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👩‍🎤 | "Beauty Zammai" -Interview with talent / gravure idol Saya Kisaragi

Photo "Beauty Zammai" -Interview with Talent / Gravure Idol Saya Kisaragi (C) Shukan Jitsuwa Web 

"Beauty Zammai" -Interview with talent / gravure idol Saya Kisaragi

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A member of the official supporters "Cheer1" and "Ebisu Muscats" of the professional wrestling organization WRESTLE-1 launched by Keiji Mutoh.

It will be a familiar face to mahjong fans.The famous program "Entertainer Mahjong Saikyousen THE W ..." that has been on Fuji TV for 25 years. → Continue reading

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Ebisu Muscats

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Ebisu Muscats(Ebisu Mascats)Japan OfAV actress,Gravure idol-モデルConsists of talents from various industries such asFemale idol group.


2008 year 4 month,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Late-night variety show "Please! Muscat』\ Regularly formed (at this point only 1st gen members).Later program "Begging !! Muscat2nd and 3rd gen members participated from ""Choi to Muscat!4th gen member, and then "Begging Muscat DX!In the 5th and 6th grades, "Onedari Muscat SP!], The 7th, 8th, and 9th gen members participated, and the members were changed frequently, such as graduation, new enrollment, and return, but it was taken over until April 2013, 4.The total number of members who have left the first Ebisu Muscats members is 7, and this item describes activities outside the regular program.For episodes in regular programs, see the section for each program.

The origin of "Ebisu" in the unit name is to handle the overall production of the program.McCoy SaitoIs the representativeLol armyNearest stationEbisu StationBecause[1]..In addition, the origin of "Maskats" is "Midnight is refreshing", which is the program concept.MuscatIs converted into the plural form.[2] At the same time as leaving the program, he will also withdraw from Ebisu Muscats, but there are two ways to get off.Some of the members who left the program due to graduation ceremonies and reports of graduation later appeared on the program as OGs and returned.Members who dropped out without having the opportunity to report their graduation in the program suddenly disappeared from the program and the official website of Ebisu Muscats, so the former who dropped out at a time other than the program reorganization period (April / October) It's hard to tell when members quit, and the blogs of talents who haven't appeared on the show for a few weeks or dropped out often find out that they're leaving.There are also members in the program who are absent or return after absenteeism.

The Muscats OG members are listed in the "Special Thanks" section of the lyrics card after the 3rd single, and all the former members who participated in the past CD singles are listed as OG members.For unknown reasons, only the name "Miyu Misaki" has disappeared from the list of OG members on the lyrics card of the 4th single, and the name "Miyu Misaki" appears on the 1st album released after that.

  • The first leaderAoi Sora(April 2008, 4-March 7, 2010), the second leaderYuma Asami(April 2010, 4-March 7, 2012), the second leaderAino Kishi(March 2012, 3-April 7, 2013) served.
  • 7th genSatomi ShinoharaNamedフ ァ ンIt is called "Masfami (Maskats Family)" including the members who are nicknamed.
  • After introducing themselves to the group, "We are Ebisu Muscats," the members often introduce themselves one by one.
  • At the time of liveEncoreIs called "One Chance".
  • Finally, everyone at the venue calls the title of the program and the live ends.

Yearly record



  • On March 3, the broadcast of "Onegai! Muscat" ended.
  • September 4, "Begging !! Muscat』Broadcast start. 2nd gen member joins.
  • On April 4, the first original song "Banana Mango High School" was unveiled for the first time on the 20rd broadcast of "Begging !! Muscat".
  • On October 10th, 5rd gen members joined.


  • February 2, 17st single CD "Banana Mango High School / 12 crying at 34 with tears four sistersReleased.Oricon weekly single chartI won the first place.
  • On February 2th, a one-day CD debut premium event will be held (Daikanyama UNIT).Sales on the day of the event were 5th.
  • On March 3, the broadcast of "Begging !! Muscat" ended.The graduation ceremony will be held at the final round.All members graduated due to program cost reduction and guarantee problems.
  • September 4, "Choi to Muscat!』Broadcast start.The 4th gen member joined under the name of renewal from this program.Asami takes over as the new leader in place of Aoi.Asami, Ando, ​​KONAN, Yoshizawa, Rio, Kizaki, Sakuragi, Kasumi Kasumi are back.Nagase, a 4th gen member, is a member of the Ebisu Muscats Group and the XNUMXst gen member of Ebisu Muscats.
  • On April 4, Ogawa, Kasumi, Nishino, and Hatsune returned.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,SDN48KONAN graduated to join.
  • January 7, 7nd single "OECURA MAMBOReleased.It won the 14th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.SHIBUYA-AXSales on the day of the concert at the concert were third in the daily.
  • On July 7th, the 10st concert "Ebisu Muscats Murder Case-Singing, Dancing and Killed-" was held at SHIBUYA-AX.
  • On September 9, the broadcast of "Chito! Muscat" ended.
  • September 10, "Begging Muscat DX!』Broadcast start. 5th gen member joins.At the same time, Aoi, Yamaguchi, Kokura, Ena Kawamura, and Eisaku are back.
  • July 12th, 8rd single "Chiyokorate / Cute KoshienReleased.It won the 17th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.Zepp TokyoSales on the day of the concert at the concert were third in the daily.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,DMM.comMore official fan club established. "Back mascots" distribution started.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), Officially announced the cancellation of "DMM.com Presents Ebisu Muscats 3rd Concert-Rock'n'Roll in Shibuya in Flower Field-" scheduled to be held on March 19th.
  • March 3th, 16th single "Spring Holiday / Don't talk ♪Released.It won the 28th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 14th.
  • On October 4th, 6rd gen members joined.
  • June 5, 25st album "Hello from The Muscats - Hollywood -Released.It won the 17th place on the Oricon weekly album chart.The daily highest was 4th.
  • June 6nd, 2st album release commemoration "Yes! Let's go to Tower Records"Tower RecordHeld at the Shibuya store.
  • Sayama returns on June 6th.
  • Official website opened on June 6th.
  • Kasumi graduated on July 7nd.
  • On August 8, "Friday 5 o'clock Ebisu Muscat Talk!" Will be distributed.
  • On August 8, "FREEDOMMUNE 19 <ZERO>", which was scheduled to appear, was canceled due to heavy rain.
  • Orii graduated on September 9st.
  • On September 9, the broadcast of "Begging Muscat DX!" Ended.
  • September 10, "Onedari Muscat SP!』Broadcast start. 7th gen member joins.Introducing Black Muscats.
  • March 10th, 12th single "Ropponpon ☆ FantasyReleased.It won the 8th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 2th.


  • On February 2, "Midnight is another face x Camy! Bar" was held at ArcH.
  • On March 3, Asami retired due to the expiration of the leader's term (7 years).Kishi is elected as the third leader by the consensus of Asami and the staff.
  • March 3th, 28th single "Honey and wrap ♪Released.It won the 13th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 6th.At the same time, the activities of Black Muscats ended.
  • On April 4st, the official fan club "Private Banana Mango High School" opened.
  • On October 4th, 4rd gen members joined.
  • May 5nd, Radio program "RADIO of Ebisu Muscats also begging Muscat" (InterFM) Started broadcasting.
  • March 6th, 27th single "Unfaithful babyReleased.It won the 8th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 5th.
  • On October 10th, Airi Kijima joined as a 6th gen member.
  • March 10th, 31th single "Reverse run ♡ IdolRelease[3]..It won the 7th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 5th.
  • On December 12th, it was announced that it would be dissolved in the spring of 16 at a live performance at "Nakano Sunplaza Hall".[4][5].


  • March 3th, 6th single "ABAYOReleased.It won the 22th place on the Oricon weekly single chart.The daily highest was 14th.
  • On March 3, the broadcast of "Onedari Muscat SP!" Ended.The curtain is closed on the five-year history of the first-generation Muscat series.
  • December 4th, 3nd album "Graduation albumReleased.It won the 8th place on the Oricon weekly album chart.The daily highest was 3th.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Maihama AmphitheaterIt was done in.All 30 active members graduated from the dissolution concert "Woman's Flower Road-Graduation Ceremony-", and a total of 81 people completed their activities as the first Ebisu Muscats for five years. "Thanks to everyone who loved Muscats," the management concludes.


  • On July 7, a press conference will be held at the Pony Canyon headquarters to launch the "Second Ebisu Muscats" (participants: Makkoi Saito, Ogiyahagi, Kayoko Okubo, Aino Kishi).At the same time, open recruitment of members started on the official website.
  • On August 8, the name of the second Ebisu Muscats was "Ebisu MuscatsDecided[6].


  • September 10, "Ebisu Muscats Yokocho!Ebisu ★ Muscats revised with the start of broadcasting, "Ebisu Muscats 1.5" [7]Mihiro returns as a member of, and Sora Aoi, Yuma Asami, and Rio return to the program as PTA (Parent-teacher Association).
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,AbemaTVThe first crown program "Ebisu Muscats 1.5 Midnight Wide Show] Distribution started.
  • December 12, "Ebisu Mascats Yokocho!"[8] With the end of the broadcast, the history of the Muscat series on terrestrial broadcasting for a total of 1.5 years and 7 months for the first and 3 generations has ended.


  • On January 1, the program graduation of PTA (Parents Association) members was announced in the distribution of "Ebisu Mascats 25 Midnight Wide Show".
  • On June 6th, a new member audition for Ebisu Muscats 29 was held for the recording of "Ebisu Muscats' Supospo SPORTS", and McCoy Saito,Kayoko Okubo,Asagaya sistersAkiho Yoshizawa participates as a judge [9].
  • August 8, as a DJ on "Ebisu Muscats 24 Thanks Summer Tour"Deccachan, KONAN participated[10].


  • On July 7th and 27th, KONAN participated as a DJ in "Ebisu Muscats Summer CAMP 28 Summer Bakayaro !! Comaneci! Tour!".
  • September 10, "Ebisu Mascats Midnight Athletics] Distribution started.Sora Aoi becomes head coach.
  • On December 12th, Sora Aoi participated in "FANZA presesnt 27 people gathered I Love You" as a head coach.[11] .


  • Airi Kijima returns as a member of Ebisu Muscats on March 3st with the delivery of "Ebisu Muscats Midnight Athletic Meet"[12].


Members at the time of dissolution

NameReadingCostume color
(At the time of dissolution)
Subscription periodAffiliation office (at the time of dissolution)Join dateGraduation dateRemarks (at the time of dissolution)
Aoi SoraBlue skyYellow-green1 periodPrime Agency20080/May 420130/May 4First generation leader(December 2008, 4-April 7, 2010)
Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2010, 10
August 2017, 10,Ebisu Muscats 1.5Return to the program as PTA
Yuma AsamiYuma Asami黄色1 periodAllure20080/May 420130/May 42nd generation leader(December 2010, 4-April 7, 2012)
August 2017, 10,Ebisu Muscats 1.5Return to the program as PTA
Ogawa AsamiAsami OgawaPink1 period20080/May 420130/May 4
Sayama AiAi SayamaPink1 periodPrime Agency20080/May 520130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2011, 6
Nishino ShoLet's golight blue1 periodPrime Agency20080/May 420130/May 4
Hatsune MisakiHatsune Minorilight blue1 period20080/May 420130/May 4
Akiho YoshizawaYoshizawa AkihoPink1 periodAina20080/May 420130/May 4
RioRiolight blue1 periodTea powers20080/May 420130/May 4August 2017, 10,Ebisu Muscats 1.5Return to the program as PTA
Aika AndoAndo Aika黄色1 periodNewgate Production20080/May 420130/May 4
Rika KawamuraRika KawamuraBlack1 periodNewgate Production20080/May 420130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned to the program as a BMS leader on October 2011, 10
20120/Returned to membership on March 3th
Jessica KizakiKizaki JessicaYellow-green2 periodDuo Entertainment20090/May 520130/May 4
Rin SakuragiSakuragi Rinlight blue2 periodPrime Agency20090/May 420130/May 4
Haruka OguraHaruka OguraYellow-green2 periodWow /20090/May 420130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2010, 10
Kawamura EnaKawamura Ena黄色2 periodNewgate Production20090/May 420130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2010, 10
Airi NagasakuAiri NagasakuYellow-green2 periodSP One20090/May 420130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2010, 10
Aimi YamaguchiManami Yamaguchi黄色2 periodAvila20090/May 420130/May 4Withdrawal on March 2010, 3
Returned on October 2010, 10
Kaho KasumiKaho Kasumilight blue3 periodLotus group2009/10/520130/May 4
Aino KishiKishi Aino黄色4 periodDuo Entertainment20100/May 420130/May 43nd generation leader(November 2012, 3-April 7, 2013)
Rina RukawaRukaPink4 periodL-Promotion20100/May 420130/May 4
Nanako KodamaNanako KodamaPink4 periodFantaster20100/May 420130/May 4
Ayako YamanakaAyako Yamanakalight blue4 periodOne Eight Promotion20100/May 420130/May 4
Mui KuriyamaKuriyama MuiPink5 period2010/11/1720130/May 4
Satomi YuriaYuria SatomiYellow-green6 periodTea powers20110/May 420130/May 4
Yuri HikawaYuuri OshikawaYellow-green7 period2011/10/520130/May 4Renamed from "Yuka Oshikawa" from the broadcast on February 2013, 2
Satomi ShinoharaShinohara Saemi黄色7 periodOne Eight Promotion2011/10/520130/May 4
YuiYuiPink7 period2011/10/520130/May 4
Rion SawabeSakamoto RionBlack7 periodAt entertainment20120/May 320130/May 4After the program appeared as BMS, became a member
Haruna HanaHaruna Hanalight blue8 period20120/May 420130/May 4
Anjo AnnaAnjo Anna黄色8 periodSun Pro20120/May 420130/May 4
Airi KijimaAiri Kijimalight blue9 periodDuo Entertainment2012/10/620130/May 4August 2020, 3,Ebisu MuscatsReturn as a member of

Members before dissolution

NameReadingCostume color
(At the time of withdrawal)
Subscription periodAffiliation office (at the time of withdrawal)Join dateWithdrawal dateRemarks
ThereThere黄色1 periodPrime Agency20080/May 420080/May 6
To meAmi黄色1 period(free)20080/May 620080/May 8
Maria OzawaMaria OzawaWhite1 periodTea powers20080/May 420080/May 4
Kasumi RisaKasumi Risalight blue1 periodtester20080/May 420110/May 6Graduated at Noon Concert on July 2011, 7
Kurumi HinaKurumi HinaSkin color1 periodTea powers20080/May 420080/May 5
Sugihara MomokaPink1 period(free)20080/May 620080/May 6
Fujiura MeguFujiura Megulight blue1 periodTea powers2008/11/1720100/May 3
Polka dot lemonMizutama LemonPink1 periodPrime Agency20080/May 52008/11/10
MihiroMihirolight blue1 period20080/May 420100/May 3August 2017, 10,Ebisu Muscats 1.5Return as a member of
Kei KeiMegumi Keilight blue1 periodDuo Entertainment2008/11/1720100/May 1
mochaもかTurquoise1 periodMeito20080/May 420080/May 5
Momose EmiruMomose EmiruPink1 period20080/May 420080/May 5
Saki KataokaKataokasakilight blue1 periodTea powers20080/May 42008/12/8
THE WOMANWhat黄色1 periodOne Eight Promotion20080/May 520100/May 7August 2010, 7,SDN48Graduation by joining
Yuuji ShojiYuko Shojilight blue1 periodN & S Promotion20080/May 420090/May 3
Natsumi Kaho黄色1 periodStyle corporation20080/May 420080/May 5
Hanazono UraraUrara HanazonoPink1 periodバ カ ラ20080/May 420080/May 8Renamed from Momoko Nishizono from June 2008, XNUMX broadcast
Too Waka Natsukired1 period(Free size)20080/May 420080/May 4
Kaera UeharaKaera Uehara黄色2 periodRIZE-CUBIC20090/May 420100/May 3Retired at AX Concert on July 2010, 7
Miyu MisakiMiyu Misaki黄色2 period20090/May 420100/May 3
Tsukimi ShioriTsukimi Shiori黄色2 periodPrime Agency20090/May 420090/May 6
Kozue SakuraiSo much Kozue黄色2 periodWow /Vertex20090/May 420090/May 6
Rei TodaTodalight blue2 periodNASA Entertainment20090/May 420090/May 6
YulisaYuri黄色2 periodHori Agency20090/May 420090/May 8
Kirihara ErikaErika KiriharaPink3 periodBambi promotion2009/10/520100/May 3
Sakura KomiSakura Kokomi黄色3 periodTea powers2009/10/520100/May 3
Kirino MioKirino MioPink3 periodAvila2009/10/52009/10/5
Nozomi AgawaWhite4 periodN PRO20100/May 420100/May 6
Ichijo Mao黄色4 period20100/May 420110/May 5
Eri OkaWelcome backPink4 periodProduction office boom20100/May 420100/May 9
Haruna OriiOrii HarunaPink4 periodN & S Promotion20100/May 42011/9/21Opening a cooking class on September 2011, 9 Graduation to fulfill the dream
Kuribayashi RiriRiri Kuribayashi黄色4 periodJapan Total Promotion20100/May 420100/May 9
Shoko ShibataShoko Shibata黄色4 periodArtist box20100/May 420100/May 9
Hayashi Ramen黄色4 periodN PRO20100/May 420110/May 5
Natsuki FukunishiFukunishi NatsukiPink4 periodN PRO20100/May 420120/May 3Renamed from Rinka from the broadcast on August 2011, 8
Akane FujisakiFujisaki AkaneWhite4 periodOne Eight Promotion20100/May 420100/May 6
Yumi NagaseYumi NagasePink4 periodFRESH PROMOTION20100/May 420110/May 5Ebisu Muscats Group and the oldest current member
Yuki MakotoMakoto YukiPink4 periodRoseo promotion20100/May 720100/May 9
Yokoyama MiyukiMiyuki Yokoyamalight blue5 periodFUNIT! Entertainment2010/10/620110/May 5
Sonoda MakiThat damakiYellow-green5 periodSpirit Walker Production2010/10/620110/May 5
Amami TsubasaAmami Tsubasa黄色6 periodDINO20110/May 420110/May 6
Akie HaradaHarada Akie黄色6 periodtea/20110/May 420110/May 7
An MashiroAn Mashiro黄色6 periodMarks Japan20110/May 420110/May 6
Kotomi NagisaNagisa KotomiPink6 periodBambi promotion20110/May 420110/May 4
Mina MinamotoMiina Minamoto黄色6 periodPrime Agency20110/May 720110/May 9
Sayoko OhashiSayoko OhashiBlack7 periodFantaster20120/May 320120/May 6After the program appeared as a BMS sub-leader, he became a member. Participated in the CD jacket and PV of "Unfaithful Baby"
Kotomi AsakawaKotomi AsakawaBlack7 periodAvila20110/May 1020120/May 2BMS member
Yui OkamotoBlack7 periodRISING SUN20110/May 1020120/May 2BMS member
Mao KaneshiroKaneshiro MaoBlack7 periodAlive Entertainment20110/May 1020120/May 2BMS member
Mami HojoHojo MamiBlack7 periodPlatinum passport20110/May 1020120/May 2BMS member
Uruha MizukiMizuki Uruhalight blue8 periodStar World Agency20120/May 420120/May 6Participated in the CD jacket of "Unfaithful Baby", the youngest current member

Unit organization

Unit by cute Koshien

A unit organized in the popular corner "Kawaii Koshien" in the Muscat series program.high school baseballThe name of a fictitious high school is applied to the unit name with the motif.

After the 15th broadcast of "Begging !! Muscat", units will be organized by draft meetings held irregularly.Of the single CDs released in the past, two also contain the song version for each unit decided here.

Unit organization at the 1st Spring Senbatsu Cute Koshien ("Onegai! Muscat" 46th broadcast)

  • Aoi Cute Business High School
    • Aoi, Rio, Ogawa, Nishino, KONAN, Megumi, Mihiro, Hatsune
  • Kawamura Kawaii Academy
    • Rika, Asami, Risa, Sayama, Yoshizawa, Ando, ​​Shoji, Fujiura

Unit organization at the 2st Spring Senbatsu Cute Koshien ("Onegai! Muscat" 49th broadcast)

  • Rio cute high school
    • Rio, Mihiro, Yoshizawa, Asami, Ogawa, Fujiura, Nishino, Megumi
  • Osaka KONAN Cute Technical High School
    • KONAN, Aoi, Risa, Rika, Hatsune, Sayama, Ando, ​​Shoji

Unit organization at the 3rd Spring Senbatsu Cute Koshien ("Begging !! Muscat" 2nd broadcast)

  • Aoi Kawaii Agricultural High School (1st gen member)
    • Aoi, Mihiro, Yoshizawa, Rio, Hatsune, KONAN, Fujiura, Asami, Nishino
  • Tsukimi Kawaii Music Academy (2nd gen member)
    • Tsukimi, Yamaguchi, Yurisa, Misaki, Eisaku, Kokura, Sakuragi, Ena, Sakurai

Unit organization at the 4th Cute Koshien ("Begging !! Muscat" 9th broadcast)

  • Yoshizawa Kawaii Jogakuin
    • Yoshizawa, Mihiro, Asami, Rio, Fujiura, Sakuragi, Nishino, Uehara, Kizaki
  • Hatsune Cute Fisheries High School
    • Hatsune, Ando, ​​KONAN, Aoi, Yurisa, Risa, Misaki, Eisaku, Ogawa

Unit organization after the 1st Cute Koshien Draft Conference (15th broadcast of "Begging !! Muscat")

In this unit formation, we played against the 5th Summer Cute Koshien and the 6th Summer Cute Koshien.
  • Aoi Cute Agricultural High School
    • Aoi, Asami, Misaki, Kizaki, KONAN, Yulisa, Nishino, Megumi
  • Rio cute high school
    • Rio, Mihiro, Yamaguchi, Fujiura, Uehara, Risa, Eisaku, Ando
  • Hatsune Cute Fisheries High School
    • Hatsune, Yoshizawa, Sakuragi, Kokura, Sayama, Ena, Rika, Ogawa
Aoi Cute Agricultural High SchoolRio cute high schoolHatsune Cute Fisheries High School
Face departmentYuma AsamiMihiroAkiho Yoshizawa
Voice departmentMiyu MisakiAimi YamaguchiRin Sakuragi
Gesture departmentJessica KizakiFujiura MeguHaruka Ogura
Sense departmentTHE WOMANKaera UeharaSayama Ai
Personality departmentYulisaKasumi RisaKawamura Ena
Noji departmentNishino ShoAiri NagasakuRika Kawamura
Stupid departmentKei KeiAika AndoOgawa Asami
Unit formation after the 7th Autumn Tournament Finals Cute Koshien ("Begging !! Muscat" 29th broadcast)
Aoi Kawaii Agricultural High School was closed and a new Kasumi Kawaii Education Academy was born.Basic members are transferred as they are.In this unit formation, we played the 7th Autumn Tournament Finals Cute Koshien, the 8th Cute Koshien Christmas Tournament, and the 9th Cute Koshien Valentine Tournament Finals. 1st single CD "Banana Mango High SchoolIn addition to the regular edition, a special edition for each unit is also on sale, and each unit contains a version of the song.
  • Kasumi Cute Education Academy
    • Kasumi Ka, Aoi, Asami, Misaki, Kizaki, KONAN, Yurisa, Nishino, Megumi (withdrawal after the 8th cute Koshien. Not participating in the CD)
  • Rio cute high school
    • Rio, Mihiro, Yamaguchi, Fujiura, Uehara, Risa, Eisaku, Ando, ​​Kirihara
  • Hatsune Cute Fisheries High School
    • Hatsune, Yoshizawa, Sakuragi, Kokura, Sayama, Ena, Rika, Ogawa, Sakura
Unit organization at the 10th Spring Senbatsu Cute Koshien (2nd broadcast of "Choi to Muscat!")
1st to 3rd gen VS 4th gen ・ Temporary unit for old and new confrontation.
  • Asami Hatsuratsu Women's Junior College Attached High School (1st-3rd grade)
    • Asami, Sakuragi, Yoshizawa, Rio, Kaho, KONAN, Kizaki, Ando
  • Rookie little cute high school (4th gen)
    • Yamanaka, Kodama, Kishi, Rukawa, Kuribayashi, Ichijo, Orii, Sakuraka, Agawa, Fujisaki, Rinka, Hayashida, Shibata

Unit organization after the 2nd Cute Koshien Draft Conference (8th broadcast of "Choi to Muscat!")

  • Asami Hatsuratsu Women's Junior College Attached High School
    • Asami, Yoshizawa, Kizaki, Shibata, Nishino, Agawa, Ogawa, Sakuraka, Risa
  • Rio cute high school
    • Rio, Sakuragi, Rukawa, Hayashida, Orii, Rinka, Kaho, Fujisaki, Aoi
  • Hatsune Cute Fisheries High School
    • Hatsune, Kishi, Yamanaka, Nagase, KONAN, Ichijo, Kuribayashi, Ando


A unit organized in the 2nd single CD "OECURA MAMBO".A CD version of all 3 patterns is prepared for each unit. ・ Each has a different version of "OECURA MAMBO".

  • team ma
    • Asami, Yamanaka, Kodama, Kuribayashi, Sakuragi, Rukawa, Ogawa
  • team
    • Yoshizawa, Nishino, Rinka, Risa, Kizaki, Kishi, Ichijo, Nagase
  • team bo
    • Rio, Ando, ​​Shibata, Sakurahana, Hatsune, Kaho, Orii, Hayashida

UPCH-89071 (First Press Edition A)
LACM-4836 (Regular Edition)


PublisherUniversal Music-Pony canyon.


PieRelease datetitle Standard product numberHighest rankRemarks
1st2010May 2Banana Mango High School / Weeping at 12 of 34 with Tears Four SistersUPCH-89071 (First Press Edition A)
UPCH-89072 (First Press B)
UPCH-89073 (First Press Edition C)
UPCH-80164 (regular edition)
8 bit
2nd2010May 7OECURA MAMBOUPCH-80194 (type A)
UPCH-80195 (type B)
UPCH-80196 (type C)
14 bit
3rd2010May 12Chiyokorate / Cute KoshienUPCH-80213 (type A)
UPCH-80214 (type B)
UPCH-80215 (type C)
17 bit
4th2011May 3Spring Holiday / Don't talk ♪UPCH-80227 (type A)
UPCH-80228 (type B)
UPCH-80229 (type C)
28 bit
5th2011May 10Ropponpon ☆ FantasyUPCH-89107 (Limited Edition)
UPCH-80254 (regular edition)
UPCH-89108 (Special Price Edition)
8 bit
6th2012May 3Honey and wrap ♪PCCA-03584 (type A)
PCCA-03585 (type B)
PCCA-03586 (type C)
PCCA-70327 (regular edition)
13 bit
7th2012May 6Unfaithful babyPCCA-03619 (First Press Limited Edition A)
PCCA-03620 (First Press Limited Edition B)
PCCA-03621 (First Press Limited Edition C)
PCCA-70332 (regular edition)
8 bit
8th2012May 10Reverse run ♡ IdolPCCA-03705 (First Press Limited Edition A)
PCCA-03706 (First Press Limited Edition B)
PCCA-30707 (First Press Limited Edition C)
PCCA-70345 (regular edition)
7 bit
9th2013May 3ABAYOPCCA-03799 (First Press Limited Edition)
PCCA-70362 (regular edition)
22 bit
  • Introduced the center position system from the 7th single.


PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rankRemarks
1st2011May 5Hello from The Muscats - Hollywood -UPCH-29068 (First Press Limited Edition)
UPCH-20229 (regular edition)
17 bit
2nd2013May 4Graduation albumPCCA-03811 (super luxury board)
PCCA-03812 (luxury board)
PCCA-03813 (regular edition)
8 bit

Video work

Only works as "Ebisu Muscats" are posted.

Program DVD

PieRelease datetitleStandard product number
1st2009May 12Please! Muscat AhahaPCBE12459
2nd2010May 1Please! Muscat UhufuPCBE12460
3rd2010May 7Begging !! Muscat EhePCBE12478
4th2010May 9Begging !! Muscat OhohoPCBE12479
5th2010May 10Begging !! Muscat CajahaPCBE12480
6th2011May 7Industry LOVESTORY ~ So TV is interesting ~ Director's Cut VersionPCBP52200
7th2011May 11A little! Muscat KukukuPCBE12482
8th2011May 12Begging Muscat DX! GahahaPCBE12483
9th2012May 3Begging Muscat DX!PCBE12484
10th2013May 12Onedari DVD 5 Years Aged Strongest Makunouchi Bento-All Delicious Places-PCBE-63369

Music dvd

PieRelease datetitleStandard product number
1st2010May 12Ebisu Muscats Murder Case-Singing, Dancing and Killing-THE 1st STAGEUPBH-20061 / 2
2nd2011May 12Ebisu Muscats Nationwide CAMP "Yes! Let's go to Noon together"UPBH20092 / 3
3rd2013May 7Ebisu Mascats Graduation Ceremony "Woman's Flower Road" ~ Legendary Dissolution Concert ~PCBE-11989


Only activities as "Ebisu Muscats PTA" are posted.

One man

  • One-day CD debut premium event[13](February 2010, 2, Daikanyama UNIT)
  • 1st Concert Ebisu Muscats Murder Case-Singing, Dancing and Killing- [14](December 2010, 7,SHIBUYA-AX)
  • DMM.com presents "Smiley School Trip in Tokyo / Osaka-Bananas are not snacks 2010 Winter-"[15](April 12 Zepp Osaka, August 12 Zepp Tokyo)
  • <First> National CAMP "Yes! Let's go to various places" (May 2011, 5-June 21, Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Aichi, Shizuoka)
  • 1st album release commemoration "Yes! Let's go to Tower Records" (June 2011, 6,Tower RecordShibuya store)
  • 3rd concert transfer performance "Yes! Let's all go to Noon"[16](December 2011, 7,Hibiya Amphitheater)
  • <2011nd> National CAMP "Yes! Let's go to various places" (September 9, 4-October 10, Saitama Shintoshin, Sapporo, Nagano, Takasaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Kyoto, Shiga)
  • Asia Tour "Yes! Let's Go to Hong Kong" (November 2011, 11,Hong Kong・ Kowloon Bay International Trade Center STAR HALL)
  • Asia Tour Triumphal Performance "Yes! Let's all go to Nakano Sunplaza"[17](December 2011, 12,Nakano Sanguraza)
  • Secret LIVE "Akki's Chocolate Party"[18] [19](February 2012, 2, CHELSEA HOTEL)
  • Concert Tour 2012 "That's right! Let's go to Shibuya Public Hall"[20](December 2012, 3,Shibuya Public Hall)
  • Fan Thanksgiving "Yuma Asami's Tears Recital in Tokyo Kinema Club" (May 2012, 5,Tokyo Kinema Club)
  • <Third> National CAMP "Yes!Let's go to various places ”(May 2012, 5-June 12, Niigata, Kumagai, Utsunomiya, Sendai, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Okayama, Takamatsu, Osaka, Tokyo)
  • "Parental filial baby" release commemorative event (June 2012, 6, Tower Records Shibuya store)
  • I'm sorry to commemorate the release of "Unfaithful Baby" in Tokyo (July 2012, 7, Odaiba)Venus Fort)
  • The first fan gathering "Happening LIVE in Ebisu with you and mascots"[21](August 2012, 8, EbisuLIQUIDROOM)
  • "Reverse run ♡ Idol" release commemorative event "Let's take a commemorative photo tournament with you and Muscats after the mini live !!" (October 2012, 10-October 6, AkihabaraSofmap)
  • Concert Tour 2012 "Reverse Run Idol High Octane Full Tank !!" (October 2012, 10-October 14, Shibuya, Osaka, Nagoya)
  • "Reverse Run ♡ Idol" Release Commemorative Event Last Request Party in Odaiba (November 2012, 11, Odaiba Venus Fort)
  • "Reverse Run ♡ Idol" Release Commemorative Event Really Last Request Party in Ikebukuro (November 2012, 11, Ikebukuro)Sunshine City)
  • Christmas LIVE "X'mas Rock'n Roll Night ~ Come out to the naked man ~" (December 2012, 12, Nakano Sunplaza)
  • Asia Tour "LIVE in SINGAPORE" (January 2013, 1, The Star Theater)
  • Secret LIVE "2013nd Akky Chocolate Party" (February 2, 14, Roppongi morph-tokyo)
  • Dissolution National Tour 2013 "ABAYO" (^ 0 ^) / ~ (February 2013, 2-March 9, Yokohama, Niigata, Nagano, Sapporo, Sendai, Mito, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Kanazawa・ Nagoya / Osaka)
  • Dissolution concert "Woman's Flower Road"[22](May 2013, 4, May 6, 4,Maihama Amphitheater)

Non-one-person events

  • Please! Muscat Ahaha Edition Release Commemorative Event (December 2009, 12, Pony Canyon Event Space)
  • Please! Muscat Uhufu Edition Release Commemorative Event (January 2010, 1, Hatsumei Kaikan Hall)
  • Summer sonic2010[23](December 2010, 8,Makuhari Messe)
  • "RIVER NATION vol.1" (August 2010, 8,Dotonbori)
  • Begging !! Muscat Ehehe Edition Release Commemorative Event (September 2010, 9, Zendentsu Hall)
  • Begging !! Muscat Ohoho Edition Release Commemorative Event (October 2010, 10,Nissho Hall)
  • WOOFIN'NIGHT @ ageHa (July 2011, 7, Shinkiba ageHa)
  • KishidanPresents "Far East Rock and Roll High School-100% Gender Dating !!-Kishidan vs Ebisu Muscats"[24](September 2011, 9, SHIBUYA-AX)
  • Little! Muscat Kukuku Edition Release Commemorative Event[25](December 2011, 12, Hatsumei Kaikan Hall)
  • Begging Muscat DX! Gahaha Edition Release Commemorative Event (February 2012, 2, Hatsumei Kaikan Hall)
  • "Midnight is another face x Camy! Bar" (February 2012, 2, June 17, October 6, 30, ArcH)
  • D1 GRND PRIX"2012 GRAN TURISMO D1 GRAND PRIX Rund1 TOKYO DRFTinODAIBA" (April 2012, 4, Odaiba NOP district)
  • Nico Nico Chokaigi2012 (August 2012, 4, Makuhari Messe)
  • "CR Begging! Muscat" Press Release[26](July 2012, 7, Vi Vision Studio)
  • OCEAN SEXY LIVE (July 2012, 7,Amagasaki Boat Racecourse)
  • "T-shirt Gucho Gucho Midsummer Sports Day" (August 2012, 8,FussaCentral Gymnasium)
  • Young animal20th Festival (August 2012, 8,Belsar Akihabara)[27]
  • ANIME FAIR KANSAI 2012 (September 2012, 9,Kobe Convention Center)
  • Waseda Festival 2012 Age x Ebisu Muscats (November 2012, 11,Waseda University)
  • NAGOYA IDOL STYEL 2013 ~ New Year Idol Festival in Nagoya ~ (January 2013, 1, club OZON)
  • Appointed as a cheering party for "Pony Canyon Action Movie Blu-ray & DVD Campaign" (February 2013, 2)[28]
  • Ebisu Muscats x Shinjuku TSUTAYA One-day "Shinjuku Muscats" (March 1, 2013, YAMANO HOLL)
  • MONSTER SUPECIAL ~ Ebisu Muscats in the house ~ (March 2013, 3, club HARLEM)
  • Urgent decision! Graduation commemorative personal photo session (March 2013, 3, Pony Canyon headquarters)

Participation event live after dissolution

  • Another face at midnight Presents Yes! Ebisu Muscats is a legend! ~ The first and last Shinjuku 2-chome Ebisu Muscats Festival ~ (September 2013, 9, AiSOTOPE LOUNGE)
  • Kayoko OkuboEmergency Please Muscat Dinner Show (December 2013, 12, Jiji Press Hall)
  • Sosora Festival ~ Indoor ~ (October 2014, 10, Shinjuku BLAZE)
  • "" Pachislot Ebisu Muscats "announcement Valentine campaign presentation"[29] (February 2017, 2, NewGin Ueno Building)
  • "starting over" ~ Rina Rukawa last birthday ~[30](February 2017, 2, Roppongi morph-tokyo)
  • Aoi Sora 15th Anniversary Big Party! ~ Open to the public with many gorgeous guests Parley! (June 2017, 6, Tokyo Culture Culture)
  • Ebisu ★ Muscats Emotional Love Tour "Going Nationwide ~ ♡"[31](June 2017, 6, Ebisu LIQUIDROOM)
  • "Ebisu Muscats 1.5 First Live Love Hotel Nightmare" (December 2017, 12,TSUTAYA O-EAST)
  • "Ebisu Muscats 1.5 Thanks Summer Tour" (August 2018, 8, TSUTAYA O-EAST)
  • "Adult Idol Live" (September 2018, 9, Space emo Ikebukuro)
  • "Makuhari Entertainment LIVE ~ For Neta, For Dance, For Corner ~" (December 2018, 12, Yoshimoto Makuhari Aeon Mall Theater)
  • Strawberry Strawberry Princess present's "Resurrection! Strawberry Festival 2 2019 Winter in Osaka" (February 2019, 2, Shinsaibashi Foot Rock & BEERS)
  • "Ebisu Muscats Summer CAMP 2019 Summer is Stupid !! Comaneci! Tour!" (July 2019th and 7th, 27,Shibuya O-WEST)
  • "FANZA presents 1300 people gathered I Love YOU" (December 2019, 12,CLUB CITTA')


Only activities as "Ebisu Muscats PTA" are posted.


TV program

Radio program

Internet broadcasting / distribution

  • Back Mascats (December 2010, 12-May 9, 2011, Ebisu Muscats ch,DMM.com)
  • Friday 8 o'clock Ebisu Everyone Muscat Talk! (August 2011, 8-April 5, 2012, Ebisu Muscats ch, DMM.com)
  • Ebisu Muscats 1.5 Midnight Wide Show (November 2017, 11-January 9, 2018, December 1, 25,AbemaTV)
  1. Final regular appearance of PTA members
  2. Yoshizawa / Shinohara

Special program

  • Ebisu Muscats "That's right!After all, let's go to the super conference! (Tentative) ”Just before SP (April 2012, 4,Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
    Kishi, Asami, Hatsune, Ogawa, Ando, ​​Eisaku, Kokura, Kaho
  • Ebisu Muscats Zepp Tokyo Last Minute Special @ Yes, let's go with unfaithful parents! (Tentative) (June 2012, 6, Nico Nico Live Broadcast)
    Kishi, Asami, Rio, Nishino, Ogawa, Hatsune, Eisaku, Ena, Yamaguchi, Rukawa, Yamanaka, Kuriyama, Shinohara

Music video


  • CR begging! Muscat (2012,Sansei R & D)
    Aoi, Asami, Yoshizawa, Rio, Ogawa, Ando, ​​Rika, Sayama, Risa, Sakuragi, Kizaki, Yamaguchi, Kokura, Kaho, Rukawa
  • Pachislot Ebisu Muscats[32](2017,EXCITE)
    Aoi, Yoshizawa, Asami, Kishi, Ogawa, Hatsune, Nishino, Rika, Ando, ​​Kizaki, Sakuragi, Eisaku, Kokura, Kaho, Rukawa, Kuriyama, Satomi, Sakamoto


  • GI Joe Campaign girls-Aoi, Ando, ​​Kasumi, Kawamura, KONAN, Nishino, Hatsune, Mihiro, Megumi, Yoshizawa, Rio, Uehara, Kizaki, Eisaku, Sakuragi

Guest appearance


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