets.A product with raw chocolate-flavored center sauce in strawberry ice cream.
2011Yukimi Daifuku raw chocolateProducts that are conscious of the fashion of sweets.A product that contains chocolate-flavored fertilizer, vanilla ice cream, and raw chocolate-flavored center sauce.
August, 2014Yukimi Daifuku Choco & KukkiA product in which cocoa cookie crunch is mixed with chocolate ice cream and wrapped in white fertilizer.It was developed with a "new" tailoring that has become a hot topic in schools, targeting female junior and senior high school students, who are the center of the sales layer.There are 3 patterns in the package, and a rare pattern design with a heart-shaped snowball design is prepared.[8].
August, 2014In the middle, Mochimochi Yukimi Daifuku MatchaIntroducing the Nakamochi Mochi series.Matcha ice cream with azuki sauce, which has a chewy texture in the center of Daifuku, is wrapped in fertilizer, and you can enjoy a "mochimochi" texture with different tastes on the outside and in the center.In line with the revision of the new era "Reiwa", Lotte won the first place in popularity in the "# Heisei Yukimi Daifuku Reprint General Election" held on Twitter in April 2019, and reprinted in January 4. Edition will be sold[9].
August, 2015In the middle, sticky and chewy Yukimi Daifuku strawberryA product that follows the Nakamochi Mochi series "Matcha".Strawberry milk ice cream with condensed milk sauce in the center of Daifuku is wrapped in fertilizer, and you can enjoy a "mochimochi" texture with different tastes on the outside and in the center.[10].
August, 2015Nagori Yukimi Daifuku SakuraA product in which cherry-flavored ice cream containing sakura bean paste with sakura leaves is wrapped in cherry-colored fertilizer at the center. 2 pieces "Yukimi Daifuku" was developed in February, which is also the end of the sales season, under the product concept of "from winter to spring" that makes you feel the seasonal feeling of "the passing winter and the spring that makes you feel the footsteps". ..
August, 2015Yukimi Daifuku MontblancMontblanc paste in the centerMaronI wrapped the ice cream in white fertilizer,Mont Blanc cakeFlavored products with the image of[11]..Limited to winter and spring.
August, 2015Yukimi Daifuku Cream CheeseCream cheeseCream cheese flavored product with ice cream mixed with whole grain cookie crunch wrapped in white fertilizer[12].
August, 2016Yukimi Daifuku EspressoVanilla ice cream with bitter and sour espresso coffee sauce in the center wrapped in white fertilizer,espressoFlavored products with the image of[13].
August, 2016Yukimi Daifuku Creamy Sweet PotatoWrapped in yellow fertilizer using Anno potatoes for center sauce and ice cream,sweet potatoFlavored products with the image of.Center sauce uses Western liquor for flavoring[14].
2016Yukimi Daifuku ShirukoIt is a commercialization of how to eat "Yukimi Daifuku x Azuki = Zenzai", which has become a hot topic on TV and the Internet.Soup powderFlavored products with the image of.The ice cream is mixed with red beans and red bean paste cooked with azuki bean broth.[15].
August, 2017Yukimi Daifuku Golden Mitarashi DangoVanilla-flavored ice cream with mitarashi sauce in the center is wrapped in the first thick rice cake-style white fertilizer.Mitarashi dumplingFlavored products with the image of[16]..Limited to winter and spring.
August, 2017Yukimi Daifuku Creamy Mochi ShoeShoe-flavored ice cream with milk custard sauce wrapped in white fertilizer,Cream puffFlavored products with the image of[17].
August, 2018Yukimi Daifuku Kinako MochiKinakoWrapped ice cream mixed with white fertilizer,Abegawa MochiFlavored products with the image of[18].
August, 2018Yukimi Daifuku Anno Imo DaigakuimoTwo types of black sesame syrup center sauce, sesame seeds and ground sesame seeds, are placed in ice cream and wrapped in thick rice cake fertilizer.University sweet potatoFlavored products with the image of[19].
August, 2018Yukimi Daifuku Tsukimi MochimochiIn the summer of 2018, while organizing the files to be handed over between the people in charge of "Yukimi Daifuku" in Lotte, an old booklet with "Yukimi Daifuku Story" was discovered, and the contents are in the month. A product that is said to have been developed based on an episode in which a rabbit who was exhausted and fled to the earth was depicted enjoying "Yukimi Daifuku" while looking at the moon.[20]..Characterized by yellow fertilizer.Vanilla flavor.
August, 2018Yukimi Daifuku HojichaITO ENUses tea leaves supervised by the tea master[21].Hojicha / Roasted green teaA flavored product with roasted green bean paste in ice cream.Limited to fall and winter.
August, 2019Yukimi Daifuku Melting Raw ChocolateFlavored product with vanilla ice cream wrapped in brown chocolate fertilizer with fresh chocolate using Hokkaido cream as the center sauce[22].
August, 2019Yukimi Daifuku rich chocolateProducts using deep black cocoa for ice cream[23].
August, 2019Yukimi Daifuku Heart StrawberryA sweet and sour taste of strawberry ice cream and a chewy heart shape that matches the chewy texture[24].
August, 2020Yukimi Daifuku Heart Strawberry[25].

9 pieces

年月 売 年月Product NameRemarks
1983Mini Yukimi DaifukuA standard vanilla-flavored product that is smaller than a regular packaged product and is packaged in a box of 9 pieces in a small pack. 33ml x 9 pieces. Changed to 09 ml around 30.
Yukimi Daifuku Melting blissful raw chocolateA product with raw chocolate sauce in the center of vanilla ice cream and wrapped in white fertilizer[26].. 27 ml x 9 pieces.
Yukimi Daifuku Melting Bliss Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc"Yukimi Daifuku Melting Bliss" series products using Italian chestnuts (marron) for center sauce and ice cream[27].. 27 ml x 9 pieces.

CM character

FemaleIdolWas appointed as an advertising model, and the former TVcommercialThen.Tsukasa ItoAppearance,Miho NakayamaThe ones who appeared were well known.Other actresses appointed are as follows.


[How to use footnotes]
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